Romantic riddles with answers Bengali funny puzzle - Funny puzzle

Romantic riddles with answers Bengali funny puzzle - Funny puzzle - Bengali funny puzzle, puzzles, funny puzzles, Bengali puzzles, 10 Bengali funny pu

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 Today's post is about Bengali fun puzzles. Everyone likes Bengali funny puzzles. Riddles are a type of knowledge test. The higher the knowledge, the higher the intellectual ability, the more riddles he can answer. Dhadha can also be called a brain game. A person's Q can be tested by doing a puzzle. A puzzle is a definition that has no answer. 
Romantic Puzzle Bengali Funny Puzzle with Answers - Funny puzzle -

Romantic Puzzle Bengali Funny Puzzle with Answers - Funny puzzle -

Romantic riddles with answers for you I appeared in today's article about Bengali funny puzzle. Inconvenient questions are asked with riddles. In a word, a puzzle is a twisted question. Only crazy people can answer that. Whose IQ is very high level. So let's see today's best romantic riddles with answers Bengali funny puzzles. 

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Romantic riddles with answers

1 'I laugh I cry,
I am not an animal.
Everyone came to see
Momentarily forget the words of pain.'
Answer: Movies or plays
2. 'If you don't find me
Everyone's like,
Come as you wish
Say goodbye to me.'
Answer: Water
3. 'No fruit flower
Does it bloom or not?
No one sees in the morning and afternoon.'
Answer: Fig
4. 'A little water in the middle
Limestone house.
When asked to destroy and build
Fever comes on.'
Answer: Eggs
5. 'If you cut it, it will grow, eventually it will get water.'
Answer: Pond
6. 'I work with a stick
No, I'm an elephant.
Do the next favor
Still kicking.'
Answer: Cover
7. 'Without Kayastha weapons,
The goat left its foot.
Without cloves,
I will bring it.'
Answer: Jackfruit
8. 'The black-faced doll
hit the chest,
But the curse of death
Burn and die.'
Answer: Diashlai

9. 'Ardhachandra Samakara
body structure
He cuts trees
Always always.'
- Tell me who is he?
Answer: Sickle
10. 'If you see a lot of sea, brother
Different colors in water.
Tell me which sea is there
Only red color.'
- To say which sea?
Answer: Red Sea
11. 'Many don't eat
some people eat
If you don't feed your friends
is defamation.'
- Tell me, what do you eat?
Answer: Cigarettes
12. 'Half the body is gold,
Guess who that person is.'
- Tell me who is he?
Answer: Pineapple

13. 'Neither mango nor jam,
Caught on the tree.
All people say fruit,
Knows only that.'
Answer: Exam result
14. 'Amazing musical ensemble
If he eats thunder its 'his'.
If he passes, no doubt,
He exists apart from more than half.'
Answer: Setar
15. 'There is mill, there is water, soil, leaf juice
Anal, Pawan, Dhumra are all parash.
Says word to mouth, says a bowl
Do not kiss, stay silent, go hand to mouth.'
Answer: Arranged hookah
16. 'The grandson is always with the grandson, he is not a man, a brother is a delicious fruit.'
Answer: Pears

17) 'There is no bird's egg,
Let me see.
If you can't tell
I understand that there is no wisdom.'
Answer: Bat
18) 'No table has legs, hangs, does not spread.'
Answer: Time table
19) 'Any foreign language
name in four letters,
Look at the second cut
lives in water.'
Answer: English
20) 'Tell me which is the juicy fruit, brother.
Throw away half of it, eat half of it.
Countless sour sweet taste in his eyes,
Name the country's cheapest fruit now.'
Answer: Pineapple

21. Pekham Vir to fly
He is not a peacock.
People eat cows
He is not a tiger.
Answer: Mosquitoes
22. 'I laugh I cry
no i am animal
I always come to see
Momentarily forget the words of pain.'
- What do you forget the pain?
Answer: Mother
23. 'The one I call uncle
Dad also says so.
Son also calls him uncle
Mother says so.'
- Who does everyone call uncle?
Answer: Moon
24. 'Whom I went to fetch,
I came back after seeing him.
when he left
Then I brought him.'
- What did you see while bringing what?
Answer: Rain and water

25. 'Hear the trial at Kot Kachari,
Born in my forest.
Everyone sits on my stomach,
I don't think it hurts.'
Answer: Chair
26. 'If I speak,
you remember
On the contrary
You will get it.'
Answer: Talk
27. 'Lay down by the waist and do what you want to do.'
Answer: Shilpata
28. 'No city to open, know what you have.
Answer: Khulna

29) 'Beat me
Amer fell
Leave the shepherd's canal
Eat with salt.'
Answer: Amara
30) 'One head three legs,
Let's say first first.
If I stop, I'll say yes, yes.
It is the duty to understand life.'
Answer: Ceiling fan
31) 'Knife fell from above, just turn around as a knife.'
Answer: Bamboo leaves
32) 'Even if it flies, tell me it's not a bird, let's see how many?'
Answer: Tit

33) 'If you ask me to eat, I will be happy.
Let's go.
When you get it, you cry.
Don't tell me the name.'
Answer: Golla
34. 'There is no tree, there are leaves, there is no face.'
Answer: Books
35. 'Not an accountant but a tooth-picker,
His loincloth
The body is perpendicular.'
Answer: Cover
36. 'In a little tree
The mole rustles.
A little tap
Fall neatly.'
Answer: Dew

37. 'You will do the opposite,
Rice is yours.
I will cut the leg and eat the fruit, cut the fruit and drink it.'
Answer: Shovel
38. 'Even if it flies, tell me it's not a bird, let's see how many?'
Answer: Tit
39. 'On the other hand, if you give me, I will become a creeper, who do you think I am?'
Answer: Rhythm
40. 'The opposite is exactly the same,
Animals are where they are.
All in three letters,
Tell me the answer.'
Answer: Eyes

41) At night in the darkness of each house,
All the people in his house cried.
Answer: Thief
43) The sky is full of thunder,
A pair of broken pots.
Answer: Clouds and lightning
44) See any animal that walks on six legs,
You see him walking around
Where happy on the way.
Answer: Ants
45) The path made by Allah, created in seven colors,
Kavu Kavu is seen, either if it rains.
Answer: Rainbow

Answer: Fasting
47) 'One horn is twelve bangs,
Are there any fish?
lives in water,
Lay eggs on trees.'
Answer: Shrimp
48. 'Down by the acre,
Vick is very cataract.
What tree did you see?
Water before the trees.'
Answer: Coconut
47. 'insingy binsingy,
Three horns on the head.
Not animals, not birds.
Lay eggs in water.'
Answer: Paniphal

48) 'Flower of any fruit
Does it bloom or not?
Morning and afternoon
No one sees.'
Answer: Fig
49) 'A little water in the middle
Limestone house.
When asked to destroy and build
Fever comes on.'
Answer: Eggs
50) 'He comes in the month and goes in the month, he does not eat during the day but eats at night.'
Answer: Fasting
51) 'No mouth speaks, no legs walk.'
Answer: Clock

Bengali funny puzzle

Question: Name of three letters is in all his house, if the first letter is omitted it is food item. If the middle letter is left, the song will be embellished. Do you fear if you leave the last letter?
Answer: Bed.

Question: The fruit that is eaten raw, does it fall when ripe?
Answer: Fig.

Question: What things grow when cut?
Answer: Pond.

Q: Is there such a thing, brother, which is good to have, if you get it from someone else, your face turns black?
Answer: Shame.

Question: He does not stand up, sit down and run, that is his work, the theory that he does not understand, lightning falls on his head?
Answer: Time.

Question: During the rainy season, three letters eat freely, if cut, the head goes up in the hands of beautiful women?
Answer: Khichuri. 

Question: Paka does not fly, mouth does not call, open the chest and run, do you know?
Answer: Aircraft. 

Question: Is there any such place, where I see, mother is called grandmother, daughter-in-law is called mother, father is called brother. The answer is simple, you will get it if you think about it, brother, who thinks so much?
Answer: Acting stage.

Question: When you give your hand, it closes and opens in the sun, the nature of the veil makes its face appear. 
Answer: Shy creeper. 

Question: Even if the stomach is not full, all the animals eat, omitting the first letter is the name of the game. 
Answer: Air. 

Question: Eyes stay in eyes to look beautiful, no one keeps eyes beautiful. 
Answer: Kajal. 

Question: If I get angry and get angry, I fall asleep in a row of boxes?
Answer: Deslai. 

Question: Ten heads and one hand moving tent, walk in the sun and water with the tent, baby. 
Answer: Umbrella. 

Question: Head 3 mouth 1 does not feel hungry at all,... If you give food, the stomach starts to eat but does not fill. 
Answer: Clay oven. 

Question: I sit on four legs and walk on eight legs. Not even a tiger, not even a bear. 
Answer: palanquin. 

Q: What item must be broken to use?
Answer: Eggs. 

Question: What is the origin of the red flower?
Answer: Shimul. 

Question: Such a big yard,,,,, can't wash even with a brush. How many flowers are in bloom, no comparison!
Answer: Sky and stars. 

Question: What clothes do not give?
Answer: Pajamas. 

Question: A thousand boys dance in the sand inside the pot, after a while the food is in the heat of the hot stove. 
Answer: Muri. 

Question: I move around in a dark room, catch him when he eats. 
Answer: Tongue. 

Question: Who am I, I laugh, I am not an animal, everyone forgets the words of pain when they see me. 
Answer: Movies or plays. 

Question: No ears, no head, stomach eats full, no desire, no work, sleeps with head. 
Answer: Pillow. 

Question: No mason can afford to make so much house lime and build it again. 
Answer: Mussels. 

Question: Mr. Mukut Khan Saheb with a cane forked on all four sides. 
Answer: Pineapple. 

Difficult puzzles with answers

1) I go to this room, I go to that room and eat in the shade.

Answer: Janta.

2) The four legs of the snake do not lay eggs, give babies?

Answer: Gui-snake.

(3) Janam Gele Dukhe give fire to my chest and stay happily.

Answer: Hook.

(4) You beat me yesterday, I was happy today, beat me and see how you are.

Answer: Clay bones.

(5) When my mother goes to your mother's side, two mothers are lost.

Answer: Uncle.

(6) It takes a lot of sweetness to eat flowers with milk.

Answer: Message.

(7) If you give less, you can't eat, if you give more, it is poison, mother said, understand and let him wear it.

Answer: Salt.

(8) Sitting on four legs, walking on eight legs, not a demon, not a poor person swallows whole people.

Answer: palanquin.

(9) This animal wakes up every night with the mouth that eats.

Answer: Bat.

(10) Dhak gur gur, Dhak gur gur Dhak gur gur Dhak gur gur No one can put out the fire in Balpure.

Answer: Sun.

(11) The nature of the hand to close and open the veil to the sun makes his face beautiful.

Answer: Shy creeper.

(12) Born from the ocean, lives in the sky and returns to the lap of the mother, life becomes a corpse.

Answer: Clouds.

(13) Look, there is no fire before that.

Answer: Electricity.

(14) Saheb came from the chalk wearing a coat and pant and opened his coat and pant, burning his eyes.

Answer: Onion.

(15) Many people eat the name in three letters if the middle letter is omitted, things can be kept.

Answer: Tobacco.

Brain teasers with answers

1 Riddle: The name of the tin letter is in everyone's house. Dropping the first letter is the name of the food item. Omitting the letter in between is musical. Omitting the last letter is to be feared. What is the thing?

Answer: Bed. Omitting the first letter is chick. Omitting the middle character is null. If the last letter is omitted, it is laid out. 

2 Riddles: Everyone eats it when it is raw, but when it is ripe, it rolls over. What is the thing?

Answer: Figs.

3 Riddles: What things grow when cut?

Answer: The pond gets bigger when it is tilted.

4 Riddle: There are things brother, which is better to own. But the face becomes black if you get it from the next?

Answer: Shame, shame is best kept to yourself.

5 Riddles: He does not sit, does not stand, continues to walk. Who does not stop him from borrowing someone. What is the thing?

Answer: Time.

6 Riddles: If it rains, he eats in three letters. But if he cut his head, the beautiful hands?

Answer: Khichuri, Khichuri is eaten when it rains. If the khi of the khichuri is left out, it becomes a bangle. 

7 puzzle: fly without wings. No face but calls. The light ran out of the chest. Do you know him?

Answer: Aircraft. 

8 Riddle: Is there such a place. Where mother is called grandmother, mother-in-law is called mother, father is called brother. The answer is very simple. If you think about it, you will get the head and hands?

Answer: Acting stage. Here anyone is called anything for the sake of acting.

9 Riddles: If you give your hand, it stops. Opens with the sun. Does the nature of the veil make her face nahi? 

Answer: Shy flower or creeper.

10 Riddles: Playing does not fill the stomach. But everyone eats. What is the name of the game if its first letter is omitted? 

Answer: Air, removing the first letter from air is tasa. 

11 Riddle: Look beautiful in eye to eye. No one keeps the eyes beautiful. who is he 

Answer: Kajal.  

12 Riddles: Gets angry by making mistakes, burns by burning. Rows of boxes fall asleep? 

Answer: Deslai.

Brain teasers. Puzzles with science math  
12 Riddles: Ten Heads One Hand Moving Tentacles. Baby walk in the sun and water with a tent. Who is he? 

Answer: Umbrella. 

13 puzzles: 3 heads. Face 1 No hunger at all. If he eats, he keeps eating, but his stomach is not full. Who is he?  

Answer: Clay oven. If you light the fire, it remains in the water. 

14 puzzle We sit on four legs. Walk on eight legs. Neither a tiger nor a bear, but I carry it on my shoulders. 

Answer: Palki means taking people in a palanquin. 

15 Riddles: An object that must be broken to be used?

Answer: Eggs. Cannot be eaten without breaking. 

16 Riddles: Which roots have red flowers?

Answer: Roots of flowers.

17 Riddle: How much is left if five fifty is subtracted from two and a half hundred?

Answer: Zero.

18 puzzles: very large yard. Can't finish even with a bush. Again, how many flowers are blooming there. Which has no comparison. What is the thing?   

Answer: Sky and sky full of stars. 

19 Riddles: Which clothes are never worn by anyone?

Answer: No one wears pajamas. 

20 Riddles: Sand inside a pot, thousands of boys dance inside it. After a while the food is on the hot stove. What is the thing?  

Answer: The process of frying. 

21 Riddle: Lives in a dark room. If you get a little bit of food by moving, you will eat it. What is the thing? 

Answer: The tongue is in the mouth. 

22 Riddle: I am Kadai, I laugh, I am not an animal, everyone forgets all the words of pain when they see me. who am i 

Answer: Videos made from movies or dramas or events. 

23 Riddles: No ears, no head, and the stomach eats again. There is no work, no work, he sleeps with his head. who am i 

Answer: Pillow. 

24 Riddles: No mason who has done so much housework can afford to redo Bhainga. What is the thing? 

Answer: No one has the ability to break oysters and build oysters. 

25 puzzles: surrounded by thorns on all sides. There is a crown on the head again. Which Khan is he? 

Answer: Pineapple fruit.

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