A romantic love story - a romantic love story

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A romantic love story - a romantic love story

A romantic love story - a romantic love story

Mercenary Wife Romantic Love Story Episode 1

Hires the girl as a wife for 2 months

Brought by Ryan. The girl's name is Raisa. very poor

For the daughter of the family, the father collects money for treatment

As Ryan's hired wife for 2 months

Accepting the agreement to act with a smile

took Of course, here's Ryan's

There was no coercion. Ryan Virat

Borlok Shamchul Haque's only child, father

- Mother's beloved child since childhood

Sometimes the lack or reality touches him

could not Couldn't touch anymore

Today Ryan is too accepting of his reality

suffering For someone, that life again and again

Wanting to stop, curse the beautiful life

has turned into a black chapter. day and night

In the dark room sleepy under the cover of silence

Befriending nicotine and alcohol from sitting

doing This is the child before the eyes of the parents

Dasha, seeing Mister Shamchul Haq and to endure

could not


Of course, he has no choice but to endure

was not Because Ryan is his past

Not trying to forget in any way. Instead, give

Hold on to the past more and more

is trying And this past as much as possible

The more you hold on to it, the more it will eventually run out

Go. This is the state of Ryan's father and son

Can't see, because to see - to see

3 years have passed, but so much time

After giving and Ryan did not change that much. son's

Mr. Shamchul Haque's body is weak in thought

becoming And as a result of this weakness and

Over tension for son is sweeter

Shamchul Haque suffered a sudden heart attack 4 days ago

Stoked. Ryan's since childhood

His real hero was his father. that

Father's illness makes Ryan very emotional

throw away Because he is already his heir

Losing a place in between

left If the father is like that man

Lose, these worries and fears gradually

Makes Rian even more emotional.


And Rian's emotional is the sweetest shamchul

Haque uses it. Dr. Mr. Shamshul Haque

After treatment, Rian comes and tells him to have mercy

Never provoke him, because he

But if stoked again...

However, he always tries to do what he wants

Do as much as you can to keep him away from worry

keep And I think he is the most

The tension affects you, because of its knowledge

Ever since his return he has been saying one thing over and over again--

Ryan, start a new life, father. Rian

Don't kill yourself, father.

Ryan's eyes widened after hearing the doctor's words

Turned red, very serious type

Son, never someone else's own troubles

do not disclose And I think it's his destiny

A drop and water in both silent eyes

He didn't give. That's why his mind is clouded in the sky

If there is no rain in the eyes.

That day he stoned himself like this

He kept the day and his own

I lost a close person.


The doctor looked at Ryan's silence with disgust

Rian was told---Rian go to the past

It happened please don't forget

Rian said with a sly smile --- Apne

After knowing everything, how is he saying it?

--- Look Ryan life stops for someone

No, and yes, your destiny is like this

Wrote because this happened to you.

And besides, are you for your past

Want to lose another loved one of yours,

Your mother from colorful saree to widow saree

Want to see what you're wearing?

Rian says gradually pulling the hair--pulling

Got up -- No, never, doctor.

--- Then, please listen to father.

Hearing the doctor's words, Ryan went down

Sits down. Because for the last 2 years Ryan's father

Ryan is doing only one thing --- father

Get married, father, start life anew. When

Mr. Shamchul Haq used to say these words to Ryan

Then Ryan started behaving like crazy.

Darkness used to break all the things in the house

Day after day passes through the house

would give

Those memories in front of Ryan's eyes

It floated, along with a memory

It came out a few days ago and Mister

Shamchul Haque suddenly enters Rian's house and is angry

He cried and said--- Father I if

Even if I die, I demand from you

The last wish will be ---- you own life

Let's start anew by lighting up this house

Lakshi brought his wife home. Ryan remembered this

As soon as he read, he understood how to heal his father

What is the best way?

And he understood what the doctor should do to him


--- But doctor you know my side

It can't be done.

---- I know, but do you want your father to be well?

to do?

--- Hmm.

--- Then get married.

Ryan's voice was angry when he heard the word marriage

He said to the doctor--- No, doctor, no

I can never do it.

The doctor then said --- O Rian come on, I am

I told you no one else in your heart

Shaan deo, I only said for your father's happiness

Act a little. Someone's wife for 2 months

Bring rent as

Ryan said at the words of the doctor --- but

Where can I get such a girl who is two months old

Will act as my hired wife for?

--- I have

--- means!


--- You don't need to know so much, you two

The wife will need a month's rent and 1 lakh for the girl

Money will be needed, the matter is not over.

And I think your father is well within two months

It will happen and then there will be no one

You give the girl dirvos with an excuse


Ryan agrees to the doctor's words, because Ryan

Trusts and trusts him a lot.

Because this doctor is Ryan's family doctor. Rian

He calls him uncle, Ryan's to catch

The relationship with him is like friendship. Ryan

This is a friend in all bad situations

The doctor, or Saifei, follows Ryan


And so, according to Ryan Saif, Raisa today

getting married Red-blue pepper lamp around

Ryan and Riser are getting married with joy.

Ryan's relatives are all sad today

Happy, and the happiest of all is Mister Shamchul

Haq and his wife because they think maybe

Their son is normal again

will live And Raisa's magical face, form

Labanya and Rian's parents, after listening to the soft words, marry him

So happy to have it

Once he made a mistake and did not ask, and which one

The daughter of the family, how much she has studied, or

Where are his parents?

Only one face with a smile filled Ryan's life

Prays to Raisa.


And Ryan's parents are smiling today after 3 years

Divya with a smile on the face of Raisa

Acting. Raisa Ryan's stubbornness

Seeing the change, he says to himself

Got up --- Dad, this hot temperature is sudden

Why is ice cool? Cafe tomorrow

What is the time to sign the agreement with me?

Speaking with a serious voice ---

Listen, I am marrying you only for my parents

For happiness you completely mistake me and you

Don't say it, remember it's just with you

My 2 months marriage, after two months yours

On the way and I on my way, and yes my own limit

Don't cross at all, and what a blah--


And now sweetly telling me --- you are here

Do you feel comfortable in the situation, Raisa?

as many

Ryan understood Rhys's muttering

Pere frowned and said to Raisa---

Hello, are you telling me something?

--- Come on, father, tell me a little earlier how beautiful I am

What did you say? Now you again

He went to

--- Listen a little earlier Mom - Dad is here

It was there to put a smile on their faces

did it

---- And say so, that's why I say hot temperature

Why is ice school suddenly?

Rian hears this and tells Raisa in an angry voice

got up

--- Excuse me.

Raisa understood by seeing Rian's eyes

Fello and angry, so the topic is changed

said to Ryan with a smile on his face,

Hey look everyone is taking pictures of us too

Pay attention, otherwise you will understand ---

Kus to garmil hey.

-- Bachal.


Raisa got angry after hearing Rian's rude comment

Rianke said --- Apne ki, yes ekta

There is not even a smile on the face of the Buck demon, what is it in life

Never learned to laugh.

Ryan's sudden reaction to Rhys's words like that is old

Memories flashed before my eyes.

There was a time when this face was sad without a smile

The clouds would never settle. But that's today

The smile was taken away by many

went away

Ryan's memories are hard to remember

The voice said to Raisa --- Don't cross you


After saying this, he left the place.

Seeing Ryan's behavior, Raisa said

--- Father, seeing so much, I fell to the point of madness,

The hired wife must be your size.

Suddenly Raisa felt someone from behind

One tells him

--- Mom, is there a problem?

Raisa looked back after hearing the feminine voice

Ryan's uncle gently patted Raisa's head

Touching said this.

Raisa looks at Ryan's mother with a loving voice

He said--- No, nothing happened, mother.

--- Then Ryan left like this why?

--- like this.

--- And Erukumei Oke a little mother in the previous life

Bring it back, then I am your mother for life

I will be in debt.

Riane Ma said the words to wipe her tears-

Goes to delete.

Raisa then said--- This hot temperature

How can I handle it? Allah knows.


Kazi came to the marriage almost completed, however

After the marriage was completed, gradually in Ryan's eyes-

The expression of false happiness on the face

Gradually succumb to the clouds of sadness

accepted Ryan kept telling Raisa

--- See hired wife, you are your limit

Never cross.

Rian's repeated words made Raisa very angry

Ryan said --- Hey sir this is the word

How many times will you say? How many boys in life

I've seen it, but I've never seen a pile like yours.

- --- Hello.

As much as it looks empty.


Ryan's uncle before Ryan said anything to Raisa

Sister Mithila came in between the two, smiling

He said to Raisa---- What is it?

Think about it, now you are in this situation.

Riyan doesn't like Mithila's fun at all.

Rian said to Mithila in a serious voice--- Mithila

I don't like these at all.

Raisa then gave Ryan a pout

Got up-- No, Mithila don't say these things, instead stand here

Keep silence in someone's mourning.

Mithila laughs after hearing this from Raiser, who is Maa

Ryan's eyes fell in fear

Saying sorry to Ryan, he left.

Mithila's mother Rian tightens Raisa's hand

He said, "You won't grow too much, yes."

Rian held Risa's hand so hard that

Raisa was in a lot of pain. I was getting so much

Compulsively she tells Rian in a pitiful tone

Got up - I'm getting pain.

Hearing Ryan's words, Maai left her hand. Raisa

Looking at the hand, the hand is very red

It's done, it hurts a lot. don't want

A drop of tears rolled down from Raisa's eyes


---- I think what happened?

Raisa heard the voice

Mithila, looking at the side, is standing.

Raisa looked away with tears in her eyes

deleted, and with a small smile

Said to Mithila--- Nothing.

--- So why were you crying?

--- Just like that, I remembered my parents a little.

-- I think I won't cry at all, and besides today

We are yours, big sister

So from today your mother, and big father

your father And I'm your cutie


Raisa hears Mithila's words and hugs Mithila

He caught it, and thought to himself --- how much everyone

Well, only the demon is bad, what's the matter with him

Suffering, why Bash suddenly gets very angry.

No, I have to know.

--- Let's think of you now in your room

Grandmother asked to take it.

--- Hmm.


Mithila comes to the drawing room with Raisa.

Riyaan's mother is very fond of Raisa

The voice said--- Mother is yours

There is a problem.

Raisa muttered hearing Ryan's mother

Got up --- only the problem with the buck demon


-- Did you say something, mother?

--- No.

--- Oh, well, where is Ryan?

Ryan then said from behind --- this is it

i am mother

Raisa looked back at Rian's call and made a face

Bechki said --- Shaitanaka name is Lia Or

Satan appeared.

Mithila said to Raisa

-- I wonder what you said to my brother, but I heard


Raisa got a little scared after hearing this from Mithila.

He said to Mithila in fear - what do you mean?

--- Don't be afraid, I think I'm on your side. these

Devdas cannot be called anything other than these.

Both Mithila and Raisa are like this with Riyan

He started commenting and laughing

remains Riyan is angry seeing Raisa and Mithila's smile

The voice said to Raisa,---

What a joker that I am

Having to laugh like this.

Raisa smiles at Ryan's question

Got up --- maybe so.

--- U.

--- What is happening now you will manage

Or, but there are many people around, so think quietly

And bro, you were a little ice school.


Like Mithila said, Ryan is a little angry

By controlling Mithila's brother or Ryan's

Cousin Rahul comes and holds Riyan's hand

Got up - Hey brother, what are you doing today?

Don't give time, let's go outside, outside yours

Many friends are waiting for you.

--- Hmm.


Raisa asks Mithila after Riyan leaves

--- Why is your brother like this?

---- I think you will understand everything slowly.

Now go upstairs to your room.

Raisa held Mithila's hand without saying anything

Went up and started thinking---

Do I fix this hot temperature?

can i

Mercenary Wife Romantic Love Story Episode 2

Raiser goes to Riyan's room with Mithila, surprised

becomes The whole house is like heaven,

West side of the house

Spinach like kings and on that spinach

A bed sheet of golden color

Reddened by the touch of the sun or strong light

Rose petals on top of the color

With a love aka, color around the bed-

Colorful flowers, whose fragrance and beauty

Someone will be attracted to the house.

On the south side of the bed, there is a large window through which

Chanderhat can be seen. There are four windows in the whole house.

And within the four windows is a red-footed golden

Color curtains, light blue color on the walls of the room

Kara, and a huge balcony on the left side of the house, which

View outside.


--- I think the house is liked.

--- Huh, but.

--- But what?

--- No, actually this is the first time I am in such a luxurious house


--- You are in this condition after seeing this piece. then

What will you do for the rest of your life?

--- mean?

--- means the person you are married to

Likes more and more luxury.

Anyway you go to your room and freshen up bro

It will come after a while.

Saying this, Mithila leaves.

After Mithila left, Raisa entered the house and opened the door

blocked with

Then the joy of the heart sings, sings, sings

Looked around the house.

--- Wow, demons have a choice. no,

A farm type boy at least

Not a hired wife.

Saying this, Raisa is attracted to the spinach

Be his to see it up close

Suddenly his eyes fell on the house

To the walls.

Raiser took a good look at the wall

A dark cloud of sadness settled in the face, Raisa

He saw Rian's whole house

All over the wall are pictures of just one girl, and each

Written under the picture --- still to you

I love Riya, why are you gone?

I will forget, now and in the middle of the night for you

Riya got up.

Raisa could not bear to see these actions of Ryan

Pere said--- Ish is crazy and Kavya again

As many dongs as written, but who is this girl. The whole house

Why is this girl's picture all over?

Raisa was busy with these thoughts, just then

Rhys felt a knock at the door


Raisa heard the knocking on the door

He said in a very angry voice - who is this?

Someone says from the other side

Got up--- I?

--- Who am I?

--- Open the door this little girl.

Raisa heard the words and understood that she was without Ryan

no one

--- And besides, this house is full of monsters, so

Oito will now come to this room.

Raisa went and opened the door to see

Pello Rian's eyes - anger, anger.

Looking at Ryan's face, Raisa was afraid

He said - Hi Swami.

--- Setup. And...

--- I know, now what else will you say, ---

Don't Cross Your Limits.

--- So what else can I say, you are in my house

You dare to enter and lock the door without my permission

So you are not less.

What do you see as courage? Hmmm

Do you know who I am?

Ryan then went very close to Raisa's face and said

Got up - who are you?

--- Dad, I see so much that it's just getting hotter, no

Raisa said it must be controlled

Laughing and saying to Ryan --

Hee, hee, me? i am nobody

-- U

--- Why are you so hot?

However, this is all over the walls in the room

Whose pictures are these?

In the midst of Ryan's demeanor at Raiser's question

It looked a little crazy, Ryan's pictures

Go very close and put your hand in a picture

Raisa said in a tearful voice - This is mine

All, this is my love, and my wife, and mine without her

No one else's place in the heart and never will

and no

And take this word into your head, and it's wrong

Do and sometimes tance these pictures

don't do

--- If she is your wife then marry me

why did And besides, where is Eba?

--- I am not obliged to give that apology to you.

And besides, I want you to be my hired wife

Don't force it, because it will cost you money

Apne agrees to be my hired wife

has been So to know something about me

Don't try it..



Saying this, Ryan looked towards the bed

Mercenary Wife Romantic Love Story Episode 3

Saying this, Ryan looked towards the bed

The whole bed is decorated with flowers, just to look at the flowers

Ryan gets angrier and angrier.

He went to Raisa and said to Raisa-- This

Who decorated the house with flowers, yes who decorated it.

Raisa is very afraid of Ryan's behavior

Gets the answer to Ryan's question in fear

gave --; i don't know

Keep it fine from today, Zeno -- Listen,

I am the most flowery person in the world

dislike And all these may be Mithila's work.


Ryan says this to Raisa, approaching the bed

Gradually move the flowers around the entire bed

He began to throw away and say

Liked--- I don't like flower.

Raisa was very afraid of Ryan's terrible behavior


Then fear-fear to stop Ryan

Goes to Ryan. Ryan went to Ryan

Hit him hard, as a result

Raisa fell down and hurt her hand badly


Ryan Rice doesn't care about pain

He went straight out of the house.

Raisa is very sad to see Rian's cruel behavior

Suffers more --- how can one be so cruel

People are, I got hurt but once

did not see Why is he like that?

Then, Raisa slowly

Stand up, stand for a long time

Slowly go to the balcony and go outside

Looked at it, and thought--

The streets of the city are now busy with neon lights below

How lonely and in this solitude in the light of day

Happy people now little by little

Will hold on to their own sufferings, and

Along with some nomadic emotions and wounds

to memory

--- Wow, Bachal can speak well


--- Who?

Saying this, Raisa looked back and saw Ryan

Raisa is standing, with a slightly proud voice

He said --- O Apne, hot temperature.

--- I am ashamed, but also me

Can't say hot temperature?

Without answering Raisa Ryan's question,

He stands with his face down.

Rian was silent for a long time after seeing this silence of Raisa

looks outside and then a little-

Amtaamta said --- Actually I am

Sorry to push you that way then.

Raisa blushed at Ryan's guilty feeling

Rian hides all pride with a smile

Said --- Hee, hee, no problem Buck

the demon

-- What?

-- No, I mean, Mr. Ryan.

-- You are a very strange girl, a little

I saw a lot of arrogance before, and now

All gone in an instant.

--- And I am Erkumei.

--- Ok fine come with me.

Saying this, Rian held Risa's hand gently

Takes Raisa from the balcony to the bed in the house,

Then---Raisa puts ointment on her hand.

---Watching this story of Raisa Ryan himself,

He said to himself--- what a strange boy, this

Hot, this is cold again. Why is he so strange?

--- Are you thinking something?

--- I think I have fallen into the trap of a madman.

--- What do you mean?

--- Ma, Ma, I mean I will play Ludo now.

--- What?

--- Slowly the eardrum bursts

Gone, mine.

---Stop talking nonsense and go to sleep.

Saying this, Ryan stood up, Raisa Ryan

He held his hand tightly and said---All girls

Desire to see chad to husband on wedding night

Reveals, and husband and wife chad in such a way

Looks like it's Chad's first time in life

He saw another girl on the roof

Willing to go, and I'm your tenant

If you see your wife, you have to play Ludo

Did not fill it yourself?

-- No, I did not fulfill these minor obligations.

--- Tell me what to do, I'm the only person, Altu-


Riya's words awakened a little love for her

Yes, so Ryan tells Raisa in a sympathetic voice

Got up--- just understood but sorry to me

no ludo


--- And what will you do? where to sleep

with me or not


--- No, what else will I do? girl

Man, I let you sleep in the bed

I went to the sofa and slept.

--- Whose angel did I fall into?

Rian is straight without paying any attention to Raisa's words

He went and slept on the sofa. This is Ryan's situation

Seeing that, Raisa said --- I will play Ludo.

By saying this, he began to shout to himself---Chakka,


--- Five, five yes.

Riyaan sits on the sofa in Raisar Chakka-Pach Chillani

He read and then said --- This is what it is

Maddened, and Ludu's court no more,

Where did you get chakka-pach?

--- Hee, hee, the picture of the Ludo court in the mind


--- Ugh, please please let me get some sleep.

--- Oke Jehuto has asked for mercy, that's all

won't say

-- Thank you.

Saying this Rian lay down.


Raisa didn't say anything else.

Ryan thinks Raisa is asleep.

So Ryan said to himself---

Let Baba Bachal sleep, anyway I am

Now let's get some sleep.

Saying this, Ryan fell asleep.

An hour later Ryan felt his face

Someone is gasping for breath, someone else

came very close to his face and loudly-

Exhaling loudly.

Ryan's eyes were a little startled by this feeling

Raisa saw when she opened it.

Riyaan will go to sit in fear, so will Raisa

Rian was stuffed and slapped.

Mercenary Wife Romantic Love Story Episode 4

Ryan gets slapped and sometimes raises

looking at the water

Then he roared like a lion


got up --- are you crazy,

-- Who, who why?

--- Why do you mean by slapping me?


why are you saying

--- Actually, what can I say, I don't sleep


Whom I find in front or mine

I found him around

I keep hitting as I want.

--- You are a strange person,

So go to sleep, what did someone tell you to do at night?

wake up

--- What does it mean? how will i sleep

Why should you close your eyes and sleep?

--- Hey, I didn't say that, I mean it


So the whole bed is full of flowers

by doing

If you don't clean them

i am

how to sleep

--- Clean it up.

--- Ish Shakh Kata, listen to the one who plucked the flower

must be cleaned.

--- What does it mean?

--- Look, if not clear but now


And he will eat a slap, but then

to me

Can't blame.

--- ok fine i clear it

, the butt is mine

There is a condition.

--- What conditions.

--- One after cleaning the bed

minutes and

You will fall asleep without delay.

--- OK.


Raisa sits quietly and,

Ryan hurried

Clean the bed

throw away

Then he said to Raisa in a serious voice -- this


Madam - I made it clear, this time

please go

Get some sleep, and give me some peace too.

--- But sir, I am sleepy

Sleep without listening to music

doesn't come

--- Setup, yourself but now me


annoying Look at these of mine

don't like

--- You are a goat, these are yours

As much as you like.

Saying this, Raisa covers her face

go to bed

lie down

Ryan and then no more talk

lie down


And that of the wall with a surprised look

of the pictures

He looked at the water for a while,

Then he sighed and said---


Why did you leave me?

I have become very lonely, very much.

every day

Nicotine in Ryan's hand at night

in another hand

Rear view with bottle of wine

Looking like this

He started talking about things, sometimes or

the eyes

Touching red with pain towards the pictures

Looking at one night

for free


Because Ryan is looking at the pictures

looks at

Or talking to the pictures


It seems that the picture is closed in the frame

The man is silent

Bhave is listening to his words, for him



Today was no exception.

The whole night with sleepless eyes in the picture

to look

Because of the dawn in Ryan's eyes

a little

Sleep falls.

But just 5.30 light touch of water


sleep is broken,

Squinting with a slightly uncomfortable expression


Ryan looked at Kachala


Raisa with a glass of water in one hand

is standing

--- What are these?

---- Sorry, look

Until now, the Muslim nation is sleeping


And besides you since when

i am

Calling but no response from you

no so

It was forced to do so.

Now please go and do ablution then


go read

Raisa's words don't bother Ryan

bed with

He got up and went straight to the washroom.

Seeing Ryan going to the washroom


The eyes and mouth are full of joy.

But in a moment it was again

to the cloud

rate means

Ryan brought a jug of water from the washroom


Raiser pours the water on his head

so cold

Raisa trembled at his touch


But Ryan Rice's quiver is important

Easy without giving

Raisa was called-- hired wife


Come, be a mercenary wife, absolutely


Don't overdo it, anymore

yes wrong

And before doing these things a second time


He will think with whom you are doing all this





With anger in his eyes and face,

Ryan leaves the room. And

By Raisa Ryan

Looking to leave -,

Then the eyes

A drop of rain from

got up --

In fact, the people of the world are very strange.


Recognition is a big responsibility. They change when - then

to go

can, when, then

Saying this Raisa is crying by Ajho


But after a while Raisa's cry stopped

turns off

Thinking of only one thing - actually ours


He does not see people change

to change

Find the reason. And that's it from today

i am

will do


Wipe the tears and put a cheek on your face


From Raisa Lakage to Jama-

clothes out


With a maroon color saree

Go to the washroom

by changing

Then pray to the whole house

tidy up

Began to arrange, shelves in the cupboard


His clothes, on the other hand

Ryan's shirt-

Pants began to gather, sudden riser

in the eyes

Ryan's shirt fell under his pants


bottle of wine

Raisa was surprised to get the bottles

Stared at the bottles, then


He said to himself - Human or not

of creation

Serajeev, but after receiving this honor he

They are little

Why do you break down like this, gradually?

Why end yourself like this,


It never occurs to them

That--- life

That means with all situations

Adjust yourself

Taken, life is a blow


Learning anew.

No, I want you to end this way

I will not give

Rian Sahib, this is what Raisa said

the bottles

Removed from the cupboard.


--- I think, I think.

--- Who?

--- I am

--- And Mithila come in come in.

Mithila smiled as she entered the house

With Raisa

He said - I thought it was you on the first day



--- mean?

Mercenary Wife Romantic Love Story Episode 5

--- I think you want to know the meaning again,

You know, brother, it's early today

To pray Fajr with father


--- What are you saying?

--- Yes, I think I am right, because

I have seen with my own eyes brother hat

To go to the mosque with the elder father

left home for That's it today

This is the first time in years that I see my father again

I saw him laughing, I thought it was so good

Thank you for doing a job

I will not shorten it.

-- This is Mithila, are you telling the truth?

--- Hmm, why do you think?

-- I can't believe it's you

I was pinched.

--- Ok fine.

Mithila said this with a smile

Raisa wants a couple


Raisa screamed after eating the pinch

Saying --- Uh! Mithila to pinch

It will be so loud as I said.

- Sorry, I think.

But the sorry word of Raisa Mithila is not

He began to think quietly after hearing that

So I went to pray

Why behaved like this?

In fact there are some people in the world who

Their suffering, feelings and self

The real person inside from everyone

Hides, knows those people

He is a big liability.

This man also seems to be on their list

will be one

Riser stands like a robot

Being absorbed in the world of thought

Mithila is a bit annoyed

Touching Raisa's hand, she said --- what

I think you are thinking so much.

--- No, nothing.

--- and

Mithila folded her hands saying this

He suddenly felt like he was busy taking

Raisa's body felt hot

Mithila is coming, with a surprised voice

He said to Raisa--- I think about your body

I see it's getting hot.

To talk about Raisa Mithila

He said in a smiling voice---Hey

My nondini and nothing. now you say

Why are you coming to my house so early in the morning?



Mithila then addressed Raisa

He said, "Put you down, mother, big mother."

Calling, let's go. And besides, after how long?

The people of the neighborhood will come to see you.

- To see me, but why?

--- Or you are my brother's wife, A

Shamchul Haque is the richest in the neighborhood

Wife of Saheb Ekma Pua Ryan Haque,

So won't you come to see me?

Will come to see me, and besides you

No new wife, not everyone will see me

How beautiful to think.

Raisa is a little different from Mithila's words

He said in a serious voice-- New wife,

I think everything is only for two months. two

After months everything will be over, everything.

--- I think you said something?

--- Yes, no mom, I mean I said,

Let's all come down quickly

waiting for

--- Hmmm I will go but not now.

--- Why?

- Because you and I now

Not in order, the old mother said

to make you very beautiful.

--- What will happen with so much dressing.

--- Your love to my brother

Don't be fooled.

A reply to Raisa Mithila's words

Mithila laughs without giving

looked at

---- I think you should stay at home


--- Where are you going?

--- I will come and say, just five minutes and yes

I think you are completely silent for five minutes

Stand here.

Saying this, Mithila left the room



And Raisa is on the bed with a different mind

I sat down and started thinking---What am I to them?

Cheating, when they will know me

Two months hired wife, after two months

They will go to their own address

what will you do And, maybe a lot of trouble

will get But what can I do?

All I'm doing is...

--- will come

Raisa said a little surprised---- Who?

Ryan is polite without replying

Enters the room like a boy. Raisa

Seeing Ryan in bed

Started fixing the pillows.

Ryan and Raiser's pillow are right

Looking forward to doing.

Ryan's helplessness in this way

Raisa saw the pillow standing

Ghukye said to Ryan in a calm voice

--- What do you want to say?

--- No, mother, mother mean?

--- What are you doing so much? what

Raisa said

The bed started shaking.

Ryan then slowly approached Raisa

He came and said--- Let's look at the hand.

Raisa bed after hearing Ryan's words like this

Zhara stopped and said--- Why?

--- Hey, don't worry.

--- ok

Raisa hands with a slightly uncomfortable expression

A page in Ryan Raisa's hands

Very angry rub with paracetamol

The voice said--- Take it first

Take the medicine from here because it is said

The water in the morning is not too much

It was cold because of their touch

Again the fever did not go away but again

All the blame will fall on my shoulders.

Eat it.

Ryan said this to his emotions

A variant from the riser for concealment

He started to run away, just then

Raisa said to Ryan with a little smile

--- If I can't tolerate even a little fever

So how to face the storm of life

will do And besides, if you are not sick, you will understand

How much suffering a sick person.

Ryan stopped hearing Raisa's words

Go and say to Raisa in a sudden voice

Got up--- mean?

--- means! You feel that sometimes in life

Didn't you face the crisis?

---- You can say that kind of yes,

In fact, from the childhood of mother - father

I became a man from under the shadow,

For this sometimes the complications of real life

Didn't have to face.

--- This is why. But you know what?

I face it, every day for real

Reality, in front of your eyes

I saw husband, son together in the morgue.

He saw the girl's body lying there

The girl did not give up, she renewed her life

Started, I saw daily job

The unemployed boy who went to look for that

One day there was an accident

Even though he lost his leg

Don't give up on life.

I saw vultures every day

Don't give yourself to the shop

That girl is her own body

Exchange parents, family and more

She pays for her sister's education, but so much

After and once again called suicide

Misunderstands and does not recognize sin.

Ryan was surprised to hear Raisa's words

Gazing at the riser's water,

Then he said ---- I have a lot of work

yes i come

Raisa and Riyan no obstacle

Dilona, ​​because Raisa understood

--- This man is from himself every day,

From the people close to you

running away Maybe one day this

The escape will be completed.

--- Listen, there was a word?

Raisa went to the door after hearing the voice

Ryan looked at it

is standing

Mercenary Wife Romantic Love Story Episode 6

---- Say yes.

--- No, in fact, after hearing your words, I think

Being yourself is not what you really are?

--- mean?

--- No, nothing, actually sometimes you are mine

Sounds very mysterious, too.

Raisa was shocked to hear Rian's speech like this

started doing Just then Mithila Ryan's

He pulled the shirt from behind and said---

What's going on bro?

--- K, and Mithi.

--- Hmm, what are you doing here?

--No, I mean...

---- So mean, don't mean, get out of here

So now I think who to decorate.

Riyan said without replying to Mithila's words

When it goes, it kind of runs away.

Riyan enters Mithila Raisa's room as she leaves

Keeping three boxes and a saree on the bed

Then he closed the door of the room. Mithila in the room

As soon as Raisa enters, the leaf of the medicine is a pillow

Hidden on the floor, then placed on the bed

of jewelry

A little surprised to see the boxes and the saree

Aiming at Mithila, Raisa said---

What is Mithila?

--- Ken Bhabhi, Saree, Jewellery.

--- I see him too. But you are so loud

Saree, for whom are so many jewels?

Why do I think about you?

--- Look, I am wearing so many jewels, gorgeous sarees

not used to

--- So what happened dear, from now on

practice You have to read these

There will be strict instructions from the mother.

--- Must read?

--- Hmm.

--- Read what else to do and do what you want.

--- Thank you I think. Mithila says this on the bed

He took the saree and gave it to Raisa


--- Here, dear, read it.

--- OK.

Raisa went to the washroom and the saree came off.

When Raisa comes out from the washroom with the saree on

Mithila then sees Raisa and becomes completely shocked.

Of course it will or not. A magical look

A girl with deer-like eyes and blood

Lips, a black one on the right side of the lip

Moles and cloudy hair on the head, if he is a gar

Working with Blue Golden Puthi

If the saree falls, then look at her

Anyone can pass an era and maybe

can give

--- What is Nandi like to me?

do you see

--- Ugh! Bhabhi read this saree to you

It feels so beautiful that I am yours

I fell in love, this time I studied jewelry

I don't know how beautiful you will feel if decorated.

I will see today from your side brother

I can't turn my eyes away.

--- Yes, that hot temperature brother of yours before

When you look at me, you will not turn your eyes away.

--- will look, future will look. I don't see how much you

Decorate beautifully.

Mithila seated Raisa in front of the dressing table,

First began to teach jewelry, then bowed to the nose

Read, kajal on the eyes and red-khairy on the lips

Lipstick, and flowers in her hair

Built it. Then raise the face with the hand

Touching gently, Mithila said--

Look how I decorated you dear?

Raisa looks at herself in the mirror, a little

He said in a serious voice--- Actually Mithila

I don't like dressing up at all.

I know how to feel discomfort.

--- I decorated so beautifully and you say this

Bhabhi, in one day and besides you are new

Wife, you must dress up.

--- I don't like the messenger.

--- After saying these things,

Saying this, Mithila sat down laughing

Raisa started teaching shoes.

Raisa then shyly told Mithila

Said--- Mithila what are you doing?

--- He is thinking of putting the shoe on you

Only then will the outfit be perfect.

Saying this, Mithila started teaching Raisa shoes, Raisa

Then Mithila said in fear--- Mithila,

I can't walk in high shoes.

If you don't wear it, wear another normal shoe

don't you

--- Hey, nothing will happen, I'm not sure -

I will take it. And besides fall if so

no brother

--- Ah.

--- No, say yes, don't see the heroine in the movie

When he started to fall, the hero came and caught him. Oops!

What a romantic scene.

--- But Mithila it's not a movie but real life, me

Really high shoes are not comfortable.

--- And it is not a problem if it starts to fall

Brother will come and catch you. And please if you can

Fall at will.

--- Mithila, I am dying of tension and you are with me

are you kidding

--- Well, sorry, Bhabhi now

Come on, let's all wait for us


--- will I go?

--- Hmm. So what will you do?

--- But I will not change the shoes.

--- Oh, I think, let's not say I am.

--- I really can't walk, me

But it must be taken.

--- Well ok.

Saying this, Mithila held Raisa from above

Brought the bottom. Mithila comes down

A little surprised, because the whole

There is no one in the drawing room, with a slightly surprised voice

He said to himself - What's the matter

Where is everyone? Am I a bit late?


--- So or what is it, that dress is not decorated

It's too late. Look, maybe everyone

Everyone has gone to work.

--- Oh no problem bhabhi, I am now

Everyone is calling.

Saying this, Mithila looked forward


Ryan sat on the couch with deep concentration

Reading the paper. Mithila sees Ryan

Seeing tears of laughter in the eyes of both Raisa



Mithila meets Riyan and leaves Raisa

He went to Rian and took the paper from his hand

took away Riyan is great in acting like Mithila

He stood up in anger, then said to Mithila---

- What happened Mithi, why did you take the paper?

--- How long will I stay with my face covered in paper all day

Bro, look at my sister.

--- mean?

Raisa laughed at Ryan


--- Hi Swami.


As soon as the voice came to Rian's ears, Rian was in front of him

Looking at it, I saw it on the side of the stairs

Raisa stands and looks at Ryan.

Riyan Raisa in a new look or in such a beautiful dress

He did not look at her properly

Aiming at Mithila, she said --- these things

What is myth?

--- I mean, see for yourself

I decorated Bhabhi so beautifully and you

Where are you saying without praise what is happening?

Riyan laughs at Mithila's words

If you get up--Mithi Kamaon, you seem to have forgotten

No matter how beautiful the wife is decorated

A wife needs a wife.

Riyaan's comments made Raisa very angry.

So angry that for a while he

He forgets that he has high shoes on his feet,

said to Rian in great anger

Got up--- What are you my wife?

Saying see what I do with you. this

Ball walked quickly to come to Ryan

As soon as he fell, Ryan immediately went



Mithila catches Raisa like Riyan Nayak

Happily said--- Wow! and what

Sundar, brother, you have cracked the entire movie


Hearing Raisa Mithila in Ryan's eyes - eyes

He left and said in a shy voice---

Thank you my swami.

Hearing this, Maae Rian --- laughed and laughed

Said to Raisa----Welcome wife.

Saying this, he closed the smile and looked the other way

He folded his hands, that's it

Raisa then fell down.

Mithila ran to see Raisa fall

Rian said in a serious voice---Brother

But it doesn't happen in movies, you see him

Instead of saving, you threw it away.

--- Oh mother, what a pain I got, Mithila this buck

Please wake me up without talking to the demon.

- Yes, dear.

Saying this, Mithila started to lift up Raisa.

Ryan then smiled and told Raisa

Got up---didn't you eat too much?

Tell me what to do with a rice like you

What weight can a kid like me take?

--- I am a bag of rice, wait and see what I do

I will not read this shoe again, this one

Says Raisa throws away the two shoes.

Then the volcano swelled both cheeks in anger

Looking at Ryan in the eyes.

Ryan laughed out loud when he saw Rhys's condition

Mithila started drinking coffee from the table

Brings the mug, then hands it to Raisa

Get up---Bhabhi save your honor.

--- Ya Naddini, says Mithila's hand of coffee

Raisa took the mug and poured the entire coffee on Ryan's head


Ryan's smiling face is angry again at the touch of coffee

Full of looks.

--- What the.....

---- Don't talk to me, my wife

Not to say, I want you, you throat

press and hold

--- What?


Ryan Ricer is so confused

Ryan's mother or Mrs

Shayla Begum came from the kitchen to the drawing room

Seeing, coffee on Ryan's head, very angry on his face

Chaya and on the other side Raisa with veil on her head

And with him Mithila Meni stood like a cat

there is

Mrs. Shayla Begum sees Rian in this condition

He said--- What is Ryan, why is this situation?

what happened to you

--- What will happen mom, seeing you

He is standing with a veil on his head

And Mithi poured coffee on my head. the word


Mithila's mother, before Mrs. Shaila Begum said anything,

That is, Shila Begum came down from above-

He said to come down--- What are these lies, and no

Your elder brother Fazlami has a limit.

Mithila got a little scared when she heard Sheila Begum's voice

Mithila looked down in fear

Bhave Sheela is afraid of Begum, of course she is afraid

He looks like a monster

Above is a little rough to everyone as a human being


Ryan's mother may be about and rock at age

Begum's big nature behavior and movement,

In Karthabata, everyone thinks of Sheila as the elder wife

by doing And none of the house with Sheila Begum

Does not speak easily, very 1 times before speaking

But he thinks that the rock is the only rock

The pearl of Begum's eye, all of Rian's abdar

Sheela Begum tries to fulfill effortlessly.

Mithila sees Ma coming down, Raisa fishfish

He said --- Bhabhi, be careful that it is coming down

Don't make fun of your brother in front of him, no

But if..

--- What myth are you doing?

--- No mom, nothing.

--- Nothing, wait and see what I do with you,

Sona Ma and Sona Ma.

Rian went to Shila Begum to call

He said---Look what my condition is


--- Who did this to you?

--- Who else will do it, that one-handed veil

I am standing like a cat now


Sheela Begum was shocked to hear Rian's words like this

Gambi's voice said,

--- Married not even a day and now this


Sheela Begum's words like this, Raisa is the rock in a low voice

He said to Begum---Tell me what to do

If someone calls me a sack of rice

Do I leave him?

Tenant Wife Romantic Love Story Episode 7

--- The bag of rice said what happened

So you poured coffee on his head, courage

So you are not less.

Shila Begum's eyes and face were full of anger

Seeing this, Mithila whispered to Raisa---

Bhabhi said no, don't talk, this is angry


---- Hmmm, what do I do standing and watching?

Saying this, Raisa started crying loudly.

Everyone is surprised to see Raisa crying loudly

He looked at the drink. Sheela Begum and Riyan's mother

Shaila Begum asked Raisa in a surprised voice

Did --- Why are you crying?

Hearing the question, Raisa stopped crying and said -

To say purposefully to Shila Begum

I am here to save your honor

I did and you are scolding me?

----- means? To save my honor?

--- Bhabhi, but you will eat the case now.

--- shut up

--- What is this girl whispering, where?

Said to save my honor.

--- In fact, honey, he is teasing me

Basta said, I mean a girl

Calling a girl a sack of rice is what she means

The entire female caste is a storehouse of rice, an ambassador

Said sack of rice.

Sheela Begum, Mithila, Shayla heard this from Raisa

Begum looks at Riyan together and says

He got very angry--- this was said before

Didn't think so, Ryan.

Three girls are fiery like this

Rian's whole body is afraid at the touch of the eyes

And Ryan began to grow increasingly angry with Rhys

Sona looks at her mother and makes a fuss

He started saying---Honey, mother, I am like this

I did not think, he is lying to you.

Saying this, Rian quickly went in front of Raisa and asked her

Screamed and said--- What are you this girl

Are you saying this?

Raisa smiled at Ryan after hearing Ryan's words

He said with his eyes closed - How did I give it?

My hot temperature son-in-law?

--- And that means you want to do this.

I, I will see you.

Suddenly Ryan felt someone from behind

One tugs at his shirt collar,

Looking back with curiosity, he was angry

Bhave honey mother --- what are you talking to her

talk to me You are an insult to girls

are you doing

--- Ye Ma, Ma, I don't mean honey Ma is lying

Look and wink.

--- Shut up. You won't talk to me at all.

Saying this Sheila Begum walked like a demon-

Went up for a walk.

Ryan is sometimes like a buck demon towards Raisa

Looked and then said nothing

He went to the house.

Shaila Begum to Raisa after Riyan leaves

He went and gently put his hand on her face

She said in a loving voice--- This family is mine

Hold the boy.

Raisa then saluted Shayla Begum respectfully

Shaila Begum then smiled at Raisa

He said --- you sit here mother, I am everyone

I am calling mother, and yes Mithila you stay with her.

--- Hmm big mother.


Mrs. Shayla Begum left the drawing room

Mithila and Raisa towards each other

He looked and laughed out loud.

--- Bhabhi, you have cracked it.

--- I understand that, but sona ma to Rian

If you love a lot, then this little word of mine

Why was he so angry?

--- Hey Bhabhi, your guess is the deal is gone

Stuck on the tree.

--- mean?

--- means mother is the most disliked person in the world

If someone disrespects girls,

Somehow if someone works

Disrespect remains, it is up to him


As such, he did not say anything to his brother.

--- So, if you don't tell me first, then you will be cut off

I used to add a little more salt.

--- Bhabhi this time but I go against you

Go, but my brother is not so bad

You have to do that, you understand.

--- What will you understand, grandpa?

Such a beautiful call and loving voice

Raisa and Mithila looked ahead after hearing the sound

Seeing Shayla Begum holding an old woman-

Catching it and bringing it to Raisa. The old woman

Mithila approached the woman with a smile on her face

He started going and said--- Didun, you

Come on, come on.

Saying this, Mithila and Shayla Begum caught Didun-

Raisa is honored to bring Raisa forward

Bhave greeted Didun,

Standing and looking at Didun after greeting, Didun

Jalchokhe said to Shayla

Got up--- I'm looking at the rear of the big wife

Like Lakshmi Mantra, stay alive grandpa brother.

He heard the name Raisa Riya from Didun's mouth again

Questions started in his mind - who is this Riya, this

The walls of the house, in the face of the people of this house

Who is only Riya in mind?

Seeing Raisa living in such a world of thoughts

Mrs. Shayla Begum said --- what

Do you think mom?

The world of Raisa Bhavna in the voice of Shayla Begum

Reality came back from then extremely

Senhmakha said in a voice--- Nothing, mother.

--- Oh well, let's sit down and talk with you




Raisa, Didun, Mithila and Mrs. Shaila Begum together

We sat down and started talking, just like that

Shamshul Haque entered the house with two bags of market-

He started saying when he entered---where is my new wife mother


Everyone stood up at the sound of Shamchul Haque's voice

Gelo, Raisa is very happy

If you proceed to go to the front of the door

Mrs. Shayla Begum then said to Raisa--

You don't have to go mom, I'm going.

- No, mother, I will go.

--- Yes, let my wife and mother come this way

let's see

Raisa went to the door and took the market from her hand

He started to take the bags and in a serious voice

Shamchul said to Haque - Father, this is your body

But it should not go to the market at all.

--+ Oh, how long will you stop talking about the body?

After this, Haq's house is full of happiness again.

Saying this, Shamchul Haque gently patted Raisa's hands

He held it and said--- Murray is here from today

Don't leave your family like Riya again.

Raisa's mind is tied to Maya by these words again and again

entangles itself but it never

It's not possible, I have to go

When the time is up.

--- What are you thinking, mother?

--- No, come on, father.

--- Hmm.

Upon entering the house, Shamchul is on the upper side of Haque

Ryan saw from above as his eyes fell

coming down

Seeing Rian, Shamchul Haq smiled

Said to Ryan -- Hey my son, come down

Sit with me for a while, I am a story with you today

I will do it, see today I just marketed myself

for you

Rian Samchul turned without hearing Haque's words

Shamchul said on Haque's face - I am father

going out

The smile on everyone's face is clouded by Ryan's words

Covered up, especially in Raisa's eyes

Gradually the water came. today

The day after the wedding, a little later, many people

It will come but he will not stay, what happens. If people

Asking what to say then, at least to myself

Today is the day for the happiness of parents

He could have done without acting a little.

--- Go out means where to go?

Rian is a little uncomfortable after hearing Shamshul Haque's question

Bhave said--- why father you don't know where I am

will i go

--- Brother, you will leave today like this.

--- Why today is the day, one thing on everyone's mind

Put it in and I'm just for you

I got married and nothing else.

Saying this, Rian leaves. Raisa looks surprised

Watching Ryan leave --

Humans are gradually cruel under the touch of suffering


Shamchul Haque is very upset that Rian left like this

Bhave broke down, looked at Raisa and cried

The voice said--- I thought and changed

You are gone, mother, but no, she is only forced by me

He married you, that means he

No day will change, from this life

won't come out

Raisa did not understand what to say but her

Helplessness in front of the face and a chest of love

There are some people who are standing with

Someone in return his lost child

Wants to get, an old helpless wants his grandson

To get back, another sister begs her brother

Raisa faces without thinking about anything else

He looked at it for a while and said- Patience

Father, don't lose your son, I am his again

I will bring back the previous life.

Raiser's words put a smile on everyone's face

Seeing the shadow of immense faith in Raisa's eyes



Raisa is a neighbor of various people all day long

Came to see, makeup in front of them

He hides his pain in the cloak and smiles on his face

Passed the day, many guests

Every time Shamshul told Haque about Riyan

He avoided it somehow



Raisa's face as Ryan didn't come home even once all day

Gradually, the thoughts began to disappear.

Mithila started asking again and again-- yours

Where is the brother?

--- Brother went where he goes every day.

--- mean?

--- With time- will understand everything,

However, let's watch the tension

will come


At 12 o'clock in the night Ryan returned home, Ryan in the room

Raisa went in front of him and calmed down

The voice asked --- This is the sweet all day

Where were you?

Tenant Wife Romantic Love Story Episode 8

But the riser woore rian, without giving any answer

He stood silently. The matter is very much raised

feel worse, get a little emotional,

Raisa sat on the bed with a confused face

Foske told Ryan---for money

Because I got married, I thought of him as a friend

One cannot say where he went.

Rian's eyes and face were one at such a question

Chaya comes down that Chaya says a lot to Raisa

I want to say but where are the words?

Raisa is disappearing again and again, for a long time

Staring at Ryan's mesmerizing face,

And Ryan might forget for once

Raisa was his hired wife

Hai looked into Raisa's eyes

After some time Raisa suddenly said---

Well you can say, love

Why do people get lost?


Ryan's answer to this question

Couldn't because Raisa has never been anyone in her life

He didn't get love so it seems he doesn't know

When loved ones are lost or far away

Gone is how difficult a person is

Azgubi asked.

No response to this question from Ryan Riser

To move more seriously to the balcony

Just then Raisa burst into tears

He said to Rian

Are you angry? tell me what to do

No one has ever loved, so I don't know

Why do loved ones disappear? But this

I can say that love people

They are never lost but with time

In every vein of our body,

Maybe their existence for the sake of reality

Some leave us with time

Reasons go away, but ours to them

Feeling, love never goes away. And

Our every breath and exhalation is ours again and again

He is very close to me.


Ryan is very close to Raisa after hearing Raisa's words

Come and look into Raisa's eyes and say

Got up--- tell me who you are?

Riyaan's question again Raisa Amta Amta Amta Amta Amta

started doing

--- Why are you not talking? your

Trying to hide something repeatedly in the eyes and mouth

The shadow appears, who are you?

--- I, I am human.

Hearing Rhys's woo, Ryan gets angry again--again

Are you talking so softly? actually

Talking to you is a waste of time.

Saying this, Ryan went to the washroom.


After some time, Rian got fresh from the washroom

When he came to the room, he saw Raisa on the bed

Sitting absent-minded. Ryan was a little surprised

He said to Raisa in a surprised voice - What's the matter

Why are you awake now?

fall asleep

Rian's question, Raisa said eagerly to Rian

- Sleep is not coming?

--- Why?

- You haven't eaten anything, so you don't feel sleepy?

--- So why didn't you eat?

--- for you.

Riser Woore Rian said in annoyance---- these

Stop talking nonsense and for me

Did someone tell you not to eat?

And besides, I don't eat at night. And yourself

I don't see anyone in the house taking food for me

Doesn't care about waiting or me.

However, mother used to do it once but not anymore

I don't because my mother has understood for me

Waiting means wasting time. So

I also tell you that after today

Never make this mistake again. go go

eat it



Ryan walks out onto the porch, staring blankly

Bright in the distant skylight

Looking at the beautiful view of the sky.

Ryan's sudden feeling is that someone is behind

Pulling at his shirt.

Ryan looked back and saw Raisa standing


--- What's the matter with you?

--- In fact, I am very hungry.

--- I will tell you how many times it is strange, eat it.

--- Give me some food.

Ryan said after hearing this from Raiser.

mean? I'll feed you this question

How did you get the courage to do it?

--- Please don't be angry, actually there are many in hand

I got pain that day when my hand

held down

The pain of falling on top of him today

has increased

Rian heard the words of Raisa's longing voice

Feeling a little guilty, Raisa looked down

The voice said--- It took too much


--- Hmm.

--- Sorry, I don't feel right when I'm angry.

--- Do not feed now?

--- Ye means.

--- He doesn't need to be fed, I do

I went to sleep.

Raisa leaves the balcony with pride

If you want, Rian held his hand and said--- So much shame

What is there to do but sleep without eating

Read later

You will say that I did not give you food as a tenant wife, come on.

Let's feed.

Saying this, Ryan took Raisa's hand.

Tenant Wife Romantic Love Story Episode 9

Saying this, Rian took Raisa's hand and put her on the bed

Takes it up, then on the table

Take the food from the food in front of Raisa's face

The girl has her own eyes

He wanted to block the waters

could not Rian sees tears in Raisa's eyes

Kindly said in an angry tone--What's the point of crying

Well, some have never been fed.

--- No, no one ever fed.

--- Your parents also sometimes feed you

did not give

---- If there are parents, they will feed you.

--- What are you saying?

--- Yes, it doesn't mean anything, it's actually an emotion

I'm gone, so I'm rambling.

However, what food is in front of the mouth

Don't keep feeding?

Rian in manners, movements, and speech

Finding Riya again and again, getting a little happiness,

The happiness that was lost from him three years ago



Without saying a word, Rian removed all inertia

He fed Raisa.

Then he said--You sleep.

---- yourself?

--- Leave me alone, and the night is too long for me

Painful and keeps me awake.

---- What is your trouble?

-- Difficulty and me, ha, ha actually I have a problem

Not just a lost man back

There is a strong desire to get what else to say,

As the night deepens this whimsical desire of mine

It gradually increases.

--- Who lost that back

Want to get?

Rian then pointed to Riya's picture and said---Oi

The man with the one-cheeked smile is off the frame

looking at me

Raisa looked at Riya's picture with a surprised look

Stayed, and unknowingly said--

You are very, very, very lucky.


Raisa went to bed at 1 am, it was very hot outside

The wind was blowing, and that wind through the window

Raisa's body vibrated repeatedly as he entered

Ryan is doing what he is doing on the sofa

I was deep in thought and after some time, after

Looking at Raisa and sleep?

After passing an hour and a half in this way, suddenly Rian

He stood up, then a packet from the drawer

He took out the cigarette and put it on the table.

Then went and opened the cupboard. Closet to Ryan

Raisa understood why when she opened it

The cupboard opened, Raisa sat up and then

Asked Rian--- What about you now

Do you drink?

--- Knowing that what you will do, and besides

Why didn't you sleep now?

Saying this, Ryan got busy, the bottle of wine

to find

Just then Raisa said---What you are looking for

It's not there.

Ryan Ricer gets very angry with such words, Dhoom

After closing the cupboard, he came to Raisa and raised his voice

started saying-- how dare you,

To lay hands on my things, give them to me


--- No, I won't, watch them eat...

--- Setup Just setup and please me

Give them.

--- I'm not saying, I won't give.

--- He doesn't need to be fined. I'm out now

I will go, outside and stop myself


Raisa is a wine to Rian's excesses

Bring the bottle, then Rian in an angry tone

Asked - What are you really doing now?

Eat chaipas.

-- Yes.

--- I am asking for the last time, will you really eat?

--- I also say yes to the last and final answer.

yes understand

After Ryan said that, Raisa started to smile.

Then he started saying-- You will eat it

So, let's see what Apne Khan does.

Saying this Raisa opened the bottle of wine and said ---

If you eat it, I will too.

Ryan laughed and said,--- What! yourself

Eat, see if you have the courage to eat.

--- I will really eat.

--- Do not eat, someone is obeying you.

Saying this, Raisa opened the bottle of wine

He took a mouthful, then did not eat

Cheeks puffed up at Ryan in surprise

looked at

Ryan Ricer was surprised by this situation

Gelo-- Eki apne really, really,..... take it now

Swallow it and see if you can eat it.

--- Listen to the words of Raisa Ryan

He took all the alcohol and threw it in Rian's mouth


----- Yak what a foul smell, what a foul taste

How do you eat it?

--- Hey what did you do by throwing it in my face

Hit it and your face again.

Saying this, Rian held Raisa's hand in great anger

Raisa smiles as she holds it.

Why are you laughing?

Raisa pulls Ryan's shirt collar and says--

This hot temperature makes my head crazy

spinning around

What are you saying?

-- I, I will eat it, said Raisa taking the bottle

Grunting, Rian Rhys's hand began to eat

Take the bottle from him somehow

He managed to take the bottle like a stupid child

Raisa held Ryan tightly with both hands and said

Got up--- Why are you like this boy, all day

Why are you so angry?

-- What are you telling me, gone?

Why did I ask you to eat it? Let's see

Really, really ate it up.

--- Hee, hee.

,---- Why are you laughing like crazy?

Raisa hugged Ryan and said---Don't laugh,

You don't know that you don't tell your wife

have to say

--- No, it can't be kept like this much longer, no

Then there will be danger.

Raisa slapped Ryan gently on the cheek

With, began to laugh, Ryan and then

He is crazy about controlling her

started laughing

Raisa cried like a child -- cried then

He said---this is the temperature you gave me in the morning

Now you have thrown it away like a sack of rice

take me in your arms

- Yes.

---- Yes No Yes Otherwise I, I.

-- What will you do?

--- Me, hehe, I go straight to mom now

I will go

--- No, I'm taking it in my lap.

Ryan said to himself annoyingly

It took --- understand how much Rian called sack of rice now

Having to suffer

Saying this, Ryan took Raisa in his arms, Raisa

Mae Raisa laughed loudly in her arms

And began to misbehave like children --

Said to do--+ Here, this is your son

What's so much trouble, why do you eat these things?

After hearing Raisa's question, Ryan looked at Raisa for a long time

He looked, then said-- I don't know, that's it

I eat because my chest hurts.

- Give me a little share of your pain.

Ryan didn't give a win, just a repeated raiser

Staring, then Ryan went to Raisa

Sleep on the bed, - see yourself...

Mother Raisa said with a slap -- this

The boy is himself again.

-- Hehe, you. I say you should sleep now.

And yes, I will talk to you in the morning.


--- Ok I sleep.

Ryan sighed as Raisa agreed to Ryan's words

Fele said--Let's go, father.

But after a while Ryan's sigh is quiet

When Ryan looked down, he saw Raisa

He rested his head on her knees and tightened his grip on her hand

Dive into the land of sleep.

Outside then the chirping of insects, and the frosty wind,

Raiser also forced the silent environment

To enjoy sleeping like this. Ryan O

Then Maya looked at Raisa's face

There was a moon in the sky outside

The tea shop's tea shop was also sitting

The light shines through the window onto Raisa's face

It came, like in the light of that moon

The girl looks a little more beautiful, and

Ryan looked so good for a while

Maybe imagination from own reality

Dives into the sky, which is the sky to man

A little gives happiness and people and happiness are luxuries

He takes that happiness by hand.

Tenant Wife Romantic Love Story Episode 10

---Wake up and think how long you will sleep.

Raisa suddenly heard Mithila's voice

He jumped up and sat up, then rolled his eyes.

Kachlat looked at Mithila

Mithila said---- how much more read- read

Say you will sleep today, you know how much


--- How many?

--- 9 o'clock.

--- What are you saying? I am so late today

I slept forever.


Raisa got off the bed and went to the washroom

Go and get fresh then Mithila

He said---Well, everyone in the house has gone up

not so

--- Hmm, even bro, it's too early today

Woke up, breakfast down

went to do

---- What are you saying?

--- Honestly speaking, if you don't believe it, see your own eyes

let's see

--- Hmm.


Raisa quickly covered her head

He took Mithila's hand and left the room

came down

As Raisa and Mithila come down, Raisar

Eyes first fell on Ryan.

Rian sees Raisa on the other side of the face

takes back

--- What matter he turned away

Why? What did I do last night?

And besides, on his face and to me

There is a lot of anger.

To think of Raisa standing like this

Mrs. Sheela Begum said in a serious voice

Got up---What is this girl standing there?

Are you thinking of being a house wife?

Now to stand and meditate again, for you

Do we sit without eating today?

Sheila Begum's high-pitched chatter

Raisa gets very scared, Mrs. Shayla

Begum Raisa has a shadow of fear in her eyes and face

He scolded Shila and said--- Ah!


Why are you doing this, and besides, we are him

No one thinks of the wife of this house but the daughter

I think so try to think like that too.

This is what Mrs. Shayla Begum said to Raisa

Said purposely---You are something to his words

Don't mind, come and eat mom.

Raisa has so much love and affection for them

Touching himself again and again with immense trust

Wanting to stifle, repeated his mind

--- Not like this and I cheat them


--- What happened to your future wife, come on.

--- Oh yes, I'm coming.


Raisa is next to Ryan at the dining table

Ryan's face was very angry as he sat down

Looking at the table with anger


Seeing this condition of Ryan, Raisa turned to him

Staring for a long time,

Ryan's and then Riser's for a moment

The eyes fall to the side, but then the face

takes back

Raisa started muttering.

--- What happened again? who knows

Temperature, so maybe in a moment



Ryan before everyone finished breakfast

Get up and leave. Ryan's departure

Everyone thinks because he decides

He did not have breakfast but with a spoon

He was engrossed in thought.

Rian left like this without eating

Mr. Shamchul Haque Shamchul is a little disappointed

Hawk looks tired

Raisa to comfort Shamchul Haque

Said---Dad, don't worry yourself,

I just took the food and gave it to him

Maybe come here to eat with me

He felt uncomfortable while sitting

goes away

--- Yes mom, you do.


Raisa went upstairs with breakfast

Scared, Ryan is on the bed at home

The face is sitting in such a way that


Now kill whoever you see in front of you

will drop

Raisa said as she entered the room with a little fear

Got up - what happened, you went without eating

Why did you come?

As Ryan didn't give any oor, Raisa

Putting the food on the table, Ryan

Said --- what happened to you, tell me.

Raisa got up after saying that

He stood up, with a look of anger on his face

Step by step towards Raisa with complaints

Started to go, Ryan's forward like this

Keep coming and see the anger in his eyes

Raisa again said with fear---Up,

What happened to you, what are you doing?

Raisa took one step in fear of Ryan

Pichate - Pichate suddenly with the wall

rub off

Then he said to Ryan in a low voice--Apne

Why are you coming towards me?

done to you

Rian before Raisa could finish speaking

He held her hand tightly

He shouted and said--Hush, be quiet.

Ryan squeezed Risa's hand so hard

Raisa cried because of pain

Dilo --- Look I'm hurting please


--- Drink, I want you to suffer

Understand how much it hurts if you hurt others


Raisa Kado in Ryan's stupid words-

Kado said to Rian in a low voice--- What are you saying

I do not understand anything myself.

--- How much more will you act, yes, why is that?

Did with me, why?

--- mean?

--- You want to know the meaning again,

Why did you marry me?

--- Why again, ah, my father's treatment

It will take money which we can afford

outside so...

--- You are lying, lying,

Just setup because you are lying

Words will do no good. I know everything


Scared to hear such words from Ryan's mouth

Raisa said --- What, what knowing

Have you left?

---- I have come to know that you are Saif

Uncle's only niece.

--- What are you saying, he is just me

Help you marry for money

He did, that's why I call him uncle

Call, as you call.

--- And so then her number is yours

Ken and him saved by uncle on the phone

Why call you in the morning ---

Raisa mother come to the hospital, a patient

Talk to you about it. If you

If he doesn't have anyone, why is he with you?

Another patient will behave like this

What about you again?

If you are a poor girl


That father's treatment money for me

Are you married? Fortunately the phone is pick

Let me reveal your secret

got it

--Ye mother, mean?

--- And mean, don't mean, who are you?

tell me please

Raisa is surprised by Rian's insistence

Looking at him with a look, then

He sighed and said --- Yes, you are

He correctly guessed that I am the only one of Dr. Saif

Bahni, Raisa, and besides, mine

Another identity I am a professional


Ryan lets go of Riser's hand, Riser

Hearing the words, the whole world of Rian

It gets dark, looking down

He then said to Raisa---

Why did you marry me?

Many see this condition of Raisa Ryan

Emotionally said---In childhood mother-

After my father died, my uncle was my everything.

I am big on uncle's love, moral education

I have been, since childhood, I am human

Tried to realize, even

I always wanted the cause of people's depression

To uncover and destroy it. And

So the profession with its own curiosity

I bought it. my uncle

Being, the man of the path of truth, honesty and his

He owns his profession

More honorable than life, and patient

Ra is his soul to him so patient

He gave his life for this problem

don't hesitate My uncle is a single mother

You have a family doctor and that's it

Because my uncle is yours

considered as relatives. your three years

Mama is supposed to be depressed like this every day

I was told to go, but sometimes it

Did not say why you are so disappointed,

That day when your father fell ill,

Then uncle called me

Called in the chamber, I actually uncle opened everything

then says to marry you,

Then little by little to understand you

Life is not meant to stop, a loved one

For people and away from loved ones

not to push

Tell me what to do, I asked you

Simply put, but from uncle

I found out that you are a very nice boy

Don't listen to your own parents

Someone else's, and so me and uncle

This path has to be lived, with you

To understand you and yours

To remove suffering, so that yourself

I want to tell you not to finish

got married

---By the way, enough is enough.

Mercenary Wife Romantic Love Story Episode 11

--By the way, enough is enough.

Ryan angrily went back to Raisa's hand

Holds it and says-- But the work is right

Didn't do it, and yesterday night's work

Not sure? Well tell me tomorrow night

Why did you do that?

--- What did I do last night? and mind

I've had a drink, but that's it

So for you, and then my mind

I didn't have it, so what did I do?

I don't know myself.

--- How much more will you act, yes, Apne

Acting drunk tomorrow night now

is showing

--+ What have you been saying since then?

,--- Listen to what I am saying, Apne Kalke

Did not drink at night, because that bottle is alcohol

There were no cold drinks.

--- Ye Ma, Ma mean you know what


--- How come again when you are in my face

He threw the cold drinks away

I doubted how I know, the next morning

Just when you were in a deep sleep

Then see if your suspicion is correct

To do this I drink a little from the bottle and

Understand that it is not alcohol but cold drinks.

Why did you do this for what?

Raisa looked into Ryan's eyes

Maya said in her eyes

----- I love you so much

I did this a little bit eccentrically.

Hearing the word love from Raisa's mouth

Mai Rian said in a very angry voice

--- Just setup, love is yours

It doesn't fit in girls face, three years

If a girl stays with someone

Can say that he doesn't love her

And my mother is there in two days

Talking about love.

Actually, what can you say, you girls are not very good

Selfish, and a little too much for me

He was able to do such a big drama with him. i am

Telling the biggest lie in the world

Dislike and you did that.

Saying this, Ryan sat down and sat down

Looking down with tears in his eyes


Raisa sees tears in Ryan's eyes

Began to feel guilty --- because

Raisa knows that Ryan can't cry.

Tears don't come to Rian's eyes due to great difficulty.

So how hard Ryan is crying today


Thinking this

Raisa sat next to Ryan on Ryan's shoulder

Ryan screamed as he gently shook his hand

Said with --- Don't touch me, don't

Leave this house today

Go away, yours and mine

Agreement ends here, I JUST


--- No, don't do it, no, listen to me.

But Ryan Rice's words don't matter

He left the room.

Raisa sits down to cry by Ajho


Then Ryan left the house


Ryan stormed out of the house

Mithila comes to Riyan's house after seeing him go.

Raisa came and saw her crying.

Mithila sees Raisa sitting down and crying

He said surprisingly --- Bhabhi is yours

what happened And the brother left the house like this

Why did you leave?

Rather than answering Raisa Mithila's question

Mithila wipes her tears

Said purposely--- Well Mithila

Tell me why your brother is like this.

Why girls are called selfish, why is that?

Sometimes it becomes cruel.

--- My brother was not like that

Loved the most in the world

That made him so cruel.

--- mean?

--- means...

By saying this, Mithila Raisa's hand

He looked at Raisa's hand

Three marks on the fingers---one dear to you

what happened to the hand

--- and nothing. You tell your brother first


--- Where and where to go every day

Sitting there, Bigg Boss restaurant

It sits at the intersection of three roads.

It stays there all day because it is there

The girl you see sitting in that picture

His existence can be felt, all at once

Happiness and memories of old happy past

look for

gets The day passes like this every day

Bro, then at the end of the day it's four in the night

Hides himself between the walls.

This is the life of the brother for the last three years

history And you're right at the end of the day

Will return home like tomorrow.

But what happened to you and besides

Eyes and face are so red when going to brother

I saw why

--- Nothing, Mithila please leave me alone

Stay, give, please.

--- Hmm.

Raisa is alone in the room after Mithila leaves

Often sits, cries a lot

But why he himself does not know for whom

Kade, for Ryan, anyone else

Obsessed with love


No, I won't think too much about it

Being selfish is only hurting me

Why should I think about him?

Raisa says such things to herself

Control the room in some way


After coming out then with everyone in the house

The day passed happily, one

For once he did not let anyone understand him

The trouble is because Raisa is the face of these people

Seeing the smile hides his pain

Keeps, just a thought for Riser, Ryan

That word--to move into today,

So what did I lose, the father?

I told him again in his previous life

What should I do to return it?



, thinking about Ryan all day

Raisa passed the day.

Daylight sinks the night stars in the sky

Appeared, but Ryan's that too

No search, clockwise

Staring, staring until eight o'clock at night

Dilo Raisa but Ryan's ta Okono

no news

Raisa called Ryan's number.

But keeps saying switch off.

Raisa muttered in fear

It took---

He didn't do anything again, no

I have to go to him. to him

Must be brought back home.

Saying this, Raisa quickly left the house


With the address from Mithila

got in the car

Then cry to the driver

He said--Mama, hurry up.

--- No, I have to save her, okay

He will do something again on the spring of emotions



To think about these nonsense on the road -

to do

Raisa is at that place at exactly 9 o'clock at night

After reaching, the riser gets off the car

The body shivered at the touch of the cool air

But Raisa didn't pay attention to it

Looking around for Ryan

A little scared. Of course, to be afraid

A girl alone in the middle of the street

Standing on it, the surroundings are very quiet

Darkness and nothing to see

not going

Raisa is afraid - afraid, to call Ryan

Suddenly, he saw the road

Someone is sitting on the side of the road

there is

Understanding because of the darkness and the distance

I don't know who is sitting, so Raisa Rasta

Cross over to the man

As she went, Raisa saw Ryan alone

Nisha's bottle in hand and curse in mouth

Sitting with nicotine.

Raisa crying after seeing this condition of Ryan -

Tearing the cigarette from her face

throws it away and then scolds him and says --


Devdas thinks he is in front of me

Don't eat these at all, and stay home all day

Why did not return?

Ryan laughed at Rhys's words

Smiled and put her hand gently on Raisa's face

He said -- Well, you can say and leave me

Why is it gone, what about my love

There was a shortage, why me day after day

Why did you lie to me?

Played love. He doesn't understand

I feel so bad for him.

---- who? Who is suffering for you, me?

tell me What is your problem?

--- Trouble, ha, ha, if you want to hear, then listen.

The man in the frame in my room

Looking at the picture, I know that person

I loved so much so much

I loved my life for him

And I didn't feel like betting. two

The relationship of the year was with Rhea

My, he loved me so much,

After two years, according to the family, ours

got married The day we got married

I feel myself the most in the world

More happy people seemed, but

Gradually, that happiness is lost, to understand

I didn't realize that the moonlight is only for the night.

He has no place in the day. 1 year no

He is always small with me

Began to mess with the matter, but

I am that mess of a four-walled house

I used to keep it locked up, didn't let me know

Some have been like this for a long time

I couldn't adapt, one day her

I have a lot of confusion and then me

Wants Dirvos from close, even says it too

and me

He loves someone else with him

He wants to have a family.

Hearing the words, I stopped that day, to understand

I didn't know what to say to him, I just thought

Eki is that Riya who is nothing without me

I don't understand, what is he who loves me the most

loved more

Many times control your pain

I got along with him.

I bowed my head to him again and again and said---

Please don't leave me, but he

He didn't listen and left me alone.

For once he did not look back. And

That's gone

No more coming back, but I'm hers

I am waiting today.

I sit here everyday for him, because

When we had a relationship

I spent most of my time here.

Well tell me why girls are like that

And love over time

Why does it decrease?

Raisa was silent after hearing Ryan's words

Sitting next to Ryan, then himself

He wiped his tears and said---


Just as five fingers are not equal

A girl's reason makes all girls the same

can't say no

If you say then your mother and her

The list will read, your sister and her

The list will be read even in your home

The girl works for two hours every day

She pays for her crippled husband's medicine

Will be listed.

Listen, don't think of life like this.

Don't blame ten for one,

Going to college everyday by road

When the girl is bullied by street boys

If that girl thinks about eve teasing

All boys come and go to father's house every day

How is your whole day sitting on your lap?

He told him that he had gone

I thought in the list of scoundrels. And

Love? It is never with time

It doesn't decrease but it increases little by little, and what else

He said, in fact, mistakes are made by us

And we impose it on someone else

Dei, the real us when we are real

love someone

Then we are unaware of ourselves

To choose the person you love

Make a mistake and because of this mistake we are

In the end I suffer like you are now

getting And why think of life like that

Remember to stop

Stumbled while walking as a child

Maybe many people came when they fell

the hand

It would increase to stand up but big

As soon as it happens, you can do it now

People will want to dump you

But you have to raise yourself alone.

And who are you killing yourself for?

Who is eternally happy without you,

Think of those who belong to you

Gradually losing their happiness in thought


Ryan silently thinks Raisa's words

Constantly drinking without any importance


Raisa sees Ryan's condition

Ragimakha said in an angry voice--- After saying so much

And you are eating these things, leave.

Saying this, Raisa drank from Ryan's hand

Rian Raisa if you want to take the bottle

Says with a loud push

Get up-- please get out of here yourself.


--- No, I will not go, and if you are here now

If you don't throw away the bottle of wine, I will

Gone for life, and back

won't come

- No, I will not strip, and go yourself

I don't care if you leave.

--- You are right, but I am

Gone for life.

--- Go Please Leave Me Alone.

Saying this, Rian started drinking wine, Raisa is one

Pa, to take a step back


Then Raisa cried out to Ryan

He said - you will be fine.

But Ryan Rice pretends not to hear

He started drinking alcohol gradually, all of a sudden

It became quiet, the weather became heavy


Just a car horn in the distance

Another screeching sound played

came to Ryan's ears. turn back

Ryan looked and saw Raisa

Lying down, heavy blood all around

A car is going very fast, the scene

Ryan saw the bottle of wine from his hand

threw away

A surprised look on Raisa's face from afar

He looked at Ryan again and again

It was as if the wind seemed to him

Saying - be fine.

Mercenary Wife Romantic Love Story Episode 12

Ryan looked at Raisa strangely

He sat down, and the chest again and again


Like a madman he kept saying --- No, this

It can't be, it can't go away, it

Must survive, must survive.

Ryan did not wipe away the tears

From, ran- to Raisa and OK

He took it in his arms, repeated in a deep voice

Started saying--- This girl is eye

Open, I see you

Today I took a bag of rice in my lap

I will not throw away. eyes please

Open, hey me your right

Don't do it? Yours is still too much

Do not leave like this. but

Raiser did not get a response and slowly -

Slowly the boy became silent.

Got it --- the girl kept her word

went away for

The surrounding weather is gradually changing

Hiding behind the darkness, the sky again and again

Crying, for the touch of rain, of nature

Sometimes the seriousness is revealed,

In this situation, Ryan controlled his emotions

He looked around and said -- no

I can't stand like this anymore, I'm OK

I will take him to the hospital, he must be saved.


Ryan rushes into the car with Raisa, again and again

He started to say to the driver---

Hurry up, please. Ok, ok me

I will not let you go anywhere. hey you are mine

Don't mess with, listen to my mistakes

done please come back

The driver and the rider see this situation and the car is very fast

Began to drive, but Ryan seems to

The path does not end today, actually

We are some situations in our life

Read while we wait

The wait is long but the will to wait

There is little so then we feel the time

too slow



Finally Ryan's wait is over


Far from coming to the hospital with Raisa

Raisa in the arms of Saif Rian

The mother came running, then screamed

to ask Ryan frantically

What happened to him, what happened to him

Why so much blood in the body?

Nurse, nurse.

Saif's screams

The nurses came and took Raisa to the cabin


And Ryan looked surprised and stuck in his hand

Looking at the blood of Raisa

Let the tears flow

Dilo, when the tears of his own eyes

He was surprised when he started to fall down

He began to say to himself,

--- Am I crying?,

I cry Ryan Hawke. Where is this girl, you?

Succeeded, look at this Ryan Hawke

A step away from frozen pain with the touch of rain

Got free today. Where are you, where please work


Ryan's crazy behavior and her

Saif is very surprised to see tears in his eyes

Yay, came to Ryan and put his hand on his head


RYAN What happened to him, what happened to him,

Raisa, why are you not talking?

No answer to Ryan Saif's questions

By sitting behind the silence only by Azhor

Tears began to fall.

Seeing Saif Rian's condition, he is with her

He went straight to Raisa without speaking

gone Meanwhile Ryan himself

Somehow controlled by Mr. Shamchul

Called Hawk and Raiser

He said about the accident.


Everyone in Ryan's house moves inside the hour

came Mithila came and hugged Ryan

Crying - crying said--- How is it brother?

Bhabhi has this condition.

Ryan Mithila to give an answer to the question

Couldn't, of course I'll tell you how because the truth is

If you know, Mr. Shamchul Haq is now again

Maybe will get sick.

Ryan ignores Mithila's question

He sat against the wall

began to think

Why am I so broken, what?

For, for whom, who is and mine, why am I crying,

I could never cry, even

On that day, it was a drop of tears

Did not read the day Riya left me

Went, then why two eyes today

Why is it bothering me so much?

After some time passed,

Saif came to Rian, Rian to Saif

Dakhama lowered her face because

He feels guilty again and again.

Saif Asa Maae everyone started asking --

How is Raisa now?

Saif towards Rian without giving any oor

Looked and smiled a kind of pain

He said to Rian--- everyone

Asked about Raisa, where are you Ryan?

If you don't ask, he doesn't want to know

Talk, or today will show cruelty.

Ryan didn't say anything then.

Mithila then started saying--- Doctor Bhaiyya now

It's not normal, please tell me how is Bhabhi?

Saif said with a sigh

--- Nothing can be said, hit the head very hard

Got it, to take him to Auty

will be

Hearing this, she went in front of Rian Saif and clapped her hands

looked up with pity,

Saif understood this look of Rian

There is so much history behind it and so much untold

is hidden

Saif smiled,

Ryan held both hands and calmed down

Sighing in his voice, he said---

don't worry

Rian is such a situation and Saif is like that

A calm person saw and understood,

There are some people in the world who are not named


He is a true human being in action.


Rian Oor while Saif takes Raisa to Auti

Glancing at the face,

Her charming, innocent face is like Ryan

Then he was saying--Be well


Ryan in front of Auty after being taken to Auty

Standing and thinking again and again --- why me

Being in so much trouble, he is not mine

Then why his eccentric pages again and again

Floating before my eyes.

Ryan looked at the red light on the door

The waiting time began to count, and to understand

Sometimes we get into bad situations

For our own reasons and we always are

Neglecting the people who belong to us

For thought, those are all for our happiness

Can do, all.

After a long time,

The light is off, the light is off

There is a relief in Rian's chest


Thinking that the end is waiting for me

The watch is over.

Rian Saif as soon as Saif came out of Auty

He held his hand and said --- Doctor

Rai, how is Raisa?

The man's eyes were his own for so long

It was the power to hide the pain

It slowly fell silent.

A shadow of sadness fell on the man's face

And seeing that, Rian's thoughts are more

It grew, --- what is something

Why not say?

Saif didn't answer, Mithila then

And Saif could not control himself

He came forward and asked --- what happened

Why aren't you talking, Bhabhi now?

how are you

Saif then released the tears

He said ---- his operation was successful

Happened, butt and accident time

Due to excessive suffering

He went into a coma, he responded

Not doing it anymore

--- And what?

Saif held back tears

Couldn't keep it, said Mithila in a tearful voice

Said-- Never a response,

Doubt whether to do.

Rian's chest is heavy to hear Saif's words

Kepe got up, he didn't know why, just

I felt something cry in my chest


Ryan sat down with a thud.

After some time, I thought of something and went to Oti

He went to Raisa and whispered in her ear

Started saying--- This girl is you

You have to get up, not today or tomorrow, one day you are right

will rise

Ah, and I'll keep your last words, and

Your promise and promise to my father


Saying this Rian came out of Auty


Since that day, Ryan has lived anew

Get inspired, start all over again


Mercenary Wife Romantic Love Story Episode 13

The surrounding house is decorated with lights today


Full of yellow, blue, and red light touches

the house

Looks a little brighter today.


People are very busy today, but

What is so busy?

What is so organized?

Mrs. Shayla Begum and Sheela Kitchen


It's like you can't go out today, Samchhul Haq

The location of the house and whether there is any small

Looking around, and

Mithila is up with a smile on her face

Began to go, and shout - shout

Rian started calling---Brother, this


After that

To knock on Ryan's door

He began to say --- What is it brother?

Why are you up so late today?


From the other side then came Woo-- a little standing

sister coming

Mithila calmed down after hearing the voice


After some time Ryan opened the door.


Mithila was shocked when she opened the door

to Ryan

See, wear blue, golden


--- You look good brother.

--- Thank you my dear sister.

--- But brother, you are still here today


---- Oh no, I was decorating the room.

--- I was decorating the room but for whom.

--- Wow! Ray you do not understand for whom?

Hearing the sentence from Mithila Rian's mouth

Mother is silent

After some time, Ryan calmed down

in the voice

He started saying---How long will I wait?

Brother, how long will I decorate the house like this, how much

day and

To the dead body with false hope

I will go

--- Shut up, shut up Mithila, don't say these things, who else


Lash, he is so proud of me


It's like this.

You see, he will come with me today, mine

will talk to

---; You say this every day.

--- This hope is all my lies.


I'll go out now.

--- What do you mean, you should go to the hospital now.

--- hmm,

--- I will not eat.

--- I will come and eat

Saying this Ryan left the room

Mrs. Shayla Begum went down

Maae came to her to see Rian

in the head

He raised his hand and said -- Father to whom

are you going

May he get well today

The wait is over.

--- Pray mother.

--- I pray this every day

every day

I wait for you to come thinking that this is it

I understand that you hold her hand with a smile in this room

I will return

Ryan did not pay any attention to his mother's words

Out of the house with sly eyes

gone Many hopes and dreams in the mind

To move towards the hospital


Then went to cabin number 345, went

Saif is sitting to see Saif

Maae Rian said---Mama, I have come.

--- It's time for you to come,

I have been sitting for you for a long time.

-- Sorry mama actually came because of the jam

It's a little late.

--- It doesn't matter, now you are your wife


Stay, I'm going. Saif is leaving Rian

Gradually approached the cabin, then


To say with a hand on the head and eyes

It took---today and in silence like this

Lie down, don't get up, you know today


Today is our first anniversary, on this day

You are here to fix this idiot boy

You hold her hand.

And you won't talk to me today.


Will lie like a corpse, you know today

I have arranged the whole house for you,

to the mother

I came to tell you today that I am mine


I will take Of course, this is the mother every day

Come with the assurance, but today is from the heart

I have said this from the heart.

Don't get up, don't talk to me.

Suddenly Ryan fell silent, then

a while

He said from silence-- So much shame

It's been a year for you.

But now you are silent like that doll

He is lying down.

you know I understand this as my father thinks every day

you are healthy

I will tell my father - you have any thoughts

Don't do it dad, your son is back again

It will be fine. Mithi thinks this every day

I understand that you will go and hug him. And

i am

Waiting for your recovery

Take a deep breath. But you?

You are not ending our wait.


You are so proud, so angry with me

That day I said --- let's go

So today it is silent.

To you every day for the past year


I only talk to you myself

but you

Don't even talk to me, you

don't understand

RAISA It hurts me a lot.

Well Raisa you should lie like this


No, please respond, please.

Raisa's eyes teared up after hearing Ryan's words

It began to wobble, Ryan saw

He said in a haughty voice--- So much for me

Why do you suffer when you see suffering?

You are not getting up, why are you holding my hand


When I tripped while walking on the street

You hold my hand and guide me

Showed and now left in the middle

If you gave it, then between you and Riya

What a difference.

Risa's tears then rolled into Ryan's hands

Read, Ryan then said -- No, you will not be afraid

Raisa with me, that day when Dr

They said you went into a coma, you

Doubt whether you will ever respond

Yes, maybe I heard that day

I broke down for a moment, but

Later I explained myself by saying

Those who inspire others to live


Never dies so easily. And this

In faith, see-see a year

I did

You know I am Raisa now


Don't eat, don't drink alcohol anymore, now it's night

Jagina, R

I do not sit at the intersection of those three roads.


do you know

Because your last word was --- good

will stay

And that word is the beginning of my new life

forced to

And trying to stay well, and


To keep close people well


doing Know Raisa now I am many things


I went to adapt to everything

have learned

When now life is full of emotions

The mind wants to stop.

Then come to you, this is yours

Seeing the innocent face I saved again

get inspiration Raisa may be me that day

I did not understand the value of your words

I understand now.

Actually when we are real someone

I love the person I love


choose And when someone is us

When he truly loves, we are not him

I don't understand love, I can understand it then

when he

leaves us and goes away. Like now

I understand your silence

because of

And Riya may have understood

So call me a few days ago

He cried and said-- And mine

Wants to come back. But this word

don't hear

I was not happy that day, three years


Because I was like a dead body

Called, that feeling inside me


Why didn't you know all my feelings?


Emotions, love only around you. actually

Lack of pleasant feeling in our life


As we go through life again and again

Look for love, and love


There is nothing to say about the second, the third, that is

We are also in the midst of a thousand difficulties in love


Finding the feeling is the first and last

Love, and everything else is emotion

Or a little

Nothing but love.

Today seems like the day Rhea left me

He left and did a lot of good, because

There are many such husbands and wives in this world

There are those who do not have the word love in them


One because of society, reality


He spends his life pretending to be a liar

giving But Riya is with me

the play

He didn't, if he did then never

I could not know that he never me

I didn't love her, I'm just her emotion

I was whose

The term was three years. And love

the thing

Sometimes it doesn't decrease all at once but a little

Increases little by little.

Which is the inspiration to save people for a long time

gives And with that inspiration, the two

Hand in hand - hand in hand all of life

Overcomes wear and tear and obstacles.

--- And how many will talk to that doll


Ryan heard Saif's voice


Done, looking at Raisa for some time

He said from --- As long as he did not respond


--- Her and response, this hope is one

You gave it after a year. go go home

Saying this, Saif left.

Ryan then wiped the tears of Risa

started, and started saying in a busy tone---

Today he will return empty handed.

Then Ryan patted Rhys's forehead


Got up--- Come on.

Saying this, Rian stood up and left

legs for

It felt like someone tightened his hand

held by

Ryan thinks it's just a fantasy or a dream


That feeling when you leave

Filled again.

Rian's eyes - face of happiness

came down, looked back,

Raisa grabbed her hand as she looked


Ryan couldn't believe it.

So the riser

Sit on the side of the head, eyes closed

Just thought it was a dream, suddenly

Someone is telling him---don't take it

me with you

Ryan opened his eyes out of curiosity and saw,

Raisa tells him that.

Seeing the matter, Ryan is loud, loud


Let go, and that one breath

Counting down Ryan's one-year wait


Ryan Rhyser gently one on the forehead

the kiss

said with---

After a year my wait is over


RAISA What am I dreaming about?

Raisa then said slowly---- I


Don't say that you stumbled in the middle

I will leave you. So

I died and lived.

Ryan realized after so long that now

Everything he sees or happens to him is true.


Sometimes silent and then loud

He started calling the doctor--- Dr. O

Responded, also responded.

Then he laughed loudly and said--

This hired wife you are home with me

Won't you go?

--- No,

--- But why?

--- Because you said I am your tenant


2 months of which have passed.

--- Ryan then said with a smile, yes

So you are my hired wife, but 2

Not for a month but for a lifetime.

Saying this, Raisa's hand tightened


Grab it so that it doesn't get lost.

Then Ryan started crying, Ryan's


Seeing Raisa, she said - This is Ma Rian Haque


--- Tell me what to do, you cry

Taught me, don't leave me


--- Never, this is the hand that I hold till death

I will hold tight.


(Here's to you guys from Ryan


Life loves someone like that

I am telling those who want to stop, stop

Don't go, ignoring all suffering

Keep walking forward to see someone

You will see that you are stuck in the middle

When he eats and falls, he leaves

won't go


Thanks to everyone for reading the story, if wrong

Look with forgiveness.

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