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It is said that “Content is the King” In today's age there really is no substitute for content in running a business or any other field. After all the content. We are all fairly familiar with the term content. We see, hear, read content every day even if we don't know anything at all. For example, the content you are reading now is also included in the content. In this age of internet, the demand for content is huge. Content has become a major source of income. Currently, many small and large companies or business organizations use different types of content to promote their products or services online.

How To Learn Content Writing - Content Writing Rules - content writing shikhar upay -

Today we will discuss what is content, what is content writing, what is a content writer, what are the types of content, whether it is possible to earn by writing content. Moreover, after reading this article, I can easily learn how to earn by writing content. So let's go to the main discussion. Through this article from Neoteric IT today, you  can get a complete idea about  how to learn content writing .

How to learn content writing, how to start content writing?

First let's know the details about the content. Because little knowledge is terrible!

What is the content? 

Generally, the various stories, images, audios, videos, etc. that we see, hear, or read on social media or the Internet are basically content. Content is an English word, which in Bengali means content. Simply put, content is any medium through which a subject can be beautifully expressed or described in detail. Moreover, content is a beautiful medium to express your creativity. 

What is content writing?

Content writing is to describe a topic beautifully and present it through simple writing that anyone who reads it will be able to know about something very easily. It can be on any subject. If we want to know about a subject, the articles or writings that come in front of us after searching on Google and we find our correct information are each content and content writing is content writing. In simple terms, content writing is the art of presenting information on one or more topics to the reader through writing. 

How many types of content?

There are mainly four types of content:
  1. Text content
  1. Audio content
  1. Video content
  1. Image content
What is text content?
Any type of text that can be read is called text content. For example, blog posts, newspapers, pamphlets, etc. are text content.

What is audio content?
When a sound, sound or speech is recorded or broadcast live, it is called audio content. For example, the audio we listen to in a music player, an event or a program broadcast on the radio, these are audio content.

What is video content?
When a moving image is captured and published using a camera or software, it is called video content. For example, the videos we watch on YouTube, or whatever we watch on TV or in the cinema, are all video content.

What is the content of the image?
When something is expressed through images it is called image content. For example, the images you see on social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. are image content. The characteristic of image content is that the image must contain a message that indicates something.
All remaining content types fall into any one of the four content types above.
  • Vlogging content
  • Write a magazine in a newspaper
  • of a book
  • Content with reviews
  • Written content describing a business's products
  • Content with a video script
  • A description of a YouTube video is also a type of content.
All these together can be called digital content. Many people are earning by creating content on various social media.

Content writing rules, how to learn content writing?

In this episode you will know  the rules of content writing . If you want to learn content writing or want to become a content writer, the poison that should be prioritized is practice. You cannot become a content writer without regular practice. Because, Practice Makes a Man Perfect . Here are some things you need to practice:

How To Learn Content Writing - Content Writing Rules - content writing shikhar upay -


There is no alternative to reading. The more you read, the more you will learn. If you want to write content, you need to read a lot. The more you read, the more you'll get an idea of ​​how to write. So writing will become easier for you. Always read books, articles, blog posts etc. on the topic you want to write about. Read more than write. Then it will be easier for you to create content. 


You should write something every day. At first you may not be good at writing or you may not be able to write much, but you have to write. For writing you can start writing on simple topics like, about yourself, about family, dear friends etc. Write an article of 100 words in the first month, 200 words in the next month, 500 words in the next month and gradually increase the number of words. If you continue to practice like this, you will see in a while, you can easily write an article of 2000 words.


Before writing about any topic, research it. Check various blog posts, Wikipedia, books, newspapers etc. to know the real information. Use your thinking power to verify which information is correct and which information is incorrect. Research and write articles like this.

How to earn content writing?

Can you really earn money by writing content? Yes, it goes. First of all we said that nowadays content stands as a major medium of income. You won't be short of work writing content, if you can find it. Below is some light on this: 

Earn By Blogging:

If you can write content, you can open a website and earn money by writing adsense, affiliate or other ways. If you don't have your own blog, you can earn money by writing on other people's blogs. There are many websites that pay for writing articles. You can start blogging by knowing  the easy way to earn by creating a website .

Earn as a Content Writer:

If you are good at content writing, you can earn a job. There are many digital marketing or content writing agencies where content writers are hired. Many companies themselves hire content writers to write regularly on their social media or other platforms. 

Earn Freelance as a Content Writer:

After learning content writing, you can create accounts in freelancing marketplaces like Fiber, Freelancer, Upwork etc. and earn good money by writing content for different clients. But for that you need to stay updated and stay active. With content writing services , you can create a social account and continue working. Or you can join our Neoteric IT as a writer. 

Writing in Journals or Publishing Books:

If you are good at writing, you can earn by writing in various magazines, and if you want, you can earn by publishing a book yourself.

So this was our discussion today about the way to learn content writing and the rules of content writing. Ask any question in the comments. 

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