An angry girl's love story - An angry girl's love story

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An angry girl's love story - An angry girl's love story

An angry girl's love story

You may not be able to read all in one day and many people prefer to wear one by one in a day, for them we have divided this story into episodes for your convenience. 

Angry Girl Love Story Episode 1

Let's start with the introduction. I am Rabbi Chowdhury Roni. Parents live outside the country. No one knows the country of Bengal. Me and I have a friend. We live in a house. My parents told me many times to go to them but I did not go. Maybe it's like this when parents go. In fact, there is a reason for this. The reason is a girl whom I like from that university life. I fell in love with a girl at first sight when I coughed on a girl in that university. My friend who is still with me. Rana. Let me tell you from the beginning. Roni and Rana this time in the final air of Varsity. Rana has a gf but Roni doesn't like any girl now. Roni is not bad looking but has always stayed away from girls. One day Roni sees a girl in the university. He fell in love with the girl. It is called love is fast site. So Rana is an expat for all this. So Roni tells everything to Rana. Rani was Roni's only friend. Rana 
Rana: Dos is done. Say good news and bad news first 
Roni: Say the good first or listen to the bad later. 
Rana: Sun I think forget the girl 
Ronnie: Why? 
If that is the case. The girl's husband is sunny Afjor. Everyone calls Rose. Basa ........... a daughter of the landlord of this area. . These are gd news and now bad news the girl is so angry. I want what he likes. Rose's father still has no respect for Rose. 
Roni: It's good to be the only girl 
Rana: University Life Sun. The girl is very beautiful, so many boys have proposed, but she has not said yes to anyone. Everyone was beaten like hell. He does not let anyone close to him. And he is not in love with anyone 
: So, if that is the case, then it is my pathkiliar
: So I say, brother, don't go to this girl. Look for another girl, I will do everything. You are my dear friend, tell me how can I put you in such a big problem. 
Hmm, I understand. You and a little baj bhai went through college life and couldn't like any girl and this time even when I came to university I couldn't like the last one and forget what you are saying. Tell me how to do this brother. That day and night, Roni couldn't do anything after thinking too much. The girl will not be left alone. He loved the girl very much. Roni can't forget and can't say I love her. 
After two years 
Roni is riding his bike. The red shingle on the road was up. Ronnie stopped. Roni used the car wash from the passerby to fix the hair. While cutting her hair, a girl lowered the window of the car and looked at Roni, the girl was very beautiful. Do you know what the name is? The girl is like the name. like a flower Seeing Roni, Roja gave a hi but Roni did not do anything. After that Roja again said hello to Roni and said 
Roja: Hi, I am talking to you. 
Ronnie: Shut up 
hello roza 
Ronnie: Shut up 
By this time Roni has left due to Nil Singal Jala and Roja is sitting in anger. This is the first time any boy has avoided Roja in this way. Roza is coming home angry

Ragi Girl's Love Story Episode 2

Roza came home angry. 
Rosa went in front of the mirror in her room and saw how she looked. No, everything is fine. Roza wondered why the boy did this. This boy can not be left like this during fasting. Nakanichobani should be fed. So Roni needs to be found. After two days, Roni was almost found.
And on this side Roni is very happy to avoid Roza. Roni is thinking that maybe Roja has taken her house on her mind. In fact, Roni did this to Roja on purpose. Roni started thinking about what could happen next. Roni tells everything to Rana. 
Rana: What is this again? The one you love said hello and you left him 
Roni: Let's see what else happens. And to tell you something. What will you do if Roza comes to you and asks for my number? 
Rana: I will give it 
You will give And home address too. And tell me that you don't want to tell me these addresses. Then I will eat you. 
Give it to him. 
What you think is what you do. It took Roja two days to find Roni. Roni is surprised to see that Roja is following him behind the car. What Roni thought happened. Roni calls Rana and asks him to come to another KFC. Roni is just there and after a while Rana also came. 
Rani: Rana, look, Roja is coming here to follow me. 
Rana: Hmm, why did you call me? 
Who said what tomorrow? 
: What
Number address 
A little later Roni leaves the room and Rana sits down to have a coffee. A little later, Roza Rana K 
Roja: Hello brother 
Rana: Ji is telling me. As if you don't know. 
Roza: Hmm, you. A boy was sitting in front of you.
Why do you say that? 
: No bro 
: And his name is Rabbi Chowdhury Roni. This Khan owns a company. Parents live outside the country. And Roni makes everything gold and what else. 
: O 
: Hmm, he called me here for a job and left again when he got a call from the office.
: O What are you doing to him? 
Tell me why, man 
No, not like that. His address and number can be given 
Sorry. It is not possible.
Roni will be angry if he knows.
: I will not tell Roni give it to me.
One kind of push took the number. fasting 
Rana tells Roni everything. Roni is waiting for Rosa's call. Roni thinks Roja will call. After some time Roza called. Roni did not pick up the call the first time. He did not catch the second time. After calling 4 or 5 more times, it was answered. 
Roni: Say hello 
Roja: Say hello and tell me how long it takes to pick up the call 
Ronnie: Who are you? I do not accept calls from unknown numbers 
: So good 
Now tell me who you are 
I am fasting 
He cut the call because he could not recognize him. That made Rona even more angry. Rosen is sitting in anger. After that Roni called again and did not pick up the call because he wanted to make Roja angry. After many calls an sms came. 
I will wait at KFC tomorrow at four o'clock. . . . 
Roni knows it every day. So he went to KFC.
Now it was about 5 o'clock when Roni left. He saw that he was fasting. Seeing Ronnie 
Rosa: Come here, I have called.
Ronnie: You are 
Hmm, why did you take so long? 
: What you need is what you need. To get something you have to give something. Why did you call me? 
I will spend some time with you. 
I don't have time to waste time with a girl like you

Angry Girl Love Story Episode 3

Roni: I don't have time to waste time with you.
Roza: I understand. You must stay here with me. 
Sorry, I'm going 
If you step forward, I will tell everyone that you are 
What do you say, what am I? 
You are
Hmm what am I? 
: You said bad things to me 
What do you say? Roni sat down. 
If you tell me the truth, what is your problem, why do you do this when you see me? 
How did I do? 
: This is that. Why do you go on? 
I don't want to talk to a girl like you 
Why don't I have anything? What I see is bad 
Am I bad looking? Thousands of boys are behind me. And what do you say? 
Thousands of boys. There is one thing, you don't know who has more cheap goods. 
How dare you compare me with cheap goods.
What will I do? I will compare you to a fairy. 
: It's not that I look like Pari 
: Pari or Penti
: what penti I'm like Penti. You know how many big houses come for my wedding. How many boys come
: That's why. Why won't a boy like me marry you? 
: That's why. Unlike you, you have to marry me. 
What are you saying? 
Hmm, what I am saying is true. Dara I saw. 
After fasting, they called her father 
Roja: Hello father, you are speaking now 
Roja's father: why mother what happened 
: You come to KFC with your friend Kazi Haider now. 
Why what happened? 
: I am saying that if you don't come, it will be bad. 
That's why the call was cut. 
Roni sat and listened to the words. Roni is happy. Not saying it 
Roni: Your head is fine. 
Roza: Okay.
No, I can't marry you.
Why, what is your problem? 
I can't choose 
: Can't mean you do it, your father will do it. 
What do you say? But it's getting worse. 
That's why the two of them became silent and Roza turned red with anger. And Roni is very happy to see that.
After some time Roja's father came with Kazi. Somehow they got married. Roni went to the living room. Went and saw that there is no fasting. Roni can't understand. Roni is sitting in the living room, after some time Roja came. A house is not a well-decorated house. How was the house built in Roza's house? Roni tell me who Roza is 
Ronnie: You were right 
Roza: Why? 
No, not like that. I heard that the girls are sitting in the house and you are not there. Roza laughed on hearing this 
What a house. hahahahaha 
What happened to the smile?
No. You call it night. Who says it's Basar night. And how do you think I will live with a boy like you. 
What are you saying? 
Hmm, I'm right. I am doing this bio to show you. Why should I marry a boy like you? 
: So And what did I think? Truly, there are not many people like you. Don't think people are people. What do you think of yourself? Actually, I am wrong. To be honest, I love you from that university life. Avoiding you was an act. After that, Roni told everything to Roza. Roza is more angry about it. Roni tell me more. Actually, I'm wrong, who loves someone like you. 
Roni comes after saying the words. from his house Roni returns to his house. Roni saw Rana sitting. Seeing Roni, Rana did a jigsaw puzzle. Roni tell everything to Rana. Ranato Abag 
Rana: What are you talking about? I knew that he was angry, but he did not know that he was so angry. 
: Shut up 
: Dos, what will happen now, he did not accept you. 
Hmmm, I thought the marriage was done and everything would be accepted, but it didn't happen. 
: Hmm what to do now 
Let's see what happens 
That's why Roni used to sleep...

Angry Girl Love Story Episode 4

Ronnie went to sleep.
In the morning, a call comes from Rosa's father's number.
Ronnie: Hello. That's why he salutes 
Rosa's father: Hello father, where are you?
Who are you? 
I am Roja's father 
And you are the same 
: Hmmm you say 
: I am in my house 
: And you come back to my house.
What will Roni do? Roni does not want to go in front of that angry girl. As beautiful as the girl is, her mind is not good. His mind is black. No one was so angry. I didn't understand why the girl liked it. How nice it would be if the words were as beautiful as the girl's smile. Thinking these words, Roni came to Roja's house. 
Ronnie: Yes uncle said 
Roja's father: Dad, tell me who you are.
Roni introduces himself and tells everything that happened with Roja.
Roja's father: Hmm father, tell me what to do. My daughter is dead. No day has left any weight. But the girl is very angry. So what are you thinking now?
Roni: What did Uncle say? I have nothing to do. That's when Roza came 
Roja: I will do what else he will do. I am divorcing him today. 
Father: What are you talking about? Think about it. 
Roja: No father. Why should I not accept him? 
Roni: Uncle I have no problem. Be what Roza wants.
Roza Baba: According to Roza law, divorce will be done after 6 months of marriage. Not before that. 
Roja: What are you saying father?
Ronnie: What does Uncle say? What will happen then? 
Rosa's father: Hmm. This is the 6th month you have to stay together. There is no other way 
Roja: What do you say father? I can't be with this funkini's son 
Roni: Roza, I am not poor. And learn to respect people.
Roja: What will you do to me?
Ronnie: No. Just said. And I have no desire to stay with a girl like you for six months and six days. 
Roza: No. 
Roza's father: Stop it. I say you must stay together. 
No one spoke after that. According to Rosa's father, Rosa and Roni have to stay at Roni's house for the final. 
Roni and Roja have been in this house for seven days. Roja's father came today. So Roza is cooking a little. And talking a little bit with Roni. Why do you talk to Roni in these seven days? Many nights back home. Roni had a good day today after a long time. This is how it went.
Suddenly Roja did not return home overnight. Roni thinks maybe he went to his father's house. Roni called Roja's father and found out that Roja did not even go to the house. Roni was worried. Rony is calling Rosa's number but is not picking up the call. Roni was worried. Roni didn't sleep all night. Roni can't think what to do. Roni loves Roza. So Roni could not sleep the whole night. It was six o'clock in the morning, and Roni fell asleep. And the calling bell rang. Open it and see Roza.
Roni saw Roza and hit a snort. Fasting is not good. Roza gets angry 
Roja: How dare you touch me 
Roni: What is your problem? He said he was talking all night. 
Roza: Why should I tell you?
Roni: Just seeing that you are at my house. If not, who will toss you? A dirty girl like you. 
What are you talking about? 
Hmm, I was out of the house all night. If I don't say bad things to you, who will I say? These are the actions of bad girls. And Sun can't walk like this. Do what I say or get out of here. I can't take it anymore. 
: Shut up 
Look what I would do if something happened to you today. What would I say to your father? How did I show my face? 
: Shut up 
: And move to beat.
That's why Roni left 
Roni slept all day because of not sleeping all night.....

Angry Girl Love Story Episode 5

Ronnie slept all day. Rony thought at night that Roza will go for the night but I don't know why Roza didn't go today. 
A month passed like this. Roza no longer goes out at night like before. This is how the day passed. .
It has been a long day of fasting today and he did not go out. I don't know why Rozar feels bad today. So I think I will go to the roof today. He thought he would spend the bill on the roof. Roza went to the roof and became aghast. Rony plays the guitar and sings. Roja did not know that Roni could play such a beautiful guitar and sing. Roza likes to play music again. Roza is looking at her weight in one mind. Roni now does not notice that Roja comes to the roof. Roja liked this guitar among the works done by Roni. Fasting is over. in one mind Rosa got lost in the dream. Roni is singing. And Rosa got lost in the dream. Suddenly Rosa noticed that the guitar was not playing. Rosa looked at Roni and saw that Roni was looking at her.
Roja: You can play the guitar very well. Tell me first. 
Roni: Hmm, it was not said, but in which direction does the sun rise today?
Roza: Why?
Roni: No, I mean today, you changed from you to you.
Hearing this, Roja felt ashamed. He is really misbehaving with Roni. Roza put her head down in shame. Roni is looking at Rosa's face. Fasting is like watching the food. Red with shame. The magical smile on the face. Roni fell in love with it again. Rosa was angry to see Roni looking like this.
Rosa: What's the point of looking at it like this?
Hearing this, Roni lowered his eyes. He started playing the guitar with his heart again. Come on, Roni doesn't play the guitar all the time. When he feels lonely, he spends time with the guitar. This is this afternoon 
Roni came home after finishing office work today. Roni is sitting at home and feels alone. Thinking about what Ronnie would do, he remembered the guitar. So Roni went to the roof with the guitar. Roza appeared while sitting on the edge of the roof playing a song. After that you see. Roni started thinking again why Rozata is so strict. Didn't understand me at all. You do not even understand that I love him. Do not understand or pretend to understand. but why Fasting has changed for a few days now, fasting does not leave the house at night. This is how the days passed. 
Roni's office is closed today. So Roni's room was tidy. Then Roni got a diary of Roni. Roni remembered that college. Roni was not bad looking and well educated and chubby. Some of the girls in the college liked Ronnie but Ronnie didn't like any of them. Roni has not written anything in his diary for a long time. was lost Roni started wearing his diary. . He bought this diary of Roni when he was in class 10. 
Today is Roni's first day of college. Roni went to college in the morning. The days were going well. When Roni went to college, a girl used to look at him. Roni could not understand anything. A few days later that girl called Ronnie 
. The girl's name was Moni
Moni: This Roni will listen a little here 
Roni: why say anything 
Moni: Hmm.
Roni: Hmm tell me they are her. My friend is waiting for me on that side. 
Moni: I have been thinking of telling you something for a long time. 
Roni: Hmm, tell me. One thing you want to say is you love me 
Moni: Hmm, I really love you. I love you.
Roni: No, it's not possible. My love may be for someone else. sorry 
After that, the girl went back and forth for a few days. Roni did not see the girl after that. This is how Roni did not fall in love. Roni did not like any girl. Roni was alone. After that, nothing else is written in the diary. Roni started writing again. At that time Roni was in the 3rd semester of university. Roni was suddenly surprised to see a girl. How is the girl so beautiful? The girl's smile is very beautiful, this is the first time Roni likes a girl. Only you know after that. Rosa tells Roni to see it sitting in Roni's diary 
Roja: Why are you sitting with a diary without working? 
Roni was shocked to hear this. 
Ronnie: No 
Rosa: Whose diary?
Ronnie: Mine 
Roza didn't say anything after that. Gone Roni did all his work. And so it went on. Roni went to the office for work. Roza is sitting at home. There is no work, the mobile phone is sitting in the hand. Rosa suddenly remembered Ronnie's diary. Roja went to Roni's room and started looking for the diary. Didn't get the diary at all. Rosa suddenly saw Roni's guitar. Roja saw Roni's diary as soon as she picked up Roni's guitar. Rosa took Roni's diary and started wearing it. 
Tears in Rosa's eyes after reading the diary. Can't understand fasting. How can you love someone so much? Roni loves Roja so much that he would not understand if he did not read the diary. Roza spent the whole day thinking about how much trouble she had caused Roni without knowing.

Angry Girl Love Story Episode 6

Today Roja could understand how much Roni loves her. This is how it went. 
One day, Ronnie fell asleep in this room while working. Seeing Roni sleeping like this, Rosa goes to Roni that day. I saw that Roni was not sleeping well. Roja feels very good to see her innocent face. Roza is seen in one life. 
He didn't even look at Roni well. Roni is really beautiful. This is how the four months of Dirvch passed 
Now you tell Roja Roni. 
And he doesn't get angry like before. 
It's raining a lot outside. Roni knows Roja is afraid of rain. And Roza is now alone at home. What will you do? Thinking about the words, Roni came home in a hurry. A few minutes after Ronnie rang the bell, Rosa opened the door. 
Roja: Why are you alone at home?
Ronnie: Yes
Oh Why is it wet in the rain?
I like to get wet in the rain. So I came to get wet.
: O I like you very much 
Hmm. you don't like Let's sit on the roof and watch the rain. 
No. i am afraid 
: I don't know 
Come on, I'm not here 
Roni forced Roja to the roof. Roni is getting wet with both hands raised. Roja laughs and watches Roni's story. Ronny sees Roja looking like this 
Roni: What is there to see like this?
Rosa: Shut up 
Roni started getting wet again. How long has it been since Roni didn't get wet in this kind of rain. Suddenly there was a loud noise. Electric shock. That made Roja laugh. Roni is very good. 
After that Roza went to the door in shame. He did not come in front of Roni that night. Roni thinks that there is no shame. In the morning, Roni did not see Rosa for once. So Roni is in Roja's room, seeing that Roja is now sleeping. Roni said no, so Roni put her hand on Roja's forehead. Rony Abag is so heavy. They took Roni Roja to the hospital. The doctor showed Rosa's father has also come. The doctor gave Roja a sleeping injection. Around the afternoon, Roza regained consciousness. Saw the fast. Roni is sitting next to him. Roni raised his head in a light manner. Rosa was surprised to see Roni. Because Roni's eyes are red. 
Roja: Why am I here? 
Roni goes to say something, the doctor has come. 
Doctor: How come you are so stressed.
Roza: No. Yesterday I got a little wet in the rain, I think that's why.
Dr. O you don't know if you get wet you will have problems. 
Roja: I looked at Roni because I knew. 
What happened to Dr. O before that?
Hmmm it happened. As I was young, one day I got wet in the rain. Since then I don't get wet in the rain. 
Dr. is good. Don't do this again. 
The doctor asked Roja to go home that afternoon. And at night, a person is asked to see Roza to make gold. 
Fast at night at home 
Roni: sorry Roja, you have become such a big thing for me. Actually, I did not know that getting wet in your rain would be such a big problem. Then I would never call you wet. I'm really sorry.
Roza: Just kidding. So, did you do that to make me wet? So that I am stressed.
Ronnie: No. you misunderstand I really didn't know 
Fasting: It's done and you don't have to do Nekamo.
What am I doing wrong? 
Hmm. You should be punished for the way you are doing it. 
: What 
Nothing much. You have to sing all night long. 
After that Roja sings to her until she sleeps. At this time Roza fell asleep. Roni is looking at Roza. Roja is sleeping like a baby. Even he himself does not know that fasting is so beautiful. I think to give a small pappi on Rosa's forehead. Roni is not brave. If Roza can know that. What will Roza think of him? Roni started to think that Roja is sleeping now, so if you give her a pappy, Roja will not be able to understand. So Roni thought to give Roja a pappi. Nilo Pappi will give Roni's face in front of Roja's face. At that time Rosa opened her eyes. Roni was aghast. Because now what will Roza think of him. Roja looks angry and says to Roni 
Roza: What were you doing in front of my face? 
Ron: Shut up
: What happened, you didn't say what you were doing. 
Then tell me what you were doing so close to me.
Actually you didn't sleep. You looked so cute that's why I was looking at you. nothing else 
Is that why I feel cute when I sleep? 
I understand what you were doing in front of my face. Did you want to give me pappi? But tell the truth 
: I wanted to give pappi to Amyo as he understood the fast. in mind Actually nothing. 
: And so. 
Hmm. you didn't sleep What if you open your eyes? 
Hmm, I was sleeping. I fell asleep. 
: I don't feel very small. So I woke up. 
: O Then go to the kitchen and eat. 
I can't get out of bed because of this 
Why are you calling me a criminal? 
Then what shall I say? 
Why do you say? 
You are a criminal. If you bring me a string. 
So you think so. I really didn't know. 
Actually you are a liar. 
: Why what did I do again? 
This is a lie that you do not know.
I honestly didn't know. 
: It's done, I don't have to say anymore. Now I have to make dinner. Go get me some food. 
: Because I have come for you. so 
Brought food even when Roni didn't want it. 
Roni: Now eat the food and free me from this sin 
Roza: What will I do? I can't eat with my hands anymore 
Roni fed Roja. After that Roni went to sleep because it was late.

Angry Girl Love Story Episode 7

Roni wakes up and goes to office. Returned home a little late today. Because Roja's body is not good. Roni came home and saw that Roja was fasting. What are you thinking? 
Roni: What's wrong?
Hearing this, Roza almost got excited. 
Roja: Ha ha. 
Roni: It's fine. How does it feel now? 
Roza: Hmm good. So today at home 
Roni: Why can't I come home at this time? the nose
What did I say? 
Then what do you think?
: Means you come home any day. 
Hmm it didn't come. I came today 
Why do you say?
What will Roni say? The reason is how Roza thinks again. He is the reason. 
Roni: No. Because of your service last night, I am sleepy today, so I came home 
Roja: And what was I thinking again 
It seems like something
: No no. What else can I say? 
No, I don't think it says anything 
No. You can't sleep
: So don't go to sleep 
No, I don't sleep anymore
: So
It is also good. Tell me honestly what is your problem 
No, how are you doing that? Once you say it happened, that happened. Naki when the crazy tuggle
What are you saying why I will be mad? 
If not, then what? 
: Once you say you are sleepy and again you say you are not sleepy
: Shut up. 
Hello, I am talking to you 
Roni doesn't know what to say. 
It's dinner time that night 
Roja: Sir, will you have dinner or not? 
Ronnie: Shut up 
Hello, I am talking to you. 
I see why Roni is not talking. Roja goes to Roni's room. Roni is sitting quietly in front of the computer after seeing Roza. There seems to be a lot of tension. Roza thought again what will happen next. So Roja Ronik 
Roja: Screaming: How long have I been calling Roni? What's up, why don't you talk? 
That's why he pulled Roni's hand.
Roni with a light shake.
Roni: No Roja, I don't feel good. You can't be yourself. what to me
Roja: What are you saying Roni?
Why can't you understand? Am I speaking Bengali? What is yours to me? 
The fight started. Roja came out of Roni's room crying. Roni did not know what to do. Roni didn't sleep all night and dinner was not done. Meanwhile Roza spent the whole night in prison. Roja can't think that Roni will treat her like this. Fasting felt very bad. He is crying a lot all night without fasting. It was almost noon when Roni woke up. Roni turned to face and saw that Roja had not woken up. Roni remembered yesterday's story. Roni went in front of Roja's room and saw that the door of Roja's room was blocked. Ronnie called lightly. Fasting does not matter. Roni was worried. Don't do anything, boy. that angry What will you do? Roni started calling loudly. Suddenly Roja opens the door but does not speak. Roni goes inside 
Roni: Nothing happened to you
Roza: Silence
Are you okay? I don't know what happened 
: Hello madam, I am telling you.
: Roja, I am really sorry for the way I have treated you. I didn't realize you would be so stubborn. I didn't want to do that to you. In fact, this afternoon, someone from the office called and said that a very big deal has been closed. So the head was not working. I know it's not right to do this with you. So forgive me if you can. 
Ronnie could see. Tears in Rosa's eyes. 
Roza: Hmmm. And do not have to do Nekamo 
Ronnie: What am I doing?
If not, what is it?
This is why I am being called sorry now. 
: I mean you are crying for this
If not, what is it? No one has ever done this to me in my life. You were the first to be so angry with me. 
And I didn't know. sorry Now let's have breakfast. I'm not very hungry. 
So the two went to have breakfast. Thus the 5th month also passed. Ronnie is sleeping at night. Roni's sleep suddenly broke. Because Roni is having a terrible dream. Roja has gone away from Roni. About Dirvos.

Angry Girl Love Story Episode 8

Roni remembered Roja after seeing the dream. Roni's bad situation. The whole body is wet with sweat. Roni is having a lot of tension. Will Roja really leave Roni or is it just a dream? Then Roni started thinking. Roja has only one month left with her, that is 30 days. She was supposed to stay with Roni for 6 months, but 5 months have passed. Fasting will end after that. How to spend those days. 
In the morning Roni Savabig. Don't tell anyone. Ten more days passed like this.
Now Roni and Roja are very good friends. Roja does not quarrel with Roni. Speaks well. This is this morning. Ronnie is sleeping. 
Roza woke up early today. Roja saw that Roni did not get up now. So Roja went to Roni's room. Roja went and saw that Roni was sleeping like those children. You are cute. It looks very beautiful. Rosa started calling Roni 
Roja: This is Roni.....Ronni.......get up
Ronnie: Huh..............m
: Get up 
Why are you humming? wake up 
That's why Roni held his nose. Ronnie woke up because he couldn't breathe.
Roni: If you give two... it will ruin the dream. That's why Jibla is a waist. What is Velam thinking? 
Roza: What a dream you were seeing 
: No no 
: So what? Who was Suni dreaming about?
: With whom again with you.
What are you talking about? tell me 
No, nothing 
So tell me about whom you were dreaming. What else were you watching?
Saying that, Roni came to the face room. He thinks he is in trouble. Sala's face does not block anything. He said that he was dreaming. But the dream was great. Rosa came in front of Roni and put her face in front of Roni's face and kept her eyes in her eyes. What a romantic dream. Ronnie closed the door of the room. And fast outside
Fasting: knocking on the door. Ronnie, Ronnie, open the door
Why should I open it?
I'm telling you. 
No, I won't open the door. 
I haven't seen you once today.
What will you do if you get it?
See what to do later. Open the door first
No, I won't open it. You who are angry will eat me
I am angry at what he said. Roni open the door
You don't have to open the door anymore, I'm blocking it from the outside.
You don't have to go out today. you stay here Your food is off.. Hmm
: Don't do this fasting...
Rosa turned red with anger. Can't anymore. So Roni's faceroom is sitting in front of it. Roni does not come out of the room because of fear. It's been almost an hour. Roja's anger has decreased a little. Roni is not calling anymore. What are you doing in the room? I have not been called even once. If there is no problem, Roza is thinking. Keeping Ronnie like this did not last. Breakfast was not eaten. Roza can not understand what to do now. So Rosa opened the lock that she made in the face room and went inside. Roza's head turned around after going inside. 
Ronnie is sleeping. 
Anger rose again in Rosa's head. He started pulling Roni's ear. 
Roni: Thief thief. Roni sleeps without looking at Rosa
Roza: I'm not a thief, I'm a girl
: And if that's the case, Chuni Chuni 
: Open that donkey's eyes first
Roni opened her eyes and saw Roja's big eyes. 
Roja: This is Dara. Go to the word 
Roni sat on a sofa and was devastated. Ronnie is laughing. I feel very thirsty. 
Suddenly Roni saw a glass of water in front of him. Roni take it without thinking. After that I thought who gave the glass. What is happening to me today? Not a ghost. Meanwhile, Roja saw Roni gasping and gave him a glass of water. Roja is staring at Roni without seeing Roni drinking water. Ronny looked at Roja 
Roni: Ghost ghost
Roza: I am a ghost
: That or what. If you keep your eyes like the eyes of a cow. what to tell him
: This is why my cow's eyes started killing Roni. 
The glass fell from Roni's hand and broke. Seeing that, both became silent. Roja started to break glasses in anger. And he is abusing Roni as much as he can. 
Roza's hand was lightly cut due to anger. Roni saw that and took Rosa's finger in her mouth. The hand of the loving person. Roza can't say anything. Seeing Roni's madness like this. Rosa's right hand was cut off. 
Roni: You can't work. The hand was cut. how much cut If you see A lot of blood came out. 
Rosa: Shut up 
After that Roni took Roja home and bandaged her hand. Rosa is looking at Roni. The story is not like a Bengali movie. 
After that, both of them washed their hands and came to eat. Roni is eating and fasting.
Roni: What happened, why are you not eating?
Rosa: Shut up 
Roni: Can't hear what is being said 
How to eat?
: Why how am I eating?
By hand 
Then you will eat with your hands
Hmm but
But what? 
My hand was cut off 
I forgot 
You will forget that. A little proud
What will Suni do now? Don't eat and look. take it 
Roja laughed, Roni took the food from Roja's face and ate it himself. Roza is angry at that. 
Roja: That bastard. Feed me
Seeing Roja's anger, Roni fed Roja

Angry Girl Love Story Episode 9

And Roni's office is not closed. So Roni is sitting at home watching TV. Then came the fast 
Fasting: gd m9
Ronnie: gd m9
How are you? 
Hmm, you are good
Hmm good. what are you doing 
Ears and nose
Can't see what I'm doing. 
How was your sleep? 
: Good for you 
You have forbidden sleep. hush hush
It seems like something
: O Why suddenly at home today? no office 
No, today is closed. 
You are having breakfast 
Cholo then let's have breakfast together 
After that, the dozen went to have breakfast together. Roni started eating. Roni is eating but not fasting. why 
Roni: Why are you not fasting? 
Rosa: Shut up
What happened? 
: Shut up 
Fasting is not a problem 
Then tell me what happened 
: No means you have work today. 
Why not? 
Let's go for a walk today. 
: Think about something and let's go 
Roni and Roja went to both sides. Because you don't have to be prepared to go around. There is no such thing as a dress code. So they went both ways to tidy up their room. Roni gets dressed and asks when Roza will come. But fasting has no name and smell. Roni Chile this fast. what happened come 
Fasting: Two minutes
Roni has been staying since then but Roza is not coming. So Roni Roja went to the room. As soon as Ronny opened the door of Roja's room, Roja came out. Roni was shocked to see Roja. Roni is not talking but is looking at Roja and Roja is also looking at Roni. These days there is no Easter in Jalsa. When the hero looks at the heroine, the same sun is shown for a few minutes. That's what happened in Roni's life. These few seconds seemed like hours passed. Roni gasped at Rosa's words 
Rosa: What happened to see like this? 
Ronnie: H...H...H...H 
Why are you stuttering? 
No, nothing. 
Rosa was happy to see Roni looking like this. 
Roni went to take out the car and observed the fast. Roza says they will go for a rickshaw ride. Roni also agreed. Ronnie called the rickshaw. Roni and Roja are sitting in a rickshaw, Roni can't believe it. 
Roza: What do you think? 
Roni: No, nothing 
No, you were thinking about something. 
Leave it. Let me say something 
: You look very beautiful.
: look beautiful too.
: So 
Roza looks more beautiful today. Because Roja is wearing Roni's favorite white color saree. Rony's favorite color white can be found by looking at Rony's diary every day. Can know more. Roni loves to travel. He likes to sit by the river and watch twilight limp. You can know more about Roni. The sun seems a little more today. Roni is sweating while sitting in the rickshaw. 
Roza: What happened, why did it look like this? 
Roni: No, it's hot. 
If so, let's go and sit in that park. 
Both went to the park and sat. Two people are sitting in front of Roni and Roja, they are sweetly talking about love. Roza was a little ashamed to see that. Keep your head down. Roni could understand it too. Roni looks at Rosa's blushing face. red face No, it looks good. Seeing Ronnie looking like this 
Roza: What are you seeing? 
: you 
Look at you, how beautiful a girl is sitting behind you. like a dress 
: Where
How beautiful is that? 
Oh beautiful. with pride 
: It doesn't look like a fairy 
Hmm, like a fairy. So what to do now bring the number. 
You said to bring the number. 
Yes, I say. go A sneaky man 
Do not say hello to him 
Then what shall I say? Leaving the wife at home and looking to the next. If I don't call you Louisa, who will I call you? 
: Wife means in that room 
Nothing. He is full of anger. 
Let's go well. The pline worked. Roni is thinking. 
Roni: Roja, why are you wearing so much makeup? Make-up makes you look good 
It will be needed now. I'm not beautiful Not like a fairy, that girl is like a fairy 
Again. I am not the same. 
Hmm, I knew. Writers are a bit greedy in nature. 
They are not all the same. 
Roza saw a smile on Roni's face
Roja: Roni are you angry with me? 
After being caught, I thought to myself, "Naki Roni".
Ronnie: No. Don't even look at that girl. After that, you look very beautiful, that girl. 
Hey, look, dad. Otherwise, the child of the fairy will die. 
Rosa looked at the girl. Seeing the girl, Roja's head became more angry. Rosa looked at Roni in the house and Roni was smiling. Roja's anger came out more. Roja gave Roni as much as she wanted to kill him. All the people in the park are greeting each other with money. I mean, Roja and Roni are watching the fight. In fact, the girl who did not see that girl was black. After fighting, it was noon. Now you need to do the trick. So they went to a KFC. is sitting The waiter came and ordered the fast food. Now it's Roni's turn. 
Roni: What madam said same to same will bring him. 
Roza is a bit awkward. Looking at Ronnie 
Roza: Same to Same means 
If you eat, I will eat the same. The food came. Two are eating. Roni eats a little in a way that makes Roja a little angry. 
Roza: Does anyone eat like this? 
Then how do you eat?
: You eat the way I eat 
No, I will eat like this. 
Why? What is your problem? 
The two finished their meal. Rosa seems to be a little angry. Billing time. Roza is looking at Anna. 
Ronnie: Give me the bill
Looking at Roni. I mean, why should I pay the bill?
: I don't want any girl to pay the bill. Since 
: Since what 
: Since I ate your favorite food, I will pay the bill. 
Roja went straight out with the bill without telling Roni. Roni could understand that Roja was angry. It was dark in the afternoon. Now the fasting blood has also decreased. Come on in the afternoon. 
Roja: Call a rickshaw 
Ronnie: Why? 
I am not saying to call 
Roni called the rickshaw. Ask Roja to go to the river in a rickshaw. Roni was a bit confused. 
Roni: Why the river? 
: So
: O 
Both are sitting by the river. It's evening. The sun has turned red. Roja noticed that Roni was looking at Surya Surya and not speaking 
The sun also sank. Now it's time to go home. 
Come home and make dinner. 
Roni: tnxxx Roza I had such a day for you. 
And welcome. He would take me there if he had time. I felt good after a long time. 
Both of them were very happy after the whole day. Dinner is done. Both went to sleep.
Thinking about fasting. 
After many days he spent such a day. If I could spend my whole life like this with Roni.
Meanwhile Roni is thinking 
How beautiful this day was. How good it was. Roni can see Roja's red face now. You can see Roja's angry face. Thinking about fasting, the author has now fallen asleep. So today will not be written.

Angry Girl Love Story Episode 10

Roni woke up. I have office today. Roni and they went to the office after breakfast. Didn't even meet Roza. Roja wakes up to find that Roni has gone to the office. Roja's heart was upset. Rosa went to Roni's room wondering what to do. Roja saw Roni's diary. Fasting. See if Roni has written anything new in the diaries. Humm wrote Dulain. Started fasting. 
Well Rojaki will never love me. I love Roza a lot. Roza does not understand that love. After Roja's writings, she could understand that Roni loves her a lot. 
Roja is remembering Roni's words all day long. Roni came home at night. It is too late to come home. So he didn't call Roja anymore. Ronnie went to sleep after dinner. Office that morning again. Roni didn't meet Roja for two days while working like this. No office work today. Roni came home. Roni see Roza is waiting in the balcony. Roni took two mugs of coffee and went to Roja's place. Rosa looked at Roni once and then looked at the sky. Ronny gave the coffee mug to Roja, Roja was not talking. So Ronnie left the coffee mug at Roja Pass. 
Roni: The coffee will get cold. 
Rosa: Shut up 
Ronnie: Hello. Who will drink the coffee when it gets cold? 
: I don't know 
Roni can now understand that Roja is angry. 
Roni: How will you know that? Say sorry by Roni's ear
Roza: sorry why 
No, I can understand that you are angry. So I said sorry
Saying sorry like this will solve everything
So what to do? 
First tell me why you didn't meet me for two days. 
Hmm, I was a bit busy. There was a lot of work in the office. I got a new job. If I can do the work, I will get a lot of money. I was doing all his meetings. 
You better take your money.
I'm sorry I said that 
Pomiz will never be like this again
: Hmmm, true, true, true, three true 
They started talking again like before. . At night, Roni is asleep. Roni remembered Roja's departure. Today is the 28th. There are only 10 days of fasting with me. Moni's heart started to cry. 
And meanwhile 
Roja: Come eat this Roni. 
Roni: Nothing
Roni is Roni 
Saying that he came to Roni's room. Roni came and saw tears in his eyes. Rosa had never seen Ronnie cry before. Rosa Geese to Ronnie 
Roja: Why are you crying? 
Ronnie is almost aghast. Taratari wipes the tears 
Ronnie: Why are you here? 
Tell me why you were crying earlier 
Ronnie doesn't know what to say 
Roni: No, I think something is in my eyes 
What do you see? 
That's why it started to look in Roni's eyes. Rosa's two beautiful black eyes in front of Roni. Roni's eyes are looking for something. Roni is looking at Roni in awe. Seeing Roni like this, Roja stopped. 
Roza: Chol dinner 
They both had dinner 
Roja: Roni 
Have you seen the sky today? 
No. The night is full of stars in the sky. 
: Stop stop when you become a poet 
Don't tell me what the hell. Let's not go to the roof
So late at night on the roof. The head is fine 
Let's talk 
Roni was forcibly taken away. 
Roni is really excited to see the sky today because there are thousands of stars in the sky. Everything is seen in Josna. 
Roja: Yes, the sky is being seen, Buji
Ronnie: Yes, I mean
What else can you say about the way you are looking? 
: Do not see how beautiful the sky is
: Hmm, I brought you 
You did well. 
They spent many nights talking. 
A few more days passed like this.
Roza is sitting alone. How do you feel about fasting? Rony went to the office a while ago. Suddenly Rosa's phone call before. The number is Roni's
Rosa: Hello
Ronnie: Hello 
Roja Hello Ta Sune Abaghalo It's not Roni's voice 
Roza: Who are you?
Roni: You are Miss Chowdhury
And you moved to Taratari City Hospital
Why say what happened
Sir, incident is happening. You come suddenly 
So the call ended.

Angry Girl Love Story Episode 11

Roza does not know what to do now. Roja can't understand how Roni's incident happened. Roza came to the city hospital after thinking about it. 
Seeing Rosa, one person came forward. Rosa did not recognize him 
Man: You are not Rosa Ma'am
Roza: Yes.
I am Zafar. i am calling you
In Roni's words 
: Sir K has been tapped in ot 
: means what happened to him 
: No, ma'am, nothing like that. 
: I am saying what happened to him 
: Ma'am...Sir, while coming from home, a bus collided with it. Sir's situation seems very bad. 
Some chairs were placed in front of the chamber after hearing the words of fasting. Sat on it. Rosa's head seems to have broken the sky. Roza cannot speak. 
Zafar: Be holy madam. Sir will be fine. 
Roza could not say anything. Roja's eyes are watering. 
ot And the doctor came out. 
Jafar stepped forward. Roza has not seen now. Rosa is crying with her head down. 
Zafar: How did the doctor see it? 
Dr. o negative blood will be needed now. 
Roza raised her head after hearing the doctor's words. 
Roja: I will give as much blood as the doctor needs. My blood is o-legative
Dr. Hum walks on 
Roza gave blood. All the work of ot is finished. 
Roja: Doctor, what happened?
Give thanks to Dr. Allah. The car was slow. If not, the warranty would have to be cut. Now he is fine. Sleeping medicine has been given and now he is sleeping. 
Roza: What can I see? 
Dr. Hmm, but he can't be talked to now 
Rosa went inside the room. Ronnie Sue is there. Face masks. Bandage a leg. Roni is sleeping now. Rosa sat next to Roni.
It's been a long night. 
Roni has not regained consciousness. Rosa fell asleep while waiting. Next to Roni. Roni held a hand. 
Suddenly Roja felt Roni's hand moving. Roza woke up. 
Rosa saw Roni and could understand that Roni wanted to get up. 
Roja: Don't try to get up, keep quiet and sleep. If you understand 
Roni seems to want to say something 
Roza: No need to talk. I will tell you all later. you don't move Put him to sleep. That's why Rosa began to rub her hands on Roni's head. Ronnie disappeared again. 
It's morning. Roja saw that she was sleeping next to Roni's head. Roja saw that Roni was sleeping now. 
Roni regained consciousness around 8 o'clock. 
Ronnie: Why am I here? 
Roja: Crying: Nothing will happen to you, I am not here 
Roni: Why what happened to me? 
If you don't sleep, you won't get up at all 
Roni wore the needle again. Now tell Rosa Roni what happened. You went to the office. How did the accident happen? 
Roni: Hmm, I went to the office. A small boy was crossing the road in the middle. in front of my car. While trying to save the boy, my car collided with a bus. I don't remember anything after that. 
Roja: You were dying to save that boy. Can't you just take a look? 
Roni said the words and went down. Roni could understand that Roni's legs felt very heavy 
Roni: Why can't I wash my feet this fast? what happened to me 
Roza: No, nothing like that. After a few days everything will be fine. Your feet hurt a little. 
After a while the doctor came and said that Roni can be taken home after two days. Roja started serving Roni. He started giving all the medicines on time. 
After two days 
Roni will be taken home today. Roja will take Roni as soon as she gets home. 
The doctor started to test Roni's body. 
Dr. Roni Saheb. you are very lucky 
Ronnie: I don't understand 
: Means you got such a wife. You seem to love a lot. 
Roni was shocked to hear the words. 
Ronnie: What are you saying? 
Hmm true. Your blood is also given by your wife. These two days are all serving you. I wanted to give you a nurse at home for your service. But your wife will not let anyone pass you. That nose can do everything for you. And how many days he did not cry. You are very lucky indeed. 
So he left with a smile. 
Roni can't understand anything. Is the doctor telling him the truth or a lie? Roni started to think. 
Fasting came after some time. Roni now looked at Roja's eyes and Roja's eyes were really swollen. has become red Rojaki really cried for Roni. Roni can't think. The angry girl who only had anger for Roni in her eyes is crying for Roni today. Roni did not find any anger in Roja's eyes today. Roja settled all the expenses of the hospital and took Roni home. They will return home now. Some people came and they took Roni inside the house. 
at night 
Roza: How do you feel? 
Ronnie: Hmm good
Take the food and eat it 
Roni laughed and fed Roni. Roni started to look confused. Ask Roni to sleep with medicine after feeding. But Roni is not getting sleep today. Because there are only five days left for Roni and Roja to complete six months. Roni doesn't sleep. 
Roza: What happened, why are you not sleeping? 
Roni: Yes. you go to sleep I will sleep later. 
Roza is gone. Roni slept for a long time. 
Four more days passed like this. Now Roni is very healthy. Roni can walk now. Roja and Roni spend the day talking at home. This morning is very beautiful. Ronnie Sue is there. 
Who rang the calling bell? 
Roza: What do you want? 
Man: A letter has arrived. 
: O 
Who is Roni Haseb for him? 
: Hmm give it to me and I will give it to you. 
Lokri left with the letter. Roza started thinking who will write the letter to Roni. 
Rosa opens the pack and sees that it is nothing but Ronnie and Rosa's divorce paper...

Angry Girl Love Story Episode 12

When Roja saw their divorce papers, the sky broke in Roja's head. Hearing about Roni's incident did not hurt so much. Fasting seems to be late. Roja could not understand why Roni wants to divorce her now. Rosa's head became angry. Roja can't think now Roni hates Roja. Roja thought that when Roni doesn't want her, Roja thought Roni will go far away. Roza, take it all in rags. And Rosa started seeing Roni for the last time in Roni's room. Roni is sleeping now. Maybe this is the last time Roja is seeing Roja. He started looking at Roni with full heart. A letter was given to Roni's hand while leaving. Roza went to Roza's father. And at this point, Roni woke up with a letter in his hand and began to wear it. Roni I never thought that you would give me a divorce. you don't love me I don't know when I fell in love with you. But when you don't want me, I leave you far away going away And I am giving the divorce paper. Sign it and send it to your father. stay well There is nothing else written in the letter. Roni screams after the letter and tells Roja, Roja, I love you so much now. Roni calls Roja by phone. No Roja's mobile phone is also switched off. Roni does not know what to do now. Unbeknownst to Roni, eyes are watering. Roni does not know what to do now. What will Roni do now? It is also written in the letter that Roja will go abroad at four o'clock tonight to leave Roni. Roni can't understand that Roja will really leave Roni. but why Roni started remembering all the words of Roj and Roni started crying. Can't understand. Unbeknownst to Roni, eyes are watering. Roni does not know what to do now. What will Roni do now? It is also written in the letter that Roja will go abroad at four o'clock tonight to leave Roni. Roni can't understand that Roja will really leave Roni. but why Roni started remembering all the words of Roj and Roni started crying. Can't understand. Unbeknownst to Roni, eyes are watering. Roni does not know what to do now. What will Roni do now? It is also written in the letter that Roja will go abroad at four o'clock tonight to leave Roni. Roni can't understand that Roja will really leave Roni. but why Roni started remembering all the words of Roj and Roni started crying.
And Roza has been crying ever since. Roja's father is not saying anything 
Roja's father: Why are you crying like this? tell me 
Rosa: Shut up
Don't cry anymore, mother. don't stop 
Dad, I will go abroad today. At four o'clock. I won't be here anymore 
Roja packed everything and left for the airport. It was almost three o'clock now. 
And Roni can't think what to do in this direction. Roni thought to go to Roja for the last time. So Roni hurriedly went to Rojad's house. Due to a little jam on the road, it took a long time to go to Rojad's house. Ronnie started ringing the bell at the Rogers' house. Roja's father opened the door 
Roni: Akel Roza in words 
: Father tell me what happened that Roja will leave you and go abroad. 
: I will tell you later 
: That airport is gone. 
Roni went to the airport in the car again. Roni saw that it was 3:40 in the house. He had to break his fast no matter what. He has to tell everything. Roni came to the airport thinking about the words. Rony went through the gate of the airport and looked around carefully. Roni didn't see Roja anywhere, but Roja left Roja.

Angry Girl Love Story Episode 13 - Last Episode

Roni didn't even meet Roja at the airport. Roni started fasting in India, maybe Roni has left. Roni himself felt small. Because he lost his love like this today. Roni didn't want Roja to leave her like this. Ronito loved Roza. And Roni will not be able to forget Rosa. Because in these six months, Roja has mixed with Roni's breath. Roni can't think of anything to do in the agony of losing her fast. It is now 4:30 pm. Rony spent the afternoon in a park. It is evening now. And Roni is now sitting on the bank of that river. I started remembering that day spent with Roja. Tears are pouring from Roni's eyes. Roni is returning home after sitting there till late night. 
When he entered the house, he asked why the door was open. It occurred to Roni that he might have forgotten to turn it off when he left. Now Roni went to his room. 
Ronnie entered the room and was shocked. Roni was very scared. It seems that the eye is wrong. So Ronnie rolled his eyes a little. No, everything is the same as before. Roni can't speak. 
Ronnie: Amy 
Then Roza turned back. In fact, Roni looked into Roni's room and saw someone sitting alone. And that is Roza. Roza has gone abroad. So Roni was afraid of this. Rosa looked back at Roni's call. 
Roja: Hmm 
Roni: Why are you talking like this? 
How can I talk to you? 
If you don't go abroad. 
: Good I leave and you don't marry someone else again, right? .I can't be there. I will not let you marry anyone. And I have thrown away the divorce papers.
Roni is listening to all Roja's words. Roza started speaking again. 
I go from here and you get married and stay happy, right? Salar lucha badmais. That's why it fell on Roni. Kill that. Ronito is watching everything in amazement. Kill Gussy. At one point, Roza gasped at the sound of thappo. Roja came down from Roni's chest and passed by Roni. And Roni is gasping for breath. The two looked at each other. I don't know why he laughed when he looked at it. Now Roja climbed on Roni's chest and Abhimani was saying bravely 
Roja: Look, Roni, I can't stay without you. Please don't leave me
Roni: Palag Naki. I don't love you How can I leave you? 
So you are a liar
Why what did I do? 
Then what is the paper? 
: Perapata 
: Hmm Perap
: You remember we got married six months ago. And after that you asked for a divorce from me. Then I went to the Kazi's office and asked them to get a divorce for us. It usually takes six months to divorce a new marriage. I got this after six months 
Roza Abag heard the words. Roza had forgotten everything. 
Roja: Sorry Roni. forgive me 
I can do it 
But what? 
: I have to do one thing to be forgiven 
Roza started beating Roni again when he heard about kissing her 
Roza: Mischievous. i can't 
And I will not forgive him either.
Rosa thought a little and said to Roni 
Hmm give it 
I will give 
Rosa kisses Roni. I feel ashamed. 
Now it seems that no one is happier than Ronnie
-------- Finished----

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