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Dear friends, through today's article, we will try to know details from Neoteric IT  about Homeopathy treatment method - History of Homeopathy - Principles of Homeopathy - Homeopathy in Bangladesh - Homeopathy treatment method   . Various types of medical systems have been discovered in different countries over the ages. Allopathic, Homeopathy Ayurvedic, Unani, Acupuncture etc. treatment methods are among them.

Homeopathy Treatment Method - History of Homeopathy - Principles of Homeopathy - Homeopathy in Bangladesh - Homeopathy treatment method - NeotericIT.com

Currently, the most popular alternative treatment outside of modern medicine is homeopathy. Many claim homeopathy as the most effective and best treatment. On the other hand, most modern medical scientists dismiss homeopathy as superstition and hypocrisy. What are the principles of homeopathy treatment? And whether homeopathy treatment is really effective will be discussed in this article of Neoteric IT. 

History of Homeopathy

About 200 years ago in 1796, German scientist Samuel Hahnemann discovered homeopathy treatment . Hahnemann started practicing medicine in 1779 after completing traditional medical studies. But the medical system of that period was not so advanced as it is now. Treatment was given by draining blood from the patient's body or cutting off various organs. That's why Hahnemann was not very comfortable in this profession. Hahnemann wrote in his autobiography that he felt like a murderer of unknown patients. At one point he was spending his time by practicing chemistry and writing and translating books. From that time he started thinking about alternative treatment methods. Samuel Hahnemann in 1807He first used the term homeopathy in a book written by him. Then he began to express his anger about the conventional medical system. At that time there was no name for the mainstream medical system. While criticizing, Animal called the conventional treatment as allopathy. The medical system developed in ancient Greece about two and a half thousand years ago is still known as allopathy. However, modern medical scientists object to the name allopathy. They feel that Hahnemann's time was largely speculative, but today's mainstream medicine is science-based and evidence-based. Therefore, instead of allopathy, the current doctors want to introduce it as modern medicine or modern treatment. 

Principles of Homeopathy

Hahnemann started homeopathy based on some medical principles of ancient physicians. Homeopathy is basically guided by seven principles. They are 

  • Law of Similia
  • Law of Simplex 
  • Law of Minimum
  • Doctrine of Drug Proving
  • Theory of Chronic Disease
  • Theory of Vital Forces 
  • Doctrine of Drug Dosing 

The most popular of these is the Law of Similia. Its motto is - Swadrish fasts to the homeland. That is, the disease can be cured with the same substance that causes the disease. Much like the Bengali proverb - poison is like poison. After several experiments, Hahnemann introduced homeopathy based on this formula. Then according to the Law of Simplex only one medicine is considered effective for a disease. No need for multiple medications. According to the law of minimum, the correct minimum quantity is said to be used. The lower the dose, the more effective the drug. If the dose of the drug is high, there is a possibility of reversal of the results. According to the doctrine of drug testing, a drug is approved as effective only after repeated administration of the drug to multiple healthy subjects and observation of disease symptoms. Any person can conduct a drug test on himself by following these instructions. According to the theory of chronic disease, certain diseases attack a particular individual slowly. So in his case the treatment should be different like that person. The theory of vital forces talks about vitality. Due to which any living organism survives. When this vitality is affected by harmful substances, people become sick. The type of treatment is different according to the mental, physical and environmental harmful factors. Theory Puff Drug dynamization theory studies the types of drugs that can be used. Animal and plant basic and compound salts, acids and alkalis, and even healthy and sick animals and plants, are made of medicines. 

Homeopathy treatment method - Homeopathy medicine

When you hear about homeopathy, you think of small white pills. These are actually balls of sugar mixed with various ingredients and consumed as medicine. The method of preparation and administration of this medicine is one of the most critical subjects of homeopathy. Hahnemann once ate the bark of the cinchona tree. Which was used as a medicine for malaria at that time. After eating cinchona bark, Hahnemann developed symptoms of malaria. From that he thought that the material that produces the symptoms of the disease, that material can be used in the treatment of this disease. A thing that makes people sick if taken in excess. People get healthy if that thing is reduced. Therefore, in homeopathy, a root ingredient is diluted in water or alcohol and used as medicine. The dose of this dissolved drug is so mild that it is doubtful whether the drug contains any active ingredient at all. For example, one drop of extract of a medicine is mixed with nine drops of water. After that again one drop is taken from that mixture and nine drops are mixed with water. In this way, up to 100 times the medicine can be diluted. It is doubtful whether there is any impurity of Ado root medicine in the mixture in the last container. Generally, if a drug is diluted 13 times, it no longer contains the original ingredient. In Hahnemann's time the concept of sub-atomic matter was not much developed. So he did this according to his own mind. But even though the science of physics and chemistry has advanced a lot, homeopathy doctors still consider this to be correct. Not only that In homeopathy it is believed that water can remember the properties of the ingredients that were first mixed in a mixture. Although there is no proof of this by modern science. 

Criticism of Homeopathy

There is considerable debate as to whether homeopathic medicines have any truly curative properties. The US National Institutes of Health states that some of the tenets of homeopathy are inconsistent with fundamental principles of chemistry and physics. But still why homeopathy works in many cases. There is something in homeopathy that makes many people still satisfied with this method of treatment. Scientists have also researched this issue in 2015 by the National Health Medical Research Council of Australia200 tests have been conducted on the efficacy of homeopathy. After analyzing the results of all the tests, they said that homeopathy is actually a kind of placebo. A placebo is a mental state in which people take a false drug and get well. Many times people treat with various strange things and think that this thing will cure the disease. Although there is no substance to cure that thing, it can be seen that his disease has really been cured. For example, many people in India think of cow urine as a medicine for disease. This fact of curing disease with people's faith is called placebo effect. Australian researchers say there is no reliable evidence that homeopathy has an effective role in curing disease. US Food and Drug AdministrationHomeopathy does not endorse treatment. Even in Germany, the birthplace of Hahnemann, parents can be punished according to the law if they leave their children out of the conventional medical system and force them to undergo homeopathy treatment. 

Homeopathy treatment system in Bangladesh

Ayurvedic medicine has been practiced in the Indian subcontinent since ancient times. Attempts were made to popularize allopathy during the British rule , but the people of the subcontinent did not accept it easily. However, around 1800 smallpox vaccination changed that situation. Since then, allopathy gradually spread in the Indian subcontinent. But the journey of homeopathy is much later. Homeopathy began to spread in India from the time of the First World War. According to the information of the Government Homeopathic Medical College of Bangladesh, currently 28 percent of people in the country take homeopathy and Unani treatment. 2018 Homeopathy Medical College onlyAbout 46 thousand patients have received treatment. And 510 patients were admitted to homeopathy hospital due to chronic diseases. Apart from this, the remaining 60 homeopathy colleges and hospitals of the country are treating numerous patients in the offices of many homeopathy doctors. Many people rely on homeopathy because of the low cost and no side effects of homeopathy treatment. Elopath doctors say that many times it is seen that even after suffering from complex diseases like cancer, the disease goes to the last stage due to homeopathy treatment. Then the patient does not improve with modern treatment. There may be no problem with homeopathic treatment for common ailments. But taking homeopathy without scientific treatment in any serious disease can lead to dire consequences for the patient. 

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