Late night distress status Status of suffering of boys and girls

Late night distress status - Distress status for boys and girls - Distress status -

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Current boys and girls suffer more due to some emotions. It can be seen that even before their age, they sit on something that they do not deserve. Or hoping for something that is never possible. When the expectation is not found, then the emotional pain of not getting it. In this way our present day boys and girls suffer more. To say that our parents are responsible for this. The present day young boys and girls continue to do these things until they reach maturity. He will not study and write properly, but such a boy will get involved in relationship with girls, on the other hand, his studies will not be proper, on the other hand, he plans to die if he does not get him. On the other hand, there are some boys and girls who think that love is like playing with dolls. On the one hand, it is serious and on the other hand, it is difficult to play puppets. What else to do with all these troubles after 12 o'clock in the night and as the night deepens, tears have become their daily routine. 
Late night distress status - Distress status for boys and girls - Distress status -

Late night distress status - Distress status for boys and girls - Distress status -
In today's article on late night distress status and distress status for boys and girls I am a member of neoteric IT here with some of the best distress status, captions and quotes for you this year. You know that everyone suffers because of their own mistakes. Asking too much puts people in trouble. If people did not expect too much, people could live a very beautiful and happy life. The reason for talking so much is to understand you. In fact, you yourself have caused the trouble. Let's not see the statuses of your troubles. In addition to late night distress status and boys and girls distress status, a boy distress status, a boy distress status. Sad songs that make you cry sad status video, #sad status video, sad Facebook status, sad status, sad songs that make you cry sad status, # sad story of a boy, middle class girls sad story, 
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Late night distress status

Tears come to my eyes when I think of that pain in the sleepless night. Many started crying. At such a time when people think of more suffering then everyone feels alone. It seems that he is getting all the trouble. Let's take a look at some late night distressing statuses. 

  • 1. I really loved you and there was no mistake in my love, only the person I loved was wrong. 
  • 2. I am holding a thousand troubles in my chest. Yes, this is me. 
  • 3. There are some silent sufferings which cannot be shown to anyone but must be kept in silence. 
  • 4. Many people give up hope of getting love to get neglected. 
  • 5. There is no lack of people who misunderstand me in this world, only there is a lack of people who understand me. 
  • 6. Couldn't act so today I lost to love.
  • 7. Tears are the most precious in the world because you will not find them in times of happiness but you will find them in times of sorrow.
  • 8. It only takes heart to love and it takes strength or courage to sustain it.
  • 9. The sleep of my eyes is taken away by the one who once said that it has been a long night, now go to sleep.
  • 10. I went to carry the burden of life and saw that the school bag was very light. Late night status
  • 11. Your memories still haunt me.
  • 12. I know it will be hard for me to forget you, but I will try.
  • 13. Some people in the world think that they are born to suffer, not money, but mental suffering. 
  • 14. I'll be honest, if you talk to someone else, my insides explode. 
  • 15. Once you have learned to laugh while hiding your tears, you will never be able to make him cry again. 
  • 16. If you give too much importance to someone, you will see yourself become unimportant one day.
  • 17. The one who misses usually understands how painful every moment of missing is. 
  • 18. Whether I am good or bad, I always try to keep a fake smile on my face. 
  • 19. Unexpected love is very sweet in that there is no hope of getting anything, there is fear of losing something.
  • 20. The people who say that I will not go anywhere without you are the people who disappear from life first.
  • 21. Everyone wants to talk about the changed person but no one wants to know why the person changed. Late Night Status 
  • 22. When people are lost, they are found, but when they change, they never come back.
  • 23. I let go. I know it will be hard to bother you, but you will be fine.
  • 24. A beautiful relationship can easily be broken due to misunderstanding.
  • 25. Everyone can see the smile on the lips, but no one can see the tears in the eyes.
  • 26. If something extraordinary happens, it forgets everything and if not, reminds everything.
  • 27. The story of life seems to have ended before it began. 
  • 28. Love you but I am not lost I understand the pain of true love. 
  • 29. When the night is dark the stars are brighter, the sorrow is deeper and the Creator is nearer. 
  • 30. I don't know what I got in life but I didn't get anyone to understand me.
  • 31. Difficulty is usually when someone comes too close and then moves away, status goes with other post-school friends.
  • 32. There was a time when you were crazy to talk to me but today time has changed a lot. Late Night Status 
  • 33. After twelve o'clock in the night he remembers the twelve of life and goes away.
  • 34. The mistake was mine because I saw the dream alone.
  • 35. I know you will not return to the nest of this heart, but I will wait for you all my life.
  • 36. I still remember you sitting alone late at night.
  • 37. Just as first love teaches to laugh, it teaches to cry alone late at night.
  • 38. I've seen dreams fade away and loved ones drift away and loved ones cry alone.
  • 39. I miss him so much that he comes to me late at night in Kandai.
  • 40. The day is surrounded by emptiness and at night I am the best of the helpless. 
  • 41. If fate had the right to write its own handwriting, then there would not be so much rain in the eyes late at night, so how can anything good happen to those who have bad luck?
  • 42. Night means deep intoxication, hope to dream, night means hidden warm love, night means closing the eyes and opening memories, night means saying goodnight to you and us. 
  • 43. The blue sky darkens across my city called night, I give those letters of your name to the beetles, and they all light up. 
  • 44. Darkness of the night is never good. New direction of light. That black thick darkness is like a new day, comes the intense light of the stars.
  • 45. I store all my grievances and then throw them into the sky late at night. They blend into the black taint of the moon. Deep night status 
  • 46. ​​The light of the morning will shine at the end of the night, you will have to wake up again under the pull of new light, you will have to walk on a new day as a traveler on a new path.
  • 47. There is no night or trouble that can usually defeat a new sunrise or any hope.
  • 48. When you are not by my side, all my lights go out and I close my eyes, in the dark of the night.
  • 49. Will you give me the red sky of your night? I have prepared the night starry sky for you.
  • 50. The deep night knows the pain of time stopping and a sleepless night is like a hundred lost thoughts. 

Boys suffering status

This time we are boys boys suffering status. Boys are people who only know how to hold back pain. Tears can't be used anywhere. Suffering heals everything. Their sufferings are not easily understood from outside. They live their lives with a smile on face of thousands of hardships. Although they always have a smile on their faces, they are actually suffering a lot. Because boys' minds are very strong, they don't get emotional easily. I have brought the status of boys' suffering to share their sufferings through status on social media. This trouble is temporary in people's life. Now a large number of people search online about some trouble status. So we are here today in our post with some sad boys images and status. People often keep the pain in their mind, it increases their pain and it creates stress on them. So it is difficult to get rid of this stress

The trouble is then,
When someone comes too close,
goes away again.”

“Not during the relationship,
After breaking the relationship, you will understand,
Who needed how much.”

“Falling leaves know.
It means to live with memories.
Maybe I'll fall
Time is in your mind.”

“Emotion is the candle
Turns off after a while.
And conscience is the sun
Never turn off.”

Although the word is short,
It is a man
Has the power to destroy.”

doesn't come with age,
Life comes hard
From real experience.”

“The pocket of a middle-class houseboy
There is no admission fee!
There is tension in the head!”

“Screaming ever to myself
Can not be proven innocent!
Sometimes you have to be quiet!”

"No one forgets!
End of need…
So no more contact!”

“Nothing more
not good
The word is bad!”

“He who deceives,
He can be clever!
But he who deceives,
He is not a fool, he is a believer!”

“Son of a middle-class family
Don't have pockets full of money...
Chest full of dreams."

"If it will go away!
Dream of someone devastated
What was the need to show?”

No one can shed tears without pain,
No bond is made without true love.
Keep one thing in mind in life,
You can't arrange your dreams by making someone suffer or cry.

You said that even if everything in this world changes, you will not change.
I believed this with a simple heart...
Today I have everyone, only if you change

If you're going, why did you come?
In my arranged life?
Well I was alone in this life,
Why waste this arranged life.. Now I'm alone………

Do you understand how important you are in my life?
Don't ask to know who you are and where your home is.
I only know this in life like you
Never wanted to say I love someone too much.

i still love you
I'm not happy, so what?
Your happiness is my happiness.
You do not understand, arrogant
So go away.
To hold you,
If lost...

do you know
You don't have the ability to bear a single bite.
He is a severe pain!
You can't stand it!
Why can't you touch this pain of mine?
Why are you so far away?

"Dream" why are you so sweet? Why is "life" so difficult for you? "Mind" why do you think so much? "Happiness" why are you so far away? "Real" why you are so difficult!

There will come a day when you will realize all your mistakes, and you will look for me, but you will not find me. It will be too late then. Then only tears will be your companion.

The truth is that I was never yours.
And you never were mine and you never will be.
Stay well wherever you are.

Don't let the ghost bird sit in your mind, at the end of the spring he will leave you in an unknown direction. You will be looking for his way. But he will not come back.

If you are not mine, I will not be sad, if you are happy for another person, I will not be jealous. But no one can live you better than me.

The dreams are slowly breaking down, how do you know that your people are passing away. Calm down, just thinking about you, why do you feel like this!

The river suffers when the water dries up, the trees suffer when the leaves fall, the night suffers when the moon sinks, and people suffer when they forget their own people.

Women suffering status

Let's look at the status of girls' suffering this time. There is no end to the suffering of girls. Everyone in the world is not the same. More or less everyone suffers. Girls suffer a lot when they have to leave their parents, mother, brothers and sisters and go with a stranger one day. When a person has to leave an entire family. Where is the end of their suffering? Girls suffer more when they get married. You have grown up with your parents since childhood, you have raised them, but you have to leave those parents. This is a big problem for girls. But today's girls suffer more than this when they break up. When bad boys fall into relationships and when that boy doesn't want to be with her anymore, it's pain and suffering. To share some of these painful emotions through status on social media, I am posting some girls' painful status in this article. You can copy as you like. 

1: It is not easy to understand the suffering of girls, they do not have a place in the house where they are born.

2: The wind that enters through the window of the girl who is sleeping with pride in the bed, the wind knows how heavy the sigh is!

3: Now where is the fault of boys, boys are not as hard as girls, so boys can't see the pain of girls

4: I removed it because I did not want to increase the suffering of girls. Will come again later.

5: Boys hate girls when they suffer a little. But girls can't hate boys even if they suffer a lot because that's the love of girls.

6: Well, one does not become a mother-in-law after marriage. At first all girls have to suffer

7: Leaves are given to girls exclusively to protect their honor. Because of how much trouble comes to you.

8: Tell me if something is small, girls suffer. Big is comfort! Think positive.

9: It is a lot of trouble for girls to take over the next house. So boys don't suffer. The daughter of the next house has to earn and feed herself all her life. Boys have a lot of respect and dignity.

10: In the digital age, most girls don't have to go to the doctor's chamber. Because, if you write the name of the disease and give a post, you will get treatment. The doctors in the mansion were stunned.

11: Girl's mind is very soft, never hurt that soft mind. Give some love if you can. I will fight with the whole world, just for you.

12: The difficulty of reading women's saree, while reading the lungi can be understood a little.

13: Boys hurt girls and girls hurt boys, both boys and girls have to be together to arrange life along the way!

14: If all the problems of life could be solved with tears, then no one would have to suffer so much. No one understands the heartache of a girl.

15: Poles use FaceApp to fix aging. But is it necessary to make girls suffer so much if they give pictures without make-up?

16: Girls can see their pain, they cry if they get a little pain, but they can't see boys' pain, boys cry in their hearts, so girls don't understand boys.

17: Although it is hard to admit, the truth is that most boys hurt simple girls and fall in love with very learned girls.

18: Without Twitter, I would not have known that so many cute girls have so much trouble.

19: Do you know why girls love their father so much? Girls know that father is the only person in the world who will not hurt girls.

20: The cry of a girl's heart is almost never understood by a man lying side by side in the same bed.

21: If the husband is good even in the midst of thousands of hardships, then the girls do not want anything else, they can accept all the sorrows with a smile.

22: Divorced girls are not a curse but a target of society. Divorced girls are looked down upon by many fools. But it is Sunnah to marry a divorced girl. If you want to have a happy family, marry a divorced girl. Because they know what samsara is, what suffering is. They will not cheat you.

23: - Never hurt girls. If angry, understand him, calmly tell him your words. Give him time.

Middle class boys suffering status

Boys suffer more when born into middle class families. Because they have to bear the burden at a very young age. As soon as you grow up, you have to carry the burden with tears. If you can handle it, you are not a human being. Everything is optional. The financial condition of boys from middle class families is bad, they have to work when they can't pay money from home for education. You have to continue your neighborhood through that job. It is not possible to focus well in studies. Even among them, many of them want to endure the hardships and continue their studies. I have appeared in this article with some status about the suffering of those Damal boys. Let's see the sad Facebook status and captions of those beautiful middle class boys. 

1. Living with a thousand dreams in the eyes and empty pockets is called middle class.

2. A boy from a middle-class family wants to keep his parents always happy, he does a lot of things but because of lack of money in his pocket, he cannot fulfill his father's dream. They lost due to lack of capacity.

3. How is it possible for a father of a middle-class house to fulfill all his son's needs, interests and hobbies? Who is associated with the word middle class? Although he tried to give a thousand happiness, he failed to reach his capacity.

4. To tell the truth, middle class family boys have a lot of demand but lack of money and nothing else. Although it gets but it is little.

5. When a middle-class boy can buy the thing he likes because he has no money in his pocket, he says with a thousand insults and pains that he does not need it. But he would have been very happy if he got the right thing in his heart.

5. Even though their fortune book is empty, they still have a thousand dreams in their eyes, and living with these dreams is called the middle class.

6. A boy from a middle-class family who comforts himself by saying 'Inshallah one day will happen' even after breaking his dreams. Even if a thousand dreams are broken, he is not broken because he is a warrior but he lives by comforting himself.

7. A boy from a middle class family is worried about his thousand dreams, parents' dreams, unfulfilled wishes but at the end of the day he has a smile on his face while talking to everyone.

8. Even if their thousand dreams are shattered, they smile and comfort themselves because they know they are middle class.

9. The middle class is the name of giving importance to life by leaving a thousand wishes behind.

10. Even dreaming about someone is a form of fear, because I am a child of a middle-class family.

The status of suppressed suffering

Many people want to share their status on Facebook and various social media while suppressing their pain. I want to make myself a little lighter through that status. For them I brought the status of suppressed suffering. Suffering helps us get to know people. But there are some pressing pains inside someone that he can't bear to tell anyone. Today's post will give some such pressing status which can be useful for you. 

1. In order to get the best education in life, one should cheat at least once from someone. 

2. You can fall in love by mistake but you can never forget someone by mistake.

3. You said that even if everything in this world changes, you will not change, I believed this with a simple heart, I have everything today only if you change. 

4. If you leave then why did you come to my arranged life, I was good alone in this life why did you ruin my life. 

5. The truth is I was never yours and you were never mine, and you'll never be mine so stay safe wherever you are. Suppressed Suffering Status 

6. One thing must be remembered in life, everyone will give you trouble in this life but among them you have to find people whose troubles you can bear.

7. I am not sorry that you have hurt me. Just remember one day you will suffer like me. About me. You too will cry one day and that day you will understand how much I was yours.

8. What will happen if you find so many perfect people in life if there is no love in that relationship.

9. Don't force someone to talk, keep quiet and let them know that you can go on without them. 

10. I know that you will not return to this heart, but I will wait for you all my life. 

11. Don't entrust your happiness to someone else, because once it is lost, you will never get it back. 

12. I am really a failure because I could never convince you how much I love you. 

13. The waves of the sea come back again and again but do not give back the one who once took. 

14. Just as mistakes teach people, love makes people cry. 

15. You're going, go, I won't stop you, forget, I won't agree, but don't ask me to forget. The status of suppressed suffering 

16. The mistake may have been only mine because I saw the dream alone. 

17. I don't need anyone else's love in this life because I'm good alone.

18. It is better to remove someone from your life who hurts you than to wipe away tears again and again.

19. Everyone is in love, some show it and some hide it.

20. No one ever forgets someone, the need ends, so they don't look for it anymore.

Emotional distress status of boys

Younger boys become more emotional. Because of a little mistake, he gets emotional and suffers. For some such boys, I have brought emotional boys suffering status through this post today. Let's start. 
1. It hurts a lot when someone comes very close and goes away. 
2. A person who can put a smile on the face of his loved ones with a thousand hardships in his chest is a successful person.

3. I am not sad that you are leaving me but you are telling me to forget you is my biggest pain.

4. Boys never think for themselves, they think more about their loved ones.

5. When a person is in a relationship with another person, he does not realize his greatness, when the relationship breaks, he realizes how much he was needed.

6. The truth is that I was never yours and you were never mine. This is true pain but I have to accept it.

7. The dreams are slowly breaking and I know why my people are disappearing after a long time. Calm down, I'm just wondering why you feel this way.

8. The river suffers a lot when the water dries up and the trees suffer a lot when the leaves fall, the night suffers a lot when the moon sinks and people suffer a lot when they forget their loved ones.

9. If you are not mine, then I will never be sad, if you want to be happy for someone else, then I will not be jealous, but I will tell you one thing, no one can live you better than me.

10. Maybe a day will come when you will realize your mistake, then you will look for me a lot but will not find me. By then it will be too late.

11. Children of middle class families have dreams whether they have pockets full of money or not.

12. If you leave me one day then what was the need to show these beautiful dreams.

13. Love is a small word but it is enough to destroy a person. 

14. Sometimes you can't prove yourself innocent by shouting, sometimes you have to be silent to prove yourself innocent.

15. A deceiver may be clever but a deceiver is not a fool, he is a believer.

16. Sometimes our relationship becomes such that it hurts to be around and it hurts to go away. 

17. I don't feel pain anymore when I get hurt because it has become a habit for me now. 

18. Maybe I looked for you by mistake, maybe I didn't know how precious you are. 

19. Don't love someone who doesn't need you in life. Love the one who misses you all the time. 

20. A person who does not know how to value other's feelings can never love another person.

Emotional distress status

Emotional distress status for emotional boys. Younger boys are more emotional. They make a lot of mistakes because of their emotions. The reason for that mistake is to cry and suffer all the time. I have appeared in front of you with some new emotional distress status. We all have emotions and costs in our lives. Some less than some more. Since you are here for some such status, then without further ado, let's check out some of the best emotional distress status.

I had no dearth of friends around me in happy times Today, a lot of trouble is swallowing me, but there is no one to be by my side.

Those for whom I had given my best are today stabbing me as enemies There is nothing more frustrating in life than this.

Who knew the face behind the mask of close people would be so ugly. Time unmasked everyone.

There is no shortage of people to harm. If there were no failures in life, it would not be so easy to know those people.

No one ever stands by without interest. Everyone is busy with everyone's work, only finding others when necessary.

Don't give yourself to those who don't understand your worth. At some point, one will understand that one is not the other.

Among so many people, only the unscrupulous fall on my forehead. I am still silent for the sake of politeness but I will pay for my trouble one day.

Like the sun, many relationships sink over time. Those who come to life for a short time do not spend their whole lives hoping.

You are in a lot of trouble! So come here and read all emotional distress status. I understand your pain. 

Once I was a fool and believed everyone easily. Time has taught everyone not to be cheap.

Bad times do not come to anyone, after bad times, good times will turn around like clockwork. Only then I will not keep the people who have been hurt.

Trees do not live in the shade of trees. So it is foolish to dream of growing up in someone else's shelter.

Time teaches many things. To understand good and bad and to know people. I will answer everything one time.

Suffering turns people into stone. Once you get hurt, you don't feel like you're suffering anymore.

No one ever sees the pain inside. Can only criticize the exterior.

Where did you lose the promise you gave one day? Don't remember anything? The fire of your memory that burns me.

How are you happy to be someone else! I can never forget you. No one else can ever take your place.

Allah will reward you for all the tears in my eyes. I loved you with everything. I have no one today

You said you won't live without me. Today you are alive, my heart is dead.

No one can tell the future, so it happened today. If I had known before, I would never have loved with everything.

No one lives forever. But I wanted you to stay. I only promised to be with you for the rest of my life. Today everything is there except you.

Time will tell. Whether someone is by your side or not, you have to build your own life.

The biggest obstacle in life is people's criticism. There is no lack of people to criticize, only lack of people to help.

No one to trust. Once that trust is broken, it never comes back

What I suffered by trusting humans is compensated by trusting dogs.

I will overcome all obstacles, all failures one day, inshallah. I saved the present troubles for that day

There is nothing more difficult in this world than the pain of breaking a dream. Failure plunges people into the darkness of despair.

Late night status

At the end of the day, late at night, some sleep comfortably and some cry in pain. Many people start thinking in tension. For such situation we have brought you late night status. It will be very nice to read the late night statuses. We have collected these statuses with great difficulty. All the status or quotes are very beautiful. So you can share them on Facebook or with anyone. So let's see some status.

  • Your man is never yours.. If you are, then understand that he was never yours.. He dressed himself to pass his time!!
  • How many nights I could not sleep thinking about you!! And you are too good to forget me.
  • Perfection is yours, emptiness not mine.
  • Your hard stone heart is the house of my love, the sight of your return is the storm of my life!
  • I've been looking for you in the moonlight, I've found you again and again.
  • No one can lie by looking directly in the eye. Look at the other side to lie! - Humayun Ahmed
  • I don't want to get anything else in life, I'm losing you and I won't look back!
  • Sometimes I listen to your sad song in the dusty darkness.
  • There is no happiness in life if the first love is broken by making love in the flower garden.
  • Time pass can be done by playing games..! So why waste a beautiful life for time pass!!
  • Sometimes colorful, sometimes gray, sometimes black-white, sometimes life is like a dream, sometimes a huge puzzle!!
  • If you don't find someone, life never ends. But, if you lose someone, there is nothing left in life.
  • If time goes by, what does the mind stop and flow, if the heart gives, what does the eyes cry and endure?
  • If you ever get lost with freedom from life, don't shed tears?? Think I was your dream and when you woke up I was gone.
  • Love is never lost when suffering! Those who know how to love love even in the midst of a thousand difficulties! Which is never lost!
  • Every girl is born with an infinite capacity to be cruel. - Humayun Ahmed
  • Loving people are always selfish!!
  • He is the most deceived in this world. That undoubtedly makes people believe like blind people.
  • Some suffering can not be given to anyone, you have to carry it alone!
  • Smile does not always mean the amount of happiness! It sometimes also shows how much pain you can hide!!
  • Some nights pass without dreams, some hopes are broken, some memories make you cry, some people disappear without saying anything..!!
  • False love is like a leaf! Which is torn by the slightest blow. But true love is like water that can be restored even after a hundred blows.
  • 90% of love in the world is broken due to neglect.
  • You have shed two tears for me, I will cry in return.
  • Human mind is the most shameless thing in the world. Knowing that he will not return, he sits waiting for him.
  • Emotions want to do many things, conscience prevents. If you look for happiness, sorrow will follow. One has to resort to false happiness despite many hardships.
  • Emotional trauma is more painful than physical trauma.
  • Love does not change, people change. Time does not lose feelings.
  • Love is a happiness bird! It has to be fed in the chest. That love in the world makes someone laugh and makes someone cry.
  • That time is not so difficult!! When the eyes are watering but that time is very difficult!! When you have to hide your tears and laugh!!
  • Only one love is enough to ruin the life!
  • I'm alone holding the pain in my chest, I can't hold the salty water of tears, what's the use in vain?
  • Why is the sun in everyone's sky and clouds in my sky?
  • Where is love born? Probably in China. Because Chinese things have no guarantee!
  • Don't wait for the one who left you, love the one who loves you despite knowing your past.
  • I have lost the opportunity to correct mistakes from the day I left the pencil and picked up the pen.
  • I'm alone holding the pain in my chest, I can't hold back the salty water of tears, what's the use in vain?
  • When I miss you so much, I look at the sky, I know I won't see you there, but I am comforted by thinking that we are under the same sky.
  • Where there is more love, there is more pride.
  • Suffering is my life partner. Sadness is my love. Sadness is my first sadness is my last I am fine friend you stay well.
  • Wherever he goes, he will mess up your life in the middle. Agree?
  • People's minds are very strange, some people cry day and night to get a little love, and some people neglect to get a chest of love!
  • A person who can hold his beloved person in his heart even after suffering a lot, I think love was born in the world for him??
  • Dreaming about someone you can't find is nothing but hurting yourself.
  • Distance tends to reduce love and in some cases it does But the one who loves even from a distance is a true lover.
  • It is really hard to forget someone who gave you so many memories to remember.
  • Where tears have no dignity, the hidden emotions of the heart are worthless!!
  • There are many people to shed tears when you die, but when you are alive, there is no one to stand by you in the days of trouble.
  • The hardest revenge in the world is silence. So it's not a loss. And that's what we're doing.
  • Sometimes there are some moments in our life, which are very fleeting, but they are explained to be very long-lasting!

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