Six seasons of Bangladesh Essay - six seasons of Bangladesh

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Six seasons of Bangladesh Essay - six seasons of Bangladesh

Six seasons of Bangladesh

Introduction: Bangladesh is a country of seasonal diversity. Here is a look at each season. It's time to change your outfit from season to season. In new colors and lines, nature paints on the ground, on the sky, in the minds of people. So with the change of seasons, the color of life here also changes. That is why I understand the voice of the poet Rabindranath Tagore

How strange you are in the world

You are a strange beauty.

Introduction of six seasons: 

Most of the countries in the world have four seasons, but Bangladesh has six seasons. Here a new season emerges every two months. The seasons are – Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Winter, Winter and Spring. They rotate in cycles. And with the advent of every season, the nature and beauty of Bappadesh becomes diverse.


Summer comes at the beginning of the season. Baisakh-Jyashta is two months of summer. The arrival of the summer king in the fields with torches of fire. Then the sky and air became dusty. Nature's green-smooth form is lost. Canals, rivers and canals dry up. In the unbearable heat, all animals yearn for a little cool water and shade. In the meantime, Kalbashekhi's violent rampage suddenly started. Everything breaks down. However, summer does not only harvest, but also gives nectarine fruits like mango, jam, jamrul, litchi, watermelon and coconut.

Rainy season: 

After the summer comes monsoon in Mahasamare. Ashad-Shravan is two months of rainy season. Monsoon appeared in the guise of a victorious warrior. Nature trembled at the thunderous roar of the clouds. It started raining in torrents. The fields are filled with water. Beautiful creatures appear in nature. Peace returns to public life. the farmers Paddy-jute seeds are planted in the land. Kadam, Kaya, Zooi bloom on trees. Fruits like pineapple, guava etc. are available in monsoon. 


Autumn comes with the fragrance of Shiuli flowers in the air. Bhadra-Ashwin is two months of autumn. At this time, white clouds float like cotton in the blue sky. A fair of white flowers sits on the banks of the river. Rows of white bucks fly in garlands in the afternoon. Paddy fields swayed by green waves. Shining in the night sky. A fair of thousands of stars. The water in the bill sparkles with Shapla's smile.

So the poet sings 一

Today is your sweet idol

Herinu Sharad Prabhate.

O Mata: Banga, green limbs

Amal shines brightly. 

Autumn is called the queen of seasons because of this unique form of autumn.


Hemanta arrives with the joy of Navanna festival from house to house. Kartik-Agrahayana two months. Hemantkal The form of Hemanta in nature is yellow. In summer, the chest of the field is covered with flowers. Ripe rice in the field. Farmers are busy harvesting crops. Senali rice fills the farmer's stomach, a smile of joy spreads on his face. The festival of Navanna begins. Hemant comes in silence; Again it is lost in the mist of winter.


Winter comes with a cold wind on a blanket of fog. Paush-Magh is two months of winter. Winter is the season of emptiness. Man and nature become helpless in Konkan winter. However, in a variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers, sad nature fills up. The scent of palm juice floats in the air. Matayeras become Gramballa in the festival of kheer, pies and pithapuli.


Finally spring comes to Rajbesh. Phalgun-chaitra is two months of spring. Spring brings a burst of green. The scent of Mau Mau flowers in the air. The sweet song of the cuckoo-papaya in the tree. Dakhina wind blows the cold wind. The sound of harmony rings in the human soul. The soulless poet sang in joy—

Oh, this spring 

So many flowers bloom, so many whistles

So many birds sing.

Conclusion: In Bangladesh this fun of six seasons is going on continuously. Different seasons bring out different combinations of forms in nature. His influence fell on the minds of the people of Bengal. Due to the influence of different seasons, the minds of the people of Baladesh are full of generosity and love.

This seasonal diversity of Bengal affects not only the nature, but equally affects the human mind and lifestyle. Just as human life slows down in the heat of summer or in the heat of winter, so in other seasons life is accelerated. After the harshness of the summer, the farmers hit the fields with redoubled enthusiasm in the monsoons, sowing the crops. In Hemant, the spirit of bringing that crop home is felt again. The influence of the season is particularly noticeable in Bengali culture, poetry and music. Poets have composed numerous poems and songs enthralled by the different beauty of each season. Painters have shown the beauty of nature in their paintings. Various puja-parbans, fairs and festivals are celebrated in the life of village Bengal depending on the season. That is, the public life of this country is closely related with the change of six seasons of Bangladesh. 

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