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Dear friends, I hope you are all well. In today's episode we will discuss  about rainy day romantic status . The feeling of a rainy day gives us a lot of joy. Many people don't want to miss this moment. Rainy day romantic moments are more or less loved by everyone. In today's new episode of Neoteric IT, you are treated with details about Facebook status about rain and feeling of rainy day with captions. 

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Thousands of status lovers search on Google with the feeling of a rainy day as a caption. In today's page I will try to discuss all serials one by one. A rainy day sentiment is an emotional response to the weather on a rainy day. This can vary from person to person, but is usually associated with feelings of ease, relaxation and sometimes depression. Some people may find the sound of rain and the fresh smell of air soothing, while others may find it depressing or depressing. You can download  romantic pictures of rain from our previous article.

Rainy Day Romantic Status - Romantic Texts About Rain

At the beginning of this article we will see  romantic status for rainy day . A rainy day can have a special and romantic atmosphere. They can create the perfect setting for a cozy and intimate moment between two people in love. The sound of falling rain and the fresh smell of the air can be soothing and relaxing, making it the perfect time for a romantic moment.

"Cuddled under a blanket, listening to the rain, and feeling grateful for the love we share. It's a perfect rainy day."
"Rainy day and you, the perfect combination for a relaxing and romantic day."
"There's nothing like cuddling up with you on a rainy day and watching the world outside our window."
"Rainy days are made for love and romance. Let's make the most of this one, my love."
"Raindrops and you, the perfect combination for a romantic and relaxing day."

❣❣ Today monsoon came,
The fair sky is cloudy,
It's raining now
If you remember me
Keep your eyes on the window. ❣❣

❣❣On a rainy wet rainy day..
Looking for you gently
How are you?
Bristi's rimjhim this time? ❣❣

❣❣ Cloudy cloudy sky..
Cold wind.
rain wet ga..
Feet wet in water..
The rain doesn't stop..
Water all around..
Hold your feet. ❣❣

❣❣ There are clouds in the sky today,
He was very angry.
Today or all day,
Ari with the sun.
Even the sun is proud,
doesn't want to get up
Is it raining on this occasion,
Great fun.❣❣

❣❣ Step by step filled around,
The rainy season has come.
Nadi nala thay thay, friend where are you?
Sometimes the sun gives ooky risk,
Friend, are you giving or cheating me.❣❣

❣❣ It's raining , dreams are gathering in the corners of my eyes,
I lost my way today in my mind.
I sing the song of rain in the early morning,
Welcome to the month of Asadha. ❣❣

❣❣Today I got wet in the rain
And I opened my heart and cried
No one could understand that it was mine
Tears are falling from the eyes
or tears
So when it rains, I am
I float myself in the rain water

❣❣ On a rainy afternoon,
The day when the rain falls in torrents,
On that day, with two hands full of rain-soaked flowers,
I will raise my hand at your door and say I have not forgotten you. ❣❣

❣❣ Looking bored... look away
Why are you making the rain crazy?
In the distance floating in the sink
With the gentle touch of the rain, it is filled with the vitality of green,

  1. ❣❣ Here in this city, the sound of rain does not come to the ears, when it comes, when it goes, it does not stay.
  2. ❣❣ Hearing the words, the flowers in the flower garden next to them laughed and swayed with joy and said as if, don't make any mistakes.
  3. ❣❣ The clouds of suffering fall as rain and turn the yellow color of the green leaves in this city which is removed in a moment.
  4. ❣❣ I tear the rose petals and float them in the water. Why do the memories stir again and again today?
  5. ❣❣ Village Badla fried rice and coconut in the days of the city people do not understand how it tastes.
  6. ❣❣ Jhoom rain is like the sound of Rinizhini Nupur is a wonderful creation that makes the mind go crazy. Bored and just looking inside, why is it so empty today?
  7. ❣❣ In the mechanical city, the shadow of the rain does not fall on anyone, busy with work, the romance of the rain does not come to mind.
  8. ❣❣ Rolling the tin rice, tap tap tap tap, increasing the rain drops. Lagai Choya.. Shital Parashe... Everything feels like smoke in the memory today.
  9. ❣❣ Without you today, I walk alone on the road, the wet ground is empty under my feet today
  10. ❣❣ In the blue sky, in the wind, in the clouds, in the sky, how many dreams are painted in rainbow colors in the sky.
  11. ❣❣ On a rainy day, I welcome the rain-soaked rays with new joy.
  12. ❣❣ I'm fine, I'm fine my friend.. Don't stay close, go far away, just stay in your heart, just stay in your heart. I'm fine, I'm fine my friend.
  13. ❣❣ Megh gur gur gur on a cloudy day, the black clouds are dressed with the sound of gurhum gurhum.
  14. ❣❣ I will be swept away by clouds in the land of Achinpur, I will travel from country to country in the guise of a princess.
  15. ❣❣ The cold air of a cloudy day, the chilly rain, I remember those days playing with the rain as a child
  16. ❣❣ Rimjhim Rimjhim Why don't I feel like anything but you on this cloudy day. The wind blows in the clouds, the mind wants to take you.

❣❣It is raining, it is raining

Rain falls on your body

Sight read Sight read

Look at your wet body

The rain fell and the steps fell

Rain falls on your wet lips

Look at the folds of the body

In your bare feet craft

❣❣It is raining heavily

Bad rain on your feet

you play with

Wish it was cloudy and rained in the afternoon

touch you a little

❣❣Rain of vision why stop the vision in my eyes on the way

Why do you bring down the rain inside me suddenly in the sunny afternoon?

When your sight becomes rain, my heart is wet

Then I want to stand by your side for a while//

❣❣Rain water design drawing rainy wet lonely afternoon

Bad rain on your feet

I write trouble in the book of clouds

You put rain on the eyelids

My sadness mixed with rain water

And you used to collect rain

The wet curves of your body

Draw rainwater patterns//

❣❣Megh's letter I wrote Megh's letter in your name Priya

I filled that letter in a sweet sunny envelope

When the sun runs out, the vision of darkness falls

Then it will rain letters to your address//

❣❣ Because of the steps of love, your feet are wet in the rain and you tremble when you are ashamed.

The flute of leaves is playing in my heart

I want it to rain in your yard

Or as a step of love, I can't reach you/

❣❣ Jhum after rain

If the sun ever comes home

I will think that you are Alolika

You have come to my beloved city

Just because you came

The sun again covered the face

In the lap of black clouds

❣❣If it rains, let me know 

Two people will walk under an umbrella

Walk around the city barefoot...

A rain-soaked love story 

I will write on the diary page. 

❣❣ Clouds are gathering on clouds..

Face covered in darkness..

The rain then poured down 

Blurred vision...

❣❣ Cloudy sky with raindrops 

Wet mirror...

familiar image,

Insufferable darling fools too 

The insignificant pen of messy words is the poet.

Known unknown address 

unfriendly entity,

In a wet paper boat 

Migrants' message.

❣❣Rain across the sky and rain wet mind,

My heart wants to be happy,

The blue sky is now black with clouds,

I'm fine, my friend, you're fine.

❣❣ Clear water, Bijuli Hane,

Pawan Matiche in the wild song, 

I have pain somewhere in my back.

Whose words wake up in the corner of the heart.

❣❣ Rain across the city today 

I like to get wet.

remember you 

Passionate about anger.

You are sitting alone 

The window is open.

You are my friend 

There is no one who forgets.

❣❣Suddenly found in the rain 

wet memories 

Let it be so wet 

forever with you 

The rest is from rain 

Apart from...

Rainy afternoon 

With a cup of hot coffee 

And the old diary 

open a page,

Self in old memories 

The name of loss is Nostalagia...

❣❣If it rains or not 

I love everyone 

I just sleep.

❣❣When your social in the rain 

Full of status.

The pavement dwellers then stopped the rain 

by praying

❣❣Rain suddenly 

across the city 

Passionate double-minded 

After being alone.

Rainy day romantic moment

One idea for a romantic moment on a rainy day is to cuddle together under a blanket while listening to the rain. This simple act can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere that can be perfect for a special moment. Whether it's a long conversation or simply enjoying the silence while being with each other, cuddling under a blanket can be a romantic and intimate experience.

Another idea for a romantic rainy day moment is to have a picnic in the park during the rain. It can be a unique and memorable experience for the couple. Although it may rain, couples can still enjoy a romantic meal together while surrounded by nature. They can bring a blanket and some sandwiches, fruit or chocolate and enjoy the food while watching the rain and feeling the fresh air. It is a special moment that they will remember for a long time.

Walking together in the rain can also be a romantic moment . Holding hands while walking down the street or in the park and feeling the raindrops on their skin can create a special and intimate atmosphere. It is a unique and unforgettable experience that can bring the couple closer.

Another idea is to watch a movie together while snuggling. Rainy days are perfect for staying inside, and what better way to pass the time than watching a movie together while cuddling up on the sofa. It can be a romantic and intimate moment, especially if they choose a movie that has a special meaning for them.

Cooking a hot meal together can also be a romantic moment. Rainy days are the perfect time to get together and cook a hot meal. Cooking together can be a fun and intimate experience that brings couples closer together. It can be a bonding experience that they will remember for a long time.

The most important thing about a rainy day romantic moment is that it is a shared experience. The couple can create a special and unforgettable memory together that they will cherish for a long time. Rainy days can be dark and gray, but with the right person, they can be romantic and intimate.

In conclusion, a rainy day romantic moment can be any special or intimate experience shared between two people on a rainy day. The sound of falling rain and the fresh smell of the air can be soothing and relaxing, making it the perfect time for a romantic moment. From cuddling together under a blanket to having a picnic in the park, walking together in the rain, watching a movie together or cooking a hot meal together, there are many ways to make a rainy day special and romantic. Most importantly it creates a shared experience and a special memory for the couple

Facebook status about rain

Facebook status about rain refers to a message or update that a person posts on their Facebook profile about the current weather condition of rain. These statuses can range from simply acknowledging the rain to expressing personal feelings and opinions about it.

A common type of Facebook status about rain is to observe the weather and share that information with friends and followers. For example, someone might post "Rainy day in the city! Bring an umbrella." Such statuses serve as a way to inform others about the current weather conditions and may encourage others to share similar observations.

Another type of Facebook status about rain is expressing personal feelings and opinions about the weather. For example, someone might post "Rainy days always make me feel so cozy and relaxed" or "Rainy days are the perfect excuse to stay inside and watch movies." Such statuses reveal a person's personal relationship with the weather and can help start conversations with friends and followers.

Many people use facebook status about rain to share their experiences and activities on rainy days. For example, someone might post "Enjoying a hot cup of tea and listening to the rain, perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon" or "Just got back from a nice walk in the rain, so refreshed!" Such statuses can serve as a way to share personal experiences and encourage others to do the same.

Some people use a Facebook status about rain to share a quote or a song related to the weather. For example, someone might post "Rainy days and Mondays always get me down" (Karen Carpenter song) or "I like people who get excited in the rain" (Paulo Coelho quote) as a way to share something that is meaningful to them. or find inspiring.

Facebook status about rain can be used to share weather pictures and videos. For example, one can post a picture of a rainy road or a video of the sound of rain falling. This type of status can be a great way to share the atmosphere and weather mood with friends and followers.

In conclusion, Facebook status about rain refers to a message or update that a person posts on their Facebook profile about the current weather condition of rain. These statuses can range from simply acknowledging the rain to expressing personal feelings and opinions about it. From observing the weather to sharing that information with friends and followers, expressing personal feelings, sharing experiences and activities, sharing quotes, songs or photos and videos, there are many ways to use Facebook to share and express rainy day experiences. .

"White clouds cover the sky
Belar has lost speed,
It's not sunny today
Take a break.”

Morning Rain Poems Morning Rain Poems Poems About Rain
"Sparkling rain comes,
standing by your side
I'm wet with you
It's like a new obsession."

Poem of sudden rain Poem of sudden rain
"The blue sky became cloudy,
It might rain
When you read me, remember
Keep your eyes on the window.”

Poems about rain Poems about rain Poems about rain
"Megh will go with you,
Shiel Kurabo floating in the wind.
the cloud will go with you
I will die in the cold air."

Rain wet poetry Rain wet poetry
"When your social status is flooded with rain.
The pavement dwellers then pray for the rain to stop.”

bristi kobita in bengalibristi kobita in bengali
“It is raining heavily
Sit quietly on the balcony
Wet crow wings
Jhapta Jhujhap
Memories of the past
The head spins."

Rain poetry Rain poetry
“After tip tip rain.
I am sitting alone at home.
how are you
Let me know by SMS.
thinking of you
I sent the message."

Caption about rain and tea

Captions about rain and tea will be discussed in this episode. A caption about rain and tea refers to a short statement or phrase used with a photo or video that captures the mood and atmosphere of drinking tea on a rainy day. Such captions can convey the feelings and emotions associated with this experience, as well as provide context and meaning for the image.

Some examples of captions about rain and tea might include "Rainy day, warm tea, cozy vibes" or "Nothing like a hot cup of tea to warm you up on a rainy day." These captions convey the soothing and comforting feelings associated with drinking tea on a rainy day

Another example of a caption might be "Rainy days and tea, the perfect pair" or "Rainy days were made for tea and a good book" which highlights the complementary nature of the two experiences and how they can go together.

Captions can be more reflective, such as "Rainy days remind me to slow down and enjoy a moment with a warm cup of tea" or "Rainy days are the perfect excuse for a hot cup of tea and some self-care." These captions capture the experience. Makes it more personal and reflective. 

Caption about winter rain

Dear friends in this episode of Neoteric IT we will see the caption about winter rain . Every human memory is plagued with rain. Although a person is grown up, his heart wants to get wet in the rain. Maybe many times he doesn't realize that he will be sick or he doesn't get wet in the rain due to busy work. So below are the best captions about some rain for you.

  • Let the rain fall all over the city, you find a place, let every drop of rain write, "I want you till the end!"
  • There are some people who feel the rain, while others just get wet.
  • I love the rain, because it sometimes makes me realize that there are sad days in the world.
  • After a day of rain, something good always awaits everyone.
  • After the rain, the sun will rise again, so after pain, happiness will come again
  • When clouds gather in the sky, just as the sky cries, in the mind also when clouds gather, the mind cries
  • Today there is a touch of rain in the sky, but there is a touch of pain in my heart.

Funny status about rain

This is our arrangement for those who regularly give funny captions on Facebook. In today's episode, I have brought some of the best statuses for you. That's funny to me. I have appeared with many beautiful and best saved captions or statuses in this episode with funny status about rain . Let's see one by one. 

Heartburn when it rains
I don't understand my great aunt.
Don't let the girl marry him,
So spend time today,
With a big cloth doll.


go to friend's house
There was no car on the way.
rain on the way
I see my friend on the street,
A blue saree has fallen.


Knowledge of the knowledge of the frog on a rainy day.
If the wife stays at home all day,
These two words sound like locks.
That's why it seems like I close my ears.

The one who is in charge of the rain today probably fell asleep in the same way that the traffic police fell asleep after stopping the car at some traffic signals in Dhaka city.
Otherwise how can it fall at the same speed...

On the occasion of this romantic weather-
Friends hanging many girls
I took the list!

When girls run in the rain, they get butterflies
Permission is required to follow them!!

When will this Anant - Monsoon movie end today??!!!! I will drown !!!!!

Be careful Mia-Bibi,
No matter how mischievous the weather may be, the fast should not be light. ;)

have faith
In low water rickshaws,
More water in the boat!

dear boy
I see the rain..... I see alone.... with the washed tea......
- It's over
the girl

My whole day is cloudy
I gave you the rain.

What is the status of the beehive Malibag today? Have you sunk?
Is the submarine running properly there? :v

rain like rain
Unlimited rain on 4G speed

It is Dhaka or Cox's Bazar! You can visit this urban sea.
Thanks to the rain, for bringing the feeling of the sea to Dhaka itself

What is the condition of Mouchak-Mogbazar area residents???
Are you ok???
A live one wouldn't be bad

Romantic poem about rain

In this episode of Neoteric IT you will get to know  romantic poems about rainabout Lovers of poetry make poems at any romantic moment, it feels good to wear and share that poem at that moment. In today's episode, Aman appeared with some beautiful poems. A "romantic poem about rain" is a literary work that uses imagery and figurative language to convey the beauty and emotional resonance of rain in a romantic context. The poem can describe rain as a symbol of cleansing and renewal or as a metaphor for a lover's tears. It can also depict the physical sensation of raindrops on the skin, or the soothing sound of raindrops hitting the ground. The poem is longing, Can also express emotions such as nostalgia or loneliness. It is a way for the poet to express his feelings towards the rain and the emotions it evokes. The poem can also describe rain as a symbol of emotional closeness between two people or a desire for someone's presence. Poetry can also describe the beauty of nature around us, the smell of wet soil and the sound of thunder. It can be sad or happy, it can be a reflection of a past love or a present love. Poems related to rain are a way for poets to express their feelings and emotions towards rain, nature and love.

“After tip tip rain.
I am sitting alone at home.
how are you
Let me know by SMS.
thinking of you
I sent the message."

"Clouds on clouds..
Face covered in darkness..
The rain then poured down
Blurred vision."

"Intoxicated by this rain,
I want to lose my mind.
beyond all limits,
I want only you."

"If it rains, let me know
Let's walk together under an umbrella,
Walk around the city barefoot.
rain wet love story,
I will write it down in the diary."

"Rain outside rain inside
wet wet mind
At the door of the mind, at the corner of the eye
You all the time.”

"If it rains again,
I will be your first.
Like a worn saree
Embrace your body."

Things that are good to forget,
Shravan brings them back, the rain falls...
Wasted work, wasted dress, wasted whole day,
Is this hearing terrible, Maydaya Hina...

"Even if it rains,
that every drop of rain,
Find your pulse!”

"If flowers can teach love,
If the moon could wake up the night.
If the clouds can rain..
However! can't you..
to adopt me.”

"Rain means feeling,
Someone is with you.
Rain means new,
wave of love
Rain means hidden in the mind,
hope to have
Rain is given by a friend.
A little love.”

Rain drops on the glass
No more drawing watermarks.
There were many stories
Stay! You don't understand.!”

A lonely traveler on life's path,
No one was with...
Hidden in the stormy eyes,
I broke all the waves in my chest...

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