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Reality beats the story -

Reality beats the story -

Many of you know that the reality beats the story, you can get a better understanding if you read this story today. 

Writing is not a story. one 

About your real life

My marriage is going on for 9 years. Father-in-law + son-in-law are very influential. My son-in-law is the only child. The eldest child of the family. All the rest are nonsense. Everyone is married. I am childless. These four of us live in such a big house. My husband is a very good man. No vices or relationships with women. They are busy with work, go on vacations or spend time talking at home.

There is a lot of pain in everything. I feel so alone. The problem is that I cannot be a mother. I once heard that men who are unable to become fathers are not allowed to marry. No one has the right to destroy another person's life. I can't be a mother either, so I don't have the right to ruin someone's life.

You might say that children are not everything. I also know that children are not everything, but not everything. many things 

Let's face it, I have decided in my heart that if he wants to marry again, I will hide my pain. I can't be a mother, he can be a father. Why he will be without an heir for me? 

In these 9 years, such a thing has not come up even once. Nor has he ever lamented to me for a child. 6 months ago today, in a family gathering, he told his cousin that he really wanted to have a child of his own. Father will be etc. So the cousin suggested her a second marriage. Later, the cousin's wife told me, laughing and said that I heard that brother will marry another? I do not know that my husband will marry another, have to hear from others! Even though I cry because of pain, I smile and say, a woman found it. 

Seeing me normal, he said softly, actually everyone is whispering about you. That day, the brother was saying very sweetly if he had a child.

I did not sleep that night. He always supported me and told me that if I don't have a child, it won't happen, I won't be upset about it. But he has so much desire inside.

I cried a lot, I thought he would marry another very soon. I was getting numb just thinking about it. As if I can clearly see that my family of 9 years is leaving me behind. Slowly my everything is becoming someone else's. I am disappearing.

I was suffering a lot. But I don't reveal a bit. I was very normal. Within a few months, almost all the relatives agreed that he should have a second marriage. I'm also matching the rhythm. I understand that I have no opinion or displeasure. But at the end of the day, I used to scream and cry only when I was alone. No one is at fault, no one is oppressing me. Not talking a little bit. Who should I say? No one is committing any crime worth judging. Still I am suffering so much. 

Girl liked. The girl's family is very simple. The girl is 18 years younger than my husband. Of course, I was not one of those who liked seeing girls. But I was shocked to hear that such a young girl agreed to become someone's second wife. To be honest, I don't agree with his second marriage, but I don't like this girl. The girl has no education, no marital status, the family is not educated. Kufu does not match in one word. Their movements and speech do not go with anything. I don't understand why everyone agreed. Maybe thinking of a younger virgin girl. The 2nd wife has agreed to be this pretty! I didn't say anything, I didn't think about breaking up the marriage later.

The date of the agreement is fixed. Will pick up later. I did the wedding shopping together. As the day drew nearer I was cringing. I feel like the day of breaking up my family is approaching. I cried a lot thinking about this one night. The son-in-law woke up. Later, if pressed, I tell my state of mind. He also cried with me. He promised never to hurt me. My place, dignity, love for me will never waver. I will remain as I was. He will always be as he was with me by my side.

Hearing these assurances, my tears stopped. If you give, peace will come. But as soon as I went to sleep, he started crying again. I know very well that everything will change after that girl becomes a mother. 

The day before the wedding, the girl's father said that I will not be able to go to their house on the day of marriage. Their relatives do not know about me. If you know, it will break the marriage or not. He apologized to me very lovingly and told me. I suffered a lot. In this way I will be removed from everything one by one. If so-and-so knows the problem, Tamuk will suffer by saying these things, I will be left behind.

I got him ready in the morning. As I give every Friday. I asked him to put the perfume on, I want to make it like this every Friday. possible?

He smiled at me and said it was possible. 

I know, everyone is saying that now. Excited about the wedding. Now if I say write your house in my name, I will agree to that too.

Let's all gone Aqd will take place after Namaz. I am sitting in prayer with a rush of sadness. Why don't you cry anymore? Under the pressure of pride, again, I am sorry for myself. Why should I be proud, the problem is with me. I should get out of his life with my own problems. I have 2 aunts, I don't have to do any household work. I spend the whole day lying down. No preoccupation. there is nothing Such a burden they are feeding with care. and how much I felt like a complete weed.

He called me and told me that the marriage has been arranged. I was sitting on the balcony staring into space. Sent a message in the evening, will now take him to the living room.

I performed ablution and prayed and came to this group and started reading everyone's writings. What a hardship in everyone's life. I am nothing compared to that. I was reducing my pain by thinking about this. I check the message again and again, I understand that he will say that he misses me. But no message comes. 

After a while everyone left the house. Everyone is discussing and criticizing marriage. What I understand is that they did not like the caress of the girls. Shouldn't be. The girls are lower class, and the men of this house have monthly hand expenses equal to the girls' expenses for a whole year. Let God see fit here. I am happy that he will be my father. Sometimes I will give a little care to the baby to get this.

The mother-in-law said that after 2 days everyone from the daughter's house will come. I hastily said that I will go to mother's place. The mother-in-law said, no, you don't have to go. I will say you are my brother's daughter. 

I came to the room and slept. I don't remember the last time I slept alone. I was suffering a lot. He is now with another girl, love love. Holding hands, laughing, talking, I was completely forgotten, I was crying. Now I have to live as my brother's daughter in my own house for 9 years. This is exactly how I will end up. 

When did I sleep? I check my mobile repeatedly even in my sleep, this means that he will say that he doesn't feel good without you.

Once his message really came. “I don't feel well I feel suffocated please come. take me” 

I jumped up and sat up. I am sending a message to ask what happened, but there is no answer. Calling no answer. My heartbeat was so fast that I felt like I was going to pass out. I wake up my mother once I think. I thought again and immediately went to their house with the address. An hour passed by thinking about this. His message came again - open the door, don't wake anyone.

I opened the door and saw him standing. Check if there is anyone else around. He took my hand and came straight to the bedroom and sat on the bed and started gurgling everything. 

"In the living room I was talking about you to the girl to respect you. Like a big sister. After hearing this, the girl got angry, what does it mean! I know you will let him go. Your relationship is not good.

I fell from the sky. I said there was no such thing. It was said that I will live with two wives. Later the girl got up and called her father. Says the father is saying this. When I asked the girl's father, he reacted very strongly and said that your wife does not have children, how much older are you than my daughter. I have married such a young girl. Why keep that woman? Who gives such a marriage these days? I will not leave my daughter to that wife.

As soon as he said this I said don't give your daughter. Even I will not leave my wife. He will remain as he is. Then there was a discussion about these things for a while and then I was leaving." 

“You know when you were telling me to leave you I felt like the ground had moved under my feet. I don't understand what you mean to me even in these 9 years, just hearing this made me feel like I don't need to be a father. I have to have you.”

Many may think that I am telling a story, but it is not a story. Later they got divorced in a family meeting. The girl's father gave me a condition that he will give me the girl. My son-in-law leaves his daughter alone. 

I might not be a mother. But Alhamdulillah I was able to become a useful wife. Please pray for me. I have infertility, cysts, thyroid. In spite of all this, may Allah give you the grace to become a mother.

Children are not everything in everyone's life.

Life partner is many things.

Masha Allah, you are very lucky!

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