A neglected cobbler's son while a software engineer

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A neglected cobbler's son while a software engineer

A neglected cobbler's son while a software engineer

The story of the neglected cobbler's son 


#Author: Rahul Raj 

#Episode-: 04

Rahul: About that finger tomorrow night. I thought, it would be better if I talk to uncle and arrange to drive a car like him. Dad will also help a lot and my study expenses will go up, but will anyone give me a part-time job and I can't drive a car. 

3rd-: Rahul was thinking about this, then Rahul's phone rang. Rahul takes out the phone and sees that Mamun has called, Rahul answers the phone and says....

Rahul: Hello Mamun say?

Mamun: Why didn't you come to the university today?

Rahul: It didn't feel good, so. 

Mamun-: Where are you now?

Rahul: I am sitting on the bank of the river

Mamun - Me and Biswajit are coming, you stay at that place. 

3rd-: Rahul put the phone down, then Rahul is looking at the water of the river again. After some time, Rahul hears the car stop, looks back and sees Mamun and Biswajit coming. Mamun and Biswajit sit near Rahul, then Biswajit says.....

Biswajit: Did you not come to the university today?

Rahul: I woke up late, so I didn't go. 

Mamun -: I called yesterday, did you not receive it at night?

Rahul: I fell asleep, so I didn't do it. 

3rd-: Biswajit's eyes quickly turned towards Rahul's feet, then Biswajit said...

Biswajit - What is it, Rahul, what is the obstacle at your feet? 

Rahul: I looked and saw that due to the wind, the lungi has risen above the knee and the bandage given by grandmother yesterday is visible. I called with a lungi and said.... Nothing. 

Mamun - see what? 

Rahul: Oh, nothing? Will the lungi border?

Biswajit: There is no problem to see? 

3rd-: Then Mamun and Biswajit opened Rahul's bandage and saw that the area was black, and some blood still remained?

Then Mamun says….

Mamun - How did it happen?

Rahul: Ah...

Mamun: How did you say?

Biswajit: Now I understand the reason for not going to university?

Rahul: What the hell are you talking about?

Mamun: Tell me what happened?

3rd-: Then Biswajit told Mamun….

Biswajit: Do you remember what you said to us today in Ritu Varsity?

Mamun: Yes. But it...

Biswajit: Rahul is not behind the season?

Mamun-: Are you not saying that Rahul?


Mamun - Today, this season has to be arranged?

Rahul: No, you will not go anywhere. No more trouble. 

Biswajit - Okay, then tell me how it happened?

Rahul: Well, listen,...... you will not do anything to her and do not say anything. 

Mamun-: What do I want him to do?

Biswajit: What should I do, this girl has grown a lot. 

Rahul: You don't have to do anything. 

Mamun-: Then you go to university and endure the torture of the season?

Rahul: Is there anything else to do but endure? I am a cobbler's son, my father worked hard to make me study so far. Now I should turn this suffering and hard work of my father into happiness, so I have to continue my studies by enduring the hardships. Don't tell your parents anything about the university. 

Biswajit: But the season?

Rahul: You know our situation, then I have to keep quiet.  

Good thing I remember,,, I want to share something with you. 

Mamun: What?

Rahul: Tomorrow night I spoke with an uncle... I told them everything. 

Biswajit - What to do now?

Rahul: I wanted to learn driving, now Mamun if you teach me, do you have a car?

Mamun - Hey don't worry, my uncle has driving school, I will talk to him. 

Biswajit: That Mamun, I will also learn driving, speak for me?

Mamun - I will tell you. 

3rd-: Then 3 of them left after chatting together, Rahul came home, took a bath, ate and fell asleep. In the afternoon he wakes up and goes to the market, goes to the market and joins his father in sewing shoes. At 8 pm Rahul and his father came home, Rahul washed his hands and face, ate some light food and sat down to read. After finishing reading at 11 o'clock in the night, he fell asleep after eating. 

Rahul woke up early the next morning, Rahul woke up and did some exercise. After finishing the exercise, Rahul sat down to wash his hands and face, having breakfast, Rahul went out to the university. Near the varsity gate, Rahul sees Mamun, Rahat, Biswajit Samira and a girl standing. Rahul comes near and talks to everyone, then Sameera says….

Samira-: Rahul, don't introduce yourself, this is my girlfriend + cousin Mithila. 

Rahul: Hi. 

Mithila: Hello.

3rd- Then everyone goes to class together. Meanwhile, Ritu is watching Rahul's departure, when Maria says....

Maria: Ritu, how did they mix with that cobbler's son? 

Ritu: Small people will be with small people?

Heart - Hmm, you are right, this cobbler's son will have to pay some Myr another day.

Season: Why? Are your hands itchy? 

Heart: Yes. 

Ritu: Wait, settle when the time comes?

Diva: What are you planning for the season?

Ritu: I have done a few, I will apply one by one. Now let's go to class.

3rd-: As soon as Ritu entered the class, the class room became completely quiet, Ritu took a look at everyone. After some time sir came and started taking the class, in the middle of the class sir noticed what Ritu was doing on his mobile phone instead of class. Then Sir said to Ritu....

Sir-: Miss Ritu Mafia come in front of you?

3rd-: After listening to sir, Ritu left the phone in his pocket and went in front of sir, sir then wrote down a few numbers one by one and said....

Sir: Do you do its binary?

3rd-: Sir comes with the marker in Ritu's hand and sits on the chair, Ritu looks once at Whiterbod and once at Sir. Everyone in the class is looking at the season, after some time sir said.....

Sir: What happened, you can not?


Sir: Of course, how can you? Varsity is about gangs and class is about cell phones, if you don't want to do class then don't come to my class from tomorrow. The whole class will be standing here today.  

3rd-: Sir then addressed Rahul and said...

Sir-: Rahul can show it binary?

Rahul: I can try sir. 

Sir: Come on. 

Rahul: Then I took the marker from sir and I started doing the binary of the numbers on the board, meanwhile the season is telling me….

Ritu: Don't do it, it will be good for you. If you do, you will have to pay for it. 

Rahul: I ignored the season and concentrated on my work, after a while I said to sir,,, sir binary is done. 

Sir: After Rahul said, I looked and saw that Rahul could do the binaries well, I then said,,, Everyone clapped for Rahul. 

3rd-: Everyone clapped except Ritu's gang, Mamun, Rahat, Vishwajit and Samira started clapping welcome to Scout to fire up Ritu. Ritu is furious seeing this. Sir said to Rahul and Mamun while taking some more time to the class...

Sir: Rahul and Mamun you come with me. 

3rd-: Rahul and Mamun went with Sir, Sir came to Sir's room and asked Rahul and Mamun to sit. But they did not sit and stood, then sir said...

Sir: Rahul you need a computer or laptop for the CSE you are admitted, do you have a laptop or computer at home.

Rahul: Sir, I felt sad after hearing this, I did not remember that I did not have a laptop or a computer. I then shook my head and said,

Sir: Well, don't worry, our university has a few extra laptops. I spoke for you and talked to the principal? Principal sir said to give one for you.

Rahul: I am very happy to hear sir's words, I held his feet and saluted him. Then sir said...

Sir-: But you have to promise,, a team will be made from your batch of 22, at the end of this year we will have 45th programming competition in Asia. One team from CSE department of all universities in Asia will participate in this competition. The competition will be about programming and other topics, here some problems will be given and whoever can solve the problem in the fastest time will be the champion. Either way we have to be champions. 

Mamun - Sir we will try our best if you pray and give us some direction. 

Sir: Hmm, but I have selected you two along with Rahat, Biswajit, Sameera and Mithila from your batch. You will have regular classes at the university, and I will have classes with you at my house every morning at 8 o'clock. 

Rahul: It will be fine sir, but...

Sir-: But what?

Rahul: Sir, what if that girl does something?

Mamun: Since the first day of Sir Ritu Rahul's arrival in this university....... he has done these things. 

Sir: Rahul, why didn't you tell us? 

Rahul: I don't like these troubles and my family also, so I try to avoid these things sir.

Sir: Well, I will see. And so that no one knows about this class except you 6. 

Rahul: Yes sir. 

Mamun-: You will remember sir. 

3rd-: Then Rahul and Mamun went to class, after finishing the class Mamun took everyone to his house. Rahul didn't want to go but had to give in to Mamun's insistence. Meanwhile Diwa tells Ritu..... 

Diva: Is there any point in being insulted like this in Ritu class?

season- means?

Diva: Why are we coming to the university?

Season: Why?

Diva: To study, but that is not happening to us. Apart from these, we need to pay attention to our studies. 

Ritu: Why are you listening to these words of Dhur sir?

Diva: You may not have respect, I have, so I have decided that I will not move with you anymore.  

Ritu: What are you talking about?

Diva-: Yes I am correct, and I have done many bad things with you. I will try to do better from now on, and you need to change yourself a little during the season.

Ritu-: Diva A little while ago you said the same thing? If it was said by someone other than you, I would have made it worse. A girl like you doesn't deserve to be with us, whatever.

Diva: Hmm, you are right.

3rd-: Diva comes from Ritud, meanwhile Mamun goes to his house with everyone. Four people went to a room of the house and sat, then Mamun and Rahul said to the other four...


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