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If you have come to this website searching for romantic captions, then this article is only for you. Digital age people want to be a little romantic towards their loved ones. Try to have a little romance with your loved ones. The word romantic is created from there. I brought this article today for those romantic people. In today's article, I have appeared with more than 150 romantic captions. 

150+ Romantic Caption - Romantic Caption - NeotericIT.com

Good job you came to Neoteric IT to find romantic captions. Now keep your eye out to finally find a good caption that matches you. When you want to be a little smart to your loved ones, you need romanticism. When a person wants to be romantic on social media or romance with loved ones, then romantic captions are needed. For them, we have brought some beautiful romantic captions in this article. So let's see. 

Romantic Caption

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Bengali Romantic Caption

I don't want the moon, it will rise at night.
s I don't want the night, it will be lost in the morning.
I don't want flowers, they will fall at the end of the day.
I want a beautiful mind,
Never forget me.

Don't give me a picture of you.
I want to show my children
How was their mother in 18 years!

If you live well, I will shine like the moon,
If you think of me as yours, I will be like your mind,
As the river gives an estuary, I am your likeness!

You are not the moon but the moonlight,
s You are not a flower but the fragrance of a flower,
You are not a river but a wave of the river,
s You are not a stranger, you are someone I know.

Moon I love the night as you do
I love someone just like that
Your love is like no one understands
No, just like that, my love doesn't understand.

Love can't be understood if you don't fall in love hard.
Love you plum not in tough love
Life cannot be felt when worn.

I want to be with you
I will see full moon day with 1 day.
I will tell the moon that day. look at the moon
How beautiful the person in my heart is than you.

I dream about you
Hope for you
I give you my heart full of love.

If you are in deep trouble, rest your head on the lap of the moon.
If you still have trouble, look into my eyes.
Don't keep the pain in your chest and send it to me.

Boys become more emotional when it comes to love.
As a result, boys have to suffer more.

A true lover does not love hundreds of girls,
Rather, he loves one girl in a hundred ways.

When sleep comes, dreams come,
When dreams come, they come,
When it comes, sleep does not come.

Bangla Romantic Caption - 150+ Romantic Caption - Romantic Caption - NeotericIT.com

Romantic Caption Bangla

Romantic Caption Bangla - 150+ Romantic Caption - Romantic Caption - NeotericIT.com

Even the heart-sinking sailor's mind, your-
The anchor came to the corner of the eye.


Walking silently along the procession,
Teach me revolution, in the class of love...


When the indomitable storm goes out in the chest, the lamp-
You kiss his lips...


Curiosity and silence all over the city.
I have been reading for two days only, Mirza in your eyes.

Romantic Captions for Facebook

I'm yours, I'll be yours
I will love you all my life
Don't stay away for the rest of your life
I don't like you at all
When you love someone unconditionally, it never ends because unconditional love has no end….it never ends. It only grows.
Don't give emotional love to someone, give heart love! Because emotional love will one day lose to conscience and emotional love will remain forever...
Love can't be understood if you don't fall in love hard. Love You can't experience life unless you fall in love hard.
A part of life is not so difficult to walk alone. But if you can walk with one person. The rest is very difficult.
Good morning, good day. Remember forever. Keep the troubles away, fulfill the dreams, dream new good dreams, remember me.
Life is to save. Mind is to give. Love is to stay by your side throughout life. Friendship is to make life beautiful.
No one can shed tears without pain. No dream without love. Remember one thing in life. You can't arrange your dreams by making someone cry.
I kept it in my heart, I still love him even today. Come back to say love. How to explain how much I love him?

➤ "I'm not, a girl imprisoned in four walls,
You are a free bird in the open sky.
You could come to my window
I keep the window open."
- Soft blossoms of silent darkness

➤ Two hearts are one soul, what do you think of my position?
- Tamim Himu

➤ To say something while walking
It was not said that
Listen to hear something
It was not heard.
I'm close, eye to eye
No eye contact
Get to know some people
I'm just confused.
- Porbot Chowdhury

Romantic Captions for Facebook - 150+ Romantic Captions - Romantic Caption - NeotericIT.com

Romantic caption poem

Romantic Caption Poems - 150+ Romantic Captions - Romantic Caption - NeotericIT.com

Romantic caption poem 1

Baby, when you hold me, my emotions make it clear
How much you mean to me as we lie here.
I hear your heartbeat in rhythm with my own,
With every pound that warming word keeps me safe in the love you show.
Baby, when you touch me with such soft yet firm hands,
You wrap me in a warm embrace where you belong.
You comfort me through the night
Until you open your eyes to the first signs of daylight.
Baby, when you kiss me before you start your day,
No words can express the happiness you bring to my heart.
You have made my life so beautiful, wonderful and new.
You are my hope and dream. You are my everything; i am in love with you

Romantic caption poem 2

Love cannot be described.
It has no shape, it has no form.
Love is not a thing.
Love does not correspond.
Love enters our lives
The moment we were born.
From the cradle to the grave,
Everyone has love.
Love burns like a candle
That sometimes trembles but never dies.
Love can disappear,
Although it is right before your eyes,
Love can leave you empty,
Love can make you whole.
Love can make or break you,
Love is your soul.
Love is in your heart,
Love is in your heart.
love doesn't discriminate,
Love is always blind.
love is universal,
It surrounds the world.
Wherever you are,
Love has its own language.
love around you
There is plenty of love to live for.
You cannot see or touch it,
But love is everywhere.
love is almighty,
And yet it is too small.
Love is a gift from God
Sharing between us all

Romantic caption poem 3

The little bird of the green forest,
Unintelligible his mind.
Nobody knows around the world
Who is his own.
Goes around in your mind
Blue sky chest.
So even if you are sad,
Happy in everyone's eyes………..

Romantic caption poem 4

The blue color of the sky, your picture in it
Your love is in the wind.
today is spring
The butterfly of love is flying with its wings spread.
The bees are sitting on the flowers to enjoy.
The world is decorated in blue today
A blue saree draped over you,
Blue tip on forehead.
today is spring
so love
Love is more than days.


Romantic caption poem 5

My mental illness is heavy
How about Sarbe?
Love has caught me
Now I understand that I will die.

Romantic Caption in Bengali

Romantic Caption in Bengali - 150+ Romantic Caption - Romantic Caption - NeotericIT.com

Love can't be understood if you don't fall in love hard. Love You can't experience life unless you fall in love hard.
A part of life is not so difficult to walk alone. But if you can walk with one person. The rest is very difficult.
Good morning, good day. Remember forever. Keep the troubles away, fulfill the dreams, dream new good dreams, remember me.
Life is to save. Mind is to give. Love is to stay by your side throughout life. Friendship is to make life beautiful.
No one can shed tears without pain. No dream without love. Remember one thing in life. You can't arrange your dreams by making someone cry.
I kept it in my heart, I still love him even today. Come back to say love. How to explain how much I love him?
bangla bhalobasar line
I saw you after a long time and I was stunned to see you. It was hard to control myself when you pretended not to see me.
If you live well, I will give light like the moon, if you think of me as your own, I will be like your mind, like a river gives an estuary, I am your likeness,
If I go' to the blue sky~
You find me among the evening stars
Remember me if you feel lonely
I will touch you as the south wind
Writes sweet with normal hand Friend, I am very alone Josna Makha in the field of the moon, the moon is my vision Fill in the blanks, sing me a little
I want to tell you, there is no one dearer than you. I love only you, I want to love you.
I am for you, I will be for you
I will love you all my life
~Stay by the side all your life' don't go away~
I don't like you at all
The more serious the person.. the more angry that person is.. but there is more love in him..!!
You are like the sky in my mind, I don't know where to hide you. Don't go away from my heart, I love only you.
I want to say to you, there is no one dearer than you. I love only you, I want to love you dearly. I want to tell you - you are in my heart. With you all the time, I weave a web of dreams. I love only you, I want to love you forever. I want to know - what kind of heart do you have for me? Why can't you?
There was no complication in my love Najtilta was inside your heart Love left me you left me
I miss you so much, I will give you red roses. I will talk in my dreams. I will tell you about me. As much as you can think of. i will say i love you We will stay together.
No matter how much pain you give me… I will take you, no matter how much pain you give me… I will consider that pain as happiness, if you give me love… I will hug you in this bosom, and if you ever forget me, I will love you all my life… I will love silently...!
What is love? Hot desert sand flame, what is love? A boat floating in the river, what is love? A raft of happiness floating, what is love? Sadness mixed with laughter and tears, what is love? Any unknown address? What is love? what is love
There is no one in my life without you, I have no dream in my life without you, my eyes are looking for nothing without you, I can't think anything without you, I can't write anything without your name, I don't want to understand anything without you!
Love the one whose heart is as hard as stone. Because if you can make a flower bloom once on that stone, then that flower will give fragrance only to you and no one else.
I got so much love from you. This evil mind wants to get more. What do you know, what is in you, why does this mind want to get closer to you.
Wrapped in the blanket of winter, standing in the middle of the fog, extending both hands, the cool touch of the dew, if the mind is thrilled, you don't even realize that I am by your side all the time.

Romantic caption about the night

As the sun sets, darkness descends on the earth. Dusk comes after twilight and as the evening progresses, the arrival of the night accelerates. The night is basically every person's resting time, there is no special happy moment and no night pair to spend the time of love. The silence of the deep night makes the poet's mind and emotional; Thousands of poems and poems flowed from their pen. Romantic Captions About Some Beautiful Nights Like That - 150+ Romantic Captions - Romantic Caption - NeotericIT.com

The darkness of night is not the end of life;
Every day a new sun rises
Every morning comes
The light of the dawn wipes away the blackness of the night and shows a new path.
You are my star in the night sky
You make the mind fickle
What is the use of crying life? You laugh at him.
Don't take the pain of the night with you,
The morning light will shine, all the dirt will be wiped away.
Everyone has a dark night in their life, which remains silent forever.
The most beloved companion of the lonely night is a slice of the moon!
If you were the moon
I became a night full of passion,
I will live happily in the sky.
It would be better if you were at night
I used to wake up as a star
The rosin was blooming that night
You were with me.
When you come in the dark night, oh my friend,
put your hand in mine
I depend on the touch of your fearless hand.
Nishit is the innovator of late night human thinking.
The night is more holy than the day; It is a perfect time for thinking, loving and dreaming. Night is the bearer of depth and honesty.
Night covers half of human life.
There is no night; no despair that can resist the rising of the sun and the hopes of men.
A dark night has thousands of eyes.
At night we are all strangers, even to ourselves.
It is not possible to explain the events of the night in the daytime, because it does not exist in reality.

You're my moonlight You're my love You're my soul You're in my heart You're in my heart You're forever You're sleeping now You'll talk again tomorrow _Good Night_

There are thousands of stars on the moon in the distant sky, look closely and see one star is doing Jesus, saying listen to you, my dear, now you are asleep, it is too late, _goodnight_

Sleep in everyone's eyes is now a silent night, why can't you tell me why there is no sleep in my eyes, why do I wake up this night with the hope of happiness, why is my mind lost today. good_night.

The starry fair across the sky and the mind lost in the play of the moon. I want you to be happy. The blue sky is now black, I am happy and better than you. good_night

Night means deep intoxication, hope to see dreams. Night means hidden warm love. Night means opening the veil of woman with eyes closed. Night means good night to you.

Many stars in the night sky feel lonely without you. good night

Jonaki is the night lamp. Dream is the companion of sleep. Mind is the magical bird. Friend is the companion of happiness and sorrow. So good night

The night is not only a place, but a little light. The night is not only bad, the dreams are good. So after sleeping, be good. good night

The light of the morning will rise at the end of the night, you will wake up again with the pull of the new light, the new day will be the traveler on the new road, the tired sleep will say goodbye. Good night.

Crazy I fell asleep! The phone is so quiet, I wake up at night guarding this end of the phone. If he knew this? good night

I will come as a dream of the night, I will stay close, when I open my eyes I will go to the land of dawn light, I will give you some memories tonight, good night with love. good night

Good Night Status
For those of you who are searching for good night status on the internet, some selected good night statuses are displayed. From here you can send statuses to Facebook or loved ones.

> In Nishira I came to steal, don't be afraid, I won't forget to kill the house. Darkness surrounds the night, I'll just steal your night's sleep. good night

> If there is no taint in the moon, if there is no pain in the mind. If your house was near, I would come to say something every day. good night

> On this stormy night today, looking at the water in the sky, seeing the beauty of the moon, trying to keep the mind calm, saying goodnight to you all.

> I will not tell you today, to be a night bird, I will not tell you today, to float on lotus leaves in the shadow of dreams. Will you listen to what I have to say? I'll just say good night to you.

> Will come tonight to have a little thrill? I am in a good mood today, just give some sweet bites, reply soon, that's your mosquito.

> The sky flies here with infinite blue wings, the soft morning of dreams waiting for him. Tired afternoon, this horizon stands for you, what calls to the border of the eyes in silent deep illusion. good night

> For you the night wants to be my dawn, for you my heart wants to turn back. A drop or two of ajhor shraban falls for you. I miss you every morning and afternoon. ~good night~

> The light went out, the night came, the sky was black, see a sliver moon smiling, saying stay well, the night is long, now go to sleep, a sliver moon will guard you, sleep peacefully. good night

> Jonaki burns late in the night, with talk, tell the moon to be quiet, go you friend home, go and talk to him, miss him so much. good night

Romantic caption about the day

Romantic Caption of the Day - 150+ Romantic Caption - Romantic Caption - NeotericIT.com

1/ As I have observed, if you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain.

> Dolly Parton

2/ The sun will rise again after the rain, life is like that, after bad times, good times arise in everyone's life.

> Walt Disney

3/ May the rain kiss you with its silver liquid drops. Want the rain to pass over your head. Let the rain sing you a song.

> Launceston Hughes

4/ Don't be angry with the rain, it just doesn't know how to fall upwards.

> Vladimir Nabkov

5/ Darling, you will never see me complain, I will cry alone in the rain.

> Howard Greenfield

6/ I always think of rain as a cure for a disease, which like a faithful friend brings comfort to another friend.

> Douglas Coupland

7/ If rain spoils our picnic, but saves a farmer's crop, who are we to say it won't rain?

> Tom Barrett

8/ Every time it rains, the soil counts every drop and gives thanks to the Creator for each individual raindrop.

> Mehmet Murat Ildan

9/ I like it when it rains in torrents. It sounds like a soft hum everywhere, symbolizing silence, not loneliness.

> Mark Haddon

10/ Rain is grace, rain is the sky coming down to earth, human life is never complete without rain.

> John Upduck

Romantic caption with river

Romantic Captions About Rivers - 150+ Romantic Captions - Romantic Caption - NeotericIT.com - Best Quotes About Rivers Bangladesh is our riverine country. There are many small and big rivers in this country. The beauty of the river makes everyone fascinated. There are very few people who have not fallen in love with the river. Village people enjoy the beauty of the river more than the city. This riverine country has a large number of rivers. Shaplar Mela is seen in these rivers. At the same time, small and big dinghy boats float continuously. The beauty of the river ghats fascinates everyone. Along with that, Majhi Bhai's Bhatiali song plays. All in all, the river reveals a wonderful beauty.

1. “River never reverses. So try to live like a river. Forget your past and focus on your future.”

2. "Many a calm river begins as a turbulent waterfall, yet none strike and gush all the way to the sea." – Mikhail Lermontov

3. “A river never drinks its own water; A tree never eats its own fruit. So learn to live for others in life.”

4. "Time flows away like a river." – Confucius 

5. "Don't drown yourself in a river, but if you drown in it, drown." – Paulo Coelho

6. "Love, like a river, cuts a new path whenever it meets an obstacle." – Crystal Middlemas 

7. “You can't argue with a river – it will keep on flowing. You can bind it, put it to useful purposes, you can replace it, but you can't argue with it." – Dean Akesson

8. "Life is like a river, sometimes it carries you slowly and sometimes the waterfall comes out of nowhere." – Emma Smith

9. "As a river is lost in the sea, so is virtue lost in selfishness." – Franklin D. Roosevelt

10. "A river cuts through rock not because of its strength, but because of its persistence." – Jim Watkins

11. “He dies when the river meets the sea! Because the character of the river has to flow, and when the character dies, everything dies!” – Mehmet Murat Ildan

12. "As a river surrenders itself to the sea, so what is in me goes into you." – Kabir

13. "Breathing beyond the river, beyond all happiness I believe." – Rabindranath Tagore

14. "The care of the river is not a question of the human heart."

15. “A drop of water in the ocean cannot do much good; But if a great river flows into it, it creates a great commotion.”

16. "Between flattery and praise often flows a river of scorn." – Minna Antrim

Bangla romantic captions for facebook

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Can't understand if you don't fall in love
There is so much inside the chest
Feelings hide!”

"Babu, Sona, Mona, Darling, etc
I don't like it
to me
Oi looks the best..!"

"Cry if you hurt
will come 
because you are me
You taught me to laugh!
"Love you Janu"

"Oi crazy, 
Tell "mom". 
I want to be his "grandma" not his daughter."

Dear Crush...,
You're not just my crush 
 You are the queen of my dreams.....!

"Dear Guys...,
Trying to seduce my hubby
It won't do any good and it won't work because he's my fiance!"

"Because of love
I am too shy to speak
If you don't like it
I wouldn't have been so fussy

“Not a girlfriend…. 
I want a naughty sweet crazy wife.
 who would quarrel with me every day,
Will hug me again at night and ask me to sleep!"

"Dear Pagli..., 
Your face makeup
There is no need for the smile on your lips
The most expensive makeup for me..! "

 "Hey listen!!
Yes, I tell you all the time 
When you smile, you look cute." 

"Oi listen...,
You don't pass my time
I am with you all my life
Want to live together….!”

"Time goes on like that
I keep getting upset for no reason!!"

"Oi listen….
Take care of yourself if something happens to you
  Who will love me so much..!
😍😍😍 "

"Dear crush.....do you know magic....?
 No, I mean every night
I sleep with the door and window closed!
Why do you still come to my dreams...?"

There will be a fight...
It will match again...
But there will be no break-up
Yes, this is a beautiful relationship

"I really am
Lucky Ray
That I found someone like you."

“Dear Pagli..…… You are not my GF
You are my wife

"The only reason my heart beats

"Before proposing to you 
If I think about it, my love will get love 
Now just thinking about you makes me get married..!"

"Worse than I look,
I have more bad luck."

"Dear hubby..., we are hebby after marriage 
I will romance but..!

"They are very lucky indeed 
You can marry the person you love!"

Bangla Short Caption

Bangla Short Caption - 150+ Romantic Caption - Romantic Caption - NeotericIT.com

The more you learn, 
The less you tell.

But beautiful people are not always good 
Good people are always beautiful.

so far, 
But so close to each other.

my everything 
Love everything about you.

Even if you know my name 
Don't know about me.

Success always 
Hard work follows.

your attitude 
Determines your direction.

Life is so beautiful when you smile.

I am a diver in a sea of ​​fools.

I will love you unconditionally.

Life without dreams is a meaningless life.

forget yesterday 
live for today 
Tomorrow will take care of itself.

It's ours 
The next page in the love story.

Like a spring flower 
May your joy blossom.

Life is like a waterfall - 
Always running.

Lost in nature 
Find yourself.

Romantic short caption

Romantic Short Caption - 150+ Romantic Caption - Romantic Caption - NeotericIT.com

❝If the girls were not greedy, they would see the prince in their dreams and see why they tapped the bottle❞

❝If you don't give the GF password, you will understand that there is a fake, and if you give it, you will understand that there is another ID.❞

❝A girl was lying unconscious on the street and I saw Haramjadi doing tik tok❞

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