Caption about nature Best Caption Bangla - bangla caption

Caption about nature Best Caption Bangla - bangla caption

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Bengali Captions about Attitude for Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.

Caption about nature best caption Bangla - bangla caption

Why should we attach a caption? Captions about attitude in Bengali language and what is really attitude caption? Let me explain. Captions: I wrote some captions in Bengali. If you want to display your profile in the best way. Check out these types of Facebook captions for your photos. If you are a Bangladeshi user, then you can try to collect Attitude Status for your Facebook profile.

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Facebook caption - Facebook caption

Nowadays people like to share their pictures on Facebook. But a picture can't always express your feelings or emotions. That's why we need to write something in the caption. By writing this caption, we can perfectly express our emotions in words. We are Bengali so we write Facebook captions in Bengali. This is the main reason why we should use Bengali Facebook captions. You can also check out our Facebook Status article - Now check out some Facebook captions. 

The death will be quick...maybe many loved ones will not even get the news...

With the passing day! Lost many loved ones!

Do not neglect dear, one day I will disappear from your city.

Even if people die, someone lives with their love

I took care of your negligence. One day I will return it as a regret.

The love did not decrease, I just stopped expressing it.

I don't want a momentary love, I want to be a lifelong love.

Do you want to be a lover! But can he bear the hardships of the village?

Liars are always the best at arguments.

A loved one will be remembered even in a thousand engagements, if the relationship is genuine.

Love is good, but too much love is not good… too much love causes you pain in that love.

He who is more angry, he also knows how to love in silence.

You will find me on the path without destination.

As long as there is interest, the relationship will last.

My lonely dark room, nicotine in hand, Arijit Singh on headphones.

Some pains have no solution, they become habits.

Love is locked in the block list today.

People cry only when they lose a fight with their mind.

As the age of the relationship increases, the love gradually decreases. This is the reality.

First love… leaves unforgettable memories.

The smile is not on the face, I showed the pain inside; Let everyone know that I am fine.

Hold on to the one who doesn't find an excuse to leave.

Contempt accumulates in the corners of the eyes, only no one looks at the eyes.

It is very difficult when emotions have to teach reality.

May they be well, those who have forgotten me.

If you don't like it, tell me, I'll go far away... Just be nice.

The story was about love, but there was no love.

I want to cry about every pain, at the end of the day I find a place in the pages of the diary.

Only my sleepless night knows how long the sighs are.

Love means, not only dressing her like yourself; Sometimes you have to dress yourself up like him.

Your preoccupation will one day exhaust me.

Don't stay, the story isn't over... now I'm the only one left in my love story.

Many look for a lover but are afraid to love, everyone feels guilty for having cheated once.

Before you hurt someone in your life, think about how you would feel if you were hurt.

The lines on the hand are also strange, in the grip, but not in control.

He got a new address, so no more contact now.

I'm fine, stay fine, those who don't care about me, keep a distance from me.

Not everyone has the ability to understand the language of pride.

The bird that does not know home. It flies in the forest, you keep it in the cage of your mind.

When words fail, silence speaks.

May love be good, in the love of others.

Boys also cry when there is no one to understand them.

Some dreams never come true.

Love is still alive today.. One sided.

Nothing stops, only memories accumulate.

Just as not all pain can be expressed, not all smiles are happy.

Both win when the relationship insists.

Only the relationship is lost.

The one whom you cheated in love still loves only you.

If you want to stay, leave, don't come back; Don't look for you anymore, in the crowd of false love.

The stories of life remain the same, only the characters change.

More poisonous than poison is the neighbor.

Not all love stories come close.

One day everything will be alright, how many people live believing in this word.

Contempt accumulates in the corner of the eye, no one sees it just by looking into the eye.

The story was not ours, it was all mine.

Who cares who cares, everyone is happy when they smile.

Distance is nothing… if love and trust remain strong.

No one understands the problem, everyone is busy blaming each other.

Tell me one thing..? As the level of neglect increases, so does the desire to love.

You can pretend to be nice to everyone, but you can't do it to yourself.

The more loved, the deeper the hurt.

The man's name was Swapan Ghosh coming to the ID card as Sapnadosh

I want to quit smoking cigarettes. But thinking about that, I need one more cigarette...

There was a gf who was as cute as a chicken, the fox took Tayna. #Gura Pula

I will not marry without Shali, because my friends also have rights.

Tell the person who invented the test. Faizlami needs to have a limit!

I want to get married, but no one in the family says it openly.

Sometimes I am jealous of myself. How is a man so good?

Sleeping through the night doesn't give you as much peace – as much peace as turning off the alarm, getting 5 more minutes of sleep.

Everyone says to drink tea and pour it. No one says you need a gf, let's bring it.

Being able to sleep in class is a talent that not everyone has!

On the left side of the chest, on the left side, on the right side, on the left side, in the middle, there is a rock

Good news if the wife vomits and if the husband vomits Sala has eaten again today

I will see till the sixth if I get a girlfriend, if not, I will drink alcohol and lie behind the pandal...

If you sit on the first bench in the exam hall, teachers are lucky to hear many family conversations!

I was getting on a double-decker bus, I saw the driver running in fear, Naima Gesi sitting on the top

Being thin is not easy! Forehead from thin, forehead.

It has been proven in the research that the girl would bite if she got angry at the slightest moment when she was a child Mention that…

If you don't give the gf password, you will understand that there is a fake and if you give it, you will understand that there is another ID.

Bestfriend is like a potato in everything, so mention your bestfriend and say you are my potato

Research has shown that girls call the man they love as brother.

Half of the Bengalis would have died of hyperpressor if Gali had not been discovered

Back in the day, the girl's father was the villain and now the girl's best friend is the villain!

Learn to love your wife, but who's wife is not a matter of seeing!

Sometimes I want to die only thinking about my mother-in-law's daughter

I saw a man quarreling with his wife.

Boyfriend killed girlfriend because of breaking news babu call

If you see something funny on TV, look for the haha ​​react

One day suddenly, I will leave under the pretext of vacation. I will join the procession of corpses!

The boy is a laughing stock today! Because his wife's name is Hasi!

What will happen to the girl hair style, the head is full of lice.

"Trust" is broken first by the closest people.

As the night wore on, the heartache grew darker.

As importance decreases, message replies also become less frequent.

Extra care and love are once confined to the blocklist!!

Ami is an extraordinary person out of the ordinary

I sent a letter in the wind today. I am far away with a lot of work. Wind you say one thing to him, I miss him in the gap of thousands of tasks.

Sometimes I hurt you a lot, because I love you. I suffer silently myself, because I miss you. When I miss you, I avoid the world. Because, then all my feelings are only you..

I don't know how to meet you, I don't know how to get close to you, I don't know how much you think of me. I just know that this stupid mind misses you a lot.

Listen a little, know me a little.. Take a little news,, a little when alone, give a little visit,, take a little look, give sms everyday.

Whatsapp Status/Caption - whatsapp caption

Today everyone has a smartphone. A large number of people like to chat with other people. They use WhatsApp app when they need more privacy in their chats. In WhatsApp chat, there is an option called WhatsApp Status/Caption. People can share there pictures, images, photos with captions, people can also share status without photos. When Bengalis try to share something on this sharing feature, they mostly prefer to share captions in Bengali language. Bangla Whatsapp Status/Caption is important for this issue. View WhatsApp Status/Caption. 

Truly great are those people...who lose everything and keep others happy..

Sotti Mohan TO Seisob Manus,, Jara Nijke So Hariya Onnoder Khusite Rakhe, 

 If there is any happiness in life, taste it as sweet and if any sadness comes in life, taste it as medicine

Jibon Kono Khusi Asle Seta Shod Nin Misti More Korre Ar Jibone Jodi Kono Dhukko Ase Tahole Seta Shad Nin Osud More Kore..

It doesn't take energy to scream when angry but it takes a lot of energy to keep calm during anger

Rag Asar Por Chitkar Korar Jonno Soktir Proyojon Nei Kintu Rager Somoy Nijeke Santo Rakhar Jonno Onek Soktir Priyojon.

People think the most when they think less of themselves and more of others.

Manus Sob Thake China Tokn E Kore, Jokhn Se Nijer Jonno Kom Abon Oner Jonno Basi Vabe..

How time opens up every moment is beautiful.

Je Somy Ki Vabe Khola Rakhe Se Poti Mugirto Summokhin..

If someone trusts you with his eyes closed,..then you don't break his trust and convince him that he is really blind....

Jodi Keu Ampner upor Chok Bondho Kore Bissas Kore <Tahole Tar Bissas Vege Take apni Ata Bojaben Na Se Sotty Ondho.

How many people of different colors are there in the world, it is a big responsibility to understand who is real and who is fake..

Nana Rnger Kot Manus Ache Dunmiyate Ke Asol Ke Nokol Boja Bro Dai..

..Talk comes from the mind, only interest comes from the head

Kotha To Mon Thake ber Hoy ,Matha Thake To Sudu Sartho Bar Hoye Ase.

Everyone judges us by our outward appearance, so always keep smiling

Sobai Amader BaireTA Dhekei Bichar Kore,Tai Sorboda Haste Thakun..

I made a condition to save the relationship and that was my reason for losing..

Sortho Rekhechilam Somporko Bachanor AR Ati Amar Karon Chilo Here Jauya.

Crying usually makes your smile look prettier

Kanna Sadharont Sei Korai Je bole Tomar Hasi Mukh Ta Vison Sundar Lage..

Sorrow never comes alone, it comes in groups

Dhukko Akhono Eka ASe NA Se Dolbol Bedhe E Ase.

Love doesn't change, people don't change, feelings don't, time doesn't

Valobasa Bodlai Na Bodle Jai Manus Gulo ,Onuvutira Hariya Jai ​​SobSomy Gulo.

Never be proud of time and fate because it can change at any moment..

Somai Abong Vaggo Poti KonoDin Ohonkar korben Na KAron Ati Je kono muhurto Bodle Jete Pare

In life it is not important to be like each other but to be for each other..

Jibon Eke oprer Moto Houyata Gurutto Punno Noi Kintu Oper Jonno Houya ta GuruttoPunno

How strange is the lie? I like to tell others, but I get angry when I tell myself...

Mitthe kto Ajobb Tai NA? OnnoKe Bolte Valo Lage ,Kintu Nijeke Bolle Rag Hoya Jai..

Don't laugh at someone's bad times, but time will never leave you

Kror Kharap somy Dheke Hasben NA,Somy Kintu Apnr o Charbe Na..

All it takes is a little excuse to maintain a relationship and love someone...

Sudu Ektu Ajuhat Proyojon Somporko Rakhar Jonno O Kau KE Valobasa Jonno..

The man whose mind is the clearest suffers the most.

JE Sob Manus Mon Sob Thake Basi Poriskar Hoy.. Sei Sob Thake basi kosto Pai..

Everyone spends the night, some spend it with new dreams and some spend it in the pain of breaking their dreams.

Rat SobarE Kate Karu Kete Notun Shopne Dheke Aber KAro KAte Sopno Gula Veg Jauyr Jontonoai

On this road of life, most of the time, the tough decisions turn out to be the right ones.

Jiboner Ai Rasti Basivag Manus Emn Hoy Je Kothin Sidhanto Gullo Por Thik Hoye Thake

Life gives us many things for free and we appreciate them only when we lose them...

Jibon Onek Kichu Amder BinaMulle Deuya Ar Sei Sob Gula Mullo Amra Tokn E BUjte PAri. Jhokn Sei Gulla Amra Hariye Feli..

Collection of Bengali captions for social media.

Instagram Caption: If someone asks today what is the best platform for sharing photos. Of course he/she will reply on Instagram. Instagram is very popular photo sharing platform these days. Many people share their daily activities on Instagram. But when people are going to share any kind of photo, image or picture, they are confused with the caption provided. Without giving a caption, the photo will be beautiful but it will not have full meaning. So Bengali boys always like to share photos with Bengali captions. It has successfully fulfilled the expression of his/her image.

If the girls were not greedy, why would they see a prince in their dreams?

He could see the bottle

If you don't give GF password, you will understand that there is adulteration.

And if you give it, you will understand that there is another ID.

A girl was lying unconscious on the road

I went closer and saw Haramjadi doing tik tok

Before bragging about the girlfriend

You will know a little, grandfather, but he is my just friend

Thinking of getting married!

Mother with aunty next door

Can't fight alone!

If Emperor Shahjahan could see the current love,

Then the Taj Mahal would be demolished and Taj bidi shops would be built.

Girls love to dress their wives more than their love for marriage

Is it right to say too loudly?

As long as there are two kidneys in the stomach

Until then I am not afraid of money

Bengali Attitude Caption

 Attitudes make up our personality. Psychology states that an attitude refers to emotions, beliefs, and behaviors. Without vision, man cannot express himself properly. On the other hand, social media like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram also highlight our personality. If we don't show our attitude, our personality will be a dump. Bengali Attitude Captions offers us to make our attitude interesting with Bengali captions. A caption about our attitude should be added to the Bengali post to highlight our personality. This will bring us a great result. 

- I didn't have less attitude either!😐

- Didn't talk to anyone for two years after birth!😎



Not to be anyone's mind!

 Rather, to live as yourself.


Chills all year round from "Single". 

I regret coming in February!'🙂


If to keep 

Then keep the personality, 

Everyone can have too much attitude and ego

Caption about nature

Nature is very beautiful, I will see the caption about that beautiful nature in today's article. If you want to see captions about nature, then keep an eye on this post. Many of you like mountain nature captions, nature romantic captions, nature quotes, sky captions, nature captions, nature caption poems, village nature captions, short nature captions, nature captions and quotes, village nature captions, Nature caption english, nature Facebook caption, nature, bird caption, travel caption, nature poem, river caption, nature song, nature ghazal etc. and search on google. This article is arranged by us for them. Let's see some nature captions. 

Don't stay away from nature, it won't take long for darkness to come in your life.

That man is the richest man in the world, who is content with little. Because contentment is nature's wealth.

If you have true love for nature, you will find beauty everywhere.

Nature is full of myriad colors, who embraces all living and non-living things.

The whole world is outside your window, if you don't see it, it's your stupidity.

This beautiful dew drop, this bright sunbeam, this gust of wind, are all gifts of nature.

Don't forget that the world loves the feel of your bare feet and the wind loves to play with your hair.

Earth, light, sky, field, forest, lake, river and sea are all nature's great teachers, and no book can give us what they teach us.

Nature is our best friend. If you want to keep it healthy, plant trees and take care of them.

Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success and love; Then it will come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.

The sky teaches to be serene like him, the wind teaches to be swift like him, the river teaches to be boisterous like him. Nature always teaches us. All that is needed is the mindset to understand.

Don't play with the rules of nature, because when it takes revenge, you won't be able to bear its damage!

We should remember that we have a beautiful life without phones, TVs and computers. So sometimes one should leave everything and enjoy nature.

Nature is like our mother, which never harms us, rather takes care of us.

For those who are lonely and sad, there is only one solution. Go outside and enjoy nature.

A touch of nature makes the whole world kinder.

The only aim of life should be to live in harmony with nature.

The things made by nature are very important for human life. The things around us are gifts of nature. Earth includes trees, plants, fruits, flowers, etc., if every human being is engaged in protecting nature, then we will see our earth as green again.

Love the world as yourself; Then you can really take care of everything.

Bangla Short Caption

Bangla short caption did not see anything. Bangla Short Caption for those of you who are looking for Bangla Caption. 

It is the most deceitful thing in the world.

i love you

Prithbite sob cheye protarona mulok 

kotha holo, Ami tomake valobasi.

Inform when needed

Give - don't act!

Proyojon furiye gele janiye

Dio ovinoy koro na.

What will be upset!

The world is no longer mother

That will always love.

Mon kharap kore ki hobe!

Duniya ta to ar ma noy

Je sob somoy valobasbe.

Nothing in the world is free 

cannot be obtained. 

Only without mother's genuine love.

I keep the wound of not getting carefully 

Hiding because someone hurt that place 

If you do, you will lose your endurance. 

He who has endured the pain of not getting, 

He is no longer bent on getting.

Na payar kosto jar sojjo hoye geche,

Se ar payar jonno utola hoye uthe na.

It only takes a few moments to love someone!

And if you keep it good, the whole life falls short!

Helping others is a noble act 

But it never deprives itself!

The woman who lives in the man's empty pocket, 

After success that woman is wife

Qualifies to be.

If there is nothing in life 

without regretting it, 

Make him your strength. 

Who can say? 

Maybe something much better than that 

Waiting for you!

Jibone Jodi kichu na paoyar thake

Ta niye dukkho na kore,

Take nijer shokti baniye nao.

ke bolte pare

Hoyto tar cheye onek valo kisui 

Tomar jonno opekkha korche.

It takes wealth to marry a beautiful girl

And it takes luck to marry a pious girl. 

Whomever I wanted, I went away 

Today I am used to the pain of not getting,

Full of tears throughout the heart!

of the cemetery

Just looking at it seems.

All the arrangements in the world are in vain!

I will never forget the pain of not having you;

You are out of sight today.

Your echo still rings in my heart.

Do not tell loved ones directly

The words that can be said..

Facebook status becomes.

False emotions

I know when the cloud of illusion passes,

The rain will fall - in those two eyes.

Remember Him every second

Who keeps breathing every second!

❤️ Allah ❤️

He who has forgotten, let him forget

What is the benefit of unnecessary chest pain?

"When the breath stops,

"The story of life is over."

A little fake smile to hide the pain, 

It's enough to say I'm fine.

It is never wrong to be born poor.

But dying poor is a sin.

Nothing hurts anymore, 

Because suffering has become a habit.

Nothing hurts anymore, 

Because suffering has become a habit.

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