Easy way to earn by creating website Ways to earn online

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You will find thousands of such people who have become self-reliant by creating websites. Are you interested in making money online with a website? Then welcome to our website. Our website teaches thousands of rules on how to earn online. But today only we will know the details about how to earn from the website. Before that, you need to know a few things to understand the entire article. 

Easy way to earn by creating a website How to create a website - earn with website

What is a website? 

A website is a collection of multiple online pages. So what is the online page? It is normal that such questions will come to your mind. This is our neoteric IT.com website which has thousands of pages. You can visit any page by clicking on the link. You can see our latest articles. Where can you know all such things? Anyone can comment on our website. In simple words, multiple pages that can be visited online like ours are called websites. Every website has an address to visit - our website address is neotericit.com. If you visit this link, our website will come, this is called domain. Websites are generally of two types. 

Dynamic website 

A dynamic website is a website that can be changed. The site will post something new every day. Will be updated daily. Like our website. This is a dynamic site. Because every day some new content is shared on our website. Any article on any page can be edited and deleted on the Dynamic website. A dynamic website has a database and any information can be searched from the database. Data from one website can be used in another website through API using database. 

Static website

The code cannot be edited after launching the website. This website can be created with just HTML and CSS. Content cannot be easily uploaded to a static website. The number of static websites is very less. 

Why the website?

The answer to the question why website can be many things. For example, your online address can be a website. A website can also be a means of finding something online. Like Google. Google.com is just a website. Through Google we can find our required information from Google very easily. Income can be earned through website, company or organization can be promoted through website through search engine. Websites can be used to present information about yourself anywhere in the world. 

How to make a website income?

Earn by creating websitesThere are several ways to do it, one of them is advertising. The website must have enough visitors to generate revenue by showing ads to the audience. People constantly search for information on Google. Google searches information from many websites and shows the correct information to the user. Displays the website to show the correct information according to the search. To find the searched information, the user enters the site shown by Google. Thus, the more information a website has, the more visitors it gets from Google. That is, the more information a website has, the more visitors it has. Income can be earned by showing ads to visitors coming from Google or any search engine. A product can be promoted to that visitor. A commission can be charged on the sale of the promoted product and that method is a type of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can earn thousands of rupees per month from Amazon. own product You can also earn by selling through the website. Now you can't earn money just by having a website. That website should have enough visitors. 

Earn by advertising on the website

Your website needs to have enough visitors to earn money by showing ads on the website. When the website has enough visitors then apply for advertisement to the ad networks. Ad networks take a large amount of money from advertisers and share 68% of the money for website owners to display ads on websites. For displaying ads with AdSense for content, publishers will receive 68% of the revenue recognized by Google related to the service. For AdSense for search, publishers receive 51% of the revenue recognized by Google. These percentages are consistent regardless of publisher geographic location, and are not averaged across publishers in any way. AdSense revenue share

How is that?

When a visitor comes to a website by searching, he can see some advertisements along with the information he searched, if he clicks on that advertisement, the account of the owner of that site will be added. Ad networks bid in two ways. per view and click. 

Companies in ad networks 

  1. AdSense
  2. Media.net.
  3. Adcash
  4. BuySellAds
  5. Propeller Ads

Earn from affiliate marketing 

There will be many opportunities to earn from affiliate marketing when regular visitors will come to your site. If you review a mobile and generate an affiliate link to buy that mobile, add the download link to the reviewed article and ask to order. Then the people who visit the post will click on that button. Because he wants to buy the mobile phone, but he wants to know the information by searching on Google. So if affiliate marketing can be done in conjunction with relative articles then success is possible. If you want to do marketing in America with an Amazon TV, then you have to select a keyword by targeting the America location and publish an affiliate link with a good article on that keyword, then when your article ranks on Google, many people will order the product through your affiliate link. would like to Through this you will get commission. 

Affiliate marketing can be done not only on Amazon but also in Bangladesh. If you do a little searching, you will find good affiliate marketing sites. 

Affiliate Marketing Sites: 

  1. Amazon affiliate marketing
  2. ClickBank
  3. MyLead
  4. daraj
  5. bdshop

Earn from website with google adsense ads 

In order to earn from the website using Google AdSense, your website should get at least 20-30 clicks from Google per day. It means that 20-30 unique visitors should come from Google by searching your website per day. If you get 20-30 unique visitors to your website then you can apply for monetization. Your income will start as soon as you give Google monetization. Then if it is 10 dollars it will ask you to verify the pin. After pin verification you can withdraw money through bank if you have 100 dollars. I will write a complete article in the future about earning money from the website through Adsense, which I will link up. I will discuss in detail there, inshallah. 

What does it take to create a website?

Do you know what it takes to create a website? Before you want to earn from the website, you need to know what it takes to create a website. Websites can be created in many ways. But it takes a name to create, which when called through the browser, the website will come up and hosting is needed to store the files of the website online. For example, if you write neotericit.com on our website and enter it in the browser, our website will come. This name is the domain name. And to store the files of our website in online memory, we have to take hosting from online. In a word, it takes creating a website 

1. domain 

2. hosting

3. content

How much will it cost to create a website?

Hosting, content, domain are required to create a website. If you go to buy a .com domain then you have to pay a fee of Rs 1000-1200 per year. And if you take shared hosting for hosting, then you have to pay a fee of 4000-6000 taka per year for 3 GB hosting. Each company provides different services, so depending on the hosting company you are taking from, I just gave you an idea. 
Then domain and hosting for a website cost about 7000 rupees per year. 

But for blogging, there are some platforms that you can use for free hosting, and you can activate a blogging website just by paying the domain fee. 

From a platform called Google Blogger, you can create a website by just setting up a domain and you can earn from that website as well. For example hosting our website and blogger. 

Today I will briefly discuss about creating a website and making income on blogger. 

Earn by creating free blog sites

You can easily create a website from Google's platform Blogger.com and upload a beautiful theme to that website. Then keep uploading content regularly. At some point, people will search your content on Google and visitors will come to your site. When more than a thousand visitors come to your site in a day, you will apply for Google Adsense. If your website is approved by Google then your income will start from that day. In this way one can earn very easily from a website. Stay tuned for more details in the next post. 

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In one word, there are many ways to earn online, you can learn any of them if you want. But after learning every job you have to be patient to earn money. have to wait You have to keep trying regularly. Many times the account may be lost, traffic may not come from Google. AdSense approval can take a long time. But you have to be patient and try. Then success is possible. Good wishes 

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