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This article is important for people who want to know the name of weight loss medicine and way to gain weight through vitamins, herbal.

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It is surprising but true that in our society if you are fat you have to listen to people and if your body weight is low then you have to face crooked eyes. By searching the information on Google, we found out that nowadays many people want to know about obesity medicine.

Weight Loss Medicine Name 2023 - Most Effective Weight Loss Medicine - mota howar upay -

People who are physically weak with a lot of weight often have to hear such words as 'If you blow, you will fly'. So those of us who have a slim body are almost always worried about our body.

The most effective medicine for obesity

Today's article will be very useful for those of you who want to know about the most effective medicine for weight loss. Today we will learn about the most effective medicine for weight loss. Those who have already tried various weight loss medicines and failed again and again can read today's article with full attention till the end. Today's article is for those who are interested in getting fat by taking medicine. Maybe you have already read articles on other blogs about weight loss pills. But today's article will be a little different. In this post we will discuss about medicines that can make you gain weight in 7 days. Besides, those who want to know about permanent weight gain medicine will also read today's article carefully.

Name of medicine for obesity 

If you have googled weight loss medicine name 2023 then wait till the end. There are various types of obesity drugs available in the pharmaceutical market today. Many of us want to go to the pharmacy and buy weight loss pills. This makes the pharmacy people give you the wrong medicine. As a result we cannot get fat permanently by taking these drugs. So if you don't know about the most effective weight loss medicine in advance then you can avoid such scams. So let's know about the name of obesity medicine.

Medicines to get fat in 7 days Vitamin syrup for obesity Name of effective medicine for obesity 

Do you want to get fat easily in 7 days? But these few medicines will be very effective for you. Eg: Puton syrup, Sinkara syrup, Ruchibet etc. 

Weight Loss Vitamin Syrup - Weight Loss Medicine Name 2023 - Most Effective Weight Loss Medicine - mota howar upay -

Peyton Syrup: 

Puton is a syrup from Mabco Company. Eating which increases the digestive power of people to a large extent. As a result of increased digestive power, people gradually gain weight or begin to gain weight. Taking this medicine makes people very thirsty. Due to this thirst, people drink water frequently and the digestive power of people increases. 

But these drugs have many side effects. A specialist doctor should be consulted before taking such medicines. Because most obesity drugs are harmful to people. This medicine plays an effective role in obesity. However, if you stop taking this medicine, the condition will be the same as before.

As a side effect of this medicine, it is said that this medicine can cause accumulation of water in the kidneys and kidney failure. This medicine is mainly prescribed for the apathetic and weak people. You can purchase this medicine from Gazi Bhai website. Current price of this medicine is Rs.285. Besides, this medicine can be collected from any nearby pharmacy shop.

Sinkara Syrup : 

There is hardly a person who has not heard the name Cinkara syrup. The name of this drug is on people's lips. Similar to peuton syrup, sinkara is also an effective weight loss medicine. Sinkara syrup contains vitamin rich extracts of many medicinal plants. People have been using this famous drug for a long time as a strengthening medicine. 

It provides stimulation and nerve energy to humans. This medicine is completely natural. This medicine is scientifically proven. It is a herbal weight loss remedy suitable for all people of the family in all seasons. People who have poor appetite, loss of appetite and can't taste food in anything will find Sinkara syrup very beneficial. 

Besides, this medicine should be consumed to get rid of the diseases which are caused due to physical weakness. Cincara is one of the most effective weight loss drugs. It also helps in getting fat permanently. There is no alternative to Cincara Syrup for permanent weight gain.

Ruchivit Syrup : 

One of the best weight loss vitamin syrups is Ruchivit Syrup. This vitamin will be very effective for those who have no appetite at all. No matter how many ways you try to get fat, you will never get fat without eating rice. And if you consume this best vitamin syrup, your appetite will increase manifold. This medicine is one of the medicine for obesity in boys. But the names of the medicines that we will discuss today are equally effective for both boys and girls. Both peuton syrup and sinkara syrup are effective for both boys and girls.

Ruchiton Syrup : 

Ruchiton syrup is one of the best medicines for obesity. This syrup is energizing, appetizing and blood-forming. However, consuming this syrup may cause side effects. I feel that taking Sinkara syrup from Hamdard company will be much more effective than this syrup. As always, like other syrups, this syrup increases people's taste and removes the depression of people's appetite. As a result people can eat a lot and eventually gain weight. You can easily buy this medicine from the pharmacy shop for 230 rupees.

Amalaki Plus: 

Another well-known weight loss drug similar to Sinkara is Amalaki Plus. This medicine is mainly prepared from Amlaki plant. It is essential to take the doctor's advice before consuming such medicines. Eating it increases appetite. It acts as a taste enhancer. This syrup will be very useful for those who were searching for a permanent weight loss medicine. This syrup named Amalaki Plus usually fills the vitamin deficiency of the human body. You can easily buy this medicine from the nearest pharmacy near your home.

Alfalfa Plus Syrup: 

If you want to gain weight permanently, you can consume this syrup called Alfalfa. According to doctors, no side effects of this syrup have been found yet. Consuming this syrup will really boost your family's intelligence and digestive power. As a result, your food will be easily digested and the nutrients will start working in your body. Consuming it regularly will make you gain weight and get fat as well. It is a type of homeopathic medicine for obesity so you have to visit a homeopathic medicine store to get it. This syrup does not have any side effects as a homeopathic medicine.

Name of medicine for obesity in boys

There are male obesity drugs which we have already discussed above. Now let's discuss the name of a special vitamin syrup for obesity in boys.

Carmina Syrup: 

This syrup is manufactured by Hamdard Company. Medicines of this company are very good for the body. Hamdard company's medicines are not harmful to the body as they are made herbally. Consuming Carmina Syrup will increase your taste buds. As a result of which your hunger will increase manifold. Most medicines are harmful to the body. So you need to take herbal medicine to gain weight.

Chafi Syrup: 

Safi syrup like Carmina syrup is another obesity medicine from Hamdard company. But it is mainly known as the drug of appetite. Consuming it will greatly increase your appetite. In addition to taking this medicine, if you eat any fatty food, then especially take care that you can eat a large amount of rice at night. It is one of the best permanent weight loss pills for humans.

Name of herbal medicine for obesity 

Good Health Medicine: This medicine is basically Indian medicine. It is basically herbal medicine. By playing it you can permanently gain weight and become fat. This medicine will be very effective for those who are suffering from poor health. By taking this medicine you will see changes in your body very quickly in a short period of time. 

Also, above we have discussed about Sinkara Syrup which is one of the best effective herbal medicine for obesity. Cinkara drug is most effective if you want to gain weight permanently.

Zestab Syrup: This herbal syrup is prepared in a completely unani way. People have been using it for about 10 years. I think this medicine will be unique for those who really want to use herbal medicine to get fat permanently or gain body weight. Consuming this syrup will make your skinny slim body fat within few days. This is another best medicine to gain weight in just 7 days. Anyone can take this medicine with doctor's advice.

Name of the weight loss tablet

Now let's find out the name of the weight loss tablet - because many people don't want to take syrup. 

Zinkovit tablets

It is available in the market in both tablet and syrup form. You can eat whatever you like. It is one of the most effective medicines for permanent fat loss. Everyone can take this tablet for the problem of loss of appetite and weight. By consuming it, both weakness and fatigue will be removed from your body within a short time. Apart from fattening, it also solves vitamin related problems in your body. Consuming this tablet will make your body bones much stronger. It is one of the most effective herbal remedies for permanent weight gain in boys. 


Today's article was basically an organized article detailing the names of obesity drugs . Today's article will be very useful for those who want to gain weight permanently by taking herbal medicine and for guys who want to take 7 day weight gain medicine. If you read this article to the end, you will know more about the most effective weight loss pills and vitamin syrups for weight loss. But the point of caution is that you must consult a specialist doctor before consuming these medicines. We will not be responsible for any damage caused by consuming such medicines. Because we have collected this information from the internet. Thanks for reading today's article Weight Loss Medicines 2023 till the end

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