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Dear friends, let's know the best 12 easy ways to learn English. In this episode you will know the easy ways to learn English language. Learn English

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Easy way to learn English :  English is a fun language if you have interest in this language. English is used as the second mother tongue in the world. Learning English has become a necessity for the people of every country. English is called an international language because of its wide usage.

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Easy way to learn English

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In today's article I will discuss some simple ways or techniques to learn English. Today's entire article is about how to learn English easily.

12 Best Easy Ways to Learn English 

Dear friends, let's know  the best 12 easy ways to learn English   . In this episode you will  know the easy ways to learn  English language .

1. Read whatever you can get your hands on

You read literature, newspapers, social media news feeds and emails in English. When reading something there will be new words and some old words that you have learned in the past. 

An easy way to learn English is to read English articles. It will help you learn English. By reading more and more, you will know where and how the words read in the past are used. 

2. Note the new vocabulary

English Noting down new vocabulary is an ancient technique for learning English. When you read an article you will find old words as well as some important new words. Then you need to take note of the new words with meaning and know their usage well. The origin of the word should be known.

3. Talk to people for real

Language is actually used to communicate. If you want to learn it but don't interact with people then tell me how. Talk to people in English and listen to what people are saying even if you don't understand. 

You can take English courses online or take English classes anywhere where English is the main language. This is the easiest way to learn English. If you adopt simple techniques to learn English, you can learn English quickly.

4. Subscribe to various English YouTube channels and podcasts

You will find various channels on YouTube that make good English videos on cooking, blogging and politics. You can watch the videos of this YouTube channel regularly to learn English and notice how English words are pronounced. This will be one of the ways to learn English.

5. Making English friends

If your country's language is not English, you can make friends who live in English-speaking countries. From Facebook you can easily find friends from countries whose language is English. 

You can easily make friends from the US and Canada using social media and practice learning English by talking to them on video calls or audio calls. There are many such apps available where you can practice speaking English.

6. Partner made

You can make friends who like you want to learn English or who are interested in learning English. You can join an English club and find someone there. 

You can encourage each other and solve your problems through discussion. In this way, English should be practiced regularly with a partner. This is a very effective strategy for learning English.

7. Learning English Grammar 

The most important technique to learn English is to learn English grammar. English grammar is of immense importance for speaking and writing English. If you don't understand basic grammar, you won't be able to speak English very well and you won't develop English writing skills. 

If you want to speak and write English well, you must learn and practice some important English grammar topics. 

One of the most important grammar topics in learning the English language is knowing Tense. Once you get the hang of it, you can speak and write English very easily. Then you should have a clear idea about English Parts of Speech.

8. Learning English using a translator

If you search on Google, you will find many translator websites or software that you can use to learn English very easily. This is an easy way to learn English in this age of information technology. 

You can easily learn the words that you speak in your daily life or the words that your family members speak using the translator. Also, when you get stuck in speaking English, you can learn it very easily using this kind of translator. 

In a word, this is the best strategy to learn English. Anyone can learn English using it.

9. Practice, practice, practice

Practice or practice is the main mantra of learning something. So to learn English you need to practice regularly. The new English words that you will learn daily must be practiced by speaking English over and over again. 

Besides, if you want to speak English fluently, you need to practice speaking regularly. The English grammar you learn must be practiced by speaking. If you want to become proficient in English writing, you must practice writing regularly. 

At least 500 words should be written daily on any one topic. If you continue to practice like this, you can learn English very easily. These are simple techniques to learn English. You won't find an easier way to learn English than this.

10. Watch English movies with subtitles

This might be one of the best strategies for learning English for you. Those who like to watch movies can download and watch movies with English subtitles and learn English at the same time. Learning English by watching English movies will be very easy for you. 

11. Listen to English regularly

This is an easy way to learn English. You don't just have to speak English to learn English, you also have to listen to English. Before becoming a good English speaker, one must be a good English listener. 

You can develop English listening skills by watching English songs or any video.

When you go to speak in English, you need to listen to the other person and understand what they are saying, not just you. 

And you can acquire this understanding skill very easily by acquiring the skill of listening well in English.

12. Don't be afraid of mistakes

When learning English first you will make many mistakes and people may laugh at you. So you can't listen to these things. Focus on learning English instead of paying attention to who is talking about you.

No matter how many mistakes you make in the first stage of learning English, you should continue this practice regularly. You need to overcome the fear of speaking English first. Learn English regularly and practice them, then correct them if you make mistakes and continue to learn and speak English again.


I hope you like today's article about easy ways to learn English. This article today discusses about easy ways to learn English. If you can follow the above strategies then you can learn English very easily. You will benefit a lot if you read this article on how to learn English to the end.

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