1 incident of Hazrat Saad Salami (RA)

1 story of Hazrat Saad Salami (RA) - neotericit.com

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1 incident of Hazrat Saad Salami (RA).

1 story of Hazrat Saad Salami (RA) - neotericit.com

1 story of Hazrat Saad Salami (RA) - neotericit.com

The incident of Hazrat Saad Salami (RA).

Hazrat Saad Salami was a companion of the Prophet of Allah. He was a very poor companion. The complexion was very dark and the face had freckles. One day, Saad (RA) was sitting in the court of the Prophet and was crying. The Prophet (PBUH) asked him why he was crying? In response, Saad (ra) began to say, Ya Rasulullah, I became a Muslim after reading the Kalima in your hands, it has been 8 months. In these 8 months, I went to many places in the alleys of Madina for marriage, but no one gives me a girl because I look ugly. I could observe all your sunnahs but one of your sunnahs is marriage which I could not observe. So I am crying in fear if Allah will deprive me of Paradise for not obeying this Sunnah!! 

The Prophet (PBUH) said to Saad, I the Messenger of Allah gave you in marriage to the most beautiful girl in Medina, the daughter of Amr Ibn Wahhab, the richest man in Medina. Now go to the house of Amr Ibn Wahhab and tell him that I have given you his daughter in marriage. Sa'd (ra) went to Amr Ibn Wahhab's house and told Amr Ibn Wahhab everything. Amr Ibn Wahhab was very angry on hearing Saad (RA) and misbehaved with him and threw him out of the house.

Meanwhile, Amr Ibn Wahhab's daughter heard everything from inside the house. When Amr Ibn Wahhab entered the house, his daughter asked him, father, who gave you such courage to disobey the Prophet? I accepted the son whom the Messenger of Allah chose for me as my husband.

 Amr ibn Wahhab, hearing the girl's story, ran to the Prophet's court and asked for forgiveness from the Prophet. My kind Prophet forgave him. And Saad (R.A.) set a dowry of 600 dirhams for the marriage and said now you go to your wife. But Sa'd (RA) was so poor that it was not possible for him to raise 600 dirhams. So the other Companions helped Sa'd (RA) so that he could do something for his new bride even after collecting his wife's dowry. On the other hand, Saad (RA) went to the market for shopping. When he entered the shop to shop for a new wife, he suddenly heard who was calling for Jihad in the market of Madina? Hearing the call of Jihad, Saad (ra) thought that I will not go to a new wife in a bed of Saad flowers, I will go to Jihad for the love of the Prophet. So he spends his marriage money and buys war equipment and goes to Jihad.

Meanwhile, the war has begun. Sa'd (ra) started killing the infidels one by one and sending them to hell. While fighting, suddenly Saad (R.A.) was martyred by drinking syrup from the cup of martyrdom. Meanwhile the war ended. Whose corpse can be seen from a distance? Rasool (pbuh) and companions went near and saw the dead body of Saad. The iron cap of the head is broken, the brain is out and the tongue is sticking out. Looking at Saad's face, the Prophet (PBUH) wept and immediately looked at the sky and smiled and turned away from the sky again.

A young companion Abu Lubaba asked the Prophet the reason for this. Rasool (pbuh) said that my bed of sad flowers did not go to the house, I was martyred for my love, so tears fell from my eyes due to love. And I looked at the sky and smiled because Allah has given my Saad a very beautiful position and the reason for looking back is because my Saad has been martyred so all the doors of the sky have been opened. There are many people running from heaven who will take Saad first? The curtain in front of Hurd was moving due to running, which I Rasool turned away in shame.

May Almighty Allah grant us all the grace to go to the hereafter with faith like his.

 All say Amen.

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