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This post is for those of you who are looking for romantic proposal letters. You have found your loved one or you like someone and you want to propose him. And you decide to propose to her with a letter. All you need now is to write a beautiful letter and propose to her. Remember that fast impression is a lot of work, if you get a positive impression first, then you are successful. Because a person will get a good idea of ​​what he sees first and will remain in his mind forever. So I came up with a romantic letter to propose something like this for you. 
Romantic letter to propose - Romantic letter to propose

If you want to propose or make an offer to your beloved person or favorite person with a romantic letter of proposal, then you should write a good and beautiful letter. So in today's article, I have come up with some beautiful proposal letters, hopefully it will be useful for you. 

Romantic letter to propose

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Romantic letter to propose 1

(1) I believed in what I dreamed. because i love you Even if you are gone from my life, my love will remain. It is necessary to have a dream in life and to live it well. I still love your dreams as much as I love you. When I see you, it seems that you have known me for a long time. You hide in my every thought. You feel more like yourself. Maybe I can forget myself. But I can never forget you. No matter how far you go, I will always be by your side. Reach out your hand if you want, then you will get me. If you don't get it, understand that I'm lost far away. From where no one ever returns.

  If you do not sleep at night after losing me, you will see me among countless stars just by looking at the sky. You will see me silently looking at you. Maybe you'll see it, maybe you'll never see it. Maybe even after death I will wait for you. Because you were one of those people I will never forget. You were one of those people I didn't want to hurt. You were one of those whose petty desires I endured much pain and neglect."

Romantic letter of proposal 2

(2) Darling, I love you so much. I remember only you all the time, every minute, every moment, I am immersed in your thoughts all the time. I can't spend a moment without you, in my life. So take this as your own, my love. Oh beloved, some suffering is too great to bear. Some pains are so infinite that they cannot be contained in the chest. Some people are so special that if they are lost, they cannot be forgotten. That person is you, I can never forget you my dear.... That day I had love in my heart, the day I saw you for the first time. I fell in love with you at first sight. Wherever I look I see you, I can't forget you even for a moment. You might think I'm crazy. Yes, I'm crazy, I'm just crazy about your prom. I will be looking for the way when you come, I will make this life my love for you. Don't throw away this letter of mine. Think white paper. Put it in your chest, thinking of yourself as a person. Oh darling... I am waiting for you

Romantic letter to propose 3

(3) Greetings from my love, Ekras Rajnigandha. Hope you are very well. This is the first time in my life, I am writing my thoughts to you. I don't know how to start. I fell in love with you from the day I first saw you. I don't know how I love you so much. I never thought I would love someone so much. And I could never have imagined that that person would be you. Always that magical face of yours floats in front of me. I want to keep you with all the love I have in my heart. I promise, my love will be pure and pure. Where there will not be even the slightest drop of any filth. You can trust me with love. I will try my best to keep you happy. You have a lot to say. The most important thing is that I have fallen in love with you. with much hope, I wrote my thoughts to you. you don't let me down I have been waiting for your answer of yes... I am an insignificant traveler in the vast world of your love.

Romantic letter to propose 4

(4) Dear Rupa, how are you...?I hope you are well. Rupa I love you, I love you so much.... Jan.., Rupa has seen many girls in my life, but I have never seen anyone like you, so I did not like or like you.... I don't know what's in you but this much I know I've lost myself in you...!! 
I never thought that I will be yours but every moment I think that I will be yours for the rest of my life... I love you more than my life... Now if I love I will love only you now if I live I want to live only holding your hand...| Rupa I really love you so much...| Rupa I can't live without you now No matter how hard I try, I can't live without you now... because I have only you in my whole life.
I start every day thinking of you, and every night ends with you... When I sleep I only see you in my dreams. When I wake up, I only dream of you all the time. That's why I love you so much. And I will love you. I ignored your reply. From well….
end in your love

Romantic letter to propose 5

(5) Dear,
The next news is, how are you? Definitely good! But the saying that I am not good is not completely true because I am good because you are good. How many efforts, how many prayers, how many requests, nothing could melt your mind. you didn't speak I don't want to know why you didn't say it, you know very well. Maybe you had a problem. I took it positively. Believe me there is no sign of normality in my every moment. There is no mind in anything like before. Only those who are close to me understand this. You couldn't understand it because you didn't try to understand, I don't know if you did. I am really in a lot of trouble because I love you not with emotions, but with my heart, from the bottom of my heart. I want to love like this till the end of my life. Why did you say I like you? Can you tell why a lover likes his lover? No one could explain it, neither can you. If you can tell me, I will learn. Maybe you won't believe that this is the first love letter written in my life and this is the first offer to a girl. Because I wanted to propose only one person in my life and I will try everything to get him. Actually trying to do that can you help me a little? I wick to you, It goes without saying. Maybe you too because your harsh words may be a sign of him. Because if there was no love or nectar in one's heart, one would not have uttered such a cry. I know what you said that day is not your heart it is just your mouth. And I know from the heart that no one can say such things. One day or the other, your stored words will come out. Please tell me before I die, maybe I can pay the full price of your words. I can say for sure that I will not go against your opinion or do anything like that. I will take care of my side and the rest is in your hands. I have reached the threshold level of suffering. Don't bother me or I will turn to stone. Then nothing will be gained. Time will tell what I can do for you. He will give the opportunity? No more talk. I pray that you may be well because my lack of well-being is hidden because of your lack of well-being. Pray that I can walk normally

Romantic letter to propose 6

(6) Oh Priya,
I don't have the courage to ask you for anything.
So I gave you my heart.
Take charge of all the property of this heart of mine.
See the energy of the mind burning for you.
How long will you burn, you will understand, I love you. (No more love)


Romantic letter of proposal 7

(7) Oh dear,
No matter how much you push me away
I will come and visit.
If send to space or stars
Get me behind you. (No more love)

Romantic letter to propose 8

(8) Beloved,

At the beginning of the letter, I express my sincere love to you from the bottom of my heart. I fell in love with you the first day I saw you. To say love at first sight. Those beautiful eyes of yours. This sweet smile on your face drives me crazy. I can't tell you that I feel a different feeling when I see you. I don't know what love is. But after seeing you, I understand that I can't live without you. You are the first love of my life. I have no shortage of this love. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. My love for you is undiminished. I may never be able to tell you how much I love you. But no one can take your place. You are only mine. I will love you all my life. If ever you remember me, then write a love letter in the language of your heart. I will not write more.

the end

your beloved

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