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 Be you veiled 

Become a Veterinarian -

Become a Veterinarian -

#Be you veiled.  

#Written by Umm Habiba Saima. 

#final episode

The education we give the child from childhood will grow up with that education. We are Muslims so it is our duty to give religious education to the child from childhood.

Maria wants her son Aryan to be initiated into religious education. Although the boy is 5 years old, he has not been given any education before, but lately he is showing interest in religion. Now the age is modern, so I did not give importance to this issue. Instead, I was more upset because of saying it. I did not recognize myself while matching the age. I did not teach my son the importance of religion, thinking about what people will say. How to teach? I was blind for ages. Mahin explained a lot to me. But I don't understand. Now I understand my mistake. I will correct myself. I will admit my son in madrasa. Although I am Honors in English, Why don't I do Master's, this study will remain in the world. I don't know my religion because of this study. It's a lot that God is keeping me alive. He has shown me the way to correct my mistakes. I will not hurt poetry anymore. I will change myself. I will initiate myself in the teachings of Islam. If Atika can realize her own mistakes and change herself today, why can't I? Yes, I can.

Nazmin said, we don't understand that we don't understand that the girls are in a situation where they don't cover their hair and don't cover their hair and don't wear their clothes. Atika said, "I didn't know before, now I understand, so I know. What will be the punishment if I don't wear a head cloth?" Nazmin said, "There is a hadith about wearing a head cloth."

One day, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said to Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Fatimah Radiyallahu Anha, "I saw women in Hell on the night of Shaba Miraj in various kinds of punishment. Their punishment was so terrible and severe that the horror of it still makes me cry." I am crying because I remember that punishment.

Then the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, said, "I saw a woman hanging by her hair and her brain was churning like rice in the heat of the fire." On the one hand, she is in Hell, such a severe punishment! Again, hanging by her hair, how painful. And in this punishment the brain Togbog in the heat of hellfire. What a terrible and painful punishment it is.

Then he said, the reason for his punishment was that he used to go out of the house with his head open. He used to walk outside in front of other people without covering his head and leaving his hair open. That is why he is being punished.

As soon as Atika hears this, she puts a cloth on her head and tries to cover her body. Maria is not surprised, because Mahin told her, Maria, because you put hijab on your head, you are saved from a sin. If it is for fashion, it will be a sin. So that's it. Nazmin said, we wear veil not only to save ourselves and others from sin, but veil is an obligatory law given by Allah, which must be observed. doesn't go If it is khilaf, you will go to hell. There is a punishment for those who do not know or do not know. And for those who do not obey even if they know, the punishment is terrible. Apu, this beautiful body will not remain like this in the grave if we do not obey the rules given by Allah. Maria and Atika will cry this state. Then Atika said, will you help me please?


-Apu, I want to go to the shopping mall to buy the necessary materials for the curtain. I have not taken any day, so I am asking to help to buy these. Nazmin happily hugs Atika. As well as Maria O. Maria says that she will also go with them. He will also buy. Then everyone together with Ashikara goes to the shopping mall. From there everyone goes home with the necessary items.

After 1 year

Today is the wedding of Atiqa and Ashiq. They are trying to make their marriage according to the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). They know that Prophet Muhammad said that the more expensive the wedding, the more blessed the wedding. They are doing it accordingly. Any joy, hi-hullut. , Ashiq brings Atika to his house without hesitation. Meanwhile, a girl is born to Maria and Mahin and a boy is born to Nazmin and Nahid.

Through Najmin and Nahid, Mahin ends up convincing Maria to follow God's rules.

Yes, from that day Maria, Atiqa, Ashiq and her friends started to change themselves. From that day they tried to follow the rules of Islam slowly and succeeded. They are now practicing Muslims and Muslims. They are now with each other. Living happily and peacefully according to the laws of Islam.


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