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250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status

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facebook status picture

Facebook status pictures will be in this section. It is difficult to find people who do not have an account on Facebook, but not everyone uses it regularly. Some keep giving their every update news and some sometimes share a status or two. Many people share motivational status through Facebook. Many people can't find Facebook status pictures to share with their lives. For them in today's article I will share 250 Facebook status images. 

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Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Facebook Status Images - 250+ Facebook Status.  facebook status - NeotericIT.com

Beautiful Facebook Status

Who does not want to post beautiful Facebook status on Facebook. I have arranged this post with beautiful Facebook status in keeping with the current era. If everyone wants to give Facebook status, he can't match it with himself. If you are a person in this category, then you can find beautiful Facebook status that matches your life from this section. So let's see the beautiful Facebook statuses. 

  1. Love by mind, not by wealth. Love by value, not by appearance. Dream at night, not during the day. Love one person, not ten.
  2. What happens with a big heart, if it doesn't understand sorrow. What will happen if you don't value friendship? What will happen in love, if you hurt the person you love.
  3. A person who truly loves you can never forget you. May be proud, but will always miss you. And will love you.
  4. Love is like a rock. Touching the Parash stone turns base metals into gold. And with the touch of love, low class emotions like anger-hate-violence are transformed into love.
  5. Before befriending someone, one should check whether he is worthy of friendship. Because not everyone can value friendship.
  6. When love is unknown to you, you will not understand what happiness is? When you love someone, then you will understand what pain is? When you lose love you will understand what life is.
  7. If I don't find you in this life. This life will go dark in my dark. You are the light in my eyes. You are the person of the heart in this world of love. I hope you are my life. I will make a house of love in your heart.
  8. A little love and a little happiness, my chest is filled with your love. I found you after many efforts. So I don't want to lose you again. I don't like looking back anymore. Why the sweet moment of union does not come near.
  9.  Take care of body in winter, no need to bathe.
  10.  Behind the cry of men is a world war. This cry has a secret. And the girls find a lipstick. He cries when he gets late.
  11. If you use more mobile phone or the eyes are bad! That's why I use only one mobile all day.
  12. I am buying two chocolates, one I will eat and one after a while I will eat it myself
  13. My friends look Mashallah but their character is Astaghfirullah
  14. There is no peace in my mind, wherever I look, I burn a forehead between pairs
  15. There are some people who don't eat anything and post sad posts to keep their people stressed.
  16. How does love feel? It is my innocent mind to want to know
  17. All boys don't straighten their hair when they see girls, some boys even lower their heads when they see girls
  18. Those who wake up at night die early!
  19. Showing the dream of becoming a father. It's the name of making an uncle and leaving. Same age relationship
  20. All sirs have the same dialogue: Your son's intelligence is good! But do not fall!
  21. A friend of mine got a girl in his life with much difficulty, luckily it was a fake ID!!
  22. Bap Khai Dar Kariya Bidi girl named Dana Katapari on Facebook
  23. Father's name written in the lights! All in all, father's name should shine anyway
  24. The poet who imagines life as just a love song is irrelevant to me today.
  25. Boy, you have nothing to say about yourself, think of your Yeta and others!
  26. If boys keep their hair long, there is nothing wrong with being Newton or Rabindranath
  27. If no one cries for me when I am gone, then my existence has no value
  28. I am thinking about how to eat raw mangoes and pulses throughout the year.
  29. My friend and I have been praying all day for not opening the educational institution
  30. Is it necessary to get him by loving him or not some love is imperfect
  31. Beautiful status, "A friend whose house is made of glass, should not throw stones at other people's house."
  32. Who says we have changed… hey who says we have changed… we were bad before… and we are still bad!!!
  33. I will tolerate mischief, but not Satanism.
  34. Ami dustumi sjhyo korbo, Kintu shaytani naa.
  35. Mistakes teach people. Love also makes people cry.
  36. The first person in life fell in love with me!!! He won't leave me!!! He is worthless without me!!! He is worthless without me!!! And that is "trouble".
  37. Amar jiboner mull mantra, “Apni ki vablen tate amar ball chhera geche”.
  38. Remember that when you point a finger at others, three fingers are pointed at you.
  39. Stop thinking about me, stay mentally healthy.
  40. I never lose, win or learn.

Smart Facebook Status

A little smart Facebook users want to give a little smart Facebook status. They want to show themselves smartly among their friends. You can see the following smart Facebook statuses for Paoya who is known as smart among friends. 

Will you be the reason for my smile again?

Will you prevent my hundred mistakes again?

The sun has sunk in the horizon.

Because I wanted to hide my face - under your chest.

On the edge of many greens you stand alone,

I wake up gray, gray.

You are alone in a crowd of people.

I sit with a lot of hope.

No matter how far you go.

No matter how far we go, you are the last frontier.

This is my wanderer - you are the address.

His black eyes were not dark, not dark

Those quivering lips were not prohibitions, but invitations—more

Every man spends a large part of his life to break the pride and anger of women.

It can also be said to be one of the reasons for the creation of men.

My stories are going on - in the blue background of pain, in the water of the sleeping cloud.

At night, Jotsna sleeps in the bed - in the wrong direction of wet darkness, pouring kisses.

Wherever I look, wherever my eyes go, I see you there,

Hiding mind hides happiness in thoughts.

I know from the sky, you see the wings spread,

I can be a river, if I want to float in the water

To every lover, her lover's girlfriends are like satin.

Qualified people should be defeated by merit, not by violence.

Oh girl, in you I want to dive,

I promise I won't make you dizzy and nauseous.

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  1. The joy of love is short but the pain lasts a lifetime.
  2. When love is satiated, its sweetness diminishes greatly.
  3. Small is big, limit is infinite, love is freedom. Whenever I get the light of love, I see wherever my eyes meet, there is no limit within the limit.
  4. Girls' smile is the most precious thing in the world for guys.
  5. The tendency to drift is inherent in nature. He floats with rain, floats with rain, floats with snow. Again strong love floats his created world even with strong pain.
  6. Beautiful girls live in such a place, you can't go to them suddenly if you want. Seeing them from afar, one has to sigh and say to oneself, Oh, they are not happy.
  7. A great thing happens when girl friends get together after a long time. Suddenly everyone's age decreases. It always feels like being alive is a matter of great happiness.
  8. If love were a substance like liquid water, then the whole world would be submerged in that love. Even the Himalayas.
  9. You are so beautiful, dear, is it my fault? Some of the moons do not say that they are lost in the moon and cry.
  10. A fool becomes wise in love, a wise man becomes a fool.
  11. When you love someone, all your pent-up desires come out.
  12. There is no such thing as second, third, fourth, fifth love. When people fall in love, every love is a first love.
  13. The beauty of most beautiful smiles is a feat of the muscles, not of the heart.
  14. Love is constant uncertainty, marriage and family are food, sleep, intercourse, children and devilry in ultimate security.
  15. Everyone will hurt you, you just have to find someone whose pain you can bear.
  16. War and love never go as planned.
  17. If there is no fear in love, the juice is not intense.
  18. If you can not forgive, why love him?
  19. Dividing joy yields two things, one is knowledge and the other is love.
  20. Husbands must agree to be lovers, but not with their own wives. Why they don't want to think about being their wife's lover.
  21. I cannot ask for more than your heart can give me.
  22. There are many types of oppression in the world. The torture of love is the worst torture. Nothing can be said against this tyranny, only to be tolerated.
  23. Girls never fall in love for polite boys. What arises is compassion.
  24. It is not about falling in love with someone quickly. No one should fall in love with super beauties. Others will fall in love with them, that is the rule.
  25. The reality is so hard that sometimes even the little love that builds the fear of the chest becomes helpless.
  26. Sometimes soul ties transcend blood ties.
  27. Liking is a genie that once started makes everything like it.
  28. A boy and a girl can be friends, but sometimes they fall in love with each other. Maybe for a short time or at the wrong time. Or too late, and not forever. But will fall in love.
  29. The stupid words of beauties are equivalent to heavenly words.
  30. Only love can sanctify marriage. And the only genuine marriage is that which is sanctified by love.
  31. Age cannot be hidden like love.
  32. No running behind the girls. Girls are like butterflies. If you try to catch it, it doesn't catch it, but if you keep quiet, it will sit right on you.
  33. Poor girls only send friend requests, if they are big boys they send boyfriend requests.
  34. Laughs, lots of laughs, while the boys stare at me even with the BF around.
  35. The scene of girls handling sarees is one of the most beautiful scenes in the world.
  36. I got two girlfriends just by luck, one was mental, the other was sentimental.
  37. If no one answers your call, there is no need to go alone, the day is not good.
  38. Don't brag about wealth, yesterday I had 5 GB, today I run for free.
  39. I'm not bragging. I get 5 to 10 offers every day. Thank you Ravi Sim.
  40. Loved a Pakistani polar on Facebook, I gave that level, well, do I now get freedom fighter allowance?
  41. A parrot in a palm tree, a dub in a coconut tree, it is the nature of boys to change their GF month after month.
  42. Being single is also an art, and I am the master of that art, who is there like me?
  43. The poet says, he is not happy to see the single, his double smile behind the scenes.
  44. Love is like getting a chance in varsity, one who gets a chance gets a chance everywhere, one who doesn't get a chance doesn't get a chance anywhere.
  45. The boyfriend of this country learns to stand on his own two feet.
  46. Last makeup of life will be with surma and perfume. So leave the appearance and practice the practice.
  47. It's true that boys crush on beautiful girls, but they don't fall in love. Eating crush is like that ish! If I could get it!
  48. There is no shortage of people to love when wrapped in white cloth.
  49. Many things go viral in the world, but why I am single does not go viral.
  50. The villain of yesteryear's movies used to be the girl's father, and the villain of today's movies is the girl's BF.
  51. Love comes in everyone's life, it came in my life too, but I was not at home.
  52. Will die of lack of vitamin She, yet will not propose to anyone.
  53. All intellectuals of Bangladesh live in villages. If you don't believe it, sit and watch for 10 minutes at the village tea shop.
  54. I went to the park and saw that it is forbidden to pluck flowers, am I stupid, I took the tree and ran.
  55. Body spray if it's yours, then if it's your friend's, then...!
  56. There should be a limit to cheating! By inviting the bridegroom, only rice is given, but not the bridegroom.
  57. If I don't see you for 2 minutes, I think I haven't seen 120 seconds!!
  58. The fun of being single is different, last month I recharged 10 taka, still have 7 taka.
  59. Only those who do tuition know how many types of biscuits there are in Bangladesh.
  60. I am looking for the wheelbarrow with which Jasim Baralok became the hero.
  61. Those who love more than once are not human, they are multiples.
  62. I am thinking of going to Mars, so that evil cannot touch me.
  63. The money of the miser is eaten by ants and the hearts of beautiful girls are won by hypocritical boys, this is a fact.
  64. Girls are like the moon, they have no light of their own. They glow with makeup.
  65. A girl's relationship status means silent cries of frustration from the rest of the guys on her friend list.
  66. Fever is coming, I can't eat anything, I have only eaten 15 breads with tea, no taste.
  67. I am thinking of throwing acid on the groom's face after marriage, so that no one will look. Tara Baka, still mine.
  68. Getting a girl is not a problem, but the problem is that I am not that stupid.
  69. The poet said, whose woman are you? The woman said, when I get someone online, I'm his.
  70. But the girl will love me. Those who have fallen in love with me have married in very good places.
  71. Eyes wide girl also gives status, don't look at these eyes, will fall in love, yes...yes...yes.

Emotional Facebook Status

You should write a little better about emotional Facebook status because emotional boys and girls give more Facebook status. Generally boys and girls of 14-20 are more emotional during this time they make many mistakes and regret later for those mistakes. Many statuses are remembered because of their mistakes or emotions. Then you will find our website very easily if you write emotional Facebook status in Google without writing it yourself. If you have come to our website by typing emotional Facebook status and searching on Google, then all the statuses on this page are for you. You will like all articles related to emotional facebook status on this page. At least one will suit you - so don't delay and find your favorite emotional Facebook status now. 

1. One day I too will become better, when I die everyone says, 'Man was very good.

2. Sorrow never comes alone, it comes in groups.

3. You said people change so you changed but I didn't change, but am I not human.

4. Experience is not less, yet people make mistakes.

5. Middle class love is acceptable in movies, not in reality.

6. Everyone understands the value but only after it is lost.

7. Some problems don't go away, they become habits over time.

8. The reality is that when new people are found, the value of old people decreases.

9. Does distance increase love? Or make excuses to leave?

10. Some people's stories of loneliness are hidden behind a fake smile.

11. I saw, I heard, I understood, I kept quiet at the end of the day.

12. To me, living is life, being well is luxury.

13. There will be nothing in life, only crying and asking for lies.

14. No one keeps it, no one keeps it, no matter how many people there are, they don't stay till the end.

15. Suffering has no weight, yet it is hard to bear.

16. I mean, everyone's need, nobody's favorite.

17. I mean, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't be selfish.

18. Middle class is the name of killing desires and prioritizing life.

19. What is the loss if lost? There is no one to be found in this busy city.

20. Learn to hold dear some people in life do not come again and again.

21. Well, the unscrupulous are also awake at night like us? Does the lonely emptiness of the night make them cry like we do.

22. The important decisions of life should never be left on blind faith, some faith becomes tears for the whole life.

23. Losers, who laugh like clowns, die inside, in the circus of life.

24. Do you ever want to know,

How am I!!

Do you suddenly remember me in the middle of work!!

I really want to know why.

how are you

Do you keep my news???❤

-- Noreen

25. Falling in love means becoming dependent. The person you fall in love with will take over a large part of your world. If for some reason he leaves you, he will take that big part of your world with him. You will become a resident of the void world.

— Humayun Ahmed 

26. I avoid getting involved..!

You are pretending to be involved, avoid when you understand..!

You act and I hold the act as real.

Don't hesitate to let go of your hand in the middle of the dream by pretending to be a lie and I am always awake waiting for you, if you come and be ashamed of not finding me.

27. There were clouds in the sky that evening

He came running to my door when it rained.

The ray of light that burst the sky fell on his face

28 “Rather than being worthless to someone

Better to be empty to yourself”

29. “One's negligence does not mean the end of life,

You may be worthless to one, but not to all.”

30. “When would life have been released

If suicide was not prohibited in Yarma

31. Even if you are fine without me

At the end of the day, I can't live without you even if I wanted to."

32 When you suffer,

Then try to convert that cost into motivation,

Not as a reason to give up.”

33. Such is my fate

I became someone's in a short time

And in a short time, I became someone else."

34. You were enough for me

Maybe I wasn't good enough for you.”

35. “The tendency to drift is inherent in nature. He floats with rain, floats with rain, floats with snow. Again, strong love floats its created world through strong pain”

36. “My story is over when I stop breathing”

37. "Everybody will hurt you, you just have to find someone who can give you pain"

38. You don't break down

That way no one stays together forever."

39. "I gave you the entire library

And you just read the book to leave.”

40 “The less you know about people

The longer the relationship lasts

Funny Facebook Status

If funny Facebook status is not given in this article then I don't think this article will be completed. For this reason, I have added funny Facebook status in this article. Although the article is getting very long, remember to present the article to you very neatly - so that you can find the information you need. Hopefully you will find some good status with funny Facebook status in this post. 

Deep tension! Well wedding flowers bloom on which tree? Want to know!!

One on the left side of the chest. The flat is empty, does anyone want a reliable rent? Don't bother to like and comment.

Brothers and sisters, which one is burning more than your own?

Or the mother-in-law? Jokingly say 2 lines, I don't have one!

Then say your name on the school bench

With plus + whose name is written mine is A + S

Who are the innocent people who don't have Tiktok and pubg on their mobiles, I don't even have one, uncle

I love you! No wonder! I am telling you, reply immediately. What to give or not give?

The first time I heard Mia Khalifa's name

I thought there might be a big Maulana. Later I saw Barovatari.

I wish someone would love me like crazy for the rest of my life or someone like that.

When I was a child, I used to think that after marriage, I have to buy a baby. Now I understand something else.

I don't have anyone special to chat with. Life is pain!!

After marriage I will put my wife in the fridge. So that it does not get spoiled, keep it fresh.

Dear Chul, there is no one in your life, at least you are there please. Don't stay bald.

Give love haha ​​give like don't give. I'll block slowly, I won't even notice!! Hmmm I remember Zeno.

Practice washing your clothes before marriage. After marriage should be washed along with wife's clothes. Life is pain!

Well!! If you get some chance to ask me? So what do you want? tell the truth

I want to babble all day. But, there is no one to listen.

My phone seems to be broken even doing airplane mode doesn't fly. What should I do?

I sent my mother to her father's house! I sent my father to his father-in-law's house! I went to my grandfather's house! Oma went to see everyone in one house! Baba is a fool's game in your court.

When Satan wants to rest, he arranges love between two people. Yeah, that's funny.

A thin girl was asking for a phone number

I have given the Number of Calcutta Herbal. Which will be fat now.

Witness if you love before. There would be sky and wind

Now witness the screenshot. Talk about digital country.

If you want, I will make tea with the water from your hair after the bath. I will do whatever I want.

Until now, I understood that BF means Biscuits Factory! GF stands for Garments Factory! Father, all the fools play in your court.

No matter how many dresses I wore in my life, the most beautiful dress was the school dress. I really miss the days.

Mom is making tea! Am I lying inside the cup or not!! Mom: Nothing to say.

Do you know who is suffering? When the phone was charged at night and woke up in the morning, I forgot to switch! Life is pain!!!

Boys who don't smoke cigarettes. A little more cute! Like look at me.

It's not a big deal that I'm single! No one can beat me! That's a big deal, mama must understand.

Most of the girls listen to mother's chirping

He hides his phone first. Did I tell the truth?

Do not smoke cigarettes! Don't go after the girls and don't do it! Yes, I do all of these. Do you have fun?

1971 I'm proud. Bengali 2022 I am ashamed I am Bengali. Life is pain

When I got angry, my mother fried and roasted my honor for no reason!

Know when you like the most? When I see mom and dad laughing together. I like it a lot.

I feel very happy when I hear about someone's relationship

It's on fire. Father, all the fools play in your court.

Everyone just asks do you love? But no one asks love? Are you someone like that?

I don't just keep you in the gallery

Keep it in my prayers. Hmm it seems

The Bengali movie is about coming alive at the call of a lover even after taking 45 bullets. Hmm tongue pain!

pubg free fire players are more chill than crazy dogs. Did I say the truth?

After listening to the song, I remembered crying for 2 hours! I am single life is a lot of pain.

The hero is the one who went to eat his GF's biya, brother gives another piece of meat.

As commerce students calculate crores, their minds are bigger than crores.

A man is not a rapist. A man's chest is a woman's safest place. If that man is a character.

I am a helpless plastic surrounded by hundreds of gold copper iron zinc.

I was born with an infinite capacity to suddenly get angry while speaking well.

True friendship between girls is if you were a boy I would marry you.

I have become bitter to everyone now and like before. Not everyone likes sweet!

I also have a small family. Phone, charger, headphones, pack them every day.

Some girls look beautiful without makeup. Like our mother!!

One day sir said nothing will happen to you. I am the Facebook account owner today.

I want wife's Facebook password as dowry!!

Fall asleep when reading! When going to sleep, he calls on his mobile phone; What a situation!!

There is no peace in lying down and crying. Water enters through the ears.

Nowadays a plastic ball lasts longer than a relationship.

A text or call from a loved one at the beginning of the day has the ability to stay good all day!

Thinking of leaving education! Because suffering is not true happiness!

I do not worry, but I will do what I say!

I will also love one day. Tell me to eat at night, baby, if you don't eat at night, I won't eat either.

Je MeYe Der Bf Nei! I am for those girls. Because people are for people.

It is very difficult to see thin girls. I want to eat something good in a restaurant.

When you see the post of some girls suffering, you want to comfort me by saying I love you!

She likes to plan to go on tour with her friends, knowing that mom will not let her go.

Don't be disappointed somewhere or someone maybe. Crushed and saved in your picture.

No matter who is at fault in the family, the bully always eats small things.

Dear would-be wife, at least learn how to cook. You can't survive on lipstick alone.

People can't say I like Pangash fish for fear of shame.

Girl look black, no regrets, hair must fly in the wind.

Mobile: why you don't forget me even though you are so stupid for me? Me: That's true love!

If mom and dad scold, feel bored! And caring if the gf bf scolds? Do you know what to say?

Childhood was good. But there is an advantage if you get married.

I don't like to sleep with a pillow!

The only owner of good keeping! Alhamdulillah as I am.

Forbid falling in love! Mother will beat her with a shoe if she knows that's the reason!

The mind is empty!

I hate late reply but I gave another account.

You don't deserve to be a student if you don't have a crush on the teacher.

Listen less will make more. The name Erie is a friendly neighbor.

Thousands of songs are waiting for the chute rickshaw puller. Says to marry a girl who has failed SSC.

If you get married, who will be your Gf? Be it your own or someone else's.

Fortunately, good dreams do not come true. Or how many children I would have become a father.

Mom and dad are playing so much football, I will get a fever. ME: Ammu doctor there is Killiga.

In my area I am Fitphat and the rest of Sadarghat!

If you are happy, you will be haunted. And if you sleep too much, mom will kill you.

Ogo you hear! I will call my wife like this after marriage.

Where did I grow up? Nani's mother is still in front of people!

Yes, I have not seen my wife's face for 24 years, just because I am not married.

Dear Crush You called on a rainy day. I didn't go to see Thada out of fear.

Dear father and mother, don't you want to see the faces of your grandchildren?

I am in a lot of tension, will anyone have an abul bidi?

The mind is not official… it is very useful… do not give it to him… don't lose your respect… the mind will give just love to him that only you.

First love in life is Real and next love is with Barovatari.

Yes, girls who hiss in bed are deadly cute.

I still can't crush anyone because I don't have taste in my mouth.

Yes I am very rude. But what are you doing in life by being polite?

The taste of eating hot jelly is like the taste of being scolded by a lover.

Shukun's eyes and lover's eyes are equally deadly sharp.

Scientists have so far not been able to make any criteria to measure love. If she could, the selfless woman named Ma would have been there first.

The mind sometimes does strange things. One of them is Balanei Kwa Nei suddenly falls in love.

I don't want to be in debt to anyone.

Do not neglect! You will understand the day your younger sister Nia Vaiga Jamu.

I wish my future wife Geno supports Brazil, then Argentina vs Brazil will be good every day!

I was falling in love 33 times in my life! Every time I felt that I would not survive without him.

Girls who love wearing sarees for no reason are good wives.

I laugh so much when mom compliments me to someone.

No, brother, it's been a long time, this time I need to make love.

It is my mind to call Baal in words and think of myself as a great Baal specialist.

i am black If my wife is fair, will our baby be zebra colored?

Even the girl studying in class six is ​​not getting sleep at night these days because she is worried about which university Babu will be admitted to.

Sir: What is the English of the food after adding salt? Student: Good afternoon.

No matter what else I do in life, I will never marry any girl who has done autopass.

I wanted to pay attention, but I didn't. I slept with 300 rupees.

attitude smart facebook status

Attitude Smart Facebook Status has many attitudes for them. attitude smart facebook status is also in this article. Those who think a little bit more, in short, this is called attitude. Which can be understood in simple Bengali language. In this article, I have appeared with attitude smart Facebook status because according to the visitors who come to our website, attitude has been added and some visitors have been added. Then check attitude smart facebook status. 

 "This is how he found me,!-💔

-"Thought it passed 'all night.,!-🙂

Attitude should be shown as much as matches with your attitude. The attitude of 200 rupees with two rupees thobra does not suit brother..😆

If you avoid me jokingly, I will blow you off as funny.😛

Can't fool anyone. Because my father does not have a petrol pump. And now oil is very expensive.🛢️

I feel no need to change myself. Only beliefs need to be changed.✋

I don't have ego. If you talk, I will also talk. If you ignore me, I will do the same.😻

I can't run on anyone's oil in life. If you want to stay, hii if you want to go, good bye.👋

break the rules, find your freedom, love your life.😍

Don't show too much attitude, it doesn't take long to forget my people.⏰

There is no point in making excuses. If you want to stay, stay, if not, see your own way. 🚘

Be a little more free with people and start thinking cheap. So no one cares much.👨‍✈️

If someone thinks you are cheap, you throw him in the dustbin as a bag of dirt. 😳

I am what I am...if you like it, it's better if you don't like it! I can't change myself for someone else's liking.🤠

Your ego is a story of two days, my ego is born

I also want to maintain a good relationship with everyone. But the problem is not licking someone's feet.👎

Life is mine, style is mine, and problem is all over the world

I don't have time to hate anyone. Either I will love, or I will move quietly. 💗

Do I feel bad? Yes, it might! I don't care. 👋

I will not be good in life! Because I was never bad.😄

You get exactly what you give. Be it love or neglect.😘

I go according to my opinion, whose crack is his crack. 🤓

My attitude is always based on your behavior.🙂

I respect by usage...not by age.🛂

I have not changed, I am the same as before. The only difference is, I was blind before, now I have learned to see.😎

It is not a joke, I will stand in front one day with regret.💪

I praise myself. Because the responsibility of my doing evil is with the neighbor.🧙

Can be common, but not cheap.😐

Yes I have changed too. Now he remembers me and I remember him.😔

People who criticize behind others are always left behind, never able to move forward.🚶

I was born not to live according to someone's mind. Live as below to fulfill your dreams.💃

I can't explain to anyone how I am. As he takes me in his mind, so am I to him. 😒

Show masculinity by saving the honor of a girl on the street without raising your hands on girls.😎

I am not a washed tulsi leaf like everyone else. I am neem leaf. Although it is bitter to eat, I do not harm anyone. 😌

Don't get upset if someone rejects or ignores you. Remember not everyone can afford expensive things.☀️

You love and don't live, I am very relaxed like me. And I will stay all my life. 🤹

I want to be your favorite hello. Oh and ho unfortunately I'm your hard good byy.😆

If time does not pass, I play games, listen to music, but never play with anyone's mind. 😎

If someone is jealous of you, let him be jealous. Because he is jealous because you have quality. 🗣️

What will happen if the mind is drain water

Some people think I hate them. No brother, I don't have time to think about you

Never sacrifice anything for your self-respect

I'm not perfect but I'm always myself.😕

Look brother, the WhatsApp number is not a joke that I will give to everyone. 😄

Life should be lived on its own terms. Next where the circus tiger dances. 🐅

I love to be silent. because I hate drama.🎭

Don't forget everything. You have to remember some things to give bamboo on time.⏲️

The only thought in every person's home is "what will people think". Now I say, what will people think if I don't think "then what will people think".😎

Not very beautiful, I don't sweat much, I don't wear a lot of make-up, I can't make a lot of noise. Yeh it's me.🙅

We are Bengali girl boss. If someone listens to one word, I will listen to him ten words.💇

There is no bf so what happened the remaining 24 letters are there.🤪

I never sweet talk. I don't want anyone to have diabetes for me

I will remain as I am. If you can adjust, stay, if not, look at your own path. 🚔

I'm not selfish, I just walk away from people who don't value me.😔

Never sacrifice your self-respect

Why should I waste my idle time thinking of someone who doesn't remember me?

Not selfish, I just stopped talking on my own.🧖

Show less interest to someone who is not interested in you. Having self-respect is very important

Change the world with a smile. But don't let the world change your smile

When someone shows attitude just want to say one thing your attitude my foot.🧦

Nothing is greater than self-respect. Even if someone belittles you for once, recognize it and stay away from him. Because he will do the same thing again and again if he gets bored.👥

Educational Facebook Status

In this article we have shared all types of Facebook status. But still educational facebook status is left. Inshallah we will also cover this in this post. You know that I have already written many articles about status, you can see them if you want. When Facebook becomes a chat room for fun, if you share some educational Facebook status, people can learn something. So let's see the educational Facebook status. 

"The best among you is the one who sees his own faults with one eye and sees the virtues of others with the other eye." – Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh)

"We work together in ten, we lose, we win, we are not ashamed."

“Good food fills the stomach but good books satisfy the soul. "

"Wise people spend their time on urgent tasks."

"Five fingers are not equal."

"Whether you think you can or you can't, either way your belief is right."

"Honesty is the best approach."

“I learned long ago that you don't have to fight with pigs. The body will get dirty and the pig will love it.”

"He who doesn't value having time - when time runs out, he can't reach even if he wants! Because everyone has self-respect.” 

You don't need to know everything.

But you need to know everything you say

A man without money is like a bow without an arrow

“Stop looking for the bad in people Accept their mistakes easily Be patient with them Strive for a pure heart and see the good in them.” – Sheikh Mufti Ismail Menk

"The best among you is he who learns the Qur'an and teaches." – Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh)

"No matter how many PhD degrees and certificates you have, if you do not have a relationship with Allah and His Messenger (PBUH), then you are a fool, a fool." - Linguist Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah

He is the best among you. He who sees his own faults with one eye, and the merits of others with the other eye...- Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh)

If you stumble in life, maybe the faith is lost,

But a lot can be learned.

Learn from flowers, cheerfulness

Learn humility from the dove,

Learn discipline from bees,

Learn from the ants,

Take a lesson from the rooster to wake up early.

Life is lost to death

Happiness loses to sadness

Love loses to acting

And friendship loses to pride

facebook status

"A man without principle is like a clock without a spring"

A sleeping person is another sleeping person

can't wake up

If you think your own conscience is big, then enemies will be created.

And if you enlarge your heart, your friends will increase

You don't need to know everything.

But you need to know everything you say

A man without money is like a bow without an arrow

Rather than trying to become a successful person

Try to be a person with values

Accept everything fully, only then can you fully learn from it”

It takes about two years for a person to learn to speak, but many people take less than a lifetime to learn how to speak in front of whom.”

When you learn to control yourself, you become a real man.”

People's minds are very strange, some cry day and night to get a little love and some neglect even getting love.

A country that does not respect virtue cannot produce virtue.”

Sweet words from an ugly face are more beautiful than a beautiful face”

"Silence is a kind of luxury that is very beautiful for women."

The first step to being famous is to be a believer.”

Speaking the truth and writing well depends on practice

Facebook status about friend

You often need Facebook status with friends. When you go somewhere with your friends and want to take some pictures and give some Facebook status on Facebook about the friendship of your friends, then you can take the Facebook status of your favorite friend from our website. 

Do you have any real friends in your life?- If you have any such friends in your life. Then the relationship of friendship will never be taken to such a level that you have to stand before a judge.

Your true friend is the person who knows all your flaws but still loves you. And this is the identity of true friendship.

If you are a boy, know one thing. True friendships between boys are ruined for only two reasons. One reason is money and another reason is girl. So if you want to maintain your friendship then definitely try to stay away from these two factors.

If you have a faithful true friend in your life, know one thing. A faithful friend is equal to ten thousand relatives in your life. So never neglect a true friend.

It is never right to joke or make fun of true friends in our life. This will hurt our friend's heart and cause a rift in our friendship. So we all should not make fun of our real friends.

It is your destiny to choose your relatives. But to choose a true friend you have to decide for yourself. Because the choice and determination of friendship will depend on you.

If you were asked what friendship means, would you be able to answer that question? - So listen friend means two different bodies of the same soul.

If the friendship of a true friend who comes into your life is ever lost. Then nothing in the world will be able to restore that fractured friendship again. So we all should maintain our friendships.

People who insult their friends, keep silent even when they see their friends being insulted. One should never associate with those people. Because such people are really very selfish.

People who can cheat their friends in this world can also cheat the creator. And this is the real cruel and deceitful man.

If you can't make any enemies in your life then you won't have any friends in your life. Because it is foolish to expect a man who has no enemies to have any friends.

My best friend in life is my mirror. Because my mirror never smiles when I cry.

A friend is compared to an umbrella as the need for an umbrella increases as the incidence of rain increases. Likewise, a true friend is always needed in the journey of life.

Never make money by breaking people's friendships. Because friendship is worth more than money.

A true friend is like a star, just as the stars are always in the sky but cannot be seen until night falls. In the same way, a true friend is not always found.

Your financial prosperity will bring you friends, but this financial prosperity will never bring love.

A book is equal to a hundred friends. But when you have a true friend in your life, that true friend becomes like a library.

If you really want to be at peace in your life, then you should keep working with your friends. Only then can that person work as your colleague.

Roses, for example, are considered a special type of flower. Similarly, a true friend is a special person. And we all should give enough importance to this special man.

You will never walk before me, because I cannot follow you. You will not follow me, because I cannot lead you. Rather, you stay with me as a friend.

A good friend in your life is a good book read in your life and a healthy brain inside you. Yes, this is your ideal life. The life we ​​should all dream of.

If you are asked what friendship means then you cannot answer that question. Because this friendship is not taught in any school, nor in any textbook. But still if you fail to understand the meaning of friendship then you will never understand the status of true friend.

Do you want to find a real friend easily in life? Then you yourself become a true friend. Then you will find a true friend very easily.

If you think of yourself as a good friend, you will never feel alone. Because the friend named you will always be with you.

Millions of rupees will not take you where friendship and good manners will take you.

Always keep one thing in mind while walking in life A true friend will never wish his other friend to fail. That friend will always wish you success.

That friend in your life who always tries to make you sad. It's better for you to sit quietly next to that friend. And this will be the best gift for your friend.

Always try to be honest with your words, your actions and your friends. These will never resort to falsehood.

A rose you have can be equal to a garden. But a true friend who comes into your life is a world to you. Which you won't find anywhere else.

"Friend is my morning and afternoon companion all the time
My friend is a morning bird."

“Friends are my only companions for lonely afternoons
Friend wake my night chariot of every subject.

“Friends are an invaluable asset in our lives.
which is a precious gem,
Our life is unimaginable without friends.
So it is our duty to give importance to friendship above all else.”

"Value your time friend,
If money is lost, money is found but friends are not found.

"True happiness is found in friendship."

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