Devil Cousin Lover - Love story - Devil Cousin Lover

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Devil Cousin Lover - Love story - Devil Cousin Lover

Devil Cousin Lover - Love story - Devil Cousin Lover

Devil Cousin Lover

Seeing Dihaan's angry face, Diya puts a sweet smile on her face and tries to remove Dihaan's anger. But Oma, this Dihan Batter's anger is not going away from her face. Diya continues to abuse her sweet smile. If the anger of the person in front does not disappear after seeing your smile, then what is the use of keeping this smile.
"Where is your problem with this? Tell me a little, yes?
"My problem is you.
"I mean, I don't understand.
"Why were you flirting with those girls?
"When did I cheat? I just said that.
"You can't talk to anyone else except me. If you say it, it will fall under Luchugiri. That Mr. You don't understand that I feel something something for you. Donkey, don't understand anything.
Diya said the words and walked away. And Dihan smiled and looked at Diya's departure.
Imran, referring to Rafsan, says,
"Should I leave now for you to be alone together, to spend your own personal time?
Sinha is listening to Imran in surprise. What is this devil saying? What does it mean to spend personal time? Everything is going over the head? What is the devil trying to do?
"Hm bro you better go. I could have a little talk with Sinha.☺
"Well I'm going.
As Imran turns to leave, Sinha quickly gets up from the swing and grabs Imran's hand.
"Brother, what does this mean? Where are you going?
"You heard, he loves you. So I want to talk to you a little separately. That's why I'm giving you a chance.
"Brother, are you crazy? What are you talking about? Do you care? He said he loves me, and you are leaving me with him?
"What do you expect me to do with him?
"You don't have to do anything. I'll do what I have to do.
Sinha let go of Imran's hand and stood in front of Rafsan. Sinha took a deep breath and started saying,
"This is Mr. What is your name? I have nothing to do with your name. You said you love me. If you say you love me, you think you will get a yes result from me.
Listen carefully, I love that devil (Imran}. More or less. ♥ Apart from that devil, there is no one else in my heart. Never again. So don't show me this love, bad language. And yes Don't follow me. Because of you, my devil is angry with me again and again. He doesn't talk to me properly.
Sinha said the words in one go and moved away from Rafsan, slapped Imran and left by Imran's side.
Imran is surprised, he has heard Sinha's words for so long. Imran himself feels that he is trapped inside a vortex. He didn't expect to hear such a thing from Sinha. After Imran regained his senses in Sinha's voice, he laughed. Hearing Sinha's words, all the anger that had been accumulated in Imran disappeared instantly, and a smile returned to his face.
All of Sinha's words went over Rafsan's head. He turned to Imran and asked,
"What did brother Sinha say?
Hearing Rafsan's words, Imran replied with a serious expression,
"You must be listening to what he is saying. Everything is true, not a word has been lied.
"He loves you? But I love him. You leave him.
Rafsan's words made Imran terribly angry. He came and slapped Rafsan's cheek. He held Rafsan's collar and said,
"How dare you tell me this. I will kill you.
Your luck is good, you are my cousin. So I have not done anything to you till now. But I am giving you a last warning, even if I forget that you are my cousin, if I see you wandering around Sinha, I will completely forget this.
Leaving Rafsan, Imran walked out of the garden and went inside.
"Slap because I have to eat. I'm not giving up until I get this Sinha for myself. Getting this Sinha for myself now is Rafsan's insistence. Very soon something new is going to happen with this Sinha. Haha.
Rafsan laughed out loud thinking of the words with his hand on his cheek.
Author: Imtihan Imran.
Imran is looking for Sinha. Madam must be angry with him. The madam has to get over her anger. Imran came to Sinha's room and pushed the door and found the door closed from inside, that means Sinha was inside. Imran knocks on the door.
"Who? (Sinha's voice from inside)
But Imran did not speak, slapped hard on the door.
Sinha opened the door with a frown on her face, saw Neel ready to sweep her, her devil was standing there. Sinha, seeing Imran, turns to the other side.
"What do you want?
Imran laughs a lot seeing Sinha's actions. Imran controls his laughter and replies,
"I want my Sinha Rani. Is she here?
"No no, you don't have a queen named Sinha here. You dialed the wrong number.
Uncle was passing by the room. Hearing their conversation, uncle stopped. His nephew stood in front of Sinha and asked Sinha, is Sinha in the room? Again, Sinha replied, Sinha was not in the room. Uncle could not reconcile, unless Sinha If so, is Sinha's ghost standing? Uncle assumed that his nephew and niece escaped from the madhouse today. If not, why are you talking like crazy?
Unable to bear their madness anymore, the uncle entered between the two.
"There's been a lot of madness. Let's go, both of you. Today, I'm not leaving without admitting you two to the insane asylum. What's your situation? It's the day of yellow skin that both of you have to go crazy?
To be continued...

"Uncle, what's going on? Get off your hands. And what are you talking about?
"And you are stealing from me? Then you are not stealing from Sinha. And Sinha too, don't steal from yourself. Tell me what happened to you two.
Imran looked at Sinha and said,
"Sinha you get ready. I am taking uncle."
"I will not go. What happened to you, tell me first.
Imran forcibly grabbed uncle's hand and pulled him. When uncle wanted to say something, Imran turned around and pulled Lungi's words, leading uncle's mind to Lungi.
Everyone is waiting for Disha downstairs. After a while, Sinha-Diya comes down the stairs with Disha. Imran is looking at his Sinha with a smile. Sinha is wearing a yellow saree. Sinha looks like a yellow angel in a yellow saree. Imran can't take his eyes off his yellow angel. Like Imran, Dihan is also looking at another yellow fairy. Yes, Dihan is looking at Diya with fascination. Diya has never been seen like this. After the incident of this evening, why is it that Dihaan has become weak towards Diya?
Ayan came between the two and punched both of them in the stomach. Both of them stood up and looked at Ayan.
"Brother, the way you are looking. They will notice.
"You mean? Who was this Dihan looking at again?
Imran frowns and looks at Dihan. Dihan is afraid, love will end without it. Dihan slaps Ayan on the head.
"Shala, you are saying as if I can't look at Disha Apu. Disha Apu is looking very beautiful today in a yellow saree, that's why I see.
Ayan laughs a lot hearing Dihaan's words. But he keeps his smile inside himself and doesn't let it come out.
"Listen, Disha is our sister. You don't have to look like that, you will get noticed.
I don't have the eyes of a vulture like you.
Disha is brought and seated on the stage. Everyone is coming forward to apply turmeric to Disha.
Sinha moves, Sinha's two eyes are looking for someone. Sinha is looking around. In the crowd of so many people, how can he see, where is his devil?
Suddenly Sinha feels that someone is standing behind him. Sinha immediately looks back, his devil eyebrows are raised.
"Who are you looking for? Or me?
Imran thinks, Sinha's ears are still out of reach. He laughs, staring at his devil. Which doesn't look good, his devil. Yellow Punjabi reading, folded in hand. Sinha has a crush on his devil. 
"Hello ma'am. (trumpet playing)
Where are you lost?
As soon as Imran played trumpet, Sinha regained consciousness.
"What happened?"
"Thus dancing around the eyes, who are you looking for?
"No one.
"I want to kill you now.
Sinha looks at Imran with a questioning look. Imran understands and says,
"I forbade you to dress. It is forbidden for you to dress for anyone other than me. Have you forgotten that?"
Sinha replied by turning his face to the other side.
"You're dressed too. What about that?"
Imran whispers in Sinha's ear,
"I can dress up. But you can't. Even so, boys look at you. If you dress up like that, boys will pick you up and leave."
"Before they can take me, they'll have to deal with you, and I know nobody can take me without you.
"Lots of confidence.
" Byda way you look so beautiful. I fell in love all over again.
Sinha replied happily, turning to Imran.
"Hmmm really. And these clothes are just for me.
“Hmm. Just for you.
At that time the call came to apply turmeric to Disha. Both Sinha and Imran applied turmeric all over Disha's face. Sinha immediately took turmeric and smeared it on Imran's face and started laughing. Imran was surprised to see Sinha's actions, but the others laughed. Imran said slowly to Sinha, I will see you later. Sinha replies by giving Imran a venchi.
After the yellow function is over, boys and girls decide to dance. Boys are one group, girls are another group. Uncles and aunts are placed in the judge's seat.
Ayan goes first from the boys side.
When the ayaan is over, Diya goes from the girls' side. Thus, everyone finishes the dance one by one. Now it's time to announce the winner. But here the uncle-aunty trouble starts. The uncle wants to announce the girls as the winner. But the aunty wants to announce the boys as the winner. This is A huge quarrel started between uncle and aunt. And today uncle surprised everyone, started quarreling with aunt without fearing her.
When everyone is busy arguing, Imran takes Sinha to his room and closes the door.
"Brother, why did you bring me to the room?
"To punish. Then you must be punished for putting turmeric on my cheeks.
"Brother, I was mischievous then. Sorry. Don't forgive like this time.
Imran brought his hand forward, seeing the yellow in Imran's hand, Sinha frowned and said,
"You also put me yellow?
Imran applied the yellow piece in his hand on both his cheeks. Then he came towards Sinha. Imran's doing this, Sinha became ha. He saw Imran coming towards him and started backing away. At one point, Sinha's back was against the wall. Imran leaned towards Sinha placing his hands on the wall on either side of Sinha.
What are you doing?

"Shut up.
Imran silenced Sinha with his finger on his lips. Then he rubbed his cheek against Sinha's cheek. Sinha's body felt like an electric shock. The whole body shivered. Sinha closed her eyes at the touch of his devil. Imran put the yellow patch on Sinha's cheeks. Sinha didn't open her eyes because of such a tingling touch. Sinha was ashamed. He bowed his head. Seeing Sinha's shyness, Imran smiled, patted Sinha's forehead and kissed him.

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