That is like his life partner

Life partner, what kind of life partner will you get, know what kind of life partner you will get, the first letter of the name will tell what kind of

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 It is said in Islam that it is like his life partner. This is what our sages say, whose character is such that he will find his life partner. God Almighty will keep a life partner like him for him. 

That is like his life partner

That is like his life partner

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How can a life partner be? 

"That's like his life partner"! In fact, this is not the purpose of verse 26 of Surah Noor! 

Many people say with verse 26 of Surah Noor that as his wife or husband will be. How accurate is that? Or what does Allah mean by the verse? 

In response, it can be said that the character of his wife or husband is not mentioned in verse 26 of Surah Noor. 


There may not be a Muslim who does not know Pharaoh's name! This pharaoh's wife Achia Begum is a heavenly woman! Who has received the good news of heaven in the world! But will Pharaoh smell paradise? He is eternal hell! Here is the difference between their characters! On the other hand, King Imran's wife is a characterless woman! In the description of Surah Yusuf, this julekha tarnished Yusuf (as)! But her husband was a righteous ruler! Here, I can see the character of the two in a different form! But they were each other's spouse! 

Now tell me if this is true or not? 

So the Quran can not be understood with Bengali meaning! The Qur'an must be understood, when a verse was revealed in any situation, explaining why! And this is why you have to read the commentary of the Quran! 

Allah Ta'ala said, "Bad women for bad men; bad men for bad women; virtuous women for virtuous men and virtuous men for virtuous women. They are not concerned with what people say; for them is forgiveness and an honorable livelihood". 

------> [Surah Noor verse 26]. 

It is clearly stated in the said verse that a prostitute is for a prostitute, i.e. a prostitute is compatible only with a prostitute and not with a believer. In the same way, a bitch man is for a bitch woman, that is, a bitch man is compatible only with a bitch woman, not with a believing woman. And this word has been made more clear by Almighty Allah in verse 3 of the same Surah. Allah said,

"An adulterous man marries only an adulterous woman or a polytheist woman."

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