Love is not enough

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 Love is not enough

Love is not enough

Love is not enough

Love is not enough

You must have heard 'All You Need Inda' by the sixties band The Beatles

I remember the song Love' (All you need is love).

I don't agree with the main point of this song. Because today out of ten

All five marriages are breaking up and it appears that only love is a marriage

Not sustaining life. Yes, love is important, especially

for wives But it is an important accessory that we husbands desire

Forgetting the word, and that is - respect. How a wife desires her husband

Shraddha may get the love they desire in exchange for giving gifts,

This is what is said throughout this book. A couple in due time

Listen to the story of discovering love and respect-

I and my husband are your 'love and respect marriage'

I attended the conference. Just a few days ago

We fell into the vicious cycle described in your book

And decided - enough is enough, separation is the only option

solution We were both angry and disappointed, but we

Both were religious.

We spoke to a marriage counselor. But true

What to say, our marriage broke up after coming to your conference

saved from going. The information and techniques provided by you

How a counselor helped us

Tactics couldn't do that. Before taking the final decision of separation

We both decided to give it one last try.

Although my husband did not believe that this relationship was ever again

Pairing is possible. He didn't even want to come to the conference.

But it turned out that when the truth unfolded in front of us,

At first it sounded simple but in reality it was very profound. your

The words served to ease the pain and our marriage

| The relationship was amazingly connected. Sorry!

If we had the information you provided thirty years ago,

Then I would have survived the endless pain and suffering!

Let me say just one thing, that day after returning from the conference

Saturday evening was the best evening of our lives.

It felt like we were back in our twenties again

Gone and fell in love with each other. Emerson, Sati

What can I say, the respect I now have for my husband

Works, never experienced that before.

What was said in the conference that day? Why is that thing, which belongs to this couple

Did the relationship reconnect? Friday Hara to cause separation

Wanted, what to get on Saturday to be like a young lover again

went? This book in your hand contains the messages that were on that day

The couple listened. Basically the case of that couple was about thousands of couples

Just one of the similar incidents. When a husband and wife are married

Inevitably they have different ideas about life

The relationship gradually soured.

Do you want your married life to be filled with happiness and peace? you

Do you want to come closer to your partner? What you want - yours

Want your partner to understand you better? Are you that marital relationship

Desire to enjoy the relationship that God Almighty has between you

Want to see existing? Then this book is for you.

Are you plagued with problems in your married life? Divorce thoughts

doing? Are you having a second marital affair? what do you want

May your married life become a source of eternal happiness? what are you

Divorced? Are you a lonely wife? what are you

Tired of teasing his wife? Are you addicted to aliens? 


Is the partner involved in extramarital affairs? Are you married after engagement?

Waiting for? Are you a religious teacher or a marriage counselor?

Need to solve various problems? Then this book is for you too.

I have not mentioned any magic in this book. It happened to us

Some couples are very excited to come to the conference, but few

Weeks later they fell back into the old frenzy. I request

Do, the suggestions of 'Love and Respect' are at least continuous in your life

Apply for six weeks. You will understand within this time

How far you have come and how far you have to go.

The process of achieving hundred percent marital satisfaction is an ongoing thing and

There is no end to this journey. But married for the last thirty years

I discovered some such techniques while doing relationship counseling

I have done - which is very important to strengthen, improve and sweeten the marital relationship

helpful I have named these techniques 'Love and Respect'

Connection'. My wife and I used these tricks all over America

I went out by ferry. As we have observed, couples when their

It is great to use these strategies to overcome problems

Allah also helped them in many ways. Even my own marriage

They worked like magic in life too.

This book will give you valuable new answers to marital riddles

It will give love and respect, love and respect. maybe you

Thinking, these two things are not new to you; But read this book

Once you start you will soon discover that love and respect

Forms and dimensions introduce a conjugal relationship to an ocean of boundless bliss

The form that is capable of doing is unknown to you so far

remained Acquaintance with that unexplored chapter of love and respect

Read this book. See what surprises await you.

This is not a story #love_and_respect

Introduction to the book The Unknown Secret of Marital Happiness.

If you are interested or want to read, let me know, I will post 2 or 3 episodes.

In Sa Allah 

But Anuruddha will buy the book and read it.

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