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Small business basically means small business. If the small business list is done then many business ideas will come forward. So some profitable business ideas out of these business ideas will be discussed in today's post.

List of 10 Profitable Small Businesses - small businesses -

Even though the education rate has increased in our country, the unemployment rate has not decreased. As the education rate increases, so does the unemployment rate. Many students do not get their desired job after completing their studies. Due to which they are getting very disappointed after completing their studies. Many people are thinking of doing business but due to lack of proper guidance they are not able to succeed in business. So the advice for them is that you can start a business by targeting any one business idea from the list of small businesses in the first stage. Below is a list of some of the best profitable small businesses:-

1. Juicebar business idea 

Most of us eat junk food now. Junk food also includes many types of juice. Bottling these juices are not so good for our health. So taking advantage of this opportunity, looking at a good place in the market, a juice bar shop with organic fruits can be provided. Here, the materials needed to make the fruit juice, and a good juicer machine. Pineapple juice, grape juice, mango juice, and many other seasonal fruits that can be made into juice and served to customers.

2. Raw materials can be traded 

Raw material business can be done with very less capital. In the first stage those who want to do business with less capital can target the raw material business. There is no need to open a shop to trade in raw materials. Raw materials can be sold by looking at any place in the big haats. In this case, your job will be to collect good raw materials at wholesale prices from the raw materials warehouse. Then all these raw materials can be taken to the market and sold. In this case, it is better if you have an arrangement to provide a shop. It is possible to earn 1000 to 1500 rupees daily easily by doing this business. So if you find small business list you can do this business. 

3. Business with tea shops 

Tea business is a very profitable business. If a tea shop can be offered by looking at a good location then good profit is possible. The cost of setting up a tea shop may be around 30 to 40 thousand rupees. If the quality of the tea in your shop is complete, then the shop will become popular in a short time. Also, another advantage of tea business is that you can earn some money from here every day, through which the business capital will increase.

4. Food hotel business 

Food hotel business is another profitable business nowadays. Now people are so busy with work that they don't have time to prepare food due to which many times eat out. Looking for a good hotel to eat out. 

So if a good place can provide food hotel and if the quality of food can be improved then the customer will come to the hotel. In this case, you just need to do a few things. For example:-

  • ➡️ Good cook should be taken in the hotel. 
  • ➡️ Materials for preparing food should be given to the cook. 
  • ➡️ You have to sit and calculate in the shop sometimes. 

A known relative of mine gave a food hotel three years ago now he earns more than 3 lakh rupees per month from the food hotel. So by now you must have understood that food hotel business is currently a very profitable business. 

5. Fish wholesale business 

Fish wholesale is a very profitable business among small businesses. If you want to do wholesale business of fish, you have to buy fish outside or from the pond at wholesale price and sell them in the village market. Suppose you buy 50 kg of fish at the rate of Tk 200 per kg. Even if you are selling them in the market at the rate of 250 taka per kg, but here you are making a profit of 2500 taka. As a result, you are getting good profit from here every day and later you can do the business on a large scale. In this case, your target should be to supply good fish to the customers at a low price. Then it will be possible to do something good by doing wholesale fish business in a very short time. 

6. Super shop business 

Super shop business is one of the list of small businesses. Because there is a huge demand for super shops at present. So a super shop store can be given on a small scale using this opportunity. Later if the store gets a good response then the store can be enlarged. Many people are doing the super shop business now. If you start the business according to the right plan, it is possible to go far. So if you think to start the business with less capital, then you can start the super shop business. 

7. Palm molasses business idea 

The palm molasses business can be very profitable in winter. Because all kinds of pies are made with date jaggery in winter. But there are many unscrupulous traders in our country who sell adulterated dates with molasses. So if you can supply good unadulterated date jaggery in the market at low price then there will be no dearth of customers. This business can be started with very little capital. If you don't have your own tree then you can directly buy date molasses and patali from Jessore and sell it. If you can become popular once by doing the business then you can earn lakhs of rupees in one season. 

8. Duck business idea 

Duck business can be very profitable for those who live in villages and whose houses are near rivers and streams. Duck meat is much tastier than chicken meat due to which there is a huge demand for duck meat. Also, duck eggs act as medicine for various diseases in our body. Duck eggs and duck meat are a great source to fill up body weakness and calcium deficiency. So you can easily start this business with 100 to 200 ducklings if you want. If ducks are reared with proper care, they will get good results in a short period of time. 

9. Trade in children's products 

The price of children's products in Bangladesh is increasing with time. So, this opportunity can be used to start a business by buying children's products. You don't need to invest a lot of money to start a children's product business. This business can be started by saving some money. You can find a good place to shop and pick up lotions, shampoos, powders and many other types of toys in the shop. The biggest advantage of this business is that you can earn good profits with very little effort. 

10. Trading with electronic stores 

Business with electronics shop is a very profitable business among small business list. Looking for a good place to buy an electronics store would have a lot of sales. Moreover, there are many other ways to earn from electronic stores. You can get customers in your shop by contacting those who work for various problems of electronic devices. Then the sale of electronic goods in the shop will be very high. So if you have capital like one to two lakh rupees then you can start an electronics store. 

Small business machine 

The number of unemployment is increasing as time goes by. There are many students in Bangladesh who do not get jobs after completing their studies. So if they want to focus on small business without wasting time then from here they can earn a lot of money in future. Nowadays small business machines are made for those who want to do small business. Many people are able to earn money daily by using these machines. These machines are available to buy by investing a small amount of money. Some of the small machines are mentioned below:-

  • Muri frying machine 
  • Incense making machine 
  • Candle making machine 
  • Paper plotting machine 
  • Pen making machine 
  • Auto printing machine 

A small business can be started in the first instance by purchasing any one of the machines given above. The advantage is that you don't need to invest a lot of money to buy this machine. 

List of 10 Profitable Small Businesses - small businesses -

Finally, many people want to start a business but cannot do business without proper guidelines. So today's post lists some of the best small businesses of today that can be done with very little understanding and can do well in a very quick time. So if you want to do business with small capital then you can start by targeting any one of the above business IDs. 

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