Land rent rules 2023 | Online land rent payment rules 2023

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Land rent has now become mandatory in Bangladesh and land rent is being paid online. But many people do not know  the rules of paying land rent online .

Land Rent Payment Rules 2023 - Online Land Rent Payment Rules 2023 - jomir khajna online -

It has been made compulsory for every citizen to pay rent. Land revenue must be paid according to the ownership of the land. If the land is not paid, the government is not responsible if the land is expropriated later. If you keep paying the land rent in the right way, then any kind of problem can be taken care of later. 

The manner in which rent was charged in the past is no longer being charged in that manner. Now payment of land rent must be done online. So today's post will try to discuss the rules of paying land rent , what happens if land rent is not paid, where to pay land rent and what papers are required to pay land rent. So let's find out without delay:-

What happens if the land rent is not paid? 

Payment of land development tax has been made mandatory by the government. But there are many who do not pay the rent even after the specified time. Therefore, it is important to know that if a person does not pay the land rent after the specified time, then there can be a certificate case against him. Moreover, if a person has not paid rent for three consecutive years, then his land will be considered as Khas. Then the government can auction his land if he wants. Therefore, if there is any land in one's village, one must pay regular rent and protect one's land. Currently, it is possible to pay land rent at home through online. 

Ways to Pay Rent Online - Online Land Rent Payment Rules 2023

Due to irregularities in the land offices, land rent is now collected only through online. Paying the rent at the land office had to face many problems and suffer a lot, due to which many people think that paying the rent online is more convenient. Rent can now be paid in a very easy way through online. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to pay land rent online:-

Step 1: To pay land tax online, first  go directly to the land development website using this link . After going to land development website, go to home from here. Then click on Online Land Development Tax button. 

Step 2: After clicking on the Online Land Development Tax button, another page will appear. From here mobile number, national identity card number and date of birth should be mentioned. Then all the information of your ID card will come here. 

Step 3: Click on the next step button and an OTP code will be sent to the mobile number given here. Now you have to put the OTP code in this place. Once the OTP code is given click on the verify button. 

Step 4: Enter the password from here and confirm the password. Then click on connect button from here. Once clicked, profile and khatian need to be updated. To do this, click directly on the profile. As soon as you click on the profile option, another new page will appear in front of you. From here you have to update the profile with all correct information. 

Step 5: Then directly from here you have to go to Khatian option. After clicking on Khatian option, another page will appear and many information will be shown here. Here your job is to give everything you want to see correctly. In particular, Khatian number, house holding number and Mouza must be mentioned here. Anyone can easily download the Khatian number document from here. 

Step 6: Now go to the payment option to pay the land rent. Select the payment option button from citizen corner. Once selected, another new page will appear in front of you. Here some more information is needed including category selection. After entering all the information here, click on the search button. 

Step 7: After clicking on the search button, another page will appear in front of you. Here you can see many other types of information including the name of the owner. Moreover, there is another option to verify NID card from here you have to verify NID card. NID number and age must be mentioned for NID card verification. Then you have to click on next button. 

Step 8: Now you will be brought to another page and here you can see how much land you have or what percentage of land is there. If you have not paid rent for a long time, you can check it from here. Now from here you have to select online payment option. Now select single owner and click on payment option and go to verify e-payment option. Then you can pay for the land rent very easily by following some guidelines with the Bikash number. Finally, you will be given a receipt which should be printed and kept because this is the land rent receipt. 

Land Rent Payment Rules 2023 - Online Land Rent Payment Rules 2023 - jomir khajna online -

What papers are required to pay land rent? 

If you want to pay the land rent, you should not only ask the land officer. Some documents are required to pay land rent. All these documents must be carried at the time of payment of rent or required if paying online. Below are the documents required to pay land rent:-

  • You will need the latest khatian or parcha of your land. 
  • The person whose name appears in the khatian or parcha will need a national identity card. 
  • An active mobile number is required to pay land rent. 

If you want to pay land rent through online then these three documents are required. 

Where to pay land rent 

Due to corruption in the land ministry office, many people are now paying the land rent online. Also, by paying the land rent online, they can print the rent receipt. Which is possible to do without any kind of suffering and trouble. If you want to pay land tax online, you can go directly to this website and pay according to the above rules.

Our last words 

If you have land, you must pay rent is the rule given by the government. If you pay the land rent according to the specified time, the land security is given by the government. Therefore, those who have already known about the rules of paying land rent can pay the land rent by sitting at home. If you have any kind of difficulty in understanding any topic after reading the post, you can certainly tell through comments. thank you

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