Ways to score well in exams | Ways to get good results in university

How to get good results in the exam? Among many students, there is this question. Just by adopting some techniques we can get a good result

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How to get good results in the exam? Among many students like me, there are such questions, it is unusual not to have. And finding the answer to this normal question often becomes unusual. There is no magic required to score well in exams. We can get a good result just by adopting some techniques. Dear friends in this episode of Neoteric IT you will know  about the way to get good result in exam

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It is good to say that no one can achieve good results without hard work. There are many of us who do not get up from the reading table without sleep, food or need. But many of us wish we could do better results with less effort. Yes, it is possible. However, for this we have to follow some simple techniques, following which we can get good results no matter what.
These techniques are not very difficult. We just have to maintain the continuity of each work. Doing these things regularly will eventually become a habit. This habit will help us not only in good results but also in building our career.

So let's start the discussion.

The topics we will discuss today are :

  • Ways to improve National University results
  • National University Account Evaluation Procedure
  • Honors is the way to get good results
  • Ways to get good results by reading less

Ways to get good results in university:

Many of us cannot get good results in university despite studying well . Because after passing primary, secondary, higher secondary and then HSC level, everyone's interest in studying does not work by doing a kind of hard work.

We who are doing honors in Philosophy, History, History of Islam, Bengali, Psychology etc subjects. There are many of us who study very well or take very good exams but the results are not good? But why not? How can you study well? How to get good marks in the exam?

Ways to score well in National University:

  • First read all the very short boards and also read 99% of suggestions important questions.
  • Then write the important questions and 99% of the suggested questions of the B and C sections of the board in the notebook and note the very important questions separately.
  • Read them in such a way that you can write well if it comes to the exam.
  • And from the rest of the questions that are written in the book, except the questions of the previous year of the year in which you will take the exam, take a rough idea of ​​the rest so that the writing does not stop even in the exam.

How to write the exam for good results:

Maintaining time in the exam is very important. We have to answer each question keeping track of time. So the time should be determined how much time will be given to a question.
Based on my actual experience, I have given the time distribution for the exam:--
  • 1:30 minutes for sections A and B including reading the question.
  • 2:30 minutes for 5 questions of 30 minutes per question for Section C.
  • Total == 4:00 hrs.
  • First write the (a)-section. Very clearly and carefully note the spellings.
  • Then write (B)-Section. Write those which you read very well first. But for B-Section write maximum 1-2 pages. If there is a question of stap, give maximum 4-5 stap.
  • Finally, write section C. Write the ones you are good at first. Give maximum 12 steps with introduction, conclusion for each step question.
  • The page will depend on the handwriting, because the handwriting can be small or large. But maximum 5-6 pages are enough. And write the steps clearly and underline them with pencil/pen.
  • Try to answer all the questions as possible.
  • Whether the handwriting is beautiful or not, write the writings quickly so that the beauty of the ledger is maintained.

National University Grading System:

  • 80 or above = A+ = 4.00 or 1st division
  • 75 to 79 = A = 3.75 or 1st division
  • 70 to 74 = A- = 3.50 or 1st division
  • 65 to 69 = B+ = 3.25 or 1st division
  • 60 to 64 = B = 3.00 or 1st division
  • 55 to 59 = B- = 2.75 or 2nd division
  • 50 to 54 = C+ = 2.50 or 2nd division
  • 45 to 49 = C = 2.25 or 2nd division
  • 40 to 45 = D = 2.00 or 3rd division
  • 39 to 0 = Fail = 0.00

Ways to score well in Honours:

Dear friends, this time you can know  the important points about  how to get good results in honors .

Note to be made:

Note reading is very useful for good results. From what I read, the important points should be noted immediately. By doing this we will remember the reading and it will be convenient to revise.

Group Study:

Group study is very important for good results. Discussing together will help us understand the reading better.

Time Management in Exam Hall:

I have said before that if we cannot do time management, we will not be able to answer all the questions. So we have to write the exam keeping in mind the time so that the answer to a question is not left out. There is no need to write anything extra in the exam book.

Write serially in exam book:

Many of us write one answer from here, one from there, which causes irritation to the teacher while cutting the notebook. Therefore, we often get less numbers. So our questions should be written serially.

Avoid Spelling Mistakes in Exam Book:

Try as much as possible to minimize spelling errors and omissions in the examination book.
Account should be presented nicely. A well-organized presentation in the examination book attracts the attention of the teachers, which helps in getting more marks. So we have to present the text in a neat way, so that the teacher can easily understand the subject and look good.

Ways to score well in exams by reading less:

99 percent of us students want to read less, how to get good results in the exam? Basically we want to get better results by reducing education. Now we will discuss some of the best ways to get good results in exams by reading less. In this post, this part will be a little bigger than the other part, so read with a little patience. It is important for everyone to know. 
If you ask me, is it really possible to get a good result in the exam by reading a little? I would say yes possible. Here we will discuss ten tips and tricks which will help us to get better results in less reading. If we apply these tips before the exam. Then hopefully our test results will be very good, it must be.

Setting small goals:

First of all we have to decide on a course of study. At the beginning, a goal should be set as to how much part of the subject should be completed in how much time. But keep in mind that they are not unrealistic. Setting the goal of finishing a lot of reading in a short period of time will not help; Rather, not being able to complete the work within the specified time will lead to frustration.

Making a reading plan:

Many of us finish the whole year thinking that we will study today or tomorrow, but our studies never get done. More or less everyone has experienced the plight of studying for the night before an exam. Therefore, a study plan should be prepared at the beginning of the year. This plan will also help you utilize the time to the fullest.

Taking short breaks between reading:

We often get tired or bored after reading for long periods of time. Then the interest in reading no longer works. Remember that our brain also needs some rest. Then taking a short break of 5-10 minutes to talk to someone, or listen to a song helps us recharge. But while taking this break we have to keep in mind that this break should not turn into several hours instead of 10 minutes.

Learn about new technologies:

Now education is not limited to traditional textbooks. Online education is very popular now. We can enjoy our studies through PDF, blogs, YouTube classes. 

Group Study:

Group study is always a very fruitful method. Although it is not always possible for us to meet. Thanks to technology, it is now not necessary to meet for group study. It can be done through various online apps. As a result, the possibility of group study turning into a chat also decreases.

Read story by story:

Everyone likes to read or listen to stories. So, if we make the study like a story, then it is very easy to beat the boredom.

Creating routines:

It is very important to make study into a routine to get good results. So, create a routine; You should follow that routine even if it is a little bit here and there.

Seeking help from teachers:

If we don't understand anything clearly in class or after exams, even if we need help with our study plan, then going to the teacher/teacher is the best and most effective way.

Check yourself:

We have to prepare ourselves mentally for the exam. And there is no alternative to give various model tests or quizzes for this preparation. So, to achieve good results in exams, we have to test ourselves.

Keeping positive attitude:

We have to believe in ourselves. By accepting the failures, we should focus more on the achievements. we can

So this was our discussion on how to get good results in the exam . Hope you have understood how to score well in the exam. If you have any questions about this or any other topic, please comment below. We look forward to your questions. 

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