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Hello dear guest - Welcome to Neoteric IT . You have come to Neoteric IT for information about SEO Optimized Article Writing Rules | Bengali article writing rules Today I will conclude this article by discussing SEO Optimized Article Writing Rules | Bengali article writing rules in detail. Search Google to know more about SEO Optimized Article Writing Rules | Bengali article writing rules write SEO Optimized Article Writing Rules | Bengali article writing rules or click here for visit. See the page Table of content for know the main topic of this article. Web story and AMP Version

 If you don't write articles in the right way, even if you write thousands of articles, you will not get any benefit. This post is about SEO optimized article writing rules. There are some rules for writing SEO friendly posts. Don't know one by one.. I won't talk about it. 

SEO Optimize Articles Writing Rules - SEO Optimize Articles -

SEO Optimize Article Writing Rules - SEO Optimize Articles - In today's article we will learn about the rules of writing Bengali articles. This post is very important for those who want to write articles in Bengali. If you follow the rules of this article, your article will rank in Google, inshallah. 

Choosing the right keywords

If you are going to write articles on the website then you need to choose the right keywords at the beginning. The right keyword is the keyword or phrase that people search on Google. You have to choose a keyword that people search in Google but the exact information is not in Google yet. Or you will select a keyword with which you can write a better article than the articles in Google. Choose a keyword that you can write something good about. 

Tricks to choose the right keywords

Given a catchy title

A title identifies a post. By looking at the title we understand what this post is about. And we read any post by being impressed by the title. So the title must be catchy and contain target keywords. You have to create a title with the keywords you have selected. 

Add a nice picture

Be sure to add a photo to your post and give it a caption. Sometimes you can give pictures to explain the writing. Rename, title, alter tag, etc. in the image, use the main selected keywords. You can use the watermark of your website if you want in the image. If you have the habit of using images by downloading them from Google, then download them from Creative Commons and use them. 

Refrain from copying anything

Search engines understand which posts are genuine. Any post duplicate or copy. So search engines don't rank copy posts well. Copy is the biggest barrier to creativity. So avoid copying someone's post. Hmm, but can get an idea from someone's post. It is better to write about ideas in your own language.

Post in short sentences

You must write in short sentences. This will make the visitor feel comfortable reading your post. Writing in very long sentences makes it difficult to read. So write posts in short sentences as possible. It will get good rank in search engine.

Posting in small paragraphs

Writing in very large paragraphs makes it difficult to read. This will have a bad effect on the search engine.

So try to finish a paragraph in 3-5 sentences. It will get good search visitors.

Pay attention to keyword density

Buy your main keywords. Eg: The main keyword of this post is “SEO Friendly Post“.

Try to include more of the main keywords in your posts. Many times my post says “SEO friendly post”. That means the keyword density in this post is very high.

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Researching related keywords

Buy keywords related to your keywords. For example: My related keywords “ Bangla Article Writing Rules ” etc. After searching with a keyword in Google, you can see that there are 8 additional keywords that will match with your searched keyword. These are related keywords. 

Informative post

The more information, the more visitors. The bigger you write your post, the more information you can put in the post. And you will get better rank in search results. If you write the article with the right information, the article will be a bit bigger and your visitors will be able to get the right idea by reading your article. Try to write at least 7-10 paragraphs and 1000 words. In this the visitor will understand your written poison very well.

Using sub headings

Use sub headings every now and then in your posts. This will improve SEO. Sub-headings are written in bold. See screenshot below. If you want, you can use those relative keywords as sub headings after searching on Google. Subheadings in this post are in bold. Give sub headings like this. Give the sub heading as HTML h2. If you want to give another sub heading under that sub heading then give h3. 

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Providing internal and external links (Internal and External)

Link to some posts from other websites related to the topic you write about. Visitors will get an opportunity to learn more. The link should be given inside the text. Avoid direct links as much as possible. Also link some previous posts on your site. It will increase user engagement. "Visit my site" type of text or link cannot be given below the post. Two external link dofollows and one external link nofollow are good per thousand words. Internal link 3/4 can be given. See more details about this 

How many internal and external links should  a blog post have?

Starting a paragraph with a different word

Use a different word to start each paragraph. Starting sentences with the same word is not SEO friendly. So try to use different words. If you post following the above rules, your post will rank in Google. And you will get a lot of visitors. Try using different words. The more different words you use, the better Google will understand your article. These different words will help your article rank. 

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