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 Hello friends, today I will discuss about koster status  . Not everyone is born with everything. Everyone tries to grow up. They grow up slowly from small. When it is 10-15 years or attaining age then the demand starts to increase. Comparing yourself with others. My friend is going to a restaurant with his girlfriend, I can't go. My friend has a bike, I don't have one. I don't have much money of my friend's father. Thousands of such comparisons come down in our life. You have to suffer by doing many wrong things in the seat of emotions. And at the end of the day, I want to lighten the  status of today's suffering for them . 

70+ difficulty status ||  Sad Status Picture - koster status

Excess demand makes people unhappy. People can be happy with what they have but people want more than that. Which makes you unhappy to think about it all day. So you can't think too much to avoid suffering. 

Distress status

I have shared some sad status that you can share on social media. 

1. 💔It is possible to love someone after friendship,

But friendship is not possible after love

2. When a man cries,

When he fights with his mind and loses.

3. I did not surrender to fate

I lost only to faith.

4. Death is not only of the body

Sometimes death is a dream and a wish.

5. No one wants to forget someone, but time does.

No man wants to lose someone, but fate takes him away.

6. When I was young, I used to forget everything 

Everyone used to say,,,,,,, "learn to remember".

I grew up,,,,,, I don't forget anything now

But the world says, "Learn to forget".

7. There is only one pain in my mind that I could not be part of someone's life. 

8. One eye can never see another eye.

 Even then, if the chest hurts,,,, water flows through both eyes. 

9. Suffering becomes sweeter, if you give,,,,,,,.

Word of mouth also goes that the song,,,,, if you sing,,,,. 

10. If you love someone and make him suffer, he himself suffers a lot. 

11. If you want to condemn, you can do it from outside

But to judge.... one has to enter inside. 

12. I know you won't return,,,,, even with this heart

I will be waiting all my life

13. you are moving away

I will not stop

You forget me, but don't tell me to forget.

14. I am really worthless,,,, because I am no way,,,,

I can't tell you how much I love you... 

15. There are some things that cannot be said to anyone, only to be carried in the chest. 

16. The mistake was only mine.

Because I saw the dream alone

17. All people fall in love.,,.,,., someone

Can reveal,,,,, hide again. 

18. No one can forget someone,,,need is over,,

So no more contact ♡♡

19. If you hurt someone, you will suffer,,,be it today or tomorrow.

20. Leaving a person is very difficult.

But it is much more difficult than that.

Waiting for him knowing he won't come!!!!!

21. ♡ It's much better to live with a dream than to live with a habit. 

22. ♡ I never get angry,,,, because I know my anger is worth nothing to anyone. 

24 ♡ Every person in the world has chest pain,,,,,

Only the expression is different,,,,,,.,..,..,... 

25. ♡ I could forget it too,,,,,,,,., but never tried,,,,

Because I didn't love you to forget

26. ♡ Love doesn't change,,,, people change

Sriti does not lose...,.,. Times are lost. 

27. ♡ When something is broken there is a sound,,,, but when the mind is broken there is no sound.

So the one who has a broken heart only understands the pain of a broken heart...

28. ♡ The weakest place in the world is the mind,,,,

And the weakest weapon is love. 

29. ♡ If you are good at loving others,,,,

But I will be good because you are good,,,,, 

30. ♡ Lost myself on the way to life,,,,,,.,

Today I have come to an unknown path while walking,,,,,,,,.,

Sad status picture

Some distressing status pictures 

Sad Status Picture - koster status

Sad Status Picture - koster status

Sad Status Picture - koster status

Sad Status Picture - koster status

Sad Status Picture - koster status

Sad Status Picture - koster status

Sad Status Picture - koster status

 The status peak of suffering

 The status peak of suffering 

Koster status peak - koster status

Koster status peak - koster status

Koster status peak - koster status

Koster status peak - koster status

Koster status peak - koster status

Koster status peak - koster status

New distress status

The new distress status is --- 

“Sometimes relationships are like that


So that it hurts even if you go far.

And it hurts to be around."

"He who does not understand anger...

He doesn't even understand love."

“If you get hurt about something

I don't suffer anymore.

Because suffering is now

I'm used to it!”

"I can't understand who is cheating

Man or fate?”

"Perhaps he was mistaken

I was looking

i didn't know

You are very expensive.”

"Those who are angry,

They are very angry

Says something…

But when the anger subsides they are

Again suffers the most!”

"Don't love someone like that.

to whom without need,

You are worthless!

Love him

If you need it, you don't need it

Will feel the need!”

“Absolutely perfect man

don't go looking

God is within man

Some mixed up,

When looking for a more perfect person,

you are a love

Humans will not get it..!”

"Want to be happy?

very simple

be selfish

Will be very happy..!”

“If for your happiness

you have to forget

Then I forget

agree to go..

Maybe never forget

I can't..

But pretending to forget

I can do it..!”

“Whose heart beats whose beat.

Who melts in whose emotions.

Whose eyes shed tears!!”

"Whoever has more anger

He is quiet a lot

knows how to love

To love silently

Knows his love

greater depth,

And whose love is deep

The more he suffers the more."

"The water touches,

repeatedly in the eyes,

If you don't come back

Whose shall I be?”

"Yet you are not around

i feel you

I know you won't be mine

Still your way

looking for

I know the dream will not come true

I still dream about you.

Because I am you

Love it so much.”

"Waiting does that,

From anyone's mind

Love it.!!”

love pain status

These are the love suffering status -- 

There are some leaves, falling in the light breeze… some flowers, withering in the heat. And there are some people, who forget with pride.

I don't have to explain, I understand everything... That's why I'm looking for you in the darkness of the night. I am looking for you, in the night... I never wanted to lose you.

Make me cry, if you think too big. Then that will be your biggest mistake. Because…..God created suffering for someone special.

Life full of pain is mine, mind full of sorrow, war with mind…. I am all the time. I live with them, along with the moon, I am a strange boy... I smile even when I am sad.

I am still alive looking at you, I am still waiting for you to come, I am still dreaming that I will get you... I know you won't come, because love gives only pain... still I draw your picture in my heart saying I love you...

You too will love me one day!! The way I loved you...you will want me too!! As I wish...you will cry for me too!! The way I used to cry... But alas, the day you want me, you will never get me

Emotional distress status

The status of emotional distress  is given as - 

This section deals with  emotional distress status -

No one ever sees the pain inside. Can only criticize the exterior.

Where did you lose the promise you gave one day? Don't remember anything? The fire of your memory that burns me.

How are you happy to be someone else! I can never forget you. No one else can ever take your place.

Allah will reward you for all the tears in my eyes. I loved you with everything. I have no one today

You said you won't live without me. Today you are alive, my heart is dead.

No one can tell the future, so it happened today. If I had known before, I would never have loved with everything.

No one lives forever. But I wanted you to stay. I only promised to be with you for the rest of my life. Today everything is there except you.

Time will tell. Whether someone is by your side or not, you have to build your own life.

The biggest obstacle in life is people's criticism. There is no lack of people to criticize, only lack of people to help.

No one to trust. Once that trust is broken, it never comes back

What I suffered by trusting humans is compensated by trusting dogs.

I will overcome all obstacles, all failures one day, inshallah. I saved the present troubles for that day

There is nothing more difficult in this world than the pain of breaking a dream. Failure plunges people into the darkness of despair.

Boys suffering status

These boys distress status to give boys distress status  . When the boys are in trouble, I want to show my trouble through the status .

Boys have many kinds of difficulties in their lives. Which no one ever says. Due to which many people do not understand the sufferings of boys. Many people in the world misunderstand boys. The only reason is that no one wants to understand the sufferings of boys. Let us read the writings about boys here today. After reading, tell us how you feel.

  1. Boys know how to take responsibility even in the midst of thousands of costs. Because this is their characteristic.

  2. Most boys think about everyone in the family, try to keep everyone well.

  3. There is no deception in boys' cries. Their cry is the real reality.

  4. Boys are never wasted on money or food, they are wasted on carelessness and neglect.

  5. Only middle-class boys can see the harsh reality.

  6. There is no acting in boys' love, they want to get the one they love from their heart.

  7. Boys have left big signs for love.

  8. Boys accept all the hard work to keep the family well.

  9. It is the boys who keep the family alive by betting themselves.

  10. Boys never think about themselves, they think about everyone in the world.

Women suffering status

Status of girls suffering . For those of you who are looking for period pain status , here we have some awesome status. We have tried to arrange our post by some best girls distress status. Hope you like it. To give sad status of girls on facebook, check out sad status of girls from here .

But everyone can speak

Not everyone can keep talking.

The cries of girls' hearts lying side by side in a bed are almost never understood by men

If I knew all the desires of life

Not filled, then never you

I didn't want you because today

trying to get

Where have I lost myself?

Sadness is the same

Even today I have not learned to recognize people

I believe if someone behaves a little better

It is possible to love someone after friendship.

But friendship is not possible after love

What is painful for others should be kept with love.

It is not so easy to understand the suffering of girls, the house where they are born is not a place for her.

It is very difficult to think of the dreams I saw with you alone today

People who have a lot of anger say a lot of things in their anger

But when the anger subsides, they again suffer the most

This world is full of emptiness

All unsatisfied souls full of happiness and sorrow

Happiness is felt, but there is no such thing as happiness

Sadness is the cry of eternal emptiness

Love comes with the light of human life

And when love leaves someone

Then he felt as if the tears of death would touch him

You may get many things in life.

But the lost days will not be regained.

get out of my mind

I will pray for you all my life.

Don't fool anyone and think you're clever

In the course of time you too will stumble one day

Rather than living with nature

It is better to choose with dreams

Boys hate girls when they are in trouble

But girls can't hate boys even if they suffer a lot

This is the love of girls

Any thing that breaks makes noise

But, when the mind is broken, there is no sound

That's why his heart breaks

That's the only one who understands the pain of heartbreak

I am crying silently today

That cry may end with death

But I know what to tell the truth

I still love you just like before

Suffering is sweet, if you give

Word of mouth is that song, if you sing it

The greatest gift in a girl's life is,

Get a caring husband!

That is not all girls!

Sad status bangla

Thousands of people search on Google every month by writing the status of suffering in Bengali. We have shared all the status in Bengali in this article. Our article is enough for the   suffering status bangla

 If someone is your

Without understanding the value of love

But don't feel lonely

Because life is not so trivial

The only one in the world

Selfless love is

Love of mother, father.

Where there is no interest,

It only lasts a lifetime

Selfless and endless love

 If from life

The days gone by

could be deleted

then for you

No more suffering

i am without you

I could be happy

love pain status

Every time everyone  shares their love status on Facebook. You may want to spread your pain through status. So that you can reduce the status of love pain through status. For that we have presented some special love SMS in our post. Hope these are you. You can easily collect and share love status on various social media . This will ease your mind a little.

There is no rhythm in my poetry, no pleasant atmosphere bound in any series, no attraction heavy enough to be drunk, I am alive, now I let out a sigh.

Do you ever want to know how I am!! Do you suddenly remember me in the middle of work!! I know why I want to know, how are you! Do you keep my news???

I avoid getting involved..! You are pretending to be involved, avoid when you understand..! You act and I hold the act as real. Don't hesitate to let go of your hand in the middle of the dream by pretending to be a lie and I am always awake waiting for you, if you come and be ashamed of not finding me.

That evening there were clouds in the sky, he came running to my door when it rained! The light that fell on his face when the sky burst, I saw his wet face for the first time!

My eyes burned, stopping for a few moments, everything around me, including myself. Even today I remember that unexpected evening, that moment of sudden surprise seeing him. But even if the cloudy evening comes, he does not come to bring rain.

When you leave, say goodbye with a smile on your face, don't shed a drop of water in those eyes for me.

If you ever hear about my departure, will you feel a little pain in your heart?

No one changes willingly, it's a lot of trouble to find out, hide and hide, the person changes.

The person from whom you will suffer the most in the future is someone who is closest to you today.

Even if the acquaintance is for a short time, the memories left will last a lifetime.


Today's article ends here. Every day something new is shared on our website. Other articles will help you learn something new. 

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