List of Uncommon Names for Girls - Uncommon Names for Girls

List of Uncommon Names for Girls - Uncommon Names for Girls -

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I have brought the list of uncommon names for girls from Neoteric IT. Many of you know that I have already written many articles about Islamic names for girls, but there was no talk about this topic, so today I sat down to write about that topic. Because we want the audience to give a complete idea about a topic. So let's start the main part of today's post. 
List of Uncommon Names for Girls - Uncommon Names for Girls -

List of Uncommon Names for Girls - Uncommon Names for Girls -
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List of Uncommon Names for Girls

Friends, there are many of you who are trying to find new names for girls on the internet. Today we will share with you through this post for them the list of Uncommon Names for Girls, Islamic Full Names for Girls and some Uncommon Names for Girls.

1. Afra means white

2. Saiara is the money star

3. Afia means virtuous

4. Mahmuda means praise

5. Raihana means fragrant flower

6. Rashida means witch

7. Ramisa money is safe

8. Raisa means queen

9. Raffia money improved

10. Nusrat financial aid

11. Nishat means joy

12. Naeemah means happy life

13. Nafisa money is valuable

14. Masuma means innocent

15. Maliha means rupees

16. Hasina means beautiful

17. Habiba means Priya

18. Fariha means happiness

19. Diba means golden

20. Bilkis means queen

21. Anika means Rs

22. Tabiya means loyal

23. Tabassum means smile

24. Tasnia money appreciated

25. Tahsina means better

26. Tahiyah means greetings

27. Gift means gift

28. Takhmina means estimation

29. Tazqiya means purity

30. Taslima means surrender

31. Nomenclature of Tasmiya meaning

32. Tasneem = meaning = fountain of heaven

33. Tasfia = meaning = sanctity

34. Taskina = meaning = consolation

35. Tasmeem = meaning = firmness

36. Tashbeeh = meaning = simile

37. Takiya pure character

38. Takmila = meaning = complete

39. Tamanna = money = desire

40. Tamjida = Meaning = Mahima Kirtan

List of Uncommon Islamic Names for Girls

Islamic names for girls with meaning – Meyeder Islamic Name: It is important to know the Muslim baby girl name that will be used in your life. So, avoid names that are difficult to pronounce or have too many syllables. Today it is not difficult to find a list of beautiful Islamic names for girls, popular Muslim girl baby names and modern sweet girl names. List of Uncommon Names for Girls Islamic - List of Uncommon Names for Girls - Uncommon Names for Girls -

Anindita = beautiful
Aida = reward for returning home
Aidah = Interviewer
Aidah = Interviewer
Aklima = country
Akila = Intelligence
Aktar = lucky
Achir = desirable
Azra = virgin Azra
Azra Akila = virgin intelligence
Azra Atika = virgin beauty
Azra adiba = virgin etiquette
Azra Adila = Virgin Justice
Azra Antara Kumari Veerangana
Azra Afia = virgin virtuous
Azra Asima = virgin chaste woman
Azra Ghaliba = Virgin Conqueror
Azra Jamila = virgin beauty
Azra Tahira = Virgin Sati
Azra Fahmida = virgin intelligence
Azra Bilkis = Virgin Queen
Azra Mabuba = Kumari Priya
Azra Maymuna = Virgin Lucky
Azra Maliha = Virgin Immaculate
Azra Masuda = Virgin Lucky
Azra Mahmuda = Virgin Praise (Islamic Names for Girls with A)
Azra Mukarrama = Honorable Virgin
Azra Mumtaz = Virgin Nominee
Azra Raihana = virgin fragrant flower
Azra Rashida = Virgin Witch
Azra Rumali = virgin pigeon
Azra Shakila = Kumari Surupa
Azra Sajida = Virgin Pious
Azra Sadia = virgin lucky
Azra Sabiha = Virgin beauty
Azra Samiha = Virgin Dalsheela
Azra Hamida = virgin praiser
Azra Hamoira = virgin beauty
Aziza = A popular name for a bold girl
Atqiyyah Azizah = pious respected
Atkiyya Atiya = The pious giver
Atqiya Adiba = pious manners
Atqiya Adila = Righteous Justice
Atqiya Anjum = Righteous Stars
Atqiya Antara = Righteous Valor
Atkiya Anika = pious beauty
Atqiya Anisa = pious virgin
Atqiya Abida = pious worshiper
Atqiya Amina = pious believer
Atqiya Ayman = Righteous Goodness
Atqiya Ayesha = The Righteous Prosperous (modern Muslim baby girl name)
Atqiya Asima = The pious virgin
Atqiya Ghaliba = Righteous Conqueror
Atqiya Jamila = pious beauty
Atqiyyah Jalilah = Righteous Magnificent
Atqiya Faiza = Righteous Conqueror
Atqiya Fairuz = Righteous Prosperous
Atqiyyah Fawzia = Righteous Succeed
Atqiya Fakhera = pious dignified
Atkia Fannana = pious artist
Atqiyyah Fabliha = The pious is extremely good
Atqiya Farzana = Pious jester
Atqiya Fariha = righteous happy
Atqiya Fahmida = pious intelligence
Atqiya Bashirah = Good News
Atqiya Basima = Righteous Smiling
Atqiya Basima = Righteous Smiling
Atqiya Bilqis = The pious queen
Atqiya Bushra = pious auspicious signs
Atqiya Madeha = pious womanizer
Atqiya Maymuna = Righteous Fortune
Atqiya Maliha = pious beauty
Atqiya masuma = pious innocent
Atqiya Mahmuda = pious praise
Atqiya Mukarrama = Righteous Honored

List of girls names

Our Previous Articles on Girls Names List - Girls Names List - Uncommon Names for Girls - Uncommon Names for Girls -
Here is a list of 75 beautiful girls names. 
  1. Atqiya Munawara = Righteous Radiant
  2. Atqiya Munawara = Righteous Radiant
  3. Atqiya Murshida = pious praise
  4. Atqiya Murshida = pious praise
  5. Atkia Momena = pious believer
  6. Atkia Momena = pious believer
  7. Atqiya labiba = pious wise
  8. Atqiya labiba = righteous wise
  9. Atqiya Saeedah = pious virtuous woman
  10. Atqiya Sadiya = Righteous and fortunate
  11. Atqiya Sadiya = Righteous and fortunate.
  12. Atqiya Samiha = Pious charity
  13. Atqiya Sahebi = pious girlfriend
  14. Atqiya Hamida = pious praiser
  15. Atqiya Hamida = Pious praiser
  16. Atqiya Hamina = pious girlfriend
  17. Atqiya Hamina = pious girlfriend
  18. Atika = beautiful
  19. Atika = beautiful
  20. Atika = beautiful
  21. Atika = beautiful
  22. Atika = beautiful.
  23. Atiqa Tasawal = beautiful equality
  24. Atiqa Tasawal = beautiful equality
  25. Atiya = the arrival lady
  26. Atiya = Adventist (Islamic name for girls)
  27. Atiya Anisa = Dalsheela Kumari
  28. Atiya = gift
  29. Atiya Akila = Righteous Buddhamati
  30. Atiya Akila = Righteous Buddhamati
  31. Atiya Aziza = Benevolent Honourable
  32. Atiya Aziza = Charitable Honorable
  33. Atiya Adiba = Good manners
  34. Atiya Adiba = polite manners
  35. Atiya Anisa = Dalsheela Kumari
  36. Atiya Afifah = Charitable saintly girlfriend
  37. Atia Afia = pious virtuous woman
  38. Atia Afia = The Benevolent Purnavati
  39. Atia Afia = pious virtuous woman
  40. Atia Afia = The Beneficent Purnavati
  41. Atiya Ayesha = Generous Prosperous
  42. Atiya Ayesha = Generous Prosperous
  43. Atiya ibnat = daughter of charity
  44. Atiya ibnat = daughter of charity
  45. Atiya Ulfa = Beautiful gift
  46. Atiya Ulfa = beautiful gift
  47. Atiya Wasima = The benevolent beauty
  48. Atiya Wasima = Charitable beauty
  49. Atiya Tahira = Charitable Sati
  50. Atiya Tahira = Charitable Sati
  51. Atiya Firuz = Donative Prosperity (List of Baby Girl Names)
  52. Atiya Firuz = Benevolent Prosperity
  53. Atiya Bilkis = Beneficent Queen
  54. Atiya Masuda = Benevolent Fortunate
  55. Atiya Masuda = Benevolent Fortunate
  56. Atiya Mahmuda = Charitable Prasangsita
  57. Atiya Mahmuda = Benevolent gratitude
  58. Atiya Jaynav = the benevolent beauty
  59. Atiya Jaynav = The benevolent beauty
  60. Atiya Rashida = Charitable clown
  61. Atiya Rashida = Charitable clown
  62. Atiya Shakera = Benevolent Grateful
  63. Atiya Shakera = Benevolent, Grateful
  64. Atiya Shahana = Benevolent Princess
  65. Atiya Shahana = Benevolent Princess
  66. Atiya Sanjida = Benevolent thinker
  67. Atiya Sanjida = Benevolent thinker
  68. Atiya Sahebi = Benevolent beauty
  69. Atiya Sahebi = Charitable Rupasi
  70. Atiya Hamina = Charitable girlfriend
  71. Atiya Hamida = Benevolent Appreciator
  72. Atiya Hamina = Charitable girlfriend
  73. Atera = Fragrant
  74. Adva = light.
  75. Adva = light

List of Uncommon Hindu Girls Names

After a child comes into the world, one of the biggest responsibilities is to give him a beautiful name. And so today we have brought Hindu baby girl names with meanings for your convenience. So the post with beautiful Hindu baby girl names and meanings for our orthodox brothers and sisters is complete. List of Hindu girls names with a List of Modern Hindu Girl Names Hindu Girl Baby Religious and Literary Names - List of Uncommon Names for Hindu Girls - List of Uncommon Names for Girls - Uncommon Names for Girls -
  1.     Ayanthi: Lucky
  2.     Ayana: Beautiful flowers 
  3.     Apara: intelligence, infinite
  4.     Atrika: A lamp lit near Tulsi in the evening
  5.     Arpita: That which is surrendered
  6.     Arina: Peace, holy
  7.     Arunika: Morning sunlight
  8.     Archita: Venerable 
  9.     Aparajita : That which cannot be defeated, a flower
  10.     Adhilakshi: Goddess Lakshmi 
  11.     Actress: Modest
  12.     Arvita: Pride
  13.     Avnika: Another name of the world 
  14.     Ananta: Goddess 
  15.     Arjuni: A cow as white as dawn
  16.     Apsara: A very beautiful woman
  17.     Abhiti: One who is not afraid of anyone 
  18.     Amodhini: Happy 
  19.     Otherwise: Grace
  20.     Aparna: Name of Goddess Parvati (when she gave up everything including food, clothes and even tree leaves i.e. Parna) to get Lord Sashiva.
  21.     Ansua: In which there is no violence
  22.     Ahalya: In which there is no blemish, pure
  23.     Abhisarika: Beloved, who goes to Abhisara, Radha
  24.     Orchisha: A ray of light 
  25.     Adhikshita: Empress, powerful
  26.     Achira: Fickle
  27.     Anushila: Full of good qualities
  28.     Anumegha: One who follows clouds or bristies
  29.     Expression: Expresses that
  30.     Feeling: To feel
  31.     Avanita: Earth
  32.     Anurima: One who lives with 
  33.     Atula: Incomparable
  34.     Orisha: Peace
  35.     Amira: Princess, rich woman
  36.     Abhaya: One who is not afraid, the name of Goddess Durga
  37.     Arundhati: Wife of sage Vashishta, a star present in the sky along with Saptarishis.
  38.     Alankrita: That which is adorned with jewels
  39.     Akira: Beautiful energy
  40.     Akshara: letter, name of Goddess Saraswati
  41.     Avantika: humble, eternal, princess of Ujjain
  42.     Advita: unique, most beautiful
  43.     Arunima: Redness of the sun 
  44.     Ashwini: Name of a star 
  45.     Amoli: Priceless
  46.     Abhilasha: desire, desire
  47.     Anahita: Beautiful 
  48.     Apoorvi: The likes of which no one has ever existed before
  49.     Advika: Earth, world
  50.     Akshada: Blessing of the Gods
  51.     Abipsa: river, earth
  52.     Akrita: Daughter
  53.     Agribha: Shining like gold from the front
  54.     Achla: Another name for the earth, fixed
  55.     Ajita: Whom no one can conquer
  56.     Anika: Strong, full
  57.     Adritha: Sun
  58.     Antara: Part of the song
  59.     Adhyatrayi: Name of Goddess Durga
  60.     Anindita: full of joy, happy
  61.     Anuja : Younger sister
  62.     Anushiya: Beautiful, brave
  63.     Interest: Sunrise
  64.     Ataksha: Intense desire
  65.     Atsi: Blue flower 
  66.     Anisha: Love, good friend
  67.     Anamika: Guni
  68.     Aspiration: hope, desire
  69.     Anushree: Nice, name of Goddess Lakshmi
  70.     Anushka: Love, kindness
  71.     Annapurna: Goddess who gives food
  72.     Imitation: Example
  73.     Aswitha: The beauty of victory
  74.     Inquisitive: Interested
  75.     Waiting: expectation, hope
  76.     Abhirami: Goddess Parvati, Goddess Lakshmi
  77.     Abhiruchi: One who has a beautiful desire in his heart 
  78.     Amara: attractive, pure 
  79.     Amirtha: Beautiful, full of grace
  80.     Amogha: Infinity
  81.     Amolika: Precious
  82.     Anulekha: According to fate
  83.     Analytical: A star
  84.     Amala: Holy
  85.     Ayanthi: Lucky
  86.     Ayana: Beautiful flowers 
  87.     Apara: intelligence, infinite
  88.     Atrika: A lamp lit near Tulsi in the evening
  89.     Arpita: That which is surrendered
  90.     Arina: Peace, holy
  91.     Arunika: Morning sunlight
  92.     Archita: Venerable 
  93.     Aparajita : That which cannot be defeated, a flower
  94.     Adhilakshi: Goddess Lakshmi 
  95.     Actress: Modest
  96.     Arvita: Pride
  97.     Avnika: Another name of the world 
  98.     Ananta: Goddess 
  99.     Arjuni: A cow as white as dawn
  100.     Apsara: A very beautiful woman
  101.     Abhiti: One who is not afraid of anyone 
  102.     Amodhini: Happy 
  103.     Otherwise: Grace
  104.     Arjumanda: Woman of honor, noble
  105.     Akila: Intelligent
  106.     Atrisa: Favorable
  107.     Agamajota: The rays of God
  108.     Anjana: Bird 
  109.     Abneet: kind
  110.     Amarup: Always beautiful
  111.     Amrita: nectar
  112.     Anishkaur: Related to God
  113.     Anjali: Part of Puja
  114.     Angira: Mother of Jupiter
  115.     Anita: A flower
  116.     Amalika: Tamarind
  117.     Amitjyoti: Infinite brightness
  118.     Angsumali: Sun
  119.     Abhijita: Winner 
  120.     Arabica: Global
  121.     Arunita: Like the rays of the sun
  122.     Archana: Worship
  123.     Arunangi: A raga of music
  124.     Anjushree: Close to heart, dear
  125.     Afraha: Happiness, happiness
  126.     Asmara: Beautiful butterfly
  127.     Aslina: They are 
  128.     Aruba: Mother, worthy wife
  129.     Arnaz: Beautiful
  130.     Oxa: Soul, God's blessing, a mosque
  131.     Adiba: A civilized literary woman
  132.     Amayra: Princess
  133.     Adila: Honest
  134.     Abia: Excellent
  135.     Adara: Virgin
  136.     Amarin: Sky
  137.     Ayla: Moonlight

Modern two letter girl names

Dear readers, those of you who always use the internet to know the meaning of names or those who want to know the Bengali meaning of two-letter girls' names or those who are searching by writing two-letter girls' names and their meanings in this way and want to know many two-letter names and Islamic names through the Internet. Let's say girls for them, this post is made for them today. I hope reading the whole post will help you to know the name and its meaning. Modern Two Letter Girls Names - List of Uncommon Names for Girls - Uncommon Names for Girls -

Reema — Meaning — White Deer.

★Tuba — Meaning — Good news

★jeba — meaning — precise.

★Deena — meaning — believer.

★Mina — meaning — heaven

★Rafa — meaning — happiness

★Henna — Meaning — henna 

★Diba — meaning — golden

★Ruma — Meaning — daughter of Jupiter

Afra — Meaning — Color of life and Mother Earth,

★Lulu — meaning — refers to a rare pearl

★Taba — Meaning — Another rare name indicative of a girl's sweetness

★Ami — meaning — noun noun

★Shifa — Meaning — Healing

★Baby — meaning — baby,

★Nami — Meaning — Famous

★Limit — Meaning — specified distance

★Mim — Meaning — Arabic letter

★Annie — Meaning — Any

★Happy — Meaning — Happy

★Disha — meaning — direction

★Riya — meaning — show of people

★Jasmine — Meaning — Name of a flower

★Image — Meaning — A person in whom is reflected the beauty of God

★Ira — Meaning — A girl with watchful eyes like a goddess

★Keya — Meaning — A rare name derived from a rare flower

★Lily — Meaning — A girl as tender as a flower

★Maya — Meaning — A girl filled with the mystery of God's creation

★Ratna — Meaning — As precious as precious stones

★Ruhi — meaning — a word with Sufi roots – a person with the soul of the Lord

★Sara — meaning — princess

★Siya — meaning — original name, a modern name derived from Sita

★Soha — meaning — a musical creation

★Usha — Meaning — Holy union of Shiva and Parvati

★Juhi — Meaning — One who lights up everyone's life

★Rain — Meaning — The beauty of the first rain

★Iba — meaning — respect, reverence, pride

★Esha — meaning — holy, prosperous life

★Ena — meaning — radiant, sweet

★Chaiti — meaning — soft form of Chaitra

★Champa — meaning — a kind of flower

★Jaya — meaning — independent 

★Juhi — Meaning — Flowers are special

★Jimmy — money — generous

★Joha — meaning — to wait 

★Julie — meaning — aqueduct / duct

★Tina — meaning — small, earthy, engaged

★Dolly — meaning — like a small doll

★Blue — Meaning — Blue color

★Prabha — meaning — light/bright 

★Pushpa — meaning — flower

★Prema — meaning — love, love

★Pari — meaning — beautiful woman

★Pia — meaning — bride of love

★Rafa — meaning — happiness

★Rifa — meaning — good 

★Lipi — meaning — letter, writing

★Lina — Meaning — Affectionate, loyal, free and independent

★Liza — Meaning — Friendly

★Lima — Meaning — eye/eye

★Liha — Meaning — Excellent, beautiful 

Islamic full names for girls

It happens when choosing baby names that you like one name but the other doesn't. You don't like someone else's name. So everyone in the family can see all the girls Islamic names with meaning in the article. Select the name that everyone likes and keep it for your baby girl/daughter. Islamic Full Names for Girls - List of Uncommon Names for Girls - Uncommon Names for Girls -
nameName Meaningenglish
Laiju (زنبق)politeLaizu
Tabiathe natureTabia
Rimawhite deerRima

List of girls names with meaning

Islamic name for baby girl: Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said to give a beautiful Islamic name with meaning after the birth of the baby. On the seventh day after the birth of the baby, a beautiful Islamic name should be found / kept and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has instructed in this regard. So we will give a good name after the baby is born, which is available on the internet. For your convenience, the beautiful Islamic names of baby girls with meanings are given below, which have Islamic names of girls with different letters, you can match the names with other baby names in your family from the names below. There is a list of Islamic names for both boys and girls, so Islamic names for boys and girls finders can read Islamic names with meanings from below.
meyeder islamic name: Many people search for modern Islamic names and different letters to give a beautiful name to a girl child, because parents want to match the names of younger brothers and sisters with their older brother or sister. Since Azek's post is about meyeder islamic name with meaning, below is meyeder islamic name with different letters S, Sa, J, A, R, R, B, B, E, L, F, A, F, H and Ch. bangla is shared among you.

Sahira → Mountain
Saida → river
Sabiha → Sundari
Sadia → Lucky
Sajeda → pious
Sanjida → considerate
Saima → Upvasi
Sayara → Star
Samiha → generous
Sultana → Maharani
Sufiya → spiritual seeker.
Ocean → waves
Saida → river
Saima → Rozadar
Salima → healthy
Salma → Prashant
Suraiya → Nakshatra
Sumaiya → highly developed
Salma Maliha → Prashant Sundari
Salma Mahfuza → Prashant is safe
Salma Fawzia → Prashant Succeed
Salma Fariha → Prashant Sukhi

Islamic names for girls with S with meaning
Name: Meaning
Salma Anjum → Prashant Tara
Salma Anika → Prashant Sundari
Salma Afi → Prashant Punyavati
Saheli → girlfriend
Sarah → Princess
Susanna → lily flower
Saima → Rozadar
Samia → fasting
Sophia → wise woman
Sufiya → spiritual practitioner
Siddiqa → Truthful
Salma Fariha → Prashant Sukhi
Salma Fawzia → Prashant is successful
Salma Afia → Prashant Punyavati
Salma Anika → Prashant Sundari
Salma Anjum → Prashant Tara
Saidatun Nisa → female chief
Sufia Khatun → God fearing woman
Sabura Khanum → Patient woman
Salma Nabila → Prashant Bhadra
Sajeda Khatun → Sajda Karini Woman
Sultana Azizah → Her Majesty
Sultana Fahmida → Empress Wisdom
Sultana Afifah → Maharani Purnyavati
Sultana Khatun → Maharani
Sabiya Tayyiba → Pavitra Balika
Sumaiya Fahmida → Respected intellect
Salma Nawar → Prashant Phul
Salma Masouda → Prashant Shogbati
Salma Mahfuza → Prashant is safe
Salma Anjum → Prashant Tara
Salma Afia → Prashant Punyavati
Salma Tabassum. → Peaceful smile
Salma Anika → Prashant Sundari
Salma Sibha → Prashant Rupasi
Salma Fawzira → Quiet success
Sadiyatun Tayyiba → Good luck Salini
Saraf Anisa → Gunarat Kumari
Syfirina → laughter
Cyphali → sweet smell
Saifana → bright star
Sahmina → thick
Shahjadi → Princess
Sahnur → Shining King's Light
Sahadia → happiness giver
Safrina → traveler
Safatun → Serenity
Safarina → Yatra
Sadaqah → charity

Islamic names for girls with Sa, Su with meaning
Name: Meaning:
Sabrin → Dayalu
Sabrina → place name
Subnum → cloud
Sabnur → glow
Saidah → royal
Sadiqah → truthful
Sunaina → beautiful eyes
suhaylah → smooth
Shariah → column
Saniyaha → the preserved moment of time
Samiyah → High
Safwat → Best
Suzanne → Lily
Subaiba → Prosperous
Sumaina → flower
Sulaima → Beloved
Suhaini → Beautiful
Suhaima → small arrow
Suhaifa → a star
Sufaiza → successful
Suraiya → princess
Sonalika → Sonali
Sonaira → Good time
Cynthia → Love
Siddiqah → Truthful
Simran → Remembrance
Sanjana → intelligent
Sweety → sweet
Surma → Mascara
Sufia → good character
Sohani → Beautiful
Suzanne is brave
Cephali → night flower
Selina → Moon
Sakila → Genius
Sakhina → Peaceful
Samera → Charming
Samila → Peacemaker
Saina → princess
Saiba → straight
Saheba → friend
Saida → Beautiful
Sabila → Right Path
Sabina → Beautiful
Saima → Upvasi
Saida → beautiful, leader
Sushmita → knowledge of wisdom
Sajia → Unique
Sarika → Nature
Sania → Pragya
Samira → entertaining female companion
Suba → morning
Mate → life partner
Seema → one who is rich
sema → a familiar symbol

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