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I will see romantic love letters on this page. If you want to send beautiful romantic love letters to your loved ones then this article is just for you. 

Romantic love letter - Romantic love letter

I have brought several letters to this page. You take a look. Before that we need to know – 

Rules for writing romantic love letters 

At the beginning, I wish you a red rose symbol of love. I have known you for many years. From that very beginning I liked you very much. I still don't know when that liking turned into love. But this much I know very well that you are my first love. I heard that no one can forget the first love. Maybe I can never forget you. Romantic love letter, love letter, letter writing rules, first love letter, how to write a love letter, love letter writing, love letter writing rules, love letter, letter writing terms, first love letter, proposal letter, letter, how to love letter How to write, rules for writing, rules for writing love letters, letters for loved ones, rules for writing love letters, romantic love letters, rules for writing letters, rules for writing letters in Bengali, emotional letters for love, know the rules for writing love letters

Romantic love letter 1

dear jai,

Oh dearest of my soul. At the beginning I give you my wish of flowers. I hope you will accept it. I fell in love with you at the first sight. I really fell in love with you and will continue to love you till the last breath of my life. Believe it or not. It doesn't matter. I know that love is not forced, love is only felt with the heart. There is no need for language in that case. Even after that, I express my love to you by writing. And I believe in equal rights in love. You are my first. , and I have given you a place in my heart as the last one, I don't know how to write a letter, I have never lacked such a person in the bosom of a turbulent world. In a few days, I trusted you and fell in love with you, don't let me go back. You don't let my love be in vain. And if you reject my love, then you are solely responsible for this wasted life. The king fell in love with a beggar, they became lonely because of love. Love does not judge religion or caste. So I want your willing love relationship with me. Your behavior has made me noble. That's why I love you. I won't curse you if you don't want it. I just keep the door of my heart open in the hope that I can think of you all the time. I have no depth of love for you. That's why I can't hold myself anymore thinking of you. I don't know what will happen in the future, when I think of you, I think that you are by my side. Your eyes, your sweet smile, and your excitement are always mine. It floats clearly in my heart. I can't think of anything without you. My thoughts and consciousness surround you. You are the only companion of my life journey. How much more do I want to say, the language of the heart, the language of the heart, the tears of the heart are only for you. Stay well, stay happy, wishing you a happy life before leaving, I have kept it here as of today.

I am hoping for your reply.

Romantic love letter 2



I know why I'm crying! For emptiness, fullness, dependence or loneliness, 

don't know I just understand where inside the chest is the hidden place 

A group of indignant tears are about to burst out of the eyes.

 Because you are not near, the emptiness looks like its cruel

 the game I hide my face in your chest now! But.

How far are you from that! Saying! Touched the mountain in the late afternoon today 

A small event like a cloud wrapped in a rushing gust of wind

 All my doubts were blown away! I understand that Mahakal 

The funny little moment called “life” has gifted me. In that life you-

E is my only man, whose five fingers are my refuge 

Five fingers, the smell of sweat sticking to his chest 

The only destination for my scent. Whose messy hair 

I will be lost. And I will be lost in love! 

In the warmth of two strangely beautiful honey lips and so the life

 Today is just as beautiful as those strange flowers, which 

I was surprised to see. And you are my absolute 

That very sweet of your lips, hugging gently in love 

You filled that whole mountain afternoon with touch. 

And then the evil wind of that distant mountain came and whispered to me

 Said, "This body of mine is made from your ribs, which is my husband

 say! The absolute truth that I felt in my heart every moment today - I 

only yours I got that last address. Never let it lie 

Don't give up, never give up. Today I have two very happy hands, 

And don't turn your eyes to those strangely beautiful eyes, there 

I was happy with the rain! 

 I love you so much - I don't know any more truth for now!

Love you!

Romantic love letter 3


No sleep for two nights. Nothing feels good. Remembering only you again and again. I also want to write my last love letter about you. 

I don't know how to love and how to love and not leave. But I understand that I love you very much. And I know that well. You may not know it, but still wants to get you very close. But with time your expression has changed a lot. I may never be able to understand you and I could never understand "how much I love you". But I promise, I will not give your place to anyone else. I will stay in your place!! Come back if you ever remember me once. I am still waiting for you. 

the end 

Romantic love letter 4

Dear Tanya,

First of all, greetings of rose flowers. Maybe I don't understand what love is. I still love you. I don't understand why I love you so much. Maybe I loved you to fill the fountain of pain. 

I love seeing you for the first time. Maybe I fell in love with you. I can't stop thinking about you now. I have seen the blue waves of the sea with these eyes, I know that no one will know. I like your sweet smile very much. I like hiding by your window.

I forget myself but I can't forget you. Why did you merge into my existence? Asking questions and not getting any answers from my heart. Just as you will never know the answer to your inner self.

However, forgive this invisible one if I have committed any crime. I can never forget you and say 'I love you' to you.

the end

your crazy 

Romantic love letter 5


To dream about you is to see the dream

When did I dream?

I don't want to make this dream a reality anymore. Something

Things may be beautiful in dreams

Maybe it will be good, but I don't know for sure.

Know that I'm fine.

Fresh mango trees are budding right next to the window

If you look at the given scene, you can see a light green color

The buds turned golden very quickly. Time is short

It seems to be going away soon.

Winter is over and spring has arrived in a few days

That's it. Still the blanket has to be put on the last night.

Bathe when cooled by light rain

Afternoon to think whether to do or not to do

It was evening. No more bathing.

Time to speed up….

Quick time….and

Busy time

I almost think it's too late to fall in love with you

was fast Or trying to forget because of busyness

I don't know why I can't figure out the time.

Sometimes I ask you quietly in my imagination

“Well you know you are the first of this boy's eyes

And the last arrogant?? ""

If you know, never keep your eyes open

in my eyes See a little cloud is always for you

Tola has to get you

With happiness or not

The end...

i am

Romantic letter to lover


First take my greetings. Assalamu Alaikum, I hope you are doing well by the grace of Allah. At the outset, greetings from the bottom of my heart. I don't know how to write a letter. However, today I will express some of my heart's accumulated pain. the first day i saw you I fell in love with you at first sight that day. I really love you very much and want to live with this love till the last breath of my life. I know you won't believe my words. But I will say as true as the sun of day and as true as the star of night my words are true. Believe it or not. i know you don't love me If you loved me so much, you could not leave me today and go to someone else's house. Still writing to express all the emotions and tears of love in my heart. what do you remember The day you first told me you love me. That was the best day of my life. After hearing this word, a calm wind blew in my heart. Then it seemed that I will not let go of this love's hand until death.

This heart took you the day I first saw you. The faith I placed in you is still there. If you make a thousand mistakes to me, it is not a mistake to me. I think you didn't understand that. because i love you He will love the good and bad sides of the one he loves. Otherwise, it is not love, it is a momentary need. The door of my heart will be forever open to you. I will never turn you away if you want to come anytime. because i love you Loved by Laili Majnu Loved by Shiri Farhad Loved by Raja Bikhari They loved by Bairagi. Love doesn't understand rich and poor, doesn't understand religion, love only happens when two hearts meet. I will never curse you. Because maybe I was wrong. Because of which today you left me and went to someone else's hand. That's why I am trying to correct my mistakes.

I love thinking about you all the time. I still have those old pictures of you. I look at the pictures when I miss you a lot. And I feel like you're sitting next to me. Do you remember that you and I were sitting alone by the river. I was lying with my head on your lap and you patted my head. Do you remember that boat trip? You and I were sitting in the boat. You were dipping your feet in the water and giving me water with your hands. How beautiful those colorful moments were. But what a cruel irony of fate, today I am alone. Today I have no one by my side. There is no one to see this heart full of tears. No one will call and ask if you have eaten. What are you doing? The man you say is lost. Big alone today.

I can't think of anything without you. I remember only you all day. I remember you when I go to sleep, I remember you when I wake up. I remember you when I go to eat. I still can't get over your sweet smile and your look. Why did you do that? Couldn't it have waited a few more days? I have said many things in my heart. Please forgive me if there is any mistake in this. I just want to say one thing in farewell, stay well, stay happy, I wish you a happy life. End like here today.

the end

A wonderful love letter

You have really become a dream man in this short life... I used to discover my "I" anew while talking to you. You opened the secret doors of your mind. 

Do you know, I am an imperfect person? Will you fill me up? In return, I will give you a lot of love, and I will cross all the paths of your life together... 

I want to get lost somewhere far away with you... where there will be no noise. I will not look down on anyone, I will not see the eyes of reproach. Nor will evil whispers reach our ears... 

I will wear a blue saree and you will wear a white Punjabi. A small blue tip on the forehead, you will decide whether the tip of the forehead is in the middle, and you will have a full hand of blue bangles. Neither I nor you will ever forget the eye kajal. Maybe we will sit by a river. I will hold hands, maybe without our knowledge. We will silently feel the moments sitting next to each other. In a few short words, I will tell you all the unspeakable feelings of the mind, which are created around you constantly. 

You have never been told, "I love you"! ! If it doesn't happen that day, I will give it in a gap, in a soft tone. All my love surrounds you, so I will give you the unsaid words. You will listen and laugh... you will say in surprise, "You can talk so much?! I didn't know"! I will laugh at your words but after that I will continue to talk again ignoring your surprised eyes......... you will listen eagerly. 

You come to my dreams every night, I will tell you how happy I am to receive the bouquet of roses you gave me and the garland of bellflowers. Tears almost came to my eyes, so I was standing facing you so that you could not see my tears. But you suddenly came forward. Why do that! Tears of intense love must be shown!!! 

From now on you will bring me flowers every day. If you don't bring me everyday, no problem, I will always love you more than ever... 

I brought the blue envelope letter for you, I will give it to you. Be well, my dear, be well. 

the end

your crazy

Romantic letter to propose


At the beginning of the letter, I express my sincere love to you from the bottom of my heart. I fell in love with you the first day I saw you. To say love at first sight. Those beautiful eyes of yours. This sweet smile on your face drives me crazy. I can't tell you that I feel a different feeling when I see you. I don't know what love is. But after seeing you, I understand that I can't live without you. You are the first love of my life. I have no shortage of this love. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. My love for you is undiminished. I may never be able to tell you how much I love you. But no one can take your place. You are only mine. I will love you all my life. If ever you remember me, then write a love letter in the language of your heart. I will not write more.

the end

your beloved

Poetic love letter

A conflicted love letter

Frida Kahlo is a popular Mexican painter. A wonder of the creative world. He has brought life and creation into a unique relationship. This dyer-tuli craftsman faced many problems in his life. Memories of a tragic childhood accident, the dissatisfaction of not being able to be a mother, the thought of birth and death, and the conflicting relationship of personal life with her beloved Diego. This remarkable painter wrote to Diego, 'Diego, truth is so great that I do not want to love you to talk, listen and sleep. The pain of not receiving feels like a deadly trap in my heart. Maybe you will say that this is just crazy. But I know, your silence will only be a distraction for me. i want to draw you But what color is there! Because this is the real form of my love.'

A deep love letter

Dear Princess Princess,

What is love? What is love? It was not known until now. When I first saw you, I could feel what love is right? How to solve the emptiness on the left side of the chest, to show you a bar or to receive an sm from you. After seeing you, I know how different I have become. In me I don't find, I find you. Now I don't have to sleep to dream, because in all my imagination there is only you, you. What else do you want to dream? no You know sometimes it feels like the world is like this, where there is no one but you and me. I used to spend my whole life looking at each other, in deep love. And the night full of heat, under the open sky, you put your head on my lap, I want that moon! I have rubbed the moon on you.

You decorated Chandravati of Chandrima that day and night. some more

It was the first time that I understood, what is the man of love? Why do I feel crazy without him? Why leave the illusion of the world in this love.

Know, princess, that the sleep of the night is now departed from the eyes, in which you dwell. I can't say princess by analogy. But as far as I know myself, even a second without you is too much.

May you be mixed in my soul, and I will decorate you as I like, with the colors of dreams. What will it be like, princess?

Princess, that's how love is. But you know it's not crazy. This is love. And it has to be understood. Love can never be what it looks like. When your mind floats through itself. That's love. And that's what happened when I saw you. It's like there's something about you that attracts me. Like an iron magnet. That's exactly what happens.

The boy who knew nothing about love, how can he understand so much love?

This is the amazing power of love. Which frees love from all obstacles. No power is victorious against this power.

Although I know this is all emotion. But remember, emotions are sometimes true.

the end

Thanks for reading the post. You can also read the article in bangla - romantic-love-letter

Thanks for read the post. You can also read the article in bangla - romantic-love-letter

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