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500+ Emotional Love Message - Emotional love message

In today's post about emotional love messages, we will share about 500 love emotional love messages. You might want to send an emotional love message to your loved one but can't figure out what to write in your head. So you can easily find your Kankit information from this article without searching and worrying. 

Emotional love message

Who does not want to give emotional love messages to loved ones. You can also send  emotional love messages to your loved ones. Emotional Love Message  : Emotions work inside all people in this Prithivi. Some can express their emotions and many cannot express it. But because of this emotion, you have to suffer a lot in life. Today's arrangement is with some such emotional love messages. 

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Thinking about the speed of life, the speed of both feet stops.

Only self-confidence accompanies this path.

To talk as much as you like,

it gets worse,

Because of some mistake of yours.

And I can't explain this to my mind.

That's why both people always have to suffer so much.

I love you more than the stars in the sky.

I cried as much as I thought of you.

I get what I ask for.

I love you and you love me

But why don't you say???

Do you know how I feel?

Do you understand how deep my love is?

Do you believe that I love you more?

Do you find me a bar?

I know everything will be known, understood, respected and searched one day.

But then maybe I'm no more,

I will remain in Aral in some unknown distance due to your negligence.

I made you free, you can go away from me.

I will never say I love you again,

If you are happy, don't come back.

The petals of the rose are all gone,

The garden is empty today.

When you think of Sriti, you feel sad.

Suddenly lost in an unknown country.

How to disappear with the wind?

Wake up to the alarm, not your phone.

I did not meet at the end of the waiting period..!!

It doesn't take long for the people who regularly check in to get lost.

This is a cruel truth of the world.

No one wants to forget someone.

But time is very cruel.

No one wants to lose someone.

But helpless to fate.

This is the real world.

If you don't get what you want, you lose it.

You love me but in your dilemma,

This way your love will be hidden.

Do you want to lose your love without expressing it like this?

Do you know that someone's dream is stuck in your love,

There is chest pain.

Do not tell the secret of your heart.

Love is a precious resource that depends on trust,

Because love is made from trust,

If that trust is ever broken, love turns into pain.

One of the softest things in this world is the human mind!!

He should not be hit with any hard object.

The touch of pain given by your own person is already broken into pieces!

I was not afraid of losing you, but I was lost.

I never forget, but I forgot.

Loved me a lot, I cheated.

One day you will understand that you were very stupid.

Don't hurt anyone's heart, you won't be happy.

If you can't love, don't act.

It can be someone's tears,

One day your life will be cursed!!!

You were a guest of a kingdom in Achinpur,

If you forget the way and come to my kingdom, I am your companion.

If you leave to find the old way,

I was left alone as before!!!

Why is your memory still there?

Break this mind, leave your letter alone.

What does he know?

How many autumn afternoons are wet and wet,

If you don't come back to my world.

Crying is the greatest expression of love for someone.

Because he does not love and work for him who does not bring tears to his eyes.

One can laugh against the mind but cannot cry.

Can the light of my extinguished life turn on!

Can you fulfill my broken dreams!

Can you understand the secrets of my heart?

Can you fix my broken heart!!!

You are the poem! Which I want to write every day, but I can't write.

You are that picture! What I want to draw, but can not draw.

You are the love! What I want every day, but never get.

Sometimes I hurt you a lot because I love you.

I suffer silently myself, I feel pain.

When I miss you, I avoid everything.

Because you are the only one in my heart.

who are you why here

Why so long?

Look back, you are an unexpected guest.

The sun of the day sets and the moon of the night rises, which, although it has its light, does not shed a single bit of light on any watchman of the night. Perhaps he is meditating in the innocent darkness, tracing the stillness of the night in his mind. In the noise of light, he clings to a moment of immersion that keeps him away from the joyous noise.


I will be waiting for you, weaving like a bunch of leaves, saying that I will give you a gift. Like the light of the evening lamp, the sweet light will shine on your mind. I'll be waiting for you, where you wrote the title of your last poem. Dressed like nature, dressed up for you in this twilight, just there in concentration to give a little higher love, I'll be waiting for you. Will you come, hoping to take my love with both hands?


I don't know how to meet you, I don't know how to get close to you, I don't know how much you think of me. I just know that this stupid mind misses you a lot.


I agree I was wrong, I couldn't talk about love to you, but it was not your fault either, you never even tried to read the language of my eyes, you didn't understand the silence and thought I never loved you!!!

If I loved the rain, maybe I wouldn't have received so much water as a gift, I love you as much as I got. I did not understand, there were so many clouds in your sky. I was really a big fool, and I still am.


If you love someone, don't try to get closer. Because of that, he may go away because of the desire to get closer. Because people are more happy to walk on a crooked path than a straight path. But you have to lose everything and come to the straight path. At that time, the desire to love again No more.


Crazy you come back, I'm still waiting for you. Stand quietly and look for you in the distance. Disahara today, this drunken wind is blowing in my chest. However, this heart has kept the candle burning for you. If you don't come back, the candle will go out.


When you stand quietly far away, where the path bends, the moments of wanting to touch you. Who knows, what passions are lost. Today I also run into that depth, I also wash away. Are you Morichika, or the constant moments of wanting to touch you. Who knows, what obsession is disorientation…or just Morichika_______??

How much more false acting??? Change yourself this time. Accepting defeat today, I am saying that I am aiming for victory because, even if it is a lie, you said that you love me more than anything in the world.


Every day and every night I float in the waters of trouble, yet this heart wants to know how you are every moment. Maybe you're fine, and maybe I'm telling you why you're fine. Forget me, you are drowning in the sea of ​​happiness. If you forget me, why did you stay with me, and if you stay with me, how can you forget me. I could not forget you, your memories.


You were my eternal love, I didn't want the stars of the distant sky, the moon; I didn't want the sky blue. I know you can't bring it. I didn't want any expensive gift because I didn't need it. I wanted a little love from you which is much less than your emotional. I would have been satisfied with that little bit but you didn't understand me because you never accepted me from the heart.


Sometimes I wish I could show you how much I love you. Wherever I look only at your memory, I remember how much I loved only you. You filled this world of mine with light. I started a new life. Then it seemed that if I could stop the passage of time, maybe I could have such happiness for the rest of my life.


One day I was walking on my way, suddenly you came, and took me by the hand,: took me to an unknown path, I believed in you, but, I did not know, you will leave me alone in the middle of the road. # Don't_tRy_plAy_wiTh_mE

When will you come? Crazy you come back. If you ever come back, I will keep you very happy. You will be happy, and love me. Pagli_tui_fire_ay.


Thinking about something, water came to my eyes, I said to water, why did you suddenly come out? Water said that the eyes are the nest of your happiness, tell me how can I bear so many sorrows.


Do you really love me or is it just an act of love? If that's the case then don't force me into the cycle of your life. The more complicated your acting becomes, the more painful it will be for me. Maybe one day I will forgive you, but can you forgive yourself. Maybe you can't, so I say acting in the name of love. Don't. Are you still acting?

You will be a shadow in the courtyard of this mind. And you will love me with the strange magic of your eyes. If you love me, I will give you this heart of mine. Keep my heart in care, then lose it with you whose full chadani is in the night lagna.………..!!!!!!


I have found you in the depths of my heart, how can I explain how much you belong to me. There is nothing to lose in this life, this mind is lost, there is no place for happiness in you, you are unknown, and when you come and burn my mind with both eyes, colorful dreams are lost... moment

I can dream in the blue sky of sadness. The voice of love for you comes as a storm of pain. My tear-soaked face floats in a cloud of disbelief. May my life depart before your death.

I am at the end and you are at the beginning, standing at the end I love only you. One day I will go to Aadhaar with you, I will not come back to the world of light. May you be very happy. If you are happy, you will find light in Aadhaar, this will be the reward of your love.

Phulkumari I am wearing your lotus akhir maya. Chandrakiran night I love you after seeing your portrait in the heart of my heart. I am waiting in the hope of finding you in the immortal tomorrow. O Neelkanthi, if you love me, you will not let me down. The inner flame will be wiped away in the depths of Himanta. Then my life will see a new face. Kalkantha birds will look for us someday.

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Let's watch the emotional love message picture now. So far we have written something and now we will see emotional love message picture. Let's stop talking and see. 

Emotional Love Message Images - 500+ Emotional Love Message - Emotional Love Message - NeotericIT.com

Emotional Love Message Images - 500+ Emotional Love Message - Emotional Love Message - NeotericIT.com

Emotional Love Message Images - 500+ Emotional Love Message - Emotional Love Message - NeotericIT.com

Emotional Love Message Images - 500+ Emotional Love Message - Emotional Love Message - NeotericIT.com

Emotional Love Message Images - 500+ Emotional Love Message - Emotional Love Message - NeotericIT.com

Emotional Love Message Images - 500+ Emotional Love Message - Emotional Love Message - NeotericIT.com

Emotional Love Message Images - 500+ Emotional Love Message - Emotional Love Message - NeotericIT.com

Emotional Love Message Images - 500+ Emotional Love Message - Emotional Love Message - NeotericIT.com

Emotional Love Message Images - 500+ Emotional Love Message - Emotional Love Message - NeotericIT.com

Emotional Love Message Images - 500+ Emotional Love Message - Emotional Love Message - NeotericIT.com

Emotional Love Message Images - 500+ Emotional Love Message - Emotional Love Message - NeotericIT.com Today's article ends here. Stay well everyone. 

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