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Dear Viewer Today Neoteric IT's new post will discuss great victory day on 16th December with poems, rhymes, status, quotes, letters, speeches etc. Please continue reading this article till the end for your desired information. Because this article is going to be a full article for you. 16th December is a day of great victory for the Bengali nation. On this day, Bangladesh was victorious. So on this day everyone wants to wish everyone a happy victory day. 

December 16 Great Victory Day Poems, Rhymes, Status, Quotes, Letters, Speeches etc - mohan bijoy dibosh - NeotericIT.com

December 16 Great Victory Day Poems, Rhymes, Status, Quotes, Letters, Speeches etc - mohan bijoy dibosh - NeotericIT.com

Many people search for this article on December 16 great victory day with poems, rhymes, status, quotes, letters, speeches etc. with many keywords, but due to lack of correct information, they have to go to many websites and visit another website. But in today's post we will discuss all the details. Why are you celebrating this day, the history of Kotteke and the benefits of sharing Sundar's status and words on Facebook? Let's start one by one. 

16 December Victory Day Poem

I am starting the main part of this post with Victory Day poem on December 16. Those of you who are going to tell someone about Victory Day should have correct information about it in your head. Otherwise, you will get stuck on a word. If you can recite a beautiful poem on this day in a ceremony, then it will give birth to a correct idea about you. So in today's post, there are 16 December Victory Day Poems related to the great Victory Day. 

71 in this country

The invaders attack.

Bengali to make the country independent

Takes the weapon.

On this day of 71

Either endless war.

If you listen to the story of me

Breathing becomes blocked.

30 lakh martyrs

Mother-sister exchange.

It happened in independent Bangladesh

A generous welcome.

The day when the seat of Pak-rule in Bangladesh,

Today everyone calls that day 'Victory Day'.

But victory is very expensive; Not readily available.

Mukti Sena brings victory and conquers all fears.

The flag of red and green is strong today;

To bring it, brave soldiers gave blood.

Bengali mother's brave sons are not afraid at all.

Victory slogans erupted in my mouth at their sacrifice.

Victory Day is washed in blood, memory of brave martyrs.

Poems and songs are written about victory today.

Victory is spread in flowers and leaves, victory is in green grass.

Year after year this day comes again and again!

Victory Day is back

No baby in the house,

The one who went and never came

Seventy-one in the war.

Crazy mother in dreams

When will the boy come back?

The garland will melt

The flowers fall into the tub.

The boy will come, the boy will come

The crazy mother screams,

The crazy mother is rough

Who wants to take care?

Every time at the end of the year

When victory comes,

Crazy mother who lost her son

Smiles with teeth.

December 16 Victory Day Rhythm

Many people search on Google to find out about Victory Day on December 16 . But if you can't visit the website with the right information, even if you search all day, it will be of no use. So in today's article we have presented some beautiful and best online selection of Vijay Divas Rhymes for you on the great Victory Day 16th December. Let's see the 16th December Victory Day Rhymes. 

Victory sounds of Bangla mode

Bengali pride

Bengal is my motherland

Bengali is the family.

I keep my head after you

Chest after you

When you see it, it goes away

Sadness of a hundred fatigues.

Lakh Shahid, Lakh Ghazi

your child

God gave them speech

Sing songs in Bengali.

You are happy, you are sad

forever friend

Rose, Jaba, Bacula flowers

Hence the garland.

What a pursuit! A hundred thoughts

Your water is small

So your songs today

On the lips of all Bengalis.

Happiness is laughter and contented life

By getting you free

Happy birds and rainbows today

All over Bengal.

God gave life in Bengal


The sky of Bengal is clear

Today is dear Victory Day.

The wheel of time turns

The month of victory is coming

Lip talking

Long history

Suddenly Pak army

Attack too

The race of heroes roared

No one was silent

Through the sea of ​​blood

In the end came victory

Peace came to everyone's chest

No more fear

Nine months of that bloody war

Who made the country independent

Failed the Pak-invader forces

They brought selfishness.

Renew with fresh blood from the chest

Those who built a colorful homeland

Through the barrier wall of tyranny

They bet their lives.

United with the dream of independence

Those who took up arms,

Whose sacrifice is red and green

Hold the high peak.

Who bled a sea

They did not stop

I am proud of them

Blessed are they all.

December 16 Victory Day Status 

Those who use Facebook and social media regularly need some beautiful statuses that they can share on Facebook. How come you don't wish everyone with a beautiful status on this auspicious day. So Neoteric IT has come up with some beautiful statuses for you to share or post on your social media accounts. Check Victory Day status on December 16 on   this page. 

Victory means a map, Victory means red green flag, Victory means a proud nation, Victory means Bangladesh in existence. Heartfelt greetings to all the artisans who built this proud nation on the 50th anniversary of victory.

Today is the time to answer the questionable freedom, I find the taste of life in the golden Bengal of lakhs of voices. Happy Victory Day to all.

Your respect will increase then. When you go abroad you can increase the respect of your country. And you can proudly say, I am Bangladeshi.

You will suffer as much as you or your family will be dishonored. Much more pain and anger than that if your country is dishonored. So always respect the country and be committed to protecting the country's honor. Happy Red Green to all on the occasion of Victory Day.

Let us all pledge today that we will protest against all injustices, make everyone understand the greatness of our country, we will become a Bangladeshi in the true sense. Happy birthday Bangladesh.

Great Victory Day 16th December, Pride of Nation,

I will keep this victory intact, this is the promise.

In 1971, seven and a half million Bengalis were united,

9 months of bloody liberation war started from March 26.

Abandonment gave the fresh blood of the chest of three hundred thousand martyrs,

Finally, the invading Pakistani forces surrendered.

They bowed down to the brave Bengalis,

Bangladesh has established, independent sovereignty.

The liberation crowd almost empty-handed, stood up!

Betting his life, he jumped with a stone tied to his chest.

Whose sacrifices have earned freedom;

I will not forget about those courageous and heroic freedom fighters.

The red-green flag was given by sacrificing life,

Brought the boundary line of independent Bengal of 56 thousand square miles.

The people of independent Bangladesh who gained victory in the liberation war;

After all these years, what have they been able to fulfill their dreams?

Need to eliminate discrimination, want economic freedom,

All deprivations must be prevented, there are sixteen crore manpower.

This glorious victory won by the sacrifice of millions of martyrs,

We will build the country together, we will not accept any defeat.

On the day of this victory, if the top Rajakars could have been released in the tiger cage of Mirpur zoo, billions of Bengalis would have stood outside the cage and watched the brutal death of the killers of the brave children of Bengal.

The air of Mirpur, the slaughterhouse of 1971, would vibrate with the slogan of Jai Bangla, the echo of which would spread throughout Bengal in processions in processions. Even if you don't see any beautiful scene in this life, you will not have any regret. Congratulations to everyone on the victory, but the celebration is reserved for a victory.

16 December Victory Day Quotes

In this episode you will know about 16th December Victory Day quotes. Many articles have already been written about Victory Day in Neoteric IT, you can read those articles if you want. There are many quotes about Great Victory Day which you will like very much and you can express the beauty of your speech by saying those quotes in any words or speech. Let's see the 16 December Victory Day quotes one by one. The famous person Barg Ra wrote some beautiful words about Victory Day and all those quotes are shared in this part of today's article. 

  •  "Success is always a possibility - but it only happens when you decide to make it your reality. - Stuart Stafford"
  • "My first victory as a citizen, I stand by the law against injustice. - Dr. PS Jagadish Kumar"
  •  "Even when you are going through a struggle, God will lead you to victory. - Gift Gugu Mona"
  •  "Yesterday's defeat is tomorrow's victory. - Christina Angela"
  •  "Some victories never tasted as sweet as they did. - Morgan Rhodes"
  •  "The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the unchanging. - Marcus Aurelius"
  • “Vijay is the most patient. – Napoleon Bonaparte”
  • “Victory comes only for making them, and for taking it. – Tom Clancy”
  • “The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the unconverted. – Marcus Aurelius”
  • “Victory is most meaningful when it does not come from just one, but from the collective success of many. – Howard Schultz”
  • “Easy victories are cheap. Only those who come as a result of struggle are valuable. – Henry Ward Beecher”
  • “Victory belongs to those who believe in it the most. – Randall Wallace”
  • “Victory is recognizing all the dreams that go into achieving your dreams. – Tommy Hilfiger”
  • “Victory is always possible for the one who refuses to stop fighting. – Napoleon Hill”
  • “For victory in life, we have to focus on our goals. – Law Holtz”
  • “Achieving victory by violence is momentary and tantamount to defeat. – Mahatma Gandhi”
  • “Compassion crowns the soul its true victory. – know again”
  • “The victor makes laws to protect the victor against the vanquished. – Toba Beta”
  • “Every step was a victory, he had to remember that. – George Sanders”
  • “Without vision there is no victory. – Laylah Gifty Akita”
  • "Victorious warriors first win and then go to war, defeated warriors first go to war and then try to win. – Sun Tzu”
  • “Victory is always bittersweet. – Nadia Scriva”
  • “Some victories have never tasted as sweet as theirs. – Morgan Rhodes”
  • “Your first victory is to find your own happiness and your second victory is to find the happiness of others. – Jagadish Kumar”
  • “We are more concerned with our own “victory” over sin than with the fact that our sin grieves the heart of God. – Jerry Bridges”
  • “The overwhelming power of black, the ultimate triumph of white over black. – Dejan Stojnović”

16 December Victory Day letter

Looking for 16th December Victory Day letter to send to your friend or girlfriend. Then this article on this page is for you. From this article you can write a letter to your dear friend about the Great Victory Day. If your friend is far away or abroad then you need to send a beautiful letter on this great day. So in order to make it easier for you to send those letters, in this article today I have shared some ready-made letters. If you want, you can copy these letters and send them to your dear friend or you can write a new letter to your dear friend from Durand with ideas from these letters given to us. can send Let's see our letters. 

Lalbagh, Dhaka. 

18 December 2020

dear garland

 Accept my sincere love and best wishes for victory. I received your letter yesterday. After reading the letter, I was relieved to know your detailed information. You want to know how we celebrated this Victory Day. Thank you very much for asking about such an important day in our national life. In fact, December 16th is a day of great glory, a day of joy and also a day of pain in our national life. Today I want to write you something about the Victory Day program celebrated in our college. 

As soon as the sun rises, we gather in the college premises. The National Anthem 'Amar Senar Bangla I love you...' was played on the mic. Principal Mahadaya hoisted the national flag symbolizing independence. The courtyard of nature is filled with the bright smile of the sunny sun. We stand and salute the national flag with respect. Then observe a minute of silence. Akunta pays tribute to the departed souls of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for freedom. We all take a firm oath for the overall good and welfare of the country and nation. Then at eight o'clock in the morning the colorful parade of college seniors started. This concludes the program of the first part of the day. The second phase starts at 11 am. It was during the second phase of the program. Poetry recitations, patriotic songs, Discussion on the significance of Victory Day and present speech. In the afternoon, a friendly football match was held at the college ground. First year and second year students participated in it. In the evening the college premises are illuminated. is done Munir Chowdhury's famous drama 'Kabar' was staged with the joint participation of the college teachers and students at seven in the evening. 

All in all, this year's Victory Day celebration has been very useful. I will be happy to let you know how Victory Day was celebrated in your college. I was waiting for your letter. Not today. stay well

the end         

Your blessing

the yolk   

December 16 Victory Day speech 

On this great day, your beautiful speech in various seminars or events will highlight your personality. If you want to learn beautiful Ekota speech from our website, you will be respected in front of everyone if you speak in front of everyone. Therefore, in this article of ours today, I have appeared with the Victory Day speech on December 16. 

Honorable presence.

Today we are celebrating Victory Day with great joy. But this day of victory did not come just like that. We had to fight for this in 1971. We got this victory today at the cost of 30 lakh lives in nine months of bloody war. This is today's beloved Bangladesh.

If we look in the history books, if we look back a little, we can clearly see,

During the partition of the country in 1947, East Bengal was merged with West Pakistan. The lever of power was axed in their hands. The steam roller of their oppression continues to grow. Especially on the night of March 25, 1971, well-armed Pakistani invading forces pounced on the sleeping unarmed Bengalis. The green green soil is soaked with the fresh blood of innocent people. The people of Bengal did not tolerate that violence, that brutality, that unjust aggression. Whoever has everything he has, jumps into the struggle and snatches the desired victory.

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