A diye meyeder islamic name for girls - A diye meyeder islamic name

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 I am starting this article with Islamic names for girls. You know we have already posted hundreds of thousands of Islamic names for girls on our website. Also, we are posting Islamic names for girls in a more special way today. 

A diye meyeder islamic name for girls - A diye meyeder islamic name

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Islamic names for girls with A 

  1. Atiyatullah name meaning in Bengali – Gift from Allah
  2. Bengali meaning of name Atiaf – thought, mental picture
  3. Atiyah name meaning in Bengali – gift, present, gift of Allah
  4. Bengali name Atira means – Fragrant
  5. Atisha name meaning in Bengali – highest; Retrieved from Atish
  6. Bengali name Atiha means – Kind; pure heart
  7. Bengali meaning of name Atika – generous, noble, clean, virgin
  8. Atika, Atika name Bengali meaning – virgin, pure, clean
  9. Atun name meaning in Bengali – Educator; the teacher
  10. Bengali meaning of name Atuf is – loving, kind hearted
  11. Bengali meaning of name Atufa - kind woman
  12. Atefe name meaning in Bengali – kind, affection, passion
  13. Bengali meaning of name Atosa - daughter of the first king of Iran
  14. Bengali name Attika means – a beautiful woman; release
  15. Bengali meaning of the name Atmaja – daughter, daughter, daughter
  16. Atmika name Bengali meaning – The girl who has the ability to connect with all through the soul, the woman who is related to the soul
  17. Atreyi name meaning in Bengali – Consort of Atrimuni, a sage girl
  18. Bengali name Athika means – noble character; ancient
  19. Bengali name Athirh means – flower; glorious
  20. Atheer name meaning in Bengali – Reflected light from a sword
  21. Bengali meaning of Adan name – happiness, heaven, heaven
  22. Bengali meaning of name Adna – Heaven, joy, pleasure
  23. Bengali name meaning of Adnan is – perfect name
  24. Bengali name Adniyah means - resident; resident
  25. Bengali name Adma means - soul
  26. Adarini name meaning in Bengali – everyone's favorite
  27. Bengali meaning of name Adarshini – Mayavadini, idealist
  28. Bengali name Adla means – judgment; honest
  29. Adlai name meaning in Bengali – Only
  30. Bengali name Adain means – similar to mother; winged
  31. Bengali name Adaj means – darkness; black; With big black eyes
  32. Adan name meaning in Bengali – One who lives happily in one place
  33. Bengali name Adana means – Feminine of Adam; the world
  34. The Bengali meaning of the name Adab is – hope and need
  35. Bengali name Adaviah means – summer plant; A type of plant
  36. Bengali meaning of Adara name – beauty, fire, majesty, maiden
  37. Bengali name Adala means – judgment; noble character
  38. Bengali meaning of name Adah – from beautiful scenery
  39. Bengali name Adiat means - rebel
  40. Bengali meaning of Adika is Power
  41. Bengali name Adita means - the origin of the universe
  42. Bengali name meaning of Aditri – Goddess Lakshmi, the best honour
  43. Bengali meaning of name Adina – Friday
  44. Adifa name meaning in Bengali – That we can be proud of
  45. Bengali name Adiba means – gentle; Sanskrit; give respect
  46. Bengali meaning of name Adiva – pleasant, gentle
  47. Bengali name Adia means - beginning, first power
  48. Bengali meaning of name Adyan – plural of Deen (Religion).
  49. Bengali name Adira means – strong; noble character; beautiful powerful
  50. Bengali name Adil means – Equal; Retrieved from Adeline
  51. Bengali name Adilakshmi means – another incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, where Goddess Lakshmi is seen sitting on a lotus and worshiping Narayana.
  52. Bengali meaning of Adila name – honest, fair, just
  53. Bengali name meaning of Adilah is – only.
  54. Adilah, Adila, Adila name meaning in Bengali is equal, just, honest
  55. Bengali meaning of Adishri name is – glory, greatness
  56. Bengali name Adiha means - creator
  57. Bengali meaning of name Adeen – Little Fire
  58. Bengali name meaning of Adelmira – Excellent
  59. Bengali name Advika means - world, beauty
  60. Bengali meaning of name Adya – Goddess Durga, First Power
  61. Bengali meaning of name Adra – Virgin, Beauty, Veda, Invisible
  62. Bengali name Adrika means - The heart of a woman as big as a towering mountain peak
  63. Bengali name Adritha means - adorable
  64. Bengali name Adriti means – Goddess Durga
  65. Bengali name Adhira means – Moon
  66. Bengali meaning of name Adhila – Honesty; just; righteous; trial
  67. The Bengali meaning of Madhsina is New, Recent, New
  68. The Bengali meaning of Adrika is heavenly
  69. The Bengali meaning of the name An is – Anna; arrogance; respect
  70. Anam name meaning in Bengali – All living things on earth
  71. Bengali name meaning of Anwood is - strong willed, smart, popular
  72. Bengali name Anka means - long neck
  73. Bengali name Ankat means – beauty; elegance
  74. Bengali name Anjala means – bright; enlightened
  75. Bengali name Anja means beauty
  76. Bengali meaning of name Anjar – having good eyesight
  77. Bengali meaning of Annam name – Swan; God's blessing
  78. Bengali meaning of name Anand – happy, joyous, supreme joy, full of joy
  79. Bengali meaning of name Anandamoyi – full of happiness, joyful
  80. Anandi name meaning in Bengali – happy, successful, victorious
  81. The Bengali meaning of the name Amandiyada is - one who is always happy or one whose sight fills the mind with joy
  82. Anfa name meaning in Bengali – self-esteem; dignity
  83. Anfani name meaning in Bengali is dignified
  84. Bengali meaning of name Anfas – cheerfulness; spirit; breath
  85. Bengali meaning of name Anbar – fragrance, ambergris
  86. Anbara name in Bengali means – ambergris; fragrance
  87. Bengali meaning of the name Anbarin – Ambergris
  88. Bengali meaning of name Anam is - God's mercy
  89. Anmar name meaning in Bengali – Cheetah
  90. Bengali meaning of name Anmol – Priceless; precious; valuable
  91. Bengali name Ansha means – part; hope
  92. Bengali name Anshi means - God's gift; the whole
  93. Bengali name Ansara means - Helper
  94. Ansa name meaning in Bengali – Beauty Queen, Goddess of Dreams
  95. The Bengali meaning of the name Ansab is – altar stone
  96. Bengali meaning of name Ansam – plural of Nasam
  97. Ansina name meaning in Bengali – God has blessed
  98. Bengali meaning of name Ansri – famous, glorious, beautiful
  99. Bengali meaning of name Anha – representation of love; beautiful
  100. Anhar name meaning in Bengali – Sky Wave, River

  1. Bengali meaning of Anna name – young; Cereals; most valuable
  2. Anais name meaning in Bengali – Grace; convenience; pure
  3. Anat Bengali Meaning – Response, Answer, Endurance
  4. Anan name meaning in Bengali – cloud
  5. Anan, Anan name in Bengali means - cloud
  6. Anafa name meaning in Bengali – Similar to Heron
  7. Anafah name meaning in Bengali – similar to Heron
  8. The Bengali meaning of the name Anaba - returned to Allah - became virtuous
  9. Anavia name meaning in Bengali – Faith
  10. Bengali name meaning of Anam is – blessing, noble person with power
  11. Bengali meaning of name Anaya – protection, supervision
  12. Anna's Bengali meaning is – Pomegranate, precious, bright
  13. The Bengali meaning of the name Anarkali is - Vinegar flower
  14. Bengali Meaning of Analia – In Spanish it means kindness

  15. The Bengali meaning of Annale is – Grace. convenience; Similar to Anna
  16. Anasha name meaning in Bengali – Unique
  17. Bengali meaning of name Anasa is – Tranquility, Serenity
  18. Bengali meaning of name Anasi – friendly, kind
  19. Ani Fatima Khatun Name Bengali Meaning – She was a literary woman and a poet in Castaninia
  20. Ani-Fatima name meaning in Bengali is Literary Poet
  21. Bengali meaning of name Anika – Bounty, grace, God is kind
  22. Bengali name Anija means – happiness and green valley
  23. Bengali meaning of name Anijah - she-goat.
  24. Anida name meaning in Bengali – Endless
  25. Anifa name meaning in Bengali – dignified; bright
  26. Aniba name meaning in Bengali – Angel
  27. Bengali meaning of Anya name – mirror
  28. Aniya name meaning in Bengali – Girl; young woman
  29. Aniyah name meaning in Bengali – Concerned, loving
  30. Bengali name Anira means – young woman; girl
  31. Bengali meaning of name Anisha – Good friend, deep thinker, intimate
  32. Bengali name meaning of Anis – friendly; good company; captive
  33. Anisa name meaning in Bengali – young woman; daughter
  34. Bengali meaning of name Anisah – Generous, Loyal
  35. Anisah, Anisa name meaning in Bengali – close, intimate, good friend
  36. Aniha name meaning in Bengali – disinterest; careless
  37. Bengali meaning of name Anum is - God's blessing
  38. Anusha name meaning in Bengali – fragment
  39. Anetra name meaning in Bengali – God showed, God was kind
  40. Bengali name Anesa means – pure; pure
  41. Anokhi name meaning in Bengali – Advitya
  42. Bengali meaning of name Anwar – devotee of Allah, bright, shining
  43. Anwar, Anwar name meaning in Bengali – ray of light, blossoming flower
  44. Anwarh name meaning in Bengali – Greatly Enlightened
  45. The Bengali meaning of the name Anwara is – Ray of Light
  46. Bengali name Andalh means – Nightingale's song.
  47. Bengali name Andalib means – Nightingale; small bird
  48. Anna name meaning in Bengali – present, gracious
  49. Ansa name meaning in Bengali – Part
  50. Bengali meaning of name Apana – Nut
  51. Bengali meaning of name Apingla is - Woman with many eyes
  52. Bengali meaning of name Apti is - perfection, achievement
  53. Bengali meaning of the name Afkar – intellect thought; Plural of fikr
  54. Bengali name Afga means - beautiful
  55. Bengali meaning of Afza name – Lucky
  56. Bengali name Afzana means – storied; fiction
  57. Aftan Bengali Meaning – More interesting; charming
  58. Bengali meaning of name Aftab – Sun
  59. Afda name meaning in Bengali – Beautiful
  60. Bengali meaning of name Afna – branch of the tree of heaven
  61. Afnaz name meaning in Bengali – Awesome; novel; speed
  62. Bengali meaning of name Afnan – Underlying branch of tree
  63. Bengali name Afni means – sweet; forever
  64. Bengali name Aff means pure
  65. Bengali name Affana means – virtuous; forgiving; pure
  66. Bengali name Afra means – white; the color of the earth; happiness
  67. Bengali meaning of Aprah is happiness
  68. Afrin name meaning in Bengali – Enthusiasm; the sun
  69. Afrina name meaning in Bengali – Enlightenment
  70. Bengali meaning of Afriya is empty
  71. Bengali meaning of name Afrooza – clever
  72. Bengali meaning of Afrin is empty
  73. Bengali name Afroz means – Empty
  74. Bengali name Afroja means bright
  75. Bengali name Afla means - landing; intelligent
  76. Bengali name Aflak means - heavenly body
  77. Bengali meaning of name Afsha – beautiful, bright
  78. Bengali meaning of Afsha-Ferdus is - happiness of heaven
  79. Bengali name Afshan means – sprinkled; shiny
  80. Bengali name Afshana means - fiction
  81. Afshanaz Bengali Meaning – Fiction; storied
  82. Bengali meaning of name Afshin – name of a general
  83. Afsheen name meaning in Bengali – bright like a star
  84. Bengali meaning of Afsna is – Imagination
  85. Bengali name Afsa means – wife of Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh); …
  86. Afsan name meaning in Bengali – God's gift, beautiful, best
  87. Bengali meaning of Afsana – Fiction
  88. Afsar name meaning in Bengali – Crown
  89. Afsar Ara Bengali Meaning – Crowned.
  90. Bengali meaning of Afsara is empty
  91. Afsari name meaning in Bengali – most beautiful; the angel
  92. Bengali meaning of name Afsah – Most eloquent / expressive
  93. Afsahan Name Bengali Meaning – Published; has been resolved; Allah's gift
  94. Afsin name meaning in Bengali – shine like a star
  95. Afsina name meaning in Bengali – bright like a star
  96. Bengali name Afsia means - God's gift; peace; gift
  97. Afsin name meaning in Bengali – bright like a star
  98. Bengali name Afsun means – spell or enchantment; charm; spell out
  99. Bengali meaning of name Afa – Forgiving; forgiving
  100. Bengali name Afak means – horizon
  101. Bengali name Afana means – virtuous; Pure; forgiving
  102. Bengali meaning of name Afaf – honest, virtuous, decent, pure
  103. Bengali meaning of name Afam – Friendly
  104. Bengali meaning of name Afi is – Fragrant river in heaven
  105. Bengali name Afika means – Knowledge
  106. Afiqah name meaning in Bengali – Magnificent; honest
  107. Bengali name Afiza means – One who knows recitation of Quran
  108. Afizeh name meaning in Bengali – A pendant
  109. Bengali name Afida means – heart; conscience
  110. Bengali name Afin means - forgiveness
  111. Bengali name Afinah means – young doe; Cute little deer
  112. Afina name meaning in Bengali – Young Do
  113. Bengali name Afif means – Pure; Pure; honest
  114. Bengali meaning of name Afifa is – Girl, Honest, Honest, Righteous
  115. Bengali meaning of Afifa-Masarrat – Corner of Allah
  116. Bengali meaning of name Afifah – pure, pure
  117. Bengali name Afia means – healthy, wise – beautiful, lively
  118. Bengali name Afiyat means – good health; simple; comfort
  119. Bengali name Afiana means healthy
  120. Bengali meaning of Afiah name – Health
  121. The Bengali meaning of the name Afira is - covered with soil or dust
  122. Bengali name Afirat means - heaven
  123. Bengali meaning of name Afila – intelligent
  124. Afisha name meaning in Bengali – Beautiful
  125. Bengali name Afisa means – bright; Good luck; transparent
  126. Bengali meaning of Afusat is – Admirable, Unique, Absolute
  127. Bengali name Afeni means – health
  128. Bengali meaning of name Afefa is pious, holy, host
  129. The Bengali meaning of Afera is – dust; gazelle
  130. Bengali meaning of name Afra – color of earth, young deer
  131. Bengali name Afri means – beautiful; happiness
  132. Bengali name Afriza means – pure gold; fireplace
  133. Afrida name meaning in Bengali – Creation; produced
  134. Afrina name Bengali meaning – Goddess; the ruler
  135. Afrid name meaning in Bengali – Khali
  136. Abkurah name meaning in Bengali – Genius
  137. Bengali meaning of Abda name – extraordinary; original; beautiful
  138. Bengali name Abdah means - worshiper of Allah
  139. Bengali meaning of the name Abdi - servant of God; the ocean
  140. Bengali name Abdiya means - slave of God
  141. Abdullah name in Bengali means - servant of God
  142. The meaning of the name Abdel in Bengali is - Servant
  143. Bengali meaning of name Abbasa – historical name
  144. Bengali meaning of Abayar name – Accept
  145. Bengali meaning of name Abra – Mother of people, lesson
  146. Bengali name Abraaj means – with beautiful eyes
  147. Abrar name meaning in Bengali – Most pious; just
  148. Bengali name Abla means – perfectly formed; A wild rose

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