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Everyone searches on Google to give real life status. Akhlamu alaikum ami mizan today i will discuss real life status. You always want to write something on Facebook or social media with status quotes about real life. This is our today's event to post on various social media. Today we bring you some of the best real life statuses saved from Facebook. 

Real life status, words, quotes - Real life status

Real life status

I have saved the real life status from Google and presented it to some of the best guests. I will try to share status with some trending real life. So that you can give real life status by matching with the trend. So let's start today's article. Some real words about life, some real words about life for girls, some real life words , status, status about life, real life bd, some real words status, real life pain status 3, some real life words status, real life pain Status Part 1, some real things about life status, some real things about life, facebook status about life, girls real life, quotes about life, status about reality, some real things about life, real words quotes

It is not possible to explain the exactness of any beauty on paper. You have to face the beauty.

Humans have a strange ability to be happy. He who knows nothing is the happiest in this world. Life becomes complicated when you understand more about the world.

When all hobbies are satisfied, the motivation to live is lost. People whose hobbies are satisfied are unhappy.

He to whom sleep is blissful is the happiest man in the world. Even the smallest things can overwhelm people.

Nothing too beautiful lasts. Even the best people don't live long. They enter the world with a short lifespan.

The weakest place in the world is the mind and the weakest weapon is love.

Want to be happy? It's easy to be selfish and you'll be very happy

Go ahead and one day you will be successful. And the wait is just a long time

Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.

The family does not run with love, the reality is very difficult

No matter how much personality you are, unless your mind is good, you will not be able to express yourself.

Dreams should be seen with him who will not only dream but also make dreams come true!

If you get upset for a while then you will understand that the world is very difficult for you

Qualified people are criticized and unqualified people criticize.

Don't be overly critical, excessive criticism leads to hatred and bad behavior

You are not like a mountain top. Because in this you will look down on people and people will look down on you.

It is not necessary for you to know everything. But you need to know everything you say.

Quotes about real life 

Writing about real life quotes will not end. Real life is very difficult. It is very difficult to realize the dream of a building. As an example, if I say. You can see a big dream in life but when you go to realize that dream, how many stories you have to do and how much pain you have to suffer. So the reality is very difficult. This section contains some such real life quotes. There are many quotes about real life, but they are not made by me. These are the quotes of some famous people from Google. They struggle with reality and find success in life. Some difficult moments from their journey of success have been highlighted in the form of quotes. We will use those sayings in our life. 

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There is no end in life.

Always something new

waiting for you

What the pages of books teach men,

The page of life is much more than that

Teaches something.

Be so busy improving yourself that,

Don't spend time criticizing others.

Stop looking for your place in other people's lives.

Elevate yourself in your life.

dear life,

Play with me as much as you want

I have not learned to lose either…

I noticed one thing.

Every work in life comes down

Less courage should be kept in the chest.

Life is a thorny journey

He who dares to win...

Everyone can walk on the built road

Makes a road that people call his identity...

They are yours

Talk about the past

Will say, whose

your current

to talk about

no qualification

The greatest victory in life is,

Showing something that

Everyone has an imaginary past.

Getting hurt in life

Part Of Life,

And passing them with a smile

Art Of Life.

Decorate your jinn according to your mind,

Because life is not someone else's.

The less demanding life is,

You are happy in life

The more likely it is.

Just remember this

You are the only permanent in your life.

All others are temporary.

never stop learning

Because life never stops teaching.

You are such a life

active structure

You will laugh when you die.

The earth will cry.

The greater the goal in life,

His success is so big.

So make your goals bigger..

You will be successful…

Accepting defeat is not the name of life.!!

Fighting to survive is the name of life.!!

Those who want to win never give up.

And those who give up never win.

If you want to succeed in life,

So always remember one rule,

Never lie to yourself.

From yourself to someone in life

Don't trust too much...

Because everyone cheats in life

Then only confidence remains.

To move forward in life,

keep the insults together,

Not the insults...

As rainbows cannot be seen without rain,

Similarly, there is no success without failure...

He who tries never loses

So never give up

Move forward and success will come.

Whose deeds are more than words,

Success catches up with him.

Because the deeper the river, the less sound it makes.

It is true that

God gives them everything

Those who believe in Him,

But he didn't give you anything

Because God is yours

Have faith in…

Let him that envyeth thee,

Because he is jealous because you have quality.

Many quotes about real life have been given.

Talk about real life

Talking about real life: In real life people have to work hard. But in imagination or dreams, people dream of buildings without any effort. But to implement that spawn has to face a lot of effort and hurdles. Then we discuss some facts and share some eternal truths. 

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The one who will love the most on the way in life. That will hurt you the most.

What will happen to find so many perfect people in life, if there is no love there.

The silent nights once filled with laughter are now filled with silence.

Don't give that love to someone that will only make him cry.

Everyone falls in love, some reveal it, some hide it.

To condemn can be done from outside but to judge, one has to go inside

Happy are those who stab others in the chest and stay well

Yes, I've changed with the times, I'm lost, tearing the pages of feelings

You have to take the pain in real life and move forward.

If the feeling is right, then the relationship is forever!

Half of a girl's life is spent adjusting. Be it father's house or husband's house. – Collected

"A meaningful death is better to me than a meaningless life." – Corazon Aquino

"Happiness is the harvest of pain." – George Washington

"How short and fleeting is human life." – John Ray

“Thoughts are reflected in nature or nature. If one speaks or acts with evil intent, sorrow follows him. And if one speaks or acts with good thoughts, happiness follows him like a shadow.” – Gautama Buddha

“Happiness is not something left for the future. Rather it is for the present.” – Jim Rohn

"Money and fame are not everything in human life." – Scott

“Life and death are just different names for the same thing. Back and forth of the same money. Both are illusions. There is no way to clearly understand this situation. Trying to save one moment is trying to destroy or die in a moment." – Swami Vivekananda

“Is death easy, does it come silently. But people are forever proud of life." – Samaresh Majumder

"A middle class family means having the means but not the means." – Collected

"I'm a fighter for the middle class." – Barack Obama

"No matter how many good books you read or listen to in life, they are worthless until you apply the information from them to your own life." – Gautama Buddha

"Society and family are all mixed up, this life is mixed up." Only with the eyes drinking the sudha of the eyes, feeling the heart with the heart - everything is mixed in the darkness." – Rabindranath Tagore

 "Hope to progress in life keeps itself away from fear, doubt and attempts to solve it." – Subhash Chandra Bose

“I don't want to go anywhere so fast. There is time to walk to what my life wants, and leisure to sit and wait a long time to arrive.” – Jibanananda Das

"Everyone will hurt you, you just have to find someone whose pain you can bear." – Humayun Ahmed

“One thing should always be remembered, no one is perfect. People are made up of virtues and vices.” – Collected

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