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Today LPG Gas Price 2023 article discusses gas prices of various companies in detailToday's LPG Gas Price 2023 | The price of cylinder gas 2023 - lpg

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Today's LPG Gas Price 2023 - lpg gas price -

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is an important source of energy for households and businesses in Bangladesh. It is commonly used for cooking, heating and various industrial applications. LPG gas prices have a significant impact on the daily life and budget of consumers. In this article, we will explore LPG gas prices in Bangladesh for 2023, focusing on the 12 kg cylinder size, which is widely used by households.

Current price of LPG gas in Bangladesh

Currently, the price of a 12 kg LPG gas cylinder in Bangladesh is Tk 999. This represents a reduction of Rs 75 over the previous price. Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) determines the price of LPG gas based on the weight of the cylinder. In March this year, the price of a 12 kg LPG gas cylinder was Tk 1,074. Bangladesh Energy Agency has significantly reduced the price of LPG gas this month.

Non-deterministic value problem

For months, consumers have been facing difficulty in buying LPG gas at fixed prices. Many retailers are selling cylinder gas at exorbitant prices in the market creating frustration among consumers. To solve this problem, BERC announced in a press conference that the price of 12 kg cylinder will be fixed at Rs.999. The aim of this system is to ensure that consumers can buy cylinder gas at a fair price.

Bashundhara Cylinder Gas Price in 2023

Bashundhara is one of the most popular LPG gas brands in Bangladesh. However, its price is relatively high compared to other options available in the market. Currently, a 12 kg Bashundhara LP gas cylinder is selling for Rs 1,100 to 1,200. Other brands of gas are available for around Rs 1,200. The 30 kg Bashundhara LP gas cylinder is priced at Rs 3,300 to Rs 3,500, while the 45 kg cylinder is available at Rs 4,660. It is important to note that Bashundhara gas prices may fluctuate in the future due to market conditions and various costs.

Today's LPG Gas Price 2023 - lpg gas price -

12kg LP Gas Price Change for 2023

The price of 12 kg LP gas cylinder has come down as compared to the previous price. Earlier the price was Rs 1,422, the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) headed by Chairman Nurul Amin announced a reduction in the price of 12 kg cylinder by Rs 244. As a result, LP fuel gas is now available in the market at Tk 1,176.

The price of cylinder gas is 2023

Dear friends, this episode is for those who want to know about cylinder gas price 2023. Bashundhara is the most widely used fuel gas in Bangladesh. Compared to other gases, this gas is sold more in the market. But the price of this gas is very high. 12 kg Bashundhara LP gas is being sold at Tk 1100-1200 in the current market. Where other gas is available at 1200 taka. The price of 30 kg Bashundhara LP Gas has been fixed at Tk 3300-3500. And 45 kg Bashundhara LP gas is available in the market for Tk 4660. However, the price of Bashundhara gas may increase or decrease in the future depending on the market type and various costs.

LP Gas Company in Bangladesh

For customers seeking information about LP gas companies in Bangladesh, here are the details of Bashundhara LP Gas Limited, a prominent provider:

Company Name: Bashundhara LP Gas Limited.

Cylinder weight: 12 kg, 30 kg and 45 kg

Address: Plot # 56/A, Block # C, 2nd Avenue, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka 1229

Phone: +880 2 8431256, +880 2 8431257, 8431258, +88 01938-873244, 01938-878795, 01975-559914, 01938-8787

Factory Location: Bashundhara LP Gas Limited, Mongla Port Industrial Area, Mongla, Bagerhat, Bangladesh

Phone: 04662-75377, 75134-5

Hotline: 16339

Official Website:

LP Gas Cylinder Weight and Sales Price in 2023

Different weights of LP gas cylinders are available in Bangladesh, each with its own price. Here is a list of weight and selling price of LP, LPG and fuel gas cylinders offered by Bashundhara Limited:

5.5 kg cylinder: Rs.594

12 kg cylinder: Rs 1,074

12.5 kg cylinder: Rs 1,351

15 kg cylinder: Rs 1,621

16 kg cylinder: Rs 1,729

18 kg cylinder: Rs 1,946

20 kg cylinder: Rs 2,162

22 kg cylinder: Rs 2,378

25 kg cylinder: Rs 2,702

30 kg cylinder: Rs 3,128

33 kg cylinder: Rs 3,243

35 kg cylinder: Rs 3,783

45 kg cylinder: Rs 4,864

Indian LPG Gas Price in 2023

Apart from discussing the price of LPG gas in Bangladesh, it is also interesting to compare it with the price of neighboring countries like India. Here is a list of latest Indian LPG gas prices for 2023:

  1. City LPG (₹/Cylinder)
  2. Kolkata 1,079.00
  3. Guwahati 1,102.00
  4. Patna 1,151.00
  5. Bangalore 1,055.50
  6. Mumbai 1,052.50
  7. Delhi 1,053.00
  8. Ranchi 1,110.50
  9. Mysuru 1,057.50
  10. Nagpur 1,104.50
  11. Nashik 1,056.50
  12. Noida 1,050.50
  13. 1,056.00 in Pune
  14. Raipur 1,124.00
  15. Rajkot 1,058.00
  16. Lucknow 1,090.50
  17. Salem 1,086.50
  18. Shimla 1,098.50
  19. Srinagar 1,169.00
  20. Surat 1,058.50
  21. 1,052.50 in Thane
  22. Thiruananthapuram 1,062.00
  23. Vadodara 1,059.00
  24. Varanasi 1,116.50
  25. Visakhapatnam 1,062.00
  26. Ghaziabad 1,050.50
  27. Ahmedabad 1,060.00
  28. Allahabad 1,105.50
  29. Bhubaneswar 1,079.00
  30. Chandigarh 1,062.50
  31. Chennai 1,068.50
  32. 1,082.00 of Coimbatore
  33. Dehradun 1,072.00
  34. Erode 1,087.50
  35. Faridabad 1,054.50
  36. Madurai 1,094.00
  37. Gurugram 1,061.50
  38. Hyderabad 1,105.00
  39. Jaipur 1,056.50
  40. Jammu 1,104.50
  41. Kanpur 1,068.00
  42. Kolhapur 1,055.50
  43. Kozhikode 1,061.50
  44. Agra 1,065.50
  45. Ludhiana 1,080.00

It is important to note that these prices are subject to change and may vary based on local factors and market conditions.


In this article, we have given a brief overview of today's LPG gas price 2023 in Bangladesh for 2023 . The price of a 12 kg cylinder has been reduced compared to the previous price, the current price is Rs.999. We also discuss the challenges faced by consumers due to non-fixed pricing and mention the efforts of regulatory agencies to ensure fair pricing. Additionally, we have highlighted Bashundhara Gas price and different cylinder weights provided by LP Gas Company in Bangladesh. Finally, we have provided a comparison of LPG gas prices in India for reference.

Please note that the prices mentioned in this article are based on information available at the time of writing and are subject to change. It is recommended to check with local suppliers or official sources for the most up-to-date prices.

We hope this article has provided valuable insight into LPG Gas Price in Bangladesh for 2023. Be aware of your energy needs and make decisions.

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