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 A beautiful relationship story

A beautiful relationship story - A beautiful relationship story

A beautiful relationship story - A beautiful relationship story 

Relationship story

In the era of cheap relationships, having a relationship freely has become a trend, as if it is a smartness. Therefore, boys and girls of the rising age easily get involved in relationships with the opposite sex. Similarly, two Sayem and Farzana. Their love affair from college life. Being a close friend, Sayem often freely shares many things with me.

One day Sayem called me to a restaurant and wanted to tell me something. He looked very depressed. I asked him, 

What's the matter, Sayem! Your face looks black. Any problem or not? 

Then he said, actually friend today I will share one thing of my life. You know, me and Farzana have a long love relationship. Although you requested me several times to come back from this haram relationship, I did not listen. Maybe today I have to pay for this. However, today marks four years of our love relationship. But in these four years I got nothing to say happiness in real sense. 

-- Why, what happened?

-- Don't say more, friend, don't worry. This was a problem with my girlfriend for several days. Calling him only makes him look busier and busier. When I enter the messenger or whats app, I always see the active green light in his inbox. Then I thought, I don't know which boy she is chatting with. He has no idea how many times I have discussed this with him. He doesn't want to understand anything I say. Behaving rudely. He always wants to win. In a word, I have to be in a kind of anxiety all the time with his behavior. 

Besides, that day I saw with my own eyes, she was talking to another boy on the phone. I asked him, why do you talk to other boys like this?

At first he wanted to deny but finally he said that boy is his just friend. I can't tell you how bad my mood was when I heard this. Do you know what I realized then? I realized the decree of Allah's veil. Because to escape from this problem, we have to come to the provision of veil. If the rules of veil ie mahram, non-mahram are followed then there will be nothing to say just friend.

I heard in one waj that Nekka's wife is a great blessing from Allah.

From her behavior, I realized that a Nekka's wife is indeed a great blessing. If a girl like her becomes my wife, my life will be completely changed. Then it seems that my hell will be seen in the world.

I can't stand his behavior at all. I don't want to have this haram relationship anymore. This is a relationship of emotional pain. Constantly going through mental turmoil. I don't know why I always have this suspicion that she is in love with another boy, she is chatting, etc. They always keep you in mental turmoil which affects physically as well. So I broke up with him before coming here this morning. Finally I realized, there is no comfort in haram relationship. Because that relationship is full of disobedience to Allah.

I said out loud, Alhamdulillah! You did well, Sayem. Now my advice to you is to prepare yourself for marriage. And get married as soon as possible. Marriage will help you to survive many trials, will give you peace of mind. In Sha Allah! 

-- Yes, my friend, that's what I'm thinking. I have already informed my family to see my daughter for marriage.

- Ma Sha Allah! Then it's good. Allah has kept peace of mind and happiness about the halal, not about the haram. Allah Ta'ala says about it, Among His signs is this (one) He has made for you mates from among yourselves, so that you may find happiness with them; Moreover, He has created between you love and mutual amity; Of course there are many pointers for the thinking community in between. [1]

- This is a motivational verse.

-- Yes, that's it. Every word of Allah is motivational.

Well then, get up today. After saying this, we ended the conversation like that day and went to each house.

A few days later

Sayem called me again and called me to that restaurant. After going there I asked him if any bride was seen for marriage. Then he said, looking even more dirty than that day,

Say no more, friend. I'm still confused. I can't find peace even after breaking up.

I looked at him and asked in a surprised manner, why, what happened again? 

With a look of sadness on his face, he said in a tired tone, after the breakup, that girl is giving me threats one after another. If he doesn't get me, he will kill himself. He gave me an ultimatum that if I didn't reconnect with him within a week, he would kill himself in eight days. I really don't understand what to do in this situation now! Nothing is working in my head. Why did that go to love? Ish! I never thought that I would have to repent of this sin. 

I asked him, even after you broke up with that sister, how could that sister threaten you with suicide?

He said, Hey! I even changed my previous number which I didn't give to anyone except a few. How did he get my number? Then I changed the number again and did not give it to any of my friends. Even though I blocked him on Facebook as he could not contact me on phone, he sent me a long message using another ID and threatened suicide.

I stopped when I saw his suicide threat. I didn't know what to do. I am in extreme depression. I thought I would share these things with you. Pray for me, my friend, may Allah Ta'ala save me from this great danger. Not eating properly, not sleeping properly. There is always a kind of fear and restlessness working within. I'm actually in such a depression that I feel like I'm not even alive, like I'm a living corpse.

He said in a tearful voice, "If I had not had a haram relationship with that girl today, maybe I would not have to accept this pain today." Now I can't find peace even after breaking up. I understand that I have to atone for my sins. 

I put my hand on his back and said, "Don't worry, Saim." Don't be disappointed. You have to face this situation with patience. And always trust in Allah. In no way can trust in Allah be shaken. Allah Ta'ala says, He is Sufficient for the one who trusts in Allah. [2] 

You didn't do anything wrong by breaking up with that sister. This illegal relationship is already haram. What he is threatening you with is threatening to establish a haram relationship, which has no basis in Islam. If he commits suicide with this reason in mind, the issue will be that he committed another kabir sin like suicide because of rejecting the offer of kabir sin like establishing haram relationship. Who can be a bigger brat who can do such a bad thing?

And listen, you didn't do it right yourself by having a relationship with that sister. It is not your own fault. I didn't even bother to explain it to you many times. You rather avoid my words then. What, I didn't say then, Haram relationships end up terribly bad. Even though I could not understand this saying that day, I understand that it is being understood in my bones today. 

Let me tell you something, maybe you will feel bad. And that is those who indulge in zina like haram relationships before marriage and do not find true happiness in married life after marriage anyway. Because they have disobeyed Allah by engaging in adultery before marriage. He disobeyed God and sought happiness. As a result, most of them lead a turbulent marital life after marriage, their family quarrels continue as a worldly cash punishment for engaging in pre-marital relationships and indulging in fornication.

These are some of my acquaintances who were in a relationship with each other before marriage. I have heard from them that as time has passed since marriage, the level of unrest is increasing. Why are they not getting along with each other? The distance between the mind is increasing. Even from near, their location is thousands of miles away. Basically, this is the reality of married life for everyone who marries out of haram relationships, except in isolated cases. But before marriage, their so-called love seemed to have blossomed. 

I understood from the words of those acquaintances that they are suffering a lot in their married life. The happiness they tried to get before marriage is the name of a golden deer in married life today. Hearing their story really made my heart heavy. May Allah keep each of them in peace. Amen!

Anyway, what happened to you is done. Looking back will no longer correct itself. Rather, you should now be ashamed of Allah and repent with a repentant heart. May it never happen again.

And if there is any message from my sister through someone, you can not say anything negative about her, you can only bring forward your own fault and say that what I have done is wrong, I have disobeyed Allah by establishing an extramarital relationship with her. I also disobeyed Allah. That's why I first apologize to the Lord that I have disobeyed the Lord. Then I ask for forgiveness from him, with whom I have had a haram relationship, whom I have plunged into disobedience to Allah, displeasure of Allah.

-- Friend, your advice will be of great use to me. I was actually very confused about it. But your words have eased my anxiety a lot. I feel lighter now. The burden of worry that I came to you with is no more. A little while ago I could not think what to do or not to do. But now I understand from your words, what I should do. 

- So, Alhamdulillah!  


[1] Surah Ar Rom, verse no: 21

[2] Surah At Talaq, Verse No: 03

Some words:

What happened to Saim at the end of the story remains unknown, but we can see how much emotional pain Saim was suffering from having a haram relationship. In fact, one has to face worldly punishments many times more than the happiness one gets by establishing a haram relationship which gradually breaks the heart. 

However, our brothers and sisters who are seeking comfort from engaging in haram relationships should take time to correct themselves by taking lessons from Sayam. Otherwise, there may be a heavy price to pay in life that may exceed your imagination. So, be careful. And remember, there is no peace in disobeying Allah. All peace lies in obedience to God.

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