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How to improve eyesight - how to take care of eyes etc. is discussed in detailHow to improve vision How to take care of eyes - chokher joti baranor .

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Due to the decrease in the brightness of many people, the eyesight becomes weaker. Sometimes we are reducing the eyesight power of our eyes, sometimes without our knowledge and sometimes due to some habits. Nowadays, people are using electronic gadgets more, so due to this our eyesight is decreasing. Today's post will discuss how to improve eye sight or how to take care of eyes . So let's find out without delay:-

How to improve eyesight - How to take care of eyes - chokher joti baranor -

Today's article from Neoteric IT will discuss  how you  can improve your eyesight .

Causes of loss of eyesight 

We ourselves are responsible for the loss of eyesight. Due to some bad habits of our own, eye sight is gradually decreasing. Some of the reasons why eye sight decreases or eye sight decreases are mentioned below:-

Use of additional electronic gadgets 

Nowadays, many people use computers, laptops and smart phones. But long-term use of these technologies is causing serious damage to your eyesight. Staring at the screen for a long time causes dry eyes and puts a lot of pressure on the eyes. Moreover, it causes problems like headache and eye pain.

Eating too much junk food

Junk food causes serious damage to the eyes. It contains high levels of carbohydrates and sugary foods that break down inside the body and turn into simple sugar or glucose. And due to excess sugar or glucose, the blood vessels of the eyes are damaged a lot. In addition, there are some fast foods that accumulate fat in the blood vessels of the eyes. As a result, eyesight begins to deteriorate over time. 

If you smoke and drink alcohol 

Excessive smoking and drinking can cause serious damage to the eyes. Smoking causes macular degeneration to damage the most sympathetic part of the optic nerve, thereby affecting central vision. Which usually increases the risk of optic nerve damage. As a result, the eyesight may decrease and you may suffer from blindness. 

If you don't clean your eyes regularly 

There are many people who work in dust but do not clean their eyes regularly. All this dust accumulates in their eyes and can reduce vision. Moreover, as a result of this, many people may also suffer from blindness. So it is important to clean the eyes regularly. If you clean your eyes regularly, no dirt will accumulate in the eyes and no bacteria will cause any damage to the eyes. 

How to improve eyesight - How to take care of eyes - chokher joti baranor -

How to Improve Eyesight - Ways to Increase Eyesight

In order to improve eye sight, some bad habits should be abandoned as well as additional awareness should be adopted. Because eyes are one of the most valuable resources for us, we should pay extra attention to eye care at all times. Learn about  ways to increase eye brightness .

1. We need to eat a lot of vitamin A food to increase the eyesight. Eating foods like jackfruit, pumpkin, black raw greens, puishak, gourd greens, coriander leaves, sweet papaya, sweet potato, egg liver, and honey improves eyesight. 

2. Eyes should be kept clean all the time with pure and clean water to protect from eye dust.

3. Try to keep your eyes away from the harmful radiation of mobile, computer and TV as much as possible. Because the bright rays in it cause serious damage to the eyes. 

4. Avoid sugar, processed flour, and smoking.

5. Fish such as salmon, tuna etc. contain elements like omega three fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are very effective in preventing various eye problems. So if you want to improve eyesight, you can eat them. 

6. Vitamin C helps improve eyesight. You can keep tomatoes, onions, green chillies, garlic, lemon juice in your diet to maintain eye health. Because vitamin C is a great ingredient for improving eye sight. 

Moreover, you can use four more home remedies to increase your eyesight. 

Home remedies to improve eyesight 

1. Before going to bed at night, soak two spoons of triphala powder in a bowl. After waking up in the morning, wipe your eyes with clean cloth and wash your eyes with that water. Then sprinkle the water on the eyes. If you do it regularly, the brightness of the eyes increases. 

2. Soak 8 to 10 almonds in water at night and chew well in the morning with some milk. Regular consumption will improve eyesight and solve other problems in the body. 

3. First take some coriander leaves and then grind it to extract the juice. Extract the juice and put two drops in the eyes every day, the brightness of the eyes increases. 

4. After two or three months, if you mix it with ground pepper and salt in orange juice and consume it in the morning and afternoon, the light in the eyes will increase. 

How to take care of eyes 

You have already learned about some home remedies to improve eye sight, now you will know how to take care of your eyes . By taking extra care of the eyes, they can be rejuvenated. Also, those whose vision power has decreased much compared to before can also regain the normal health of the eyes by taking care of the eyes as per the advice given below. 

1. To remove eye fatigue and strengthen the muscles, you can do eye exercises by turning the eyeballs clockwise and anti-clockwise for ten seconds.

2. To keep the blood supply of the eye muscles active, rub the palms of both hands for a few minutes, separate the palms of the hands and keep the eyes closed for 5 seconds. It is also a kind of eye exercise. 

3. While sleeping at night, you can close your eyes and massage the eyelids with your fingertips for two minutes. 

4. Eat plenty of vegetables to keep eyes healthy and normal. 

5. Carrots contain ingredients like beta carotene and vitamin A which help to maintain eye health. 

6. Tulsi leaf paste, sandalwood paste, and rose water should be mixed together and applied to the eyes. 

7. Peppermint leaf juice helps to remove dark spots in the eyes. People who have dark spots under their eyes can use mint leaf juice. 

8. You can use sunglasses and umbrellas to protect your eyes from sunlight when going out during the day. 

9. Sleep gives our eyes full rest and energy for full vision. So you should sleep at least 8 hours every day to protect your eyes. If you don't sleep in moderate amount, dark spots can fall under the eyes and the eyesight can become weak. Therefore, we must be extra aware in this aspect. 

10. Every day 7 to 8 classes should drink water and every morning 10 minutes eye exercise can be done. Regular eye exercises keep the veins fresh. 

Finally, you already have a complete idea of ​​how to take care of your eyes or how to improve your eyesight. Eyes are a very valuable organ, so you must be extra aware of eye protection. You can use home remedies to protect your eyes and keep your eyes clean regularly. Thank you. 

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