List of girls names with J meaning - J diye meyeder name

J diye meyeder name list with meaning - J diye meyeder name,

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List of girls names with J - J diye meyeder name

Today's article is specially about the list of girl names with j. Because we have written and published a few articles on Islamic names for girls so far . Anyway, many people are looking for the list of girls' names, so today this is a separate post about girls' Islamic names. 

Islamic names for girls with Jannatul

List of girls names with h 

1.Zahira-Name Meaning-That shines brightly in the night
2.Jiyah-Name Meaning- The light that shines in dark times
3.Jara-Name Meaning- Flower like nature
4.Julfa-Name Meaning- the garden
5.Jahanara-Name Meaning-strong woman
6.Zeba-Name Meaning-correct
7.Jasmine-Name Meaning-flower name
8.Jui-Name Meaning-Name of a flower
9.Johra-Name Meaning-beautiful
10.Jamila-Name Meaning-beautiful
11.Jayra-Name Meaning-The beautiful nature of roses
12.Jahan-Name Meaning-the world
13.Jalsan-Name Meaning-the garden
14.Zameema-Name Meaning-Name of a kind of creeper
15.Zinnat-Name Meaning-madness
16.Zunainah (Zunainah)-Name Meaning-small garden
17.Zawara-Name Meaning-Diamonds / Precious Stones
18.Zuwayria-Name Meaning-little girl
19.Jafnah-Name Meaning-Dansheela
20.Zayfa-Name Meaning-the guest
21.Juhanat (Juhanat)-Name Meaning-young girl
22.Zamera-Name Meaning-Skinny / Slim
23.Zahia-Name Meaning-visible
24Zafira-Name Meaning-helper
25.Zeheka-Name Meaning-smile
26.Zahera-Name Meaning-published / dominant
27.Zayena-Name Meaning-helper
28.Zabia-Name Meaning-the deer
29.Zarifa-Name Meaning-Intelligent / Clever
30.Zalila-Name Meaning-Shelter / Tree covered park
31.Zuhrah-Name Meaning-A noble woman
32.Zafira-Name Meaning-On the back of a camel
33.Jaleesa-Name Meaning-Helper / relative
34.Junun-Name Meaning-girlfriend / colleague
35.Jalisatun Sadiqa-Name Meaning-eyelids
36.Jamilatun Sadiah-Name Meaning-Satyakarmi Satyabadini, Rupasi Soghashashalini
37.Jahura Mahzuza-Name Meaning-Helper is lucky
38.Juhura Sharmila (Juhura Sharmila)-Name Meaning-The helper is shy
39.Jalesa Sanjeda-Name Meaning-girlfriend companion
40.Jameela Mubasshira (Jameela Mubasshira)-Name Meaning-A beautiful and well-informed woman
41.Jamela Waheeda-Name Meaning-Beautiful beyond comparison
42.Jameela Taiyaba-Name Meaning-Beautiful Pavitra
43.Jamela Naowar-Name Meaning-Beautiful chaste woman
44.Jahirun Nisa-Name Meaning-Helping woman
45.Jahurn Nisa-Name Meaning-published woman
46.Jamila Khatun (Jamila Khatun)-Name Meaning-beautiful woman
47.Zabla Nabat-Name Meaning-Nature is green grass
48.Jabin Laila (Jabin Laila)-Name Meaning-Brown forehead
49.Jafnah Mursdidah-Name Meaning-Dansheela is the guide
50Juhanat Monsura-Name Meaning-The winner is a young girl
51.Jinna Mamduha (Jinnat Mamduha)-Name Meaning-Admirable woman
52.Jameela Mubasin-Name Meaning-beautiful attractive
53.Jahra Hamida-Name Meaning-Public appreciation
54.Jabin Deeba-Name Meaning-The golden red

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