The rules of marriage in Islam | Eligibility for marriage in Islam | Marriage rules by reading kalima

Rules of Marriage in Islam - Eligibility for Marriage in Islam - Rules of Marriage by Reading Kalima etc. are discussed in detail in Neoteric IT.The r

Hello dear guest - Welcome to Neoteric IT . You have come to Neoteric IT for information about The rules of marriage in Islam | Eligibility for marriage in Islam | Marriage rules by reading kalima Today I will conclude this article by discussing The rules of marriage in Islam | Eligibility for marriage in Islam | Marriage rules by reading kalima in detail. Search Google to know more about The rules of marriage in Islam | Eligibility for marriage in Islam | Marriage rules by reading kalima write The rules of marriage in Islam | Eligibility for marriage in Islam | Marriage rules by reading kalima or click here for visit. See the page Table of content for know the main topic of this article. Web story and AMP Version

Marriage is one of the foundations of a healthy society. It is very important to follow the Prophet's Sunnah in keeping this one of our life rules. Through this, blessings come in our life and life becomes happy. If a bride is chosen for this, then she should proceed according to Shariat according to Sunnat method. In today's post , some information will be given about the rules of marriage in Islam , the eligibility of marriage in Islam and the rules of marriage by reading Kalima. So let's find out without delay:-

Marriage Rules in Islam - Eligibility for Marriage in Islam - Marriage Rules by Kalima - islamic bibaher niyom -

Many people are interested in knowing about the rules of marriage in Islam , many search on Google before getting married to know about this rule. Today's Neoteric IT article discusses marriage rules in detail. 

Marriage Rules in Islam - Eligibility for Marriage in Islam - Marriage Rules by Kalima - islamic bibaher niyom -

What is marriage and why?

Know what and why marriage is done first Marriage or marriage is a type of social bond through which conjugal relationship is established between two people. Marriage is called Nikah in Arabic. According to Islamic Shari'ah, marriage or Nikah is a contract whereby a deserving man and woman enter into a Shari'ah-compliant relationship. Marriage is the trust of mental peace and tranquility.

Types of Muslim Marriages 

It is important to know that there are different types of Muslim marriage. From the point of view of Islam, marriage can be of five types. Below are the five types of types:-

Wajib Marriage: It is Wajib for a person to marry when his body and mind are in need of marriage and he is able to earn. Abstaining from marriage will be a sin. 

Forced Marriage: If one has the ability and the demand is so high that he would engage in a haram act if he does not marry. Then it is obligatory for him to marry. 

Sunnati Marriage: If there is no demand for marriage but one can afford to fulfill the rights of the wife then it is Sunnat to marry. 

Forbidden marriage: If one ever fears that one will not be able to fulfill his wife's rights be it physical or financial. Then in this case it is forbidden for him to marry. 

Marriage full of differences: If there is a need and need but not the ability then many people have many different opinions about getting married. And this type of marriage is usually called a marriage of discord. 

Marriage rules in Islam. Rules of marriage according to Islam pdf

Islamic Shariah has a circumcision method of teaching marriage. Devotees should get married by adopting this method. Below are the rules of marriage in Islam :-

  • Islamic weddings should take place in mosques and on Fridays. There are many announcements and public gatherings in it. But if you want, marriage can be held on other days as well. 
  • In the case of marriage, it is necessary to know whether the bride and groom, who will live together for the rest of their lives, consent to the marriage. That is, the marriage must have the consent of both. 
  • Marriage should not be forced under any circumstances. Allah Almighty said about this: O you who believe, it is not lawful for you to inherit women by force. 
  • The one who teaches marriage will recite the marriage sermon. Then the girl's guardian will mention the identity of the girl and the amount of dowry in front of the groom. Then the proposal of marriage should be presented. Or with the permission of the guardian the person who conducts the marriage should present the proposal of marriage to the prospective groom. It is called Izab in Islamic terms. 
  • The permission of the guardian must be obtained in marriage. Taking parental permission is a must, especially in the case of girls. Never get married without the permission of the guardian. Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) said - There is no marriage without the permission of the parents. 
  • The one who conducts the marriage should say to the bridegroom present in the present Majlis that I have given so-and-so's daughter so-and-so in marriage to you with a dowry of so much money, you say accept or say I accept. 
  • At least two witnesses must be present during the marriage ceremony. The groom will say out loud I accept or I accept. Or if the groom wants, he can also say Alhamdulillah here. It is very good to say it three times in this way. 
  • It should be remembered that first the khutba should be recited and then the izab kabul should be said. In this case, only the groom should accept. Then the lap guardian will take permission from the bride. In this case if the groom is mute then the marriage will be done by sign or writing in the presence of witnesses. In this way the marriage will be completed. Then everyone present there will recite Sunnati Dua separately. The Sunnati Dua is: Wa Rakallahu Laka, Wa Baraka Alaika, Wa Jamaa Baynakuma Fee Khair.
  • For wedding sermons, use the specific structure of Hamad, Chana or praise Allah. Then recite three verses of the Holy Quran. Such as Surah Nisa, Surah Ale Imran, and Surah Ahzab. 

In this way, marriage can be taught in the Islamic circumcision system very easily. 

If you  want to download marriage rules according to Islam pdf then click here to download. 

How should preparations for marriage be in Islam? Eligibility for marriage in Islam

 Faith is fulfilled through marriage. So marriage is a very important thing for a believer. Before doing any work, it is necessary to make preliminary preparations in that regard, just like in the case of marriage. Learn about  marriage eligibility in Islam

Develop yourself as a Muttaki: Almighty Allah says that whoever builds his character, he will get a life partner like that. We all want to have a good natured life partner but we often neglect ourselves. This is why we have to make our character and deeds beautiful. One should refrain from all kinds of wickedness and bad deeds. Then inshallah 

Try to find religious husband and wife: In order to find husband and wife, more priority should be given to religious husband and wife. In today's society, beauty is generally given more priority in the case of girls and money is given more priority in the case of boys. But in Islam, religion is given more priority. Because you can be happy if you get a religious life partner. 

Before marriage should be understood about the rights of husband and wife: Before marriage, they must have a clear idea about the rights of husband and wife. The husband shall be responsible for his wife's honor and safety, including food, clothing and all maintenance. The duty of the wife is to be obedient to her husband and to abstain from his dislikes. In other words, before marriage, you have to know all the necessary tasks including cooking. 

Must try to earn halal: After marriage, the husband has to fulfill all the maintenance of the wife. For this reason, there should be a halal earning system so that one does not have to rely on others in managing the family. Islam never encourages her to marry unless she is financially and physically capable. 

Must know the issue of divorce: Before marriage we as a Muslim should know the issue of divorce. If you don't know this, divorce may happen through any words. So you have to know about this in advance without regretting after the divorce. 

Know about family management : Know each other's in-law rights and veil before marriage. Know who you can meet, who you can talk to, and who you can't talk to. A separate room should be arranged for the wife so that she can stay there with a curtain. And this arrangement should usually be done before marriage. 

The rules of acceptance in marriage 

Many people have misconceptions about the rules of acceptance in marriage . There is no need to say yes loudly during marriage. 

The boy and the girl will accept the proposal with their own consent and both of them should listen to each other. If the marriage takes place through guardians or representatives, the guardians will tell the girl about the son's proposal, then the girl's acceptance will be heard only by the guardian. 

Two adult witnesses or one male and two knowledgeable adult women to hear the acceptance of the marriage proposal should be heard in the marriage ceremony. Moreover, if a boy directly proposes to a girl, I am marrying you or proposing marriage. If the girl responds by saying ``Kabul'' or ``Alhamdulillah,'' the marriage will be consummated subject to the specified conditions. 

Kalima reads marriage rules 

Rules of marriage by reading Kalima: Many people have a misconception about the fact that marriage can be read by reading Kalima. Kalima has nothing to do with marriage. So if someone wants to get married after reciting Kalema then his marriage will never be done in Sunnati method. There are correct rules for teaching marriage. Marriage must be taught in the Sunnati method. 

Marriage ceremony in Islam 

Marriage ceremony in Islam   should be such that there is no haram act. That is, no indecent customs can be observed and no indecent actions can be done here. If any indecent act is done during the wedding ceremony then those who are invited here will also be guilty if they participate. Therefore, the marriage ceremony should be performed according to the Islamic rules. 

Finally, I hope that those who read today's post have got a rough idea about the rules of marriage in Islam and the eligibility to marry and the types of marriage. Even then, if there is any kind of question about this or if there is any kind of difficulty in understanding any topic after reading the post, then you can certainly tell through comments. thank you 

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