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Dear friends, I am starting today's article with romantic beautiful love poems. Love surrounds us every day. Our friends are always busy with love. Through this page today I will share with you some poems that you can give to your lovers, or you can read the poems and send voice to your sweetheart or sweetheart. In this article I have shared some of the best romantic poems that you will love. When you need to impress your lover, you have to do many things including poetry. We have posted an article on ways to impress the people you love . You can come and see if you want. Let's go to our main point. 

100+ Romantic Beautiful Love Poems - love poem NeotericIT.com

100+ Romantic Beautiful Love Poems - love poem NeotericIT.com
Thousands of people search for romantic beautiful love poems on Google. Have you written romantic love poems and romantic love poems and searched on Google? Then this article is for you, this article contains some of the best poems from Neoteric IT which will impress your crush if you share them with your loved ones. Let's see that  romantic beautiful love poem  .

Romantic love poem

If you search Google for writing romantic love poems, you will find thousands of poems. But you will not like all of them, because many people like old poems and many people don't like them. Through this article today I will share modern romantic love poems for you. Let's see that new love poem. Who can never express their feelings and no one remembers their feelings. They sometimes have to take risks in their lives because of this. Maybe because of this their love can fail. If you are one of those people, then you can express your feelings through these types of romantic love poems.

In Shravan that rain stream
Just looking for you today
Although you are far away
Still I keep you in mind
I miss you silently all the time
But it is still a secret from you.

Kajal is in the eyes and earrings are in the ears
Lips are like blood-stained flowers.
Sweet smile on the face,,,,,,
I really love such a girl.

I didn't search anyone's heart,
I will get your mind.
I didn't hold anyone's hand,
I will hold your hand.
I didn't walk with anyone.
I will walk with you.
It's better not to live with someone.
say i love you

If you do not understand, who will understand me?
If you think about yourself, who will you think?
If you give pain,,,,,, who will give happiness?
Who will remember if you forget?

No matter how far you go, I will be by your side.
As the dew drops cling to the grass.
I will erase all the pains, the smile on the face,,,,
I love you from the heart.

There is honey in the breast of the flower,
Waves on the river.
There is no one else in this world except you.
There is a moon in the sky.
Light on the chest of the moon.
How can I live without you?”

If you are a bird I will be a straw.
2 people will be together.
If you are the moon, I will be the stars.
Seeing you, I will be disoriented.
If you are wind I will be dust,
2 people will always walk together."

I spend my days thinking about you.
Your face floats on the screen of dreams.
I dream about you, I draw your picture.
You are the sweet cuckoo in my heart.

I will decorate the house with light,
I will decorate my mind with love.
I will decorate my eyes with dreams
And I will decorate you
only with my love

I forgot your smile,
I love you in my song.
Come back to the side
Hold the hand and go to the river bank again.

Cloud wants rain
Even in the midst of evil, I am good if I get your vision.
Without you, the empty earth is like space,
Even though I'm not around, I'm still thinking about you.

You are like the sky in my mind,
Don't tell me where to hide you.
I live in a dream in bed.
Don't get lost from the heart,
I love only you.

The blue sky became cloudy.
It might rain
When you read me, remember
Look at the window.

I'm telling you quietly, don't tell anyone.
You look so beautiful you can't compare.
What beautiful lips, what beautiful eyes you have.
Whoever sees it will say I love you.

You are my golden light in the sky,
I don't know why you like it.
I am the ocean, you are the waves.
I will do it quietly, no one will know the love.

You are a friend abroad
take my love
If you remember me
give me letter

Got everything in this life,
I didn't get anyone's heart.
Don't know that in this life,
Who will be yours?
I want him to my heart's content,
I want his mind
Will you be the one close to me??

You can copy any poem very easily this time we will see some more poems serially - Romantic Love Poems - 100+ Romantic Beautiful Love Poems - love poem NeotericIT.com

The best love poem in the world

There are some poems that everyone likes and suits everyone's life. Some of these poems were the best for people forever. Which are more preferred by lovers. If you give such poems to your loved ones, they will be very happy. Let's see some of the best poems. In this article you will find the best love poems in the world and you can easily copy any favorite poem. 

With red rose petals, I will write your name,
A thousand birds sing, I will sing your song,
You know me, you are my soul.

If it were raining, I would touch your eyes,
I would wash away the sadness in my eyes in a moment,
Cloudy across the body, you embrace me.!
I could not suffer anymore, to cause you unnecessary pain.

Loves this mind, wants you all the time!
You are in the heart, beside me morning and evening,
How can I forget you, you are my life.

There is no one in my life except you.
I have no dreams in my life without you
My eyes see nothing but you
My mind can't think of anything but you
I can't write anything without you
I don't want to understand anything without you.

Do you know what you mean to me?
You are a dormant desire in my heart.
An unfulfilled wish for once
To perceive my existence intimately.

If your happiness requires you to forget,
Then I agree to forget…
I may never be able to forget,
But I can pretend to forget!

If you tell me how many times?
I will say, as often as my eyelids move!
If you tell me how much you love me?
I will say that there are stars in the sky!

Such a relationship should be made in life.
With whom everything can be shared,
You can be angry, insulted, quarreled.
But he can never be forgotten.

If you go away, I will be lost.
Love you, don't understand why.
In this short life, there is only one wish.
Owning you is all I got.

Flowers are red, leaves are green,
Why is the mind so stupid?
Less talk, more action.
I want to come to you.
The clouds want rain, the moon wants Nishi,
My heart says I love you so much.

The day will end, the night will end,
The life of the flower will be exhausted,
Time will run out, life will run out,
know it will run out
But not enough for you,
The pull of my love

These days of today, will be tomorrow,
It will be written on the pages of the diary in the mind's book,
Take a look at these pages of yesterday,
Amidst all the dark forms, you will find me.

I am blessed with life.
getting close to you
will float at the same time,
On the boat of love.

Where can you get so much love in one life?
I can bring you sky-high happiness.
You are my love, the picture of my love,
I keep you in my heart with care and love.

The branch is green,
The flower is red.
your my love
will be forever

My world is not complete without you.
I don't mean that I won't get you.
It's not easy to find you
I want to have you with my heart,
Otherwise love cannot be found.

I am the ocean
If you are the wave,
I will love quietly
No one will know.

you are all over my heart
you are in my dreams
you are at my work
You are in my mind, you are in my poetry book!

don't you stay far away
Come to me and say I love you!
If you say I love you,
I will care, I will not hurt you.
I will keep you in the depths of my heart,
Don't let it get lost. 

I have decorated this mind with flowers,
You two will arrange life together.
Eyes full of dreams, chests full of hope,
You will really download unlimited love.

Many stars in the night sky.
I feel lonely without you.
just thinking about you
How are you, without me? 

So far we have seen the best love poems in the world, now we will see short love poems. Short Love Poems - 100+ Romantic Beautiful Love Poems - love poem NeotericIT.com 

Short love poem

There are some short love poems, which are 3/4 line poems but the words are very beautiful and very similar. I will see some short poems in this section of this page. I will see some short love poems this time. 

Will you go to the pond at night?
The two of them will touch each other in the fair of stars,
I will see the moon with my head on your lap,
I will spend the whole night in love!!!!

That is the tree of love, that is our hope,
Love lives in that house.
What do you want love?
What is the mind pass?
If one passes, let me know!

you are my first morning
A lonely afternoon, a quiet afternoon,
You are my whole day, you are my whole day,
You get a lot of food by touching me a little.
You are the sweet cool wind of my strict resistance!

I don't know how to meet you
I don't know how to reach you
I don't know how much you think of me,
I only know that this stupid mind of mine loves you very much!!!

Deep love poem

When the relationship becomes too long. At one point it becomes too deep. If you write a new poem at such a time, it will not match your love. You have to send some poems that match your love to your loved ones. So I brought a poem of deep love. Deep Love Poems – Every human life has love. Love means emotions, feelings, affection and love for the loved one. But how to attract the person you love more to you? We have multiple love poems for the person you love. Which when gifted to your loved one will increase his attraction towards you and increase the depth of love. So today we present to you some selected deep love poems. So what's the delay, choose your favorite poem from the collection of love poems given below and send it to your loved one.

I saw you on this full moon night,
You and I met on that day.
What a beautiful moonlit night, when it comes to my mind,
I am singing about you, stay with me.
I will make you the composer of that song,

Won't you agree to that? - My queen!
Yah! The queen said, don't be angry.
Alas! Why are you saying so much at a glance?
Wake up, leave, the name is no longer heard,
Tell me the name, then I will give you leave.

I will compose a song in your name, I will give it melody.
In this cover of that tune, soft light will spread.
The light that will touch your sweet face,
And it will cut very much, all your sorrows.
Not once, not twice, I will sing again and again,
You will accept the mantra of that melody.

Will suddenly come to my heart,
I watch for you morning, evening and night.
I will hold you with both hands,
My love will rise and fall.
Nature will sway in my sweet speech,
Paratana will fall under the pressure of that Duluni.
My-you, your-me!- so be Rob.
Life will be added, throat will be broken, sweet words will be spoken.

Short Love Poems - 100+ Romantic Beautiful Love Poems - love poem NeotericIT.com
Today's article about romantic beautiful love poems ends here, everyone be well. thank you 

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