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Girlfriend when English mam - Romantic love story - Romantic love story

Girlfriend when English mam - Romantic love story - Romantic love story

Romantic love story

Girlfriend when English mam - Romantic love story - Romantic love story I have divided it into episodes for the convenience of reading so that you can read one episode one day. 

Girlfriend When English Ma'am Episode 1 

#EX girlfriend when English mam 💖

#Author: Sahid Hasan Sahi

#Episode: 1st

Sahid Baba wake up. How long will you sleep? I will not go to college. Today is the first day of your college.

Me: Ommm,,, Mom you go. I'm coming fresh. (sleepy sleepy eyes)

Let me introduce myself, I am Shahid Hasan Sahi. This time in honors first year. Second child of parents. I have elder brother named Saim Ahmed. My father is one of the top businessmen of this country. Father and brother together look after our business.

And a little earlier the one who woke me up is my dearest mother and best friend.

I went to have breakfast after getting fresh. As soon as I sat at the dining table, my mother came and gave me food. I am my mother 

I asked: I am not seeing my mother, brother and father.

Mom: Your father and brother have gone to the office. They have an urgent meeting today so they went in the morning.

Me: Ohhh.

After finishing breakfast, I told my mother and left to go to college. I left the house and called my friend Rafi.

Me: Hello, where are you?

Rafi: I left home. where are you

Me: I am on the road.

Rafi: Well wait.

Me: Come quickly.

Then I called Sifat and asked him to come.

Sifat Rafi and I are the best friends of these three people. It would be wrong to say friends, we three are like each other's brothers.

If there is a problem between the three of us, we solve it together.

Besides we have an organization of three. Through which we help the poor, orphans, beggars.

However, after the three were together I called a rickshaw. Three people in a rickshaw will not catch. That's why Sifat took me in his arms.

I didn't do it anymore because I was underweight compared to them. The college is not far from our house.

By rickshaw it can be reached within half an hour.

The rickshaw stopped in front of the college gate. I paid the rent. I entered the college and found it to be a very good college.

Yajna, we are here to study. Not to be seen in college.

Three of us went to class together. I went and sat on a bench in front. In fact, I don't like it without the first bench.

Sir came after a while. Sir came and got to know everyone and introduced us too. After getting to know each sir, I left the class and went to the canteen to eat something. Then the three of us came home from the college. 

After coming home,

Girlfriend When English Mam Episode 2

#EX girlfriend when English mam 💖

#Author: Sahid Hasan Sahi

#Episode: 2nd

After coming home, I took a bath and offered the Zohar prayer. After praying, I went to sleep.

I got up in the evening. I'm really a sleep freak😏😏

If someone takes my wife from the side while sleeping, I still can't tell. So don't take chances. It won't help. Because, I'm not married yet 😜😜😜😜

However, I went to the roof for a bit. Then I came down and sat down to read after having a light breakfast.

At night all the family had dinner together. After dinner dad asked me,,,

Dad: How was the first day?

Me: good

Brother: There was no difficulty when going?

Me: No bro.

Father: I tell you how to use the car.

Me: no dad. I like it this way.

Father: Well, understand what is good. Go to sleep.

Me: ok

I came to the room and logged in Facebook.

In fact, father loves me very much. If it is difficult to go by rickshaw, then it is said to take a car.

What should I do, I don't like this. I like to walk normally.

I fell asleep. I didn't get up at dawn and prayed and fell asleep again. Even today, my mother called me and gave me away. After fresh breakfast, three of us went to college together.

When I was going to enter through the gate, I fell down. Oma also has a girl sleeping with me. So I bumped into it.

Masha Allah. crush game

However, I picked up the girl and said: Sorry. I could not see.

Girl: It's ok. Which year?

Me: fast year. you?

Girl: Second year. Seniors will respect. So he left with a smile.

I am impressed by his behavior. I thought he would give a few slaps. Don't do that, how beautifully he spoke. I play crush again. I watched the girl go away.

Rafi: What happened to that uncle?

I am eating crush uncle.

Sifat: What is it uncle? This Rafi used to pinch me. I'm not dreaming.

Sifat: Ahh,,,

Me: What happened?

Sifat: I asked you to pinch that shala so hard. (said to Rafi)

Rafi: You said to slow down.

Me: You can too.

Rafi: Mama treat when?

Me: I will give it later, first go to class.

After class, three of us are having breakfast in the canteen.

such a time,

Girlfriend when English mam episode 3

# EX girlfriend when English mam 💖
# Author: Sahid Hasan Sahi
# Episode: 3rd
After the class, the three of us went to the canteen to have breakfast when the girl came to my crush😜😜😜
He came and sat next to me, my arms and legs were trembling and he lay down. Actually, I am allergic to girls.
However, seeing the girl sitting next to me, Rafi and Sifat sat at another table.
Seeing my hand shaking, the girl said: Why are you cupping me?
Me: Kai nato,,,(If you tell the truth, you won't have respect anymore)
Girl: bye da way, what is your name?
I am Sahid Hasan Sahi. yours?
Girl: Samia Jahan.
Me: Oh what is the name like the face is the name.
Samia: If you say something.
Me: Nowhere.
Samia: Give me your number.
Me: What,,, why would I give a number to a witch like you. Do I feel like that kind of boy?
Samia: What did you say, 😠😠😠😠
I am nothing. Here is the number, 0176449****
(Going to think about it, I got a little more angry,,)
Samiya: And listen don't talk to any girl and don't look up.
Me: ok ma'am.
Samia: Don't call me sister. Do you understand??
Me: What shall I say then?
Samia: I will call you by name.
Me: ok
Saying goodbye to Samia, I see Rafi at the table, they are not there.
When I asked to pay the bill, he said, Samia has already paid.
I see them both sitting under the bamboo tree of the campus.
Rafi said to them: Why is it so late?
I told them everything.
Sifat: Mama Samia Api seems to love you.
Me: so be it, uncle, pray.
After chatting with them for a while, I came home.
According to the rotting again in the evening mom woke up.
Had a fresh breakfast and went for a walk around.
After praying, I came home and sat down to read. I was about to go to sleep after dinner when the phone rang.
I saw a call from an unknown number. I didn't catch it at first. Then I gave it again and didn't catch it.
I gave it again, now I got it,,,
Me: Assalamualaikum. Who are you talking about?
Stranger: Walaikumus Salam. I am Samia.
Me: Why did you call so late at night?
Samiya: To talk.
Me: Strange, I asked this question.
Samiya: Drop it. did you have dinner
Me: Yes. did you?
Samia: Hmmm.
I kept talking like this for a while.
The next day the three of us were sitting in the campus chatting and a girl came and said,,,,

Girlfriend When English Mam Episode 4

When the three of them were chatting together, a girl came and asked: Brother, which is the honors first year room?

Me: Are you new?

Girl: Yes.

Rafi: We are same year.

Girl: So can I be your friend? No, I mean I'm new here and nobody knows me.

Me: ok But you have to say it.

Girl: Okay.

Me: What is your name?

Girl: Mmm. yours

I am Sahid Hasan Sahi.

Rafi: I am Rafi.

Sifat: I am Sifat.

Mm: I will not go to class.

Me: hmm come on.

At the end of the class, the four of us were chatting when Samia looked at me angrily and left.

I was scared.

Anyway, I chatted and went home. I logged into Facebook while sleeping at night.

A little later, Samia called.

Me: Assalamualaikum. How are you?

Samia: Walaikum Salam. I am your old sister. Don't call me sister anymore😡😡😡😡 (very angry)

Me: OK. What are you doing?

Samiya: Talking to boyfriend (disambiguation)

I said something?

Samia: Nothing. did you have dinner

Me: Yes. did you?

Samia: Yes.

I fell asleep after talking. I woke up in the morning and went to college.

I see the three of them sitting. I also sat next to Mim.

The four of us are talking and laughing together.

Just then, Samia came from somewhere and grabbed my shirt collar and took me away. I could clearly see that Samia's eyes were red with anger.

Samia: Tell me why you talk to the girl so much. Why don't you talk to me laughingly 😠😠😠

Me: Who am I to talk to you?

Samya's face instantly became dirty.

Samiya: Don't you understand anything?

Me: How can I understand if you say no.

Samiya: Look, I'm telling you clearly, I can't bear to see you with any other girl. If I see you with another girl, I am afraid of losing you. Do you know the reason for this? The reason is, I love you. (in one breath)

Me: I see so many clouds rain without asking 😏😏😏.,(in mind)

I: Since when do you love me?

Samia: I remember, one day you went to an orphanage to give food and clothes to children. I never went there.

I like your work very much. Then I got to know from the manager that Chumu come here regularly. Since then I have been thinking about you.

A few days later I saw you, taking a monk to a restaurant for lunch. Since then my thoughts towards you have deepened. And slowly this thought turned into love. And when I came to know that you are admitted in this college. Then,,,

Girlfriend When English Ma'am Episode 5

Samia: I can't tell you how happy I was when I got to know that you got admission in this college. Please don't send me back.
I wiped her tears and said: I also love my senior crush.
Samia: True. I love you.
That's why he hugged.
I hugged and said: I love you too.
Samia hugs and cries.
Me: Why are you crying this crazy?
Samia: You will never leave.
Me: I will not go. No one can separate us except Allah.
The two are hugging and talking. Suddenly someone cleared his throat. I looked back and saw Rafi and Sifat standing.
I and Samia saw them and immediately let go and kept our heads down.
Rafi: You don't have to be shy anymore sir.
Sifat: How much we thought about you. And here you are. Tax uncle tax no problem.
Rafi: I think we are looking after our friend.
Samia: You don't have to say that anymore.
Sifat: Well. Hey friend, will you have class today?
Me: No I won't have class today. I will go for a walk.
Rafi and Sifat: That's right.
They left. And I said to Samia: Let's go to the park.
Samia: will you still say? you will say
Me: Ok let's go.
I came to a park with Samia. Never came with a girl. How are you feeling?
However, I traveled a lot with Samia. Leaving her at her house, I also came to my house.
I was sleeping at night when Samia called me. I fell asleep after talking to her.
Studying, chatting, moving Samia around went like this for a year. Samia and my love has deepened.
Our parents know about our relationship.
My year change exam from tomorrow.
By the grace of Allah, I passed all the exams well.
Got my result today. I am the first.
And Samia got first in their department.
That's why everyone is happy in our house. According to them, education is going well.
Another thing, no one in the college knows about our relationship. Only my and Samia's friends know.
I am a little late to come to college today.
As soon as I entered the college, my head started bleeding. Because, on the college grounds,

Girlfriend When English Ma'am Episode 6

As soon as I entered the college, my blood rose to my head. Because, Ripon is saying bad things to Samia and pulling the veil.
Ripon is the most naughty type of boy in this college. Earlier we warned Ripon to stay away from these activities.
However, I asked Sifat to bring the hockey sticks from our secret place.
I quickly went to Samya. Seeing me, Ripon started saying: Look, Shahid, don't hinder our work. If necessary, you can also enjoy with us.
Hearing Ripon's words, the blood started to twitch. I left Samia with her friends and started beating Ripon without giving him a chance to speak.
I am beating Ripon and on the other hand Rafi, Sifat and some others are beating Ripon's friends.
They couldn't keep up with us because we had hockey sticks.
I beat Ripon, causing him to bleed out of his mouth.
Rafi and Sifat came and took me away from Ripon and admitted Ripon to the hospital.
I didn't take classes anymore. I came home.
After coming home, mom asked: What happened?
I told mom everything. Mom knows that I cannot tolerate any injustice.
I chatted with friends in the afternoon. The next morning I went to the college and found out that Ripon was very ill.
In fact, Ripon's father being the president of this college will be our trial today for killing his son. The trial begins in the hall, all the students are complaining against Ripon. Because all the students are fed up with Ripon's torture. However, the punishment for Ripon did not pay much. Only fined 50 thousand rupees.
After class today, I went for a walk with Samia. I came home after wandering around.
15 days passed like this. Today I was sitting in the college campus when a girl came and said: I am. can i be your friend
Me: Which ear?
Girl: Honors First Year.
Rafi: Jr.
Girl: No problem. I will call you brother.
I: What is your name?
Girl: Ripa.
Me: Can't be friends. But can stay as siblings.
Rep. No problem. What is your name?
(said to Mim)
Mim: My name is Mim.
We all chatted together.
I came home after class. While having lunch, Babu said: One day with Sahid Samia Mamni.
Me: ok dad.
Studying, chatting went like this for another three months. Ripa and I have a brother-sister relationship.
One night I am sitting in the room around eight o'clock at night.
Sitting and pressing the phone.
It seemed like someone entered the room. See Ripa.
Me: Ripa you here?
What Ripa did next,

Girlfriend When English Ma'am Episode 7

I was surprised to see Ripa enter the room. Because he didn't tell me before that Ripa will come. Still doubting how to come at this point.

I asked Ripa: Ripa you here?

Ripa smiled and said: If not me, who will come Mr. Sahid Hasan Sahi.

Me: Momma,, (surprised)

Rep. You will know if it is not the same. The account has not been settled before.

Me: What calculations are you talking about, (surprised)

Ripa: I remember you killed my brother 15 days ago.

My brother is still in bed. From then on I vowed that I would avenge it at all costs.

Since then I wanted to be friends with you but you didn't. You said that I agreed to be a brother and sister.

Just to get my revenge.

Saying this, Ripa slammed the door and started tearing her clothes and started screaming. I am just a silent spectator

I see I was left speechless by the Ripper story. Hearing Reaper's scream, father says: What happened, mother, open the door.

Ripa opens the door and everyone hugs her father and cries and says father you didn't come so you are with me, she started crying.

Behind Ripa's father, I see mother, father, brother and sister-in-law standing.

Without saying anything, father came straight and slapped me twice.

I said: Dad, believe me,,,,

Dad: Don't call me dad with this face anymore 😡😡😡

Ripper Dad: Chi Chi Amjad (my father's name) Chi hate to think of you as my friend (Reaper's father and my father closed).

My son said bad words to a girl and your son beat my son so bad he still can't get out of bed

No. And that son of yours

Father: Forgive me friend, I could not make him human.

Me: Dad listen to me,,,,

Father: I don't want to hear anything from you. You go out of the house. From today we have only one son.

I went to my mother while crying and said: Mother, you will believe.

Mom: I didn't hear what your father told you.

I said to my brother: Brother, you will also misunderstand me.

My brother also turned away from me.

I ran and hugged my father's legs and cried: "Dad, don't let me out of the house."

I can't live without you.

Abbu kicked me and said: If you don't leave the house, you will see my dead face.

The words that I have been hearing for so long that I did not suffer from this one thing that I have suffered a hundred times more than that.

Me: I have become so hateful to you that if I am at home you will have to see your dead face.

Well, I'm leaving, but...

Girlfriend When English Mam Episode 8

Me: Yes I am leaving. But alas, the day you realize your mistake, cry a lot

You will not even find me on that day. Stay well everyone.

That's why I came out of the house and came to the door and said to my wife: Look at my mother.

And forgive this scoundrel.

Bhakti started crying after hearing my words.

I started saying again: Miss Ripa Khan you can act very well. if

If you join as an actress, you can get the best award. Stay well.

And forgive this bully if you can.

That's why I came out of the house with a big laugh. I came out of the house and thought where to go

Where will I stay, what will I eat?

No, I don't have to think about this. I need to be established. I will leave this selfish city selfish

From people. Where there will be no selfishness and no unbelievers will exist.

Alas, parents, where instead of trusting their son, they pushed their son away by believing a girl.

But here they were not at fault. Anyone who sees me in this state chases me with the title of rapist

legs will not Maybe my parents didn't have enough faith for me.

Anyway, I thought I will stay at Rafi's house tonight. Tomorrow morning with the necessary papers from the college

I will leave this city. I will go to an unknown path. At the thought, the corner of the eye watered 

I started to bind. I wiped my tears with my hand.

On reaching Rafi's house, Aunty opened the door as the calling bell rang. Aunty asked seeing me 

Karol: how are you father?

Me: Alhamdulillah. how are you

Aunt: Alhamdulillah. What happened to you, why does your voice sound like this?

Me: Nothing happened aunty I am fine. Is Rafi at home?

Aunty: yes dad come to room.

I came to Rabi's room and saw Rafi lying down and pressing the phone. He saw me and asked:

Why are you so late at night? (surprised)

Without saying anything else, I hugged Rafi and cried.

Rafi was surprised to see me crying and asked: What happened Shahid? tell me what you 

has been

I told Rafi everything. Rafi comforted me and said: Look, forget what happened and think anew

starting with One day they will realize their mistake.

i am silent

Rafi said: Did Shahid eat anything at night?

Me: I don't like it, I won't eat it.

Rafi went out without saying anything.

And I'm sitting on the bed wondering what happened in my life, everything changed in just one evening


Rafi came to the room and said: Sahid has food on the plate. Come and eat fresh, brother.

I will not eat.

Rafi: Look, if you don't take dos, your body will get bad.

Then I played something on Rabi's insistence.

After eating, I came to the bed and slept.

Rafi put the plate and sat next to me and said: What do you want to do now?

Me: I will leave this city. And yes, I will go to college with me tomorrow morning.

Rafi: Okay. Sleep.

Rafi lay down next to me. I close my eyes and think about Samia, trust me

Do it or push it away. Thinking about it, the inside of the chest got twisted.

Anyway, how did I spend tonight?

I woke up in the morning and took leave of my aunt. I didn't tell aunty to come.

Maybe he wouldn't have come.

When I came to the college, I took the TC from the principal. Even while taking the TC, the principal talked a lot

listening I tolerated them with my mouth closed.

I came out of the Principal Sir's room and saw Samia standing. Looking at Samya, Samya,,,,

Girlfriend When English Mam Episode 9

I came out of the principal sir's room and saw Samia standing in front of Shaheed Minar. 

I went in front of Samia and looked into her eyes and saw that the corner of her eyes was full of tears.

Without letting me say anything, he started saying: What mistake did I make? Why cheat me? When you have

If the body needs me, I would give myself to you. (starts to cry)

Me: Samia listen to me.

Samia: What will I hear? Yes. I hate you only hate. Loving you is my biggest mistake.

I just can't stand you. get away from me

Saying this, when she wanted to leave crying, I stopped her by holding her hand and said: Samia Biswas.

without letting me say more,

Samia: How dare you hold my hand? What else did Biswas say?

Ha ha ha who will I believe you? Try to rape a girl and come to me and say I didn't do anything.

I will believe so. I hate a characterless person like you. Never again 

Don't come in front of me with that sinful face of yours.

Hearing Samia's uncharacteristic words, my body became paralyzed. Who am I?

I have been in love for so long. Who slandered me a word or a lie.

Hearing all the words of Samia hurt me more than getting the characterless title 

I have suffered

I said to Samia: Samia, you did not listen to me and gave me such a big slander.

But remember one thing, the day you will know the truth, you will cry for me. But sorry for me

I won't get it anymore. I will never come in front of you again.

And if yes, forgive this characterless person.

Be well and take care of yourself.

That's why I came. Now my intention is to leave this city so that

Don't fall under anyone's illusion and establish yourself as a human being

to do

I came to the bus stand thinking. In the morning I told Rafi that mine

 To buy a ticket to Dhaka.

I got on the bus and sat on the seat. A little later the bus left. As the distance of the bus is increasing in my mind

The unrest has increased. I want to leave my hometown

don't want But forced.

This was Samia's love. This was Samia's trust for me. But it is to be disbelieved. Where his own family disbelieved his parents and here is a two minute love affair.

Thinking of going to Dhaka, what will I do or eat? Credit card, wallet, watch, cell phone, whatever I had left at home. Only the SIM card is in the pocket. Rafi forced me to pay 10,000 rupees when I arrived. This is my last possession.

I can't say when I fell asleep while thinking about these things.

Woke up to the call of the bus helper.

Helper: Uncle has reached Dhaka.

Me: Ok uncle.

I got off the bus and walked along the road thinking where to stay. Where to get a house.

I suddenly felt hunger in my stomach while walking. Look ahead and see a tong

tea shop I went to this shop and ate a piece of bread and a banana and drank water.

I said to the shopkeeper with the bill: can you rent a house here?

Shopkeeper: New or uncle?

Me: Yes.

Shopkeeper: Mama, it is difficult to find a house in Dhaka city. Let's look ahead.

Me: ok

Walking on the road and thinking to myself, is it easy to rent a house in this busy city? 

No no this city is busy no the people of this city are busy.

Suddenly an old man (age minimum fifty years) caught his eye. To talk on the phone 

It's pretty much in the middle of the road.

No attention is paid to a truck honking its horn from the opposite direction.

Without thinking anything else, I ran and pushed the man away. Then me

I don't remember anything.

I opened my eyes and found myself in the hospital. The sitting nurse said:

Finally after 13 days you regain consciousness.

Me: What? After 13 days I regained consciousness. What happened to me? And here or 

Who brought?

Nurse: Please calm down. You are forbidden to talk too much.

i am coming

Nursing went out. And I started wondering who put me here 

brought I pushed that man away. he

What is still alive?

Various thoughts are swirling in the head. Suddenly someone said: then yours. Consciousness returned.

After hearing that, he looked at the door. Surprised looking at the door. because 

The person entering the room through the door is,,,,,

Girlfriend When English Mam Episode 10

I was surprised to see the man. Because that guy is the guy I pushed away.

The man said: father then regain your senses. How do you feel now?

Me: Alhamdulillah good how are you uncle? And who brought me here?

Uncle: Alhamdulillah father I am fine. I brought you here.

I: What happened to me?

Uncle: You hit the truck just as you pushed to save me

Eat. And if you fall down, you get a big blow on the head and a lot of blood comes out. Get you to the hospital quickly from there 

After 13 days, you regained consciousness.

I listened quietly. The doctor checked me up and said: If there is no problem, take the patient home after two days

can After going home, you have to rest for a few days. And sometimes you have to have a checkup.

Saying this the doctor left the room.

Uncle came to me and said: What is your name?

I am Sahid Hasan Sahi.

Uncle: Where is your house, father? And where are your parents?

Me: Actually I am new in this city. And I was kicked out from home.

Ankel: It means kicked out from the house,,,,,(surprised)

Me: Yes,,, then I said everything.

Uncle: Don't worry, father. i am Well, you rest, I'll bring some food.

Me: ok

Uncle left and I started wondering what happened to my life.

A little later uncle came with food. I ate and slept.

Somehow I spent two days in a closed room.

I will be released today. Hospital with uncle after getting release from doctor 

came out of When I came out, I saw an expensive car parked in front. we are

I got up and came home like a palace. But this house is our house 

Sorry, that's not my house anymore. Bigger than Amjad Chowdhury's (my father) house.

However, after entering the house, Ankel showed me a room to stay. The room is very tidy. I was looking at the room, when uncle came

He said: What do you like?

 Me: Yes. Do you live alone in this house?

Uncle: Yes father.

Me: Uncle who lived in this room? 

Ankel sighed and said: Here is mine

There was a son.

Me: where did your son go? (surprised)

Ankel: has left this world.

Me: I mean, (curiously)

Uncle: So listen, five years ago I had a happy family.

I had a son of your age and looks like you. We have only one child.

I went out for work. As soon as I came back from there, the boy approached me seriously 

Who will take us on a trip to Sylhet? I couldn't do it anymore. We are happy with our son's happiness.

Then, we drove out to Sylhet. My son will drive himself. The driver that day 

I left By the grace of Allah, I roamed well in Sylhet. Who knew that this roaming tied them

 With will be my last walk. I saw everything well there. Everyone is happy. I have one the next day

 I left for Dhaka that evening as I had an urgent meeting. The sky was quite clear when we arrived.

It suddenly started raining in the middle of the road. The car is moving at its own pace. Suddenly with a stone truck

 Our car crashes. As a result our car twists and turns. I don't remember anything after that.

When I regained consciousness, I saw the manager sitting next to me in my office. My office manager was a very nice person.

When I asked him about my stupa and son, he remained silent. That's when I realized that they are no longer in the world

Since then I live alone. At this age, I have not engaged anyone in my life,,,.

Saying these words, Ankel wiped his tears.

Uncle: Father, I have a duty to fulfill. (helplessly)

Me: hmm say?

Uncle: Dad, you are my son. I will never hurt you. You just call me father,

I hugged and said: Yes, from today you are my father. From now on you will exercise the rights of a son over me.

Ankel Mane Babu hugged him and started crying. I wiped my tears and said: Dad, don't cry anymore. Look at you

The boy is back.

After crying for a long time, my father left me and went downstairs to get food.

I am also fresh and sitting in bed. Father brought food and fed me with his hands.

After making me eat and drink, he gave me medicine and patted my head and told me to sleep.

I came to the room and started thinking, Alas, the world where one's own people disbelieved and threw away another stranger. 

People picked up from the road

Believed and gave the dignity of his child. He remembered his parents very much. how are they

Tears came to the corner of my eyes when I thought about it. I went to sleep. I woke up with the call of Abbu at dawn. Abbu did ablution 

I prayed together. After praying I went to sleep. In the morning, my father brought breakfast to my room and told me to go out.

I am sitting in the room. After about an hour, my father came. I saw some bags in his hand. the bag

Gulo said to me: here are some pants and t-shirt and this bag has a phone, use it.

Me: What is the need to bring so many things.

Dad: If you don't need me, I need you. I don't want to hear any more.

What else are you going to do? Open the phone bag and see Redmi 8A Dual,, the previous model will work without any problem.

However, fifteen days passed. I am now very healthy with the care of my father.

In the morning while having breakfast, I said to my father: I want to do a job.

Abbu: What,,, I have less?

Me: No, father. I want to stand on my own feet.

Dad: Then join the office.

Me: I didn't study much.

Dad: No problem.

Me: ok

Dad: When will I join?

Me: From tomorrow.

Dad: Okay.

The next morning I took a rickshaw after breakfast and went to the office. Dad in the car

Said to go but I didn't go. And father showed me the office. That's why there was no problem.

After getting off the rickshaw and entering the office,

Girlfriend When English Mam Episode 11

As soon as I got down from the rickshaw and entered the office, the manager came and took me to my cabin.

A little later, father came and introduced everyone. And told the manager not to give me more work

 is The manager sir came to my cabin and explained the work.

However, the first day is not so busy. Besides, I knew these works.

I was doing some work. At that time, the peon came and said, "Sir, do you mean father is calling?"

I went in front of father's cabin and said: I can come sir.

Father: Never call me sir again. And you don't need permission to come

Me: ok What did you call for?

Father: Come sit here. It's lunch time by having lunch.

After that, I sat down to have lunch with my father. Dad is feeding me too 

I am feeding my father. I noticed tears in the corner of my father's eyes. I am 

I didn't say anything. Because, this water is not the water of suffering, this water is lost

Water to find happiness.

After lunch, I came to my cabin and said to my father. It was five o'clock when I went to work 

I didn't realize it was ringing. Father came and said: It's five o'clock, when will I go home?

Me: I will go now.

Father: Let's go to the car.

Me: no father you go I will ride the rickshaw.

Father: I will ride a rickshaw, I mean 😠😠😠?

Me: Dad, try to understand. I am going by rickshaw, you go.

Dad: ok come (upset).

I also came home by rickshaw. When I reached home, I saw my father sitting and watching TV.

He saw me and said: Come fresh and have breakfast.

Me: ok

After coming to the room, I changed my dress and went downstairs. with father

Having breakfast and chatting for a while. I came out. Take a walk outside 

I went home. I didn't stay out for long as I didn't have any friends in the new town.

I came home and had dinner with my father and went from room to room.

The next morning I went to the office after breakfast. I went to work and came home.

A month passed like this. Father was impressed by my work in this one month. Actually I used to sometimes

I used to go to office with my brother (Saim Ahmed) and father (Amjad Chowdhury). I did these things on purpose.

As a result of which my tasks have become easier today.

In this one month I have developed friendship with several of the office staff. Their names are Ankhi,

Bobby, Nahid, Rakib and Rimon. Like every day, I had breakfast and went to office by rickshaw.

But another thing, till now no one knows that I am the son of the owner of this company. Abbu met everyone through Abbu's formula

wanted to do But I didn't. I am normal.

At night while having dinner, father said: Father, if you don't finish your studies, take the responsibility of using me. How much am I?

Me: Dad I will work in the office for a few days and then I will start my studies again.

Father: Well, whatever you think is good.

However, after dinner I came to the room and went to sleep. I woke up in the morning and went as before.

 When I was working in the office, the peon came and said that father is calling me. I left too 

In father's cabin.

I knocked on the door of father's cabin and said: I can come.

Dad: Yes, come. And how many times will I tell you that you don't need permission to come to my cabin. Don't you hear, 😡😡😡 (very angry)

I went and hugged my father and said: My dear father does not get angry. It was a mistake and it won't happen like this again, (I gave him a kiss on the forehead)

Tell me what you called me for.

Father handed me a letter and said: Read it carefully.

I took the letter in my hand and started reading it

 I can't understand how happy I am. The letter was for my promotion. My post is

Below is the post of manager.

I hugged my father and kissed him and said: Thank you father.

Abbu: Nothing to thank, it's your work skills

The most important thing is that my son has been happy?

Me: yes dad I am happy.

Father: Very good.

Me: Abbu you stay I went to my cabin.

Came to the cabin and started working. At the end of the office to all my friends 

Told about my promotion. They were also happy.

Ankhi said: Dos has not been eaten to its full for a long time. If you eat something today.

Me: Shakchunni, you just eat. After this Nahid's marriage, will you feed this demon? (Ankhi Nahid's girlfriend)

Nahid: That's what you think, brother. From now on who eats. I don't know after marriage

Makes me a fakir 😞😞😞

Hearing Nahid's words, we all laughed except Ankhi. And Ankhi was fuming with anger.

He said: What did you say I eat more 😠😠😠😠. Which is not the case with you.

Saying this, Ankhi started walking loudly towards the road.

And Nahid ran after poor Ankhi to break his anger.

We are chatting after some time they both came.

I said: Dos then you all come to the five star restaurant in the evening.

I will give a treat.

Everyone happily said: OK.

Then I came home. Dad hasn't come yet. There is a meeting in the office.

However, I prayed Asr after being refreshed.

Today I went to the roof to see the setting sun. After staying on the roof for quite some time

 came down I came downstairs and saw that my father had come.

I listened to the news of corona virus on TV while sitting with my father. Suddenly it seemed like today

A treat is about to be given.

I said to my father: Father, I will go out for a while, it may be night.

Father: Why?

Me: Actually, Dad, my friends are asking for treats for my promotion. So I will go to the restaurant.

Dad: Ok, I'll be back soon.

Me: ok

Abbu called again as he approached the door.

Father: Father, come here.

I went closer and said: What happened?

Dad gave me a credit card and told me to keep it close.

I didn't do it anymore. Because, if I'm not there, my father won't leave me.

I left the house and went to the restaurant. Go and see that everyone has come, only Rimon you. We went inside 

I sat at a table. Of course, I have already booked the table.

I called Rimon.

I: Hello, where are you?

Rimon: Here I am.

Me: Ok come.

So I hung up the phone. Rimon came a little later.

Then I ordered as usual. Everyone finishes eating and drinking

I came home. It was almost 10 o'clock at night.

When I came home, I saw my father sitting and doing office work.

I said: Father, you did not sleep.

Dad: I waited for you. I thought to work without sitting.

Me: Did you have dinner?

Father: Yes, I just did this. sleep fast

Me: yes you also sleep.

I came to the room and slept. Take the mobile phone  

I opened a new Facebook ID. I named it "Non-believers' negligence".

I put the phone down after thinking for a while. How are they? 

there is good Except for a sinful boy like me. But I'm not good without them. This is dishonest

The mind thinks about them again and again. A day like that when you think about them

There is no day when the pillow is not wet with tears. Sometimes I remember Samia's words.

He might have left me and saved someone else. He hated someone who had no character like me. Thinking about this, I went to sleep.

I got up in the morning and went to the office after breakfast.

Another year has passed like this. Many things have changed in this one year.

Today the office has already given leave. I am having lunch after coming from office 

Father said: Father, start reading now.

Me: yes father I will take admission now.

Dad: OK. There is a good college a little far from home. I am talking to the principal of this college today. When will I get admission?

Me: Tomorrow if arranged tomorrow.

The next day I went to college with my father. There the father introduced himself as my son. I am also something else

I didn't say

However, I made some friends and came home on the first day. After that, my education life started, meaning student life.

It has been a year since I entered college. I gave the year change test. Now it's me

In the third year. I have made several friends in college.

Today the result has given very good result. Being a good student, I got first by the grace of Allah.

When I told my father, he was very happy. Father finds the former son in me.

Because father's previous son was also good in education.

Dad gave me a bike.

One day I was sitting in the campus chatting with my friends when my father called me and told me to hurry to the office. Saying this, he hung up the phone.

Fear of the unknown entered my mind. I told my friends to come to the office quickly with the bike.

I went to the office and saw that the office was empty. My fear increased.

Peon came to see me and said Abbu Nai asked me to go to hall.

Without further delay, I started walking quickly towards the hall. I went to the hall and saw all the staff sitting. And my father was holding the microphone on the stage

sitting with Seeing me enter the room, he stood up and started saying,,,,,,,

Girlfriend When English Mam Episode 12

Seeing me enter the room, Dad stood up and took the microphone in his hand and started saying: Ladies and Gentlemen.
The reason I called you into the hall today is that you know about my family. Six years ago today
I lost my family. I lost a son. But by the grace of God I am another again
got son The boy who saved me from an accident by sacrificing his life (though Allah saved here).
. My son works in this office. The day my son joined this office, I told him, father, I have so much wealth 
Why do you have to work after staying? That day my son said that father wants me to stand on my own feet. I introduced him to everyone 
I wanted to do it as my son but he said. Abbu I am good as I am. There is no pride in him, no great humanity. If I tell him father we have car. You will go to the office with the car. He says what do you know, father, I am so good. Do you know or know who my son is?
All: No sir.
Everyone is looking at Abbu like an eager crowd. Dad started saying again,
Father: I called you today to introduce my son. My son is none other than my son
You know Sahid Hasan Sahi.
Everyone was surprised to hear my name. I mean collegiate for so long
 I was sitting with office friends. My friends are also looking at me in surprise.
And to be surprised. Because, in this one year I did not let anyone understand that I am the son of Malik.
However, after speaking, Abbu called me to the stage. I also went. After I left, father told me
Greeted with flowers and asked to sit on the chair of MD of this office.
As I sat in the chair, Abbu started saying again: This company and all the properties are now owned by my son.
Now I am quite sick again Hayat is not even talkable and also if for some reason I am not able to come to office then mine
Son Sahid Hasan Sahi will look after this office. And I hope you will not neglect the work in my absence.
After giving lecture for some time, everyone took leave.
After leaving the hall, Bobby said to his friends at night: Sir, do you need anything here?
Me: listen you were my friend and still will be so kono sir sir 
won't do
Rimon: No, I understand. But why did you not tell us this for so long?
Me: If I told you then you are not being so frilly with me.
Nahid: Really you are great.
I chatted with them for a while and returned home.
At night while having dinner, I said to my father: Is it necessary to say these things, father?
Father: Look, father, my body is very bad, what happens when?
Me: Never say these things again. What will I do if something happens to you?
Dad: Ok, Dad, I won't tell you anymore. Happy now.
Me: Hmmm. And you take a break from now on. And one in the office
Leave MD Post Circular.
Dad: Okay.
I came to the room after talking to my father. I fell asleep.
I got up in the morning, had breakfast and said goodbye to my father and came to college.
After finishing college, I came home. I came to see that my father has not come yet. I called my father.
Me: Assalamualaikum Abbu where are you?
Abbu: Walaikum Salam. Dad, I am in the office. Why?
Me: When will you come home?
Father: I will come in the afternoon.
Me: ok
About four months passed like this. Dad's body is very bad. heart patient
When I was in class in college, my father's PA called me and asked me to go to the hospital.
My chest started pounding. I took my bike and rushed to the hospital. 
On reaching the hospital, I saw father's PA standing outside the hospital. He saw me and came to me.
I asked him: what happened to father?
Abbur PA: Sir, while working in the office, you had a stroke and were rushed to the hospital
He asked to come to the hospital soon.
I went with dad's PA to the room where dad is shifted. 
I went to my father's room and saw a lawyer sitting next to my father with an oxygen mask on his face
there is
Abbu saw me and beckoned me with his hand and called me to him
I am sitting and crying.
Abbu asked him to remove his face mask. After opening
Abbu kissed my forehead and said: This is a crazy boy
Why are you crying? Don't cry at all. And Mr. Lawyer, you are mine
Transfer all property to my son's name.
Ukil: Well sir.
After that, father transferred all his properties in my name.
Suddenly, father is having trouble breathing. When I called the doctor, the doctor came and took him 
Took to ICO.
I am sitting next to the IPO room and crying uncontrollably.
By this time, all the office staff have come to the hospital.
My friends came and consoled me.
A little later the doctor came out. Looking at the doctor's face, I saw the impression of depression.
I ran and said to the doctor: Doctor, how is my father? (starts to cry)
DOCTOR: ,,,,,,(staring silently at the ground)
I: What happened, doctor, tell me how is my father? There is nothing wrong with my father, (crying)
Doctor: Sorry we could not save sir.
Hearing this, the ground under my feet moved.
Me: abbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
I don't remember anything after that. When I regain consciousness, I am lying in the hospital bed. And my office and college
Friends are sitting next to me.
Seeing my eyes open, Nahid said: Doss, it was fate.
Me: I will go to father take me to father.
Rimon: Dos calm down.
Me: No I will see my father.
Finally, they took me to my father on my insistence. The doctor told me,
Doctor: Please don't get excited. You will have headache.
Friends: ok sir we see.
I went to my father and saw that he was covered with a white cloth.
I ran and took off my face cloth and started crying: Father, why did you leave me alone? 
I will be loved and fed, who will love me and call me father, who will breathe me? why me alone
If left,
Rimon and Rakib came and took me away from my father.
Rimon said: Look, brother, it was fate, it must be accepted. And without wasting time, let's finish the burial of sir.
Me: hmm come on.
After that, I finished my father's funeral. Of course I am the funeral 
I prayed.
It was evening to finish the burial of father. I came home. Rimon, Nahid and Rakib came to my house with me 
to be with me
I could not contain myself when I came home. I find my father everywhere I go.
However, I went to the room and slept. Friends insisted on eating. But I don't play.
How did I spend the night? I went to the mosque after hearing the Fajr call. Praying
I went to my father's grave and came back.
Fifteen days passed with grief over the loss of a loved one. Now I am somewhat normal.
And I kept an MD for the office.
If it goes like this, it will be two months. I started taking classes a few days ago.
I went to office this morning. I went to the office and met everyone and went to the MD's cabin
To understand the account. Sometimes I come to settle accounts.
I went to college from office. I returned home after class. I took a bath and went to the mosque to pray. After praying, I went to my father's grave for my father
I came home after praying. Had lunch and went to sleep.
A bua means an aunt for work at home.
A few days ago I went to the railway station in the evening on a work. There I saw an old woman crying.
I asked him: What happened to you?
Woman: Dad I was staying at my son's house in this city. But today after listening to his wife
I was thrown out of the house,,,(crying)
How cruel people can be. After hearing his wife's words, he chased away the pregnant woman from the house. Alas, man.
 Kudos to all those children. Yes, mom is old and can talk or count backwards. So says himself
Throwing the mother out of the house.
I said: where will you stay now?
Woman: I will spend the night on the side of the road.
Me: you don't have to stay on the street come to my house.
Woman: No, if father goes to your house, your parents will have problems.
Me: I have no parents, let's go.
Since then this woman lives in my house. Even if I don't let it work.
Anyway, back to reality. In the afternoon I woke up after praying and went to the hospital. Because sometimes I have to have a head checkup for my head problem.
Checkup and come out of the doctor's cabin.
After coming out of the hospital, I saw a girl aged approximately 17 to 18 years. Sitting on the chair and crying.
I said to the girl: what happened sister?
The girl said: My mother,

Girlfriend When English Mam Episode 13

Girl: My mother had a brain tumor. Suddenly became more ill today. To the hospital
come on But the doctor saw my mother and said that she needs to be operated. And for that
 Two lakh rupees are required. Mom will not be operated without money. And the doctor said operation 
Mom can't be saved without it. (said while crying)
Me: Don't you worry. Your mother will have an operation. Take me to your mother.
Hearing my words, I saw the happiness in the girl's eyes.
Girl: Really you will pay for my mother's operation? (happy)
Me: Hmmm sister take me to your mother.
Girl: Let's go.
I went with the girl to her mother. I saw that she was lying on a bed. Eyes are closed.
I think you fell asleep. I left with the girl. In the doctor's cabin. Some doctors are sitting and having breakfast
Was watching TV. Seeing this caused a lot of anger.
 There is no doctor or nurse around that patient. A man is waiting for death on his death bed and the doctors are in their room
 Sitting and having tea and breakfast. Today if this man was rich or influential, then maybe the serial of the doctor would have been read in that room.
Just know where the obstacle is? The barrier is money.
If this woman had money then this obstacle would not exist. If a doctor comes with a higher degree and puts a person in this condition 
Can give, then where is their humanity?
Seeing me, the doctor came to check me up
He said: Sir, do you have any problem?
Me: The problem is not mine, the problem is yours 😠😠😠😠.
Doctor: Why what happened sir?
I mean what happened? There is a brain tumor patient in cabin number 132 
You are sitting here having tea and breakfast leaving him alone 😡😡😡(very angry)
Doctor: Actually sir we asked him to bring 2 lakh rupees.
But not brought. That's why we didn't have that patient in OT.
Me: This is your mentality. A patient is on the death bed and you
Doctor: Sorry sir.
I: quickly arrange the operation of that patient?
Doctor: Ok sir.
Then several doctors took the woman to the OT.
And I am comforting the girl. I said to the girl: Apu is yours
What is the name?
Girl: My name is Neha.
Me: Your name is very beautiful. don't cry okay Your mom is healthy
will be
Neha: Brother, there is no one else in this world except my mother.
Me: Who said there is no one, I am.
Neha hugged me and started crying.
It calmed down after a while.
Ohhhh you didn't tell me this hospital is one 
Private hospital. And the owner and founder of this hospital is my father.
And all the income from here, I donate to the orphanage.
But I own it now.
However, with Neha, I am sitting on the chofa next to Oti's daja.
A little later the doctor came out and said: Sir you and this girl
The patient calls in.
I went to OT with Neha. The woman called me.
I also approached. The woman held my hand and said in a trembling voice: Father, I know 
I don't have much time left. Father, I have a request to you, look after this daughter of mine.
He has no one else in this world except me. And if I am not there then Neha Ma you will not cry at all.
Me: Aunty, by the grace of Allah, nothing will happen to you. And I take Neha as my sister 
I will keep it close.
Aunty: I will thank you for whatever I say, baaaba,,,(said the words with difficulty)
Suddenly I saw aunty lowered her eyelids.
The doctor quickly checked aunty's pulse and said: Sorry sir, she is dying.
And we could not save him to go to the last stage of brain tumor.
Hearing about her mother's death, Neha hugged her mother and said: Ammu
Why did you leave me alone? Who will I stay with? In this world without you
I have no one else. Why did you leave me alone😭😭😭(crying)
I put my hand on Neha's shoulder from behind and said: Sister, what is in fate will happen.
And who said you have no one in this world but I am there. From today you are mine
Sister and I are your brother.
Neha heard me and hugged me crying and said: Brother, why did this happen to me
Can you tell? I lost my father a month before birth. I never got the love of my father.
He never rode on his father's lap. When I was young, fathers used to bring their children to school.
And I used to sit at the school gate looking for the way for my father. This is when my father came and took me in his arms
Kiss the forehead and say, Mom, don't cry. Here comes your father.
But that hope was never fulfilled.
And today my mother left me. Who will put oil on my head and say, Neha, your hair is very beautiful? Who will feed me? 
Why did this happen bro? 😭😭😭 (starting to cry)
I am at a loss for words to comfort him. Looking around, I saw tears in the eyes of doctors and nurses.
I took control of myself and wiped the tears from Neha's eyes and said: Look sister what happened has happened. Even if I cry, I will not come back. 
Aunty forbade you to cry. Even then, if you cry then you can't keep aunty's word. Please sister don't make me cry.
Neha: Sorry bro, I won't cry anymore.
Me: This is my beautiful sister.
Then I showed Neha her mother's face for the last time.
Neha is just crying.
I kept Neha at my house and introduced her to Aunty.
After that, my friends and I completed the burial of Aunty.
It was eight o'clock at night to finish the burial. I said goodbye to my friends and came home.
When I came home, I saw Neha sitting in her aunt's room.
He saw me and hugged me.
I said: Aunt, you will not have dinner?
Neha: No bro, I don't like it.
Me: If you say that, it won't happen, ma'am. Let me feed you.
Then, I brought Neha to the dining table and sat her on the chair.
I fed him with my own hands. After feeding him rice
I gave him a sleeping tablet so that he can sleep a little at night.
 I brought Nessa to the room next to me and laid her down. After that I put my hand on his head and put him to sleep. on the body 
Pulling a blanket, I left the room and came to the roof.
I came to the roof and started thinking about my life story.
Hahaha what happened to what. He threw his family away.
And today I got a new family. What did I do to them?
No, I will not be broken. Even for Neha I have to live.
After staying on the roof for a long time, I went to Neha's room. I see Neha is sleeping.
The room is heating up a bit. I turned on the AC.
I came to my room and fell asleep. I got up at dawn and prayed and went to my aunt's grave and prayed.
I came home and woke up Neha. I asked to come down fresh.
As soon as Neha came down, aunty, Neha and I had breakfast together.
After breakfast, I said to Neha: Auntie, go to your house. Bring everything you need.
Neha: Ok bro.
Me and Neha took the car to Neha's house. Only the books and some essentials reached Neha's house
 I brought things.
Nehak came to my house and asked: What class do you study?
Neha: Internet first year.
Me: I will admit you in the college I study.
Neha: ok. Brother tell me something about you?
Me: Ha ha ha what can I say about me again. This is my house and my father died a few months ago.
And I am in honors third year and my name is Sahid Hasan Sahi. you me
You say. And listen, I will take you to the shopping mall in the afternoon.
Neha: Ok bro.
I came to the room and fell asleep. Nehar calls at noon
woke up
Neha: brother this brother get up?
Me: Hmmm you are what I am getting up.
After waking up, taking a bath and praying, Nehak called me and took me
Had dinner in hand.
In the afternoon I went to the shopping mall with Neha. I bought necessary clothes for Neha and some clothes for aunt.
I came home with
I spent a few days walking around with Neha so that her mind was refreshed.
A month passed like this. Neha is now quite healthy.
And a few days ago the aunt came and was taken by her son. The aunt is now with her son.
Today I admitted Neha in college. Neha made some friends.
Then I took him for a little walk and came home.
The next day two brothers and sisters went to college together. Neha and her friends
went near and I went to my friends.
 My sister is a good student. Teaching you at night, feeding you, putting oil on your head, putting you to sleep and so on 
Another year went by doing all these looking after my office.
Neha is in the inter second year and I am in the honors final year. My sister
Being a good student, she got first this time.
There was a college holiday after the exam. The holiday was well spent by the two brothers and sisters.
College starts tomorrow. At night two brothers and sisters had dinner together and fell asleep. And now Bua comes and goes to work.
She wanted to do it but I didn't let her do it.
As usual, I got up in the morning, had breakfast and went to brother and sister's college.
Iqbal [(My friend. There are two more, they are Shakib and Riyad)] said to his friends in college: Sahid Dos is in college.
english mam

Girlfriend When English Mam Episode 14

I went to college with Neha. I gave Neha to her friends 
I went to my friends. To friends so that Iqbal [( Iqbal 
This is my friend. There are two more. Shakib and Riyad] said: Sahid
 I will join an English course in Dos College.
Riyad: Shala you only talk about girls. Where is the new madam? 
Will join, where will the new madam teach privately. the boy
He started by simply not asking how Aslo was
 madam's talk
We laughed hearing Riyad's words and Iqbal was just angry 
Me: Drop it dude. Is Iqbal the new madam married?
Are you unmarried?
Iqbal: How shall I say 😞😞😞 (seriously)
Riyad: Sarire friend, please don't get angry. If you are angry today
Who will feed us?
Iqbal: You mean? (surprised)
Me: You don't understand the meaning of Shala. Today is your feeding
the date
Iqbal: Brother, I don't have money today. today i
Shakib: If you can't tell us, we won't listen. You are ahead of me 
I was forced to eat.
Iqbal: Brother, try to understand. (Do it in tune)
Me: I don't understand whether to feed your girlfriend or not
I have to say something on the contrary.
Iqbal: No, you don't have to say anything. I agree.
Are you friend or foe?
Me: This is good boy. Whatever you think, let's go.
Then four of us went to the canteen. Three after leaving
I play as I want, Iqbal will not spend more with his own money. 
I saw Neha and her getting up from the table after eating 
Some girlfriends are coming to the canteen.
I said: Are you here? what to eat
Neha: Brother, I wanted to eat fuchka, so I came.
Me: Well you go and sit on the table. i am ordering
Neha: No brother, you are what we are eating.
Me: Ok ok. And keep it.
I gave some money to Neha. Four of us went to class together.
As soon as the class started the peon came and said at the end of this class principal sir 
 He told us to go to the room.
 After the class we all went to the hall of the college. We went to see the principal
Sir has not come yet.
In fact, there are about 250 students in our class. That's why sir 
He called us to the hall.
Anyway we took our seats. Sir came a little later.
We all saluted. To reply to Sir Salam 
 Said: Dear Student Bindu You are already aware that,
An English teacher will join our college. This is our college
As per the policy if a teacher joins then we make that teacher one
 Greeted with ceremony.
This time will not be an exception.
Everyone: Yes sir.
Me: When will you join sir?
Principal Sir: There is a program in college on 22nd  
And that day your new teacher will join. These are your words
 The purpose of saying is that you are the senior of this college. Responsibility to do everything
 You have In one word, you beat this college
keep And the organization of the event that will be held this time
Who should you do?
All: Ok sir.
Principal Sir: This event will be responsible for everything
 On Sahid Hasan Sahi, the first boy of your class. And I hope
Kari he will not neglect this work. Sahid Hasan stand up.
I stood up.
Principal Sir said: Do you have any problem in this work?
Me: No sir. no problem
Principal Sir: Good. Today is the 18th. And the remaining three days.
Do what you do well. Then you go. And you are my witness 
will meet
Me: Ok sir.
We all left the hall and went to class. All classes
Finally, I went to the principal sir's room.
Me: May I come in sir.
Principal Sir: Yes, come.
I also went inside the room. Sir said to me:
Shahid listen but you have been given all the responsibilities.
Me: Yes sir.
Principal Sir: Let me tell you something and this is how it is
Will prepare everything for the event.
Me: Ok sir.
After that, the principal sir spoke to me
By doing which the program will be displayed well.
After leaving Sir's room, I went to Neha after saying goodbye to my friends.
After that I took Neha to the canteen and ordered a plate of Fuchka.
And I fed it to Neha with my own hands.
This is my daily end of college duty.
Every day after college holidays I feed Neha with my own hands.
I like it very much. No one comments on this.
Because everyone knows we are siblings.
However, I came home with my sister.
I came home and took a bath and prayed. Neha prayed.
After praying, two brothers and sisters sat down to have lunch together.
I feed my sister and she feeds me.
After eating and drinking, he went to his room and put him to sleep
I came to my room and fell asleep.
Wake up in the afternoon and pray Asr in your room 
I went. I went to see you praying.
After that the two of us had a light breakfast and took the car (father's car) to the orphanage.
And yes I built an orphanage. That's about eight from today 
Nine months ago. Me and Neha before building the Orphanage 
In the afternoon I went for a walk on the shore of a lake. Back from there 
It was almost nine o'clock at night.
And it was winter. Nine o'clock means a lot in winter
Night. Bringing the bike, I suddenly noticed a few paths
on the baby 
I went to them with a bike. Age maybe six or seven 
It will be like this. The road is also lying on the edge and shivering in the winter. whose
There is a thin cloth around them 
Others are covered.
Still they could not cope with the winter.
I was surprised to see a child next to me. Because
He had no clothes on. Only what was in the reading
That's it. He is a small child four to five years old
It will be, then there is nothing to wear and it is very cold. As a result of which
Seeing this, I could stay still. My body 
Take off the jacket and let the child fall from there to Neha
I came home with it.  
At night while having dinner I said to Neha: Neha I am one
I have decided.
Neha: What decision brother?
Me: To build an orphanage for children this way
Neha: Such a good decision bro.
Me: Hmmm.
Then there is no initiative to build an orphanage. And by the grace of Allah, succeed in that
There are forty boys and girls along with the children
In this orphanage of mine.
However, I went to the orphanage with Neha. Got down from the car and bought chocolate 
I entered with a box in hand. My daughter Mim ran to see me
He came to my lap and said: Babai Thumi etho?
Me: yes mommy I am here.
Mim: Amal Danya here with you?
Me: I have brought chocolate for my mother.
Mim: That,,, my dear father,.(kissing forehead)
Annie (Aunty) are you like that?
Neha: I am fine. How is my mother?
Mim: I am also Dhalo Athi.
Me: Mom, call your brothers and sisters.
Mim: Atta Babai.
Mim went to call them.
No wonder mim my daughter about it.
Eight months ago, a burqa and hijab woman came here
The child is brought here. The woman does not say anything to the child 
Passes through my lap.
The baby was very beautiful. He was about four months old then. he is mine 
He slept on his lap. And then I stayed here longer.
However, I have a crush on the kid
is born Slowly the child grew up and named him Mim.
From childhood he calls me Babai and Neha as Ammu
Say Annie I mean aunty.
Listening to him touches my soul.
That's why I come here two to three times a day. Mim sleeps at night
Passed away.
And this orphanage is next to my house.
After a while Mim called everyone for food. They were all on the roof 
went to play Mim came and sat on my lap.
The biryani that was in my car to Darwan Chacha
I asked to bring it. 
After the janitor uncle brought the biryani everyone was one 
Packed. Neha is feeding another small child 
And I am feeding Amul Mim.
After eating and drinking, I gave them all five chocolates.
After chatting with them for a while, the aunt heard them
Talk to him and take Mim to my house in the car
I came near. I will keep Mim in my house today.
 While getting into the car suddenly my,,,,

Girlfriend When English Mam Episode 15

The aunt who chatted with the children of the orphanage for a while
Talk to the babysitter
I came out of the house with Mim.
Mim will be at my house today. Sometimes mine
Take home. Leaving the house and going to the car suddenly
My head turned around. Then I 
I don't remember anything.
I opened my eyes and saw that I was lying in a room. the room is mine
It seemed unfamiliar. Looking around I realized this
 hospital room Looking out the window to understand
I know it's morning. And some urban birds such as crows
etc. birds are calling.
Looking at my body, I see two of me
Lying holding hands. They are Neha and Mim
 Neha woke up when I moved a little. towards me
He looked at me and started crying.
I patted my head and said: This crazy sister is mine
Why are you crying?
Neha started to cry and said: Brother
I have no one else in this world except you. your something
 How will I stay? What will I live with?😭😭😭
Me: By the grace of Allah, nothing will happen to me, sister.
My daughter woke up talking about both of us.
My daughter also hugged me to cry
 He said to do: Babai Thumi Thit Ato?
I wiped her tears and said: Yes, mine
I am always better when mom is with me.
Mim kissed my forehead and cheek and said: Babai 
You give me, don't give it to me. I am your dish
I will not leave
Like you, you don't give a damn. Me too
Dayna takes a nap.
Don't push me father😭😭😭
What more can I say, I could hold back my tears
no I also hugged my daughter and told her to give her many kisses
I will never leave my mother.
My sister is crying holding my hand and me 
The girl is hugging me and crying.
These two love me so much? Not today
Actually I could not understand. They are my blood relatives
no one Still they love me like crazy.
But those with whom I am related by blood are me today
threw away
Maybe this is a test of survival in the world.
However, after some time my sister and daughter started crying
Closed. Still holding on.
 Neha looks like she didn't say anything at night. so i 
I said to you: You seem to have not eaten anything at night, now
don't be fresh I am ordering food. Order food 
I did
Apu went to freshen up without saying anything else. The doctor went
Entered the room. I said to my daughter: Mom you
get up Your father will sit up. The doctor has arrived.
Hearing my words, my daughter got up from my chest and sat next to me.
He gripped my hand tightly as I sat up.
The doctor came to me and said: How are you feeling now?
Me: Alhamdulillah. what happened to me
Doctor: Sir you are regular for last few weeks
Did not checkup. And yesterday it seems that you are about something
became excited or worried. As a result of your
There is a kind of stress on the brain and you become senseless.
Me: Can I go home today?
Doctor: Yes you can. But proceed with caution
There will be regular checkups.
Me: ok
Neha came fresh. He saw the doctor and said: How?
Is there a doctor?
Doctor: Alhamdulillah. how are you sister
Neha: Alhamdulillah. Brother, who is at home today?
 I can take
Doctor: Yes you can. But you have to be careful. as if
Don't get excited.
Neha: ok.
After the doctor left, the boy came and gave the food.
I got up and went to freshen up. Come fresh and see me
 Daughter and sister are sitting with food on a plate.
Realized that I had two livers to eat with my hands
is sitting
When I went and sat near them, my mother came and hugged me
sat up Without further ado I fed both of them.
Neha is also feeding me. My mother saw this 
He said: Babai I am Thomate Thaie Tibo (Father I am also).
I'll feed you.)
Me: No mom you can't feed me. you now
Grow up before you're small.
Ammu: No, I will take care of my father. Annie Tomale Thai to win
I'm Tibo too.
Me: Ok mom give it.
Then my daughter gave me her tiny little hand
Bringing biryani to my mouth. Its feeding time
Little hands are getting food on my cheeks and nose
Seeing this, my daughter couldn't stop laughing. Phokla Dat
Laughing all day. My daughter's smile is like that 
Pearls are falling. Who will say some time ago in their lives
Darkness prevailed.
To sustain this smile of both of them forever
I am willing to give my life.
However, I ended up eating and drinking with infinite joy.
I came home with both of them. Come home fresh
 I am ready to go to college.
I said to Neha: You are not going to college today. your night
Sleep is awake. And take care of my mother.
Neha: ok bro come back soon.
Me: ok
From where my daughter ran and hugged me and said:
Babai Thumi Tothaay Dabe?
Me: I will go to college mom.
 My daughter: Atta Dao. Al Atar Thomay Amal
Danya will bring trouble.
Me: Ok mom. Don't do any more mischief.
My daughter: Atta Babai.
So he got off my lap with a kiss on the forehead.
Coming to college and taking classes is something necessary for the event
 I came home from work. The body is not very good.
My mom came home and opened the door to ring the bell
He hugged me and said: Father, Amal is grateful to them
Did you bring it?
I asked her to take the chocolate out of her pocket: My mother
He asked me to bring it, but I can't bring it.
He hugged me with chocolate and said: My best father.
He got down from his lap and started shouting: Annie Annie
Detho Amal Babai Amal Danya taklet here. you
will take
Neha: no mom you eat.
My daughter: No, anni thumi, take this much (one). Otherwise, I will ask for lakhs.
Neha: Hey dad, I know how to get angry seeing my mom. you
Don't be angry anymore. Give me one. I'm taking it.
My daughter: This is Chundal Annie.
I am watching their stories and laughing.
In the evening, he went to the orphanage and kept Mim for a while 
I left after sleeping.
The next day we both went to college. We came out after class
A bad boy in Neha's class is telling Neha. [The ones I didn't say]
Hearing his words, Neha is crying. And son 
The girls are standing by and having fun. That's what I'm here for
Nobody knows them. I had my friends with me
 Expert for fights.
Without another word, I pounced on the boys.
And my friends too.
I beat them at will. And you may know me
I can't tolerate injustice in advance. My look today
No one else has seen this college before. 
A little later the police came. Who called in the meantime?
As soon as the police arrived. One of those boys said: Look sir
How did they kill us?
The police officer saw me and said: Hey Sahid Sir, are you here?
Everyone in the area due to the presence of businesses, orphanages, hospitals
The influential and the powerful know me even if they don't know me. 
Police officers are no exception. but i
Those who study in this college do not know.
Me: I am a student of this college.
Police officer: Well sir we come.
 Get them (boys) in the car?
Assistant: Ok sir.
The police officer looked at everyone's faces
Everyone is a little disappointed. So he said: You
Maybe you are thinking why I did not arrest him?
Listen, this is Saheed Hasan who protested against injustice
Does not kill anyone. This is Sahid Hasan who for a few months 
Orphanage for poor street children with own money
made There is more to his contribution.
Hope you understand.
Everyone was surprised to hear the police.
I said: Listen to one thing today
If any girl and especially my sister
 I will pluck out his eyes for talking nonsense, whoever he is.
It seems like
After that, I said goodbye to my friends and came home with Neha.
Had lunch together in the afternoon and went to the office. Something with Mr. MD
After speaking, I went to the hospital with the account. He went to the hospital and heard everything
I came home.
Three days passed between various tasks.
Today the new ma'am will come to the college and the program will begin
At twelve noon.
I went to college with Neha. From the decoration after going
 To begin with, I looked at everything carefully
Don't get into trouble.
Then after waiting for a long time he left
Exciting moment. Means time for new mom to take the stage.
My friends and I were sitting on chairs in front of the stage
I'm keeping an eye on it.
Suddenly the Principal Sir said: Dear students, we are here today
Now that time has arrived. That's why we are this huge
I made arrangements. Now in your new teacher stage
 will come. And I will come to the stage to receive him
I am requesting the student of this college Sahid Hasan Sahi.
Sahid Hasan Sahi where are you present on stage at this moment.
I went up to the stage without delay. i am
 Fixing the flower bouquet looking down.
 After a while the students started clapping. I understand
 Someone got on the stage. I thought it would be madam.
Principal Sir: Now to welcome the new ma'am
Requesting Sahid Hasan.
As I stood up with a bouquet of flowers in my hand,

Girlfriend When English Mam Episode 16

I turned back to the new ma'am with the bouquet in hand
 I was surprised when I looked. No more with my face
 Words are not coming out. The hairs on the body stood up. This is me 
Who am I looking at? How is it possible? Ma'am is none other than Ma'am
This is my EX girlfriend Samia.
Samia is looking at me in surprise. Maybe Samia too
Thinking that why am I here?
Principal Sir: I am again requesting Sahid Hasan
To welcome new teachers.
Principal Sir's words broke my mind. I trembled
 As soon as possible, Samia was given a bouquet of flowers in her hand 
I came down from the stage.
The teachers and students present saw me coming down like this
A bit surprised.
I came down from the stage and sat under the bamboo tree of the campus
 I read There is no one here now. Not so quiet environment.
A sound box is playing in the distance. And this sound box
The unbeliever named Samia is coming through.
After giving lecture by Samia, Principal Sir lectured for a while 
gave Then he finished the ceremony.
I'm sitting and wondering why Samia is here? What is in Samia?
Our English mam. And why did he join here?
There was a good college in that selfish city.
[ EX Girlfriend When English Mam 💖 Author: Sahid Hasan
I can't think anymore. The head started to hurt.
Suddenly someone put a hand on my shoulder. Look back
 Iqbal has his hand on my shoulder. Shakib and Riyad 
Standing next to Iqbal. Iqbal told me,,,,
Iqbal: Shahid, what happened to you? Why are you sitting here alone?
Me: Nare dude nothing happened. The head hurts a little.
      (The truth cannot be told to them)
Riyad: Well let's take you to the doctor.
Me: I am fine.
Riyad: Sahid asked to see you principal sir.
  I'm going Come with me too?
Shakib: Come on.
I went to the principal sir's room with them. Go to the door
I said: May I come in sir.
Principal Sir: Hmmm, come on.
I entered the room. I am standing in front of sir.
Principal Sir: What is the matter Sahid, you are on stage 
Why don't you come down? 
 [EX Girlfriend When English Ma'am 💖 Author: Sahid Hasan Sahi]
I said: Sir, then my headache started 
You know I have a problem.
Principal Sir: Hmm ok. But you tell me who the doctor is
I would say
Me: No problem sir. Is there any other work?
Principal Sir: No, you go home. And a little tomorrow 
Come to college soon.
Me: Ok sir.
After leaving Sir's room, I went to Neha after saying goodbye to my friends.
As I approached Neha, I saw Neha and some of her friends sitting 
I said to Neha: you will not go home now?
Neha: Yes bro, come on.
Then took him to the canteen and ate something and went home 
I came I came home and took a bath. Zohr prayer is two
Brother and sister had lunch together and fell asleep. Nehar calls in the afternoon
woke up Wake up and pray Asr a little on Facebook
I entered Logged out after a while.
[EX Girlfriend When English Ma'am 💖 Author: Sahid Hasan Sahi]
I went to the orphanage in the evening. There is mine
Chatted with the girl for some time. my daughter sleep 
I'm going to pass and come up just then with the girl in both hands 
He hugged my right hand and said: I am the father
 Thomal Kathe Thadbo. Don't stop.
Me: Ammu I caress your head
Give me and you go to sleep.
My daughter: Na thumio Amal thate dumbe,,,, so crying
 started doing
I could not bear my daughter's cry and took her with me
I came home. And I can't sleep in this orphanage.
There are several reasons for this. Another thing if I
If I put my daughter to sleep then she wakes up in the morning
He will cry because he will see in the morning that I am not by his side.
And my daughter's brain power is high by God's grace at this age.
 (Actually, I don't know the boys and girls of this age 
      Is it so brilliant? But in the case of the story I wrote this,
      Read So Free Mind, Author: Sahid Hasan Sahi)}
 Bike out of the orphanage with Mim 
I came near Neha didn't come with me today 
I'm sick, so I didn't bring it.
 However, I got on the bike with my daughter sitting in front of me
took Small children should not be seated in the back.
After that I came home to talk with my daughter.
Neha came home and opened the door when the calling bell rang.
Mim saw Neha and got off my lap and hugged her Annie 
He said: Annie Adke I will cut you.
Neha: Ok mom come.
After that everyone together means Neha, Mim and I have dinner together
I sat down to do it. Mim has already eaten, but it's mine
will eat with My daughter will not eat, she will only misbehave with me.
After eating and drinking, Neha went to sleep in her room. And
 I came to my room to sleep with my daughter.
When I came to the room and lay down, my daughter's head was on my chest
lay down. I patted her head and left
 I am listening to the story. And he listened to my story with blistered teeth
 laughing After a while, I saw that my daughter was not smiling anymore.
Not moving. Turn on the flash of the phone and see the girl 
I am sleeping happily. I'm in his head
I'm waving my hands. An unknown happiness is in my mind
I felt
Suddenly he felt sad when he remembered Samya's words.
 I'm fine here alone. why you again
You are rekindling old wounds. I don't want anymore
To return to unbelievers like you. I am
I got you a sister and a little girl here 
And I don't want, I don't want you anymore.
The pillow got wet as I thought about my parents. fell asleep
In the morning I woke up to my daughter's call.
Mm: Babai and Babai Oto Thatal.
Me: Hmmm mom getting up.
Got up fresh and had breakfast for three. Breakfast time
Neha said: Brother, my mother is in college today
 let's go
Me: mom will you go to my college?
Neha: Well mom let me go.
Next, my daughter has good clothes. I taught a thousand 
But I say princess. However, my daughter R
I went to college with my sister. 
On reaching the college I dropped them down and asked them to stand.
I parked the bike and went to them. Then with them 
I went to the canteen. My friends haven't come yet.
We sat on a table. Me and Neha on either side
And my princess is in the middle. A stranger sees us
A family will think.
The three of us sat and ate for a long time
And started chatting. I will come up then 
I said to my daughter: Mom, do you want to eat anything else?
Mim: Aitatim,, (ice cream) Thabo.
I asked the waiter to bring ice cream.
I brought ice cream and gave it to my daughter. She was very happy
eating Me and Neha are laughing watching her eat. Because,
My daughter's cheeks and nose are covered in ice cream.
My daughter told me: Babai thumi amal aittim
 will be
Me: no mom you eat.
My daughter: Atta Babai.
We three are sitting at a table where the college
 All the students, teachers and teachers from the campus to the gate 
You will find us easily.
I said to my daughter: Mom will eat something else?
My daughter: No father, I will not stay anymore.
"Wow, well the family has started."
Suddenly someone said from behind.
Looking back, my arms and legs were paralyzed.
Because Samia said this from behind. to walk 
He stood in front of our table.
Neha saw Samia and greeted her but Samia said hello
 did not answer
Samia started saying again: Then you are married.
A girl is also very cute. And this (Neha 
Intended) Your wife. Suits the two quite well.
When did you get married?
Neha and I were surprised to hear Samya's words. Sameer
Hearing the words, it is understood that he said the words with great difficulty.
So it can't be that Samia doesn't love me.
I am silently thinking these things. Again Neha said: What 
Didn't you say when you got married?
Neha now started saying: Ma'am, are you doing something wrong?
Samia: Where am I wrong again? Your family talk
By asking?
Neha: No ma'am not what you think. he is mine
He is not my husband, he is my brother. Pick me up off the road
He gave the status of a sister.
Samia fell from the sky after hearing Neha's words. Even then
Keeping himself normal said: So who is this child?
Neha: Brother has an orphanage. And there is approx
 Years ago a woman gave this baby to her brother 
go and,,,,,,,
I did not let Neha speak anymore and said: Ahh Neha shut up.
Don't tell anyone that Mim is not my daughter. Mim is mine
girl. do you understand? (angry)
Neha: Ok bro.
Me: Hmmm come on. Mom will you go with Anni or not?
with me?
Mim: Dad, I will take care of you.
Me: Come on mom.
After that I gave Neha to her girlfriends and my daughter
I went to my friends. Iqbal went to them
He took Mim in his arms and started caressing him.
Mim: Som Athen Antal? (How are you uncle?)
Iqbal: I am fine. How is my nephew?
Mim: Babai Bhatidi Ti? ( Babai Bhatiji Ka? My daughter
                                       don't know what niece)
Me: You are my daughter and your uncle
Niece. Do you understand mom?
Mm: Hmm, Dad.
I chatted for a while and went to class. Everyone in the class knows Mim.
They are crazy to say meme. However, I did the first class. the second 
Will it be English in class?
A little later, Samia entered the class with the principal sir. 
sorry Now you can't say Samia anymore. Now you can say Ma'am
 will be
Entering the class, sir introduced himself. Then Samiao
 said something But I was surprised by one thing. And that 
Holo Samia said my name is Miss while saying my name 
Samia. That means single.
Ahh, whether she is single or mingled, it is mine
Not a sight to behold.
After that, Samia means ma'am asked me the question
Hearing that, my classmate,,,,,

Girlfriend When English Mam Episode 17

Principal Sir Samia came to the class with the new ma'am. After that, the principal said some policy 
left While leaving he said: Miss Samia
If you have a problem, it's you 
Tell Sahid Hasan. Sahid Hasan belongs to this class
first boy
Ma'am: Ok sir.
I am very sorry to hear the principal sir 
started Why should he talk about me? There is no one else but me? However, I would have been happy if he had said it to any other teacher. But for Samya, the joy turned into pain. because,
I don't want to be under the illusion of an unbeliever like him
to engage
 However, this time the English mam started introducing herself. After introducing herself, she was taking the introductions of all the students.
Now it's my turn. I sat on the front bench and ma'am started with the introduction from the back bench.
Ma'am came to me and asked: what is your name this boy?
I was a bit surprised, even after knowing my name, he was asking. Maybe forgot like me
About characterless.
When I was thinking about this, he said again: What is the name?
I looked down and said: Sahid Hasan Sahi. But some also gave characterless titles.
Ma'am felt a bit regretful after hearing this from me. Ma'am: Do you have a girlfriend?
All the students of the class including me were surprised to hear Ma'am's question. What did Ma'am say?
Me: Was but not now.
Ma'am: Why not?
Me: ha ha ha don't you want to know why? So listen, I loved a girl very much. He was an unbeliever.
Maam: What am I unbelieving? (Very angry)
The students were somewhat surprised to see Ma'am's behavior.
Iqbal was sitting next to me. Iqbal said: Ma'am, why are you angry?
Ma'am felt a little insulted.
I started to say again. Because today I want to tell Samia the words of my shame towards her.
Me: That was my present, that was my future.
I never laid eyes on any other girl except her. I don't know if he loves me or not 
No. But his faith in me was very small. By which his love for me
Could not sustain. In one of the slurs he calls me out of character. Since then I have not trusted any girl. If this girl also gives me the characterless title of unfaithful, cheater.
Ma'am can I sit?
Mm: Hmmm sit down. (in a soft tone)
Ma'am sat down in her chair and my daughter said: Babai Eta (pointing to Samia with fingers) tomal te hai?
After hearing about my daughter, I became a fool. What should I say to my daughter? Thinking about this, Riyad said: Mom, this is your father's mom.
Let's live. Shala Riad, you don't know anymore bro, this is my EX girlfriend.
Anyway, I finished Samia's class somehow. Samia kept looking at me during the class.
And I am watching it with narrow eyes.
After finishing the class, I went to Neha's class with Mim. Go and see sir taking class.
I waited outside the class with my daughter. After a while Neha came out. Neha took my daughter in her arms. After that we three went to the canteen. After eating there, I came home. But Samia was never seen again. 
After coming home, I bathed my daughter and took a bath. After that I prayed. While praying, my daughter also came next to me and started praying.
After praying, the three sat down to have lunch. I went to sleep after lunch.
Fifteen days passed like this. Every day during these fifteen days, Samia used to look at me in class. And this 
I went to the orphanage in the evening. I left a new woman there to take care of the children. After talking with her, I brought my daughter to my house. From now on, I will keep Mim in my house. And will leave me and Nehar in the orphanage during college time. It is not possible to leave a small child alone at home. Moreover, if there are some time with boys and girls, the loneliness will not be there anymore. And the reason for bringing my daughter to my house is that the aunt of the orphanage died a few days ago. In fact, he had liver cancer, which was diagnosed two days before his death.
He was a very soft and sociable person. As he had no children, he treated the boys and girls of the orphanage as his own children. And my daughter was an orphan
Khanaya is the youngest in terms of age. Now if this woman (present) is the opposite of the previous woman then it is difficult. 
And that's why I brought my daughter to my house.
On the other hand, Samia is thinking, did Shahid really try to do such a thing with Ripa? Why is Shahid here? No, I have to figure out its secret.
I need to ask Neha to know. I will go to the college tomorrow and ask.
Me, Neha and my daughter had dinner together and went to sleep at night. The next morning I left for college after breakfast. Neha and I went to college after taking Mim and leaving her with the children in the orphanage.
After reaching college I left Neha with her girlfriends and went to class after chatting with my friends.
Samia harasses Neha to find her. Suddenly, Neha is coming. This is Neha.
Samiya: Neha I have a personal matter with you.
Neha: Yes ma'am tell me.
Samiya: Neha will tell me something about your brother.
Neha: About my brother (surprised).
What do you want to know?
Samiya: Not here. I want you to come to my office room.
Neha: Ok ma'am let's go.
Samia goes to the office room.
Samiya: Well, Neha, as far as I know, your brother doesn't have a sister.
Without letting Samia say Neha: you want to know where I came from?
Hmmm you guessed right, my brother brought me from a hospital and gave me the status of a sister.
Samia: Who are your brother's parents? (knows though)
Neha: My brother's father is the top businessman of this country. And he also has a hospital. About one and a half years ago, brother's father passed away.
Samia: Since when are you with your brother?
Neha: More than a year. But ma'am, why do you want to know this?
Samiya: No, nothing like that. (smiles)
Neha: what's the matter ma'am something something or not.(smiles)
Samiya: You got too much,,,.(head down)
Neha: If you need help then tell me. And you know ma'am, my brother is very good. I am happy to have such a brother. Never misbehaved with any girl. You will be very lucky if you get my brother as your life partner.(In one breath)
Samia: I think your brother is not bad. Then why did I go to use it like that that day (reluctantly)
Neha: Ma'am said something?
Samia: No, you go and tell me if you need help. And give me your phone number.
Neha: Ok ma'am. Pick up phone number 0172976****
Come on, ma'am.
Samia: Well go.
After Neha left Samia's room, Samia was turning the pen in her hand and thinking, I got to know something from Neha. But who is Shahid's father? How did you get here? It must be known. And to know it to someone who knows everything about Sahid. Who can it be? Oh Principal Sir can tell. Because I heard that Shahid was admitted to this college three years ago. That means it has been here since the misunderstanding between me and Sahid.
Without delay, Samia went to the principal sir's room.
Samiya: May I come in sir.
Sir: Yes come Miss Samia.
Samiya: Sir, I had an urgent matter with you.
Sir: Hmmm tell me.
Samia: Since when is Sir Sahid studying here and who is his father?
Sir: Why? What will you do knowing that?
Samia: Tell me sir I need it very much.
Sir: Then listen,,,,,,(said all)
Samia: Ok sir then I will come.
Sir: ok go.
Samiya came to her room and started thinking,, All clear now I just need to know if Sahid is really with Ripa or in my mind Sahid has not done anything like that.
To know this I have to go to Rajshahi again to Sahil's parents. For this I have to take two days off from college anyway. Don't delay any longer.
Without delay, Samia went to the principal sir's room.
Samia: Sir I need two days leave.
Sir: Why?
Samia: Sir, I will go to Rajshahi.
Sir: But you have not been here for a month.
Samiya: Please sir. (Do it in tune)
Sir: Ok. But not more than two days.
Samia: Thank you sir.
After that, Samia came to her office room and called home and said that she will go home today.
I finished the class and went to the canteen with Neha. I was feeding Neha with my own hand. And on the other side, Samia was seething with anger and saying to herself: No one has ever picked me up and fed me today, ,,😡😡😡. I pray that you don't become his wife. What did I say, what will happen to me if I don't become his wife? I went crazy.
I went to the orphanage with Neha. I went there and came home with Mim. 
I went to office after lunch. From there I went to the hospital. After seeing and hearing everything, I returned home.
 I went to college again the next day as usual. I did not see Samia today. The principal sir came and said that ma'am has taken two days off. Other sir will take the class these two days
Oof, father, I survived these two days.
Meanwhile, Samia reached home and went to Shahid's house without delay.

Girlfriend When English Mam Episode 18

Samia reached Rajshahi and got off the bus and went to her home. Samia's parents are very happy to see her. But Samia's mind is now only troubled.
There are three people sitting on the couch. Suddenly Samia's father said: Samia I have seen a boy for you, if you
If you agree then we can talk about marriage.
Hearing this, Samia got angry and said to her father: Father, I will not marry now, how many times do you have to say this 😡😡?
Samia's father: ok mom whatever you say will happen.
Samia's parents did not say anything more. Because they know their daughter doesn't get angry like that. And when angry, no one can stop his anger.
After talking to my parents, I left to go to Shahid's house without delaying for a moment. On reaching Shahid's house, entering through the gate, he saw Shahid's mother, father, brother, sister-in-law and a small child in his brother's arms, it seems that these five people, the son of Shahid's brother, were getting into their private car.
As soon as Samia was in front of them, Saeed's brother Saim Ahmed saw her and got down from the car and said: This girl is not you Samia? And where are you going?
Samiya: Yes brother, I came to Samiya and you. 
Saim Ahmed: Have you come to us? And where have you been for so long? (surprised)
In fact, when Sahid was thrown out of the house, Sahid's mother fell ill thinking about Sahid. He didn't eat and drink properly, he didn't talk. Once he became seriously ill. The doctor saw Shahid's mother and said: The patient has paralysis. It's like this for more food for thought. But if you take it outside, maybe it can be fixed. But trust in God.
Everyone was devastated after hearing the doctor's words. Saim Ahmed asked the doctor: If the doctor takes me to which country, I will get my mother back in good health?
Doctor: Take it to Singapore. There are many good doctors for paralyzed patients. And I have a friend there. I am telling my friend if you want to take it.
Saim Ahmed and Amjad Chowdhury agreed and said: Please make arrangements.
Doctor: Okay.
After that Shahid's mother along with Shahid's family means Shahid's brother, sister-in-law and father migrated to Singapore for his mother's treatment.
After staying there for about seven months, Shahid's mother recovered fairly well. Then the family moved from Singapore to Bangladesh with him. And while in Singapore, Saim Ahmed or his father Amjad Chowdhury would sometimes come to the country to attend to their business. He used to go to Singapore again in his free time.
And in college, the day Samia wrongly gave Sahid a characterless title, Sahid left Samia. After Sahid left her, Samia came home and started crying. Just cry. Even after a day passes, Samia does not eat anything. Just sat in the room and started crying with a picture of Shahid on his chest. Seeing the behavior of the only daughter, Samia's parents decided to take her to her maternal grandmother's house in Sylhet. Then they go to Sylhet and stay there for several days.
Samia was normal in Sylhet. His parents came back to Rajshahi with him. Samia comes home and goes in front of Shahid's house and finds their house locked. Samia no longer knew that Sahid's family had migrated to Singapore.
A few days later, Samia's father was transferred and came to Chittagong. Samia's father is a government doctor. He started living with his family in Chittagong. As a result, no one from Sahid's family met Samia. Before getting a job in Samia's college, Samia's father transferred to Rajshahi again. Coming to Rajshahi, Samia finds out that Sahid's family lives here but Sahid doesn't. 
But Samia did not inquire about Sahid because Samia developed a hatred towards Sahid.
Anyway, let's come to the present.
Samia: Actually, we were in Chittagong for my brother's transfer.
Saim Ahmed: Oh, what about us?
Amjad Chowdhury said before Saim Ahmed's speech was over: Hey Samia Ma, how are you?
Samia: Alhamdulillah. how are you uncle
Amjad Chowdhury: Alhamdulillah. So where are you going?
Samia: I came to your house.
Amjad Chowdhury: Tell me what is needed?
Samia: Can you tell me where Ankel Shahid is?
Amjad Chowdhury: No, mother, we do not know. That day I kicked out of the house and did not meet. Why are you asking about that sinner?
Why are you talking about the fact that you did not respect your faith, your sacred love?
Samiya: Na Ankel Emni (The truth cannot be told). Where are you going?
Amjad Chowdhury: Actually, my friend's daughter has a brain tumor. The doctor said the chances of survival are slim. But the operation will be done tonight. If it goes well, it'll be fine or it'll be dead. So we're going to meet. Oh, you know, Ripa was the one. The one my son tried to rape. Will you go with us?
Samia agrees to go after hearing Ripa. Because, Samia now understands that Sahid did not do this in any way. There must be some secret in this. And he will know this from the Reaper. Even though Ripa is sick, she will still ask.
As Samia sat in the car, Shahid's mother asked him various questions. Where have you been for so long, how now, my son has committed a crime but we have not committed a crime, why didn't we come home, etc.?
Samia asked Mrs. Saim Ahmed: I wonder who this child is?
Mrs. Saim Ahmed: This is our little boy.
Samia: Very sweet. What is the name and age?
Mrs. Saim Ahmed: My name is Abdullah Al Rafi Chowdhury. I am one and a half years old.
Samiya: Very beautiful name. Give it to my lap. I am not there.
Mrs. Saim Ahmed gave her son Abdullah Al Rafi Chowdhury to Samia. Samia is hugging Abdullah Al Rafi Chowdhury and thinking, Wow, one brother's daughter and another brother's son. One got married and became the father of a boy child and the other one became the father of a girl child without marriage. Wow what a lucky life. I didn't get a husband, I didn't get a child in my life.
Talking about happiness and sadness, the car stopped in front of Rajshahi Medical Hospital. They all got down from the car and went to see Ripa.
Ripa is kept in room number 113. Amjad Chowdhury already knew that. For which they had no difficulty in reaching.
Ripper's brother Ripon is standing in front of Ripper's cabin. He was somewhat surprised to see Samia. But don't worry too much about that.
Seeing Amjad Chowdhury, Ripa's father came and hugged her and started crying. Because, leaving her daughter on her death bed, she couldn't contain her emotions anymore.
A little later, Amjad Chowdhury said to Ripa's father: What is Ripa's condition now?
Ripa's father: More serious now but Ripa is just saying one thing over and over again. (broken voice)
Amjad Chowdhury: What? (surprised)
Ripper Dad: Always Saying "I'm Paying for My Sins"
By this time all of Shahid's family were standing outside the cabin listening to the words of Ripa's father. Everyone was surprised to hear what Ripa said and thought what kind of sin.
Everyone is thinking the same question in their mind but Samia is having different thoughts.
After a while everyone entered the reaper cabin. Everyone went out except a few who met Ripa. Because it is not right to crowd near Rugi.
Ripa has only Samia and Sahid's mother. Mrs. Saim Ahmed went out with her son. Because his son is crying. And Ripa's mother is lying on the bed in a senseless state. How many people can be okay seeing this condition of the girl.
Ripa is talking little by little. Samia said to her: Ripa, will you give me the correct answer to the question I will ask you?
Ripa: What is the question, sister?
Samia: promise first?
Ripa: Ok, I promised.
Samia: Did Sahid really want to rape you?
Hearing Samia's question, Shahid's mother looks at Samia in surprise. But Ripa can't think of what to say. (Author: Sahid Hasan Sahi)
Seeing Ripa being silent, Samia said: Tell me what happened?
Ripa smiled and said to Samia: Tell me, before that you ask everyone to come to this room?
Without delay, Samia went out of the cabin and called Amjad Chowdhury, Ripper's father, Ripper's brother Ripon, Saim Ahmed, Mrs. Saim Ahmed and brought them to Ripper's cabin. Meanwhile, Shahid's mother was worried.
Seeing everyone entering the room, Ripa tries to get up. But could not. Finally say from lying down 
Lalu: Father, don't ask me again and again what sin I am talking about. So after listening, don't misunderstand me after listening.
After that Ripa told everything that happened with Sahid from college to getting thrown out of the house.
Shahid's mother became senseless after hearing all the words of Reaper. And Amjad Chowdhury and Saim Ahmed burst into tears. Ripa's father was about to kill Ripa when Saim Ahmed came and stopped him and said: Uncle, what do you want to do when Ripa is sick?
Ripper Dad: You let me go, I'll kill him. An innocent boy lost his family because of one of his false accusations. (angry)
Amjad Chowdhury: Calm down, young people can make mistakes. Well, you stay, we went home. I will come back at night.
Reaper's father: Forgive me, friend. (folds his hands)
Amjad Chowdhury: Look friend, forget these things that I have forgiven you. Whatever happened is done. There is no point in thinking about it now. You stay, I went home. I will come at night.
Reaper Dad: Well go ahead.
After that, all of Shahid's family came home. No one spoke in the car. Everyone feels remorse for their actions.
Samia went to Sahid's house and got down from the car without saying a word and took a rickshaw to his house.
When he came home, he went to his room, closed the door and started crying. Again, as before, he has given up eating and drinking. Just one thought Sahid will forgive me.
This is how the afternoon passed. Samia is still in the room. Both his parents were worried. Because the girl is doing the same thing as it was three years ago.
Samia's father entered Samia's room and said: What happened to my mother?
Samia hugs her father and tells her father everything Ripa said about Sahid.
Samia's father: Do you know where Shahid is now?
Samia: Hmmm now she is in Dhaka and studies in my college.
Samia's father: Then it's an easy task. It's easy to say but not easy.
Samia: Hmmm, but how?
Samiya Baba: (with some wisdom). This is how it should work.
Samia: He is my best father. And you will not tell anyone these things.
Samia's father: Well stay. Come for dinner later.
The night Samia's father left, Samia took out her phone and called Neha and asked about Shahid. The next morning, Samia will leave for Dhaka.
All of Shahid's family are sitting in their rooms with a sad mind. Everyone is thinking the same where to find Shahid. And the condition of Shahid's mother is also getting worse. Just talking about Shahid.
I went to a park today with my daughter and Neha. I reached home in the evening. After coming to the room, I freshened up my daughter.
Freshly took out the phone from the pocket and saw that Rafi called five times. Couldn't figure out how to put it in silent mode.
And you may not know or have not been told that I used to talk to Rafi and Sifat on the phone sometimes. But I forbade them to say this to anyone else.
Anyway, I called Rafi. Received the phone after ringing once.
Me: Assalamualaikum, friend, how are you?
Rafi: Peace be upon you. Alhamdulillah. how are you
Me: good nare 😞😞.
Rafi: Why?
Me:# How do you stay cool when EX girlfriend is an English mam--- (gets upset)
Rafi: What, that means Samia your hahaha,,,,
Me: This is not a smile at all.
Rafi: Well, listen to the reason why I called you.
Me: Hmmm say.
Rafi: I saw Samia at your house today.
Me: What?
Rafi: Hmmm. Not only that, where did you go in the car with your father?
Me: Ohhh I think I will go somewhere.
Talked to Rafi and hung up.
The next day I went to college. Even today Samia did not come. Ahhh what a good feeling. I went to the orphanage with Neha after class. I came home with Mim from there.
The next day my daughter woke up late and called me. I woke up and left to go to college. My daughter is serious about going to college with me. In fact, when I go to college with me, everyone loves me, gives me chocolates. Even the little kids demand to go for them.
Three of us went to college together. We are the topper students of the college. Because, three of us from one family go to college together 😎😎😎😎.
I went to college and took my first class. Second class belongs to my EX. Today seems to have come. Because, took two days off. And today is the end.
A little later the principal sir and ma'am came to the class. After hearing what the Principal Sir said, I,,,,,,,

Girlfriend when English mam episode 19

I am sitting in the room after finishing the first class. A little later the principal sir and ma'am came to the class. As if the principal sir entered the room and heard what he said, my blood rose in my head.
Principal Sir: Dear students you know Miss Samia is your new teacher. Joined two days ago. Being new, he has several problems. That's why he came to me and said that he needs an assistant. And he wants to take that from your class. 
 So I decided to make Sahid Hasan his assistant. Sahid, do you have any objection?
After listening to the Principal Sir, I wanted to leave the college. I said in a soft voice with a cool head: Sir, why are you repeatedly involving me in these things? And you know I'm always busy. Even then how to do this? You tell someone else.
Principal Sir: Look Sahid I like you. And no one else has the amount of faith I have in you. Besides, your mom has selected you herself.
Me: sir but---
Without letting me say any more, the principal sir said: Nothing more. From today you are Miss Samia's assistant. You will help him in his work.
After saying this, the principal sir left the class. I sat in my seat and started thinking that today is so far to stay away from, today is his assistant again. I looked at Samia and saw that she was smiling. That means it is his bait.
Ha ha ha Samia no matter how much bait you use, this fish will not catch your spear (barshi) (in mind). Yajna started taking classes, I also concentrated on studies. Suddenly, Shakib sits behind me and pats my stomach and says: Mama, when will you give the treat?
Me: What treat? (surprised)
Riyad: I don't understand, you're a little girl, aren't you? If you are the assistant of the beautiful madam, then we must give you a treat.
Me: I can't give 😠😠😠.
Shakib: Can't you mean? (slightly louder)
 Ma'am could hear Shakib's words only when Shakib spoke a little loudly. Placed the book on the table and came to us and said: What happened, why is there so much talk here?
Riyad: Nothing ma'am. , (frightened)
Ma'am: Do you mean anything? What were you saying? 😡😡
Riyad: Actually Ma'am Sahid has become your assistant so I wanted a treat from her. But she doesn't want to give 😚😚(upset)
 Samia smiled and said: Oh, this is the matter. Then you come to the canteen and I will give you a treat.
Hearing Samya's words, they and the class were a little surprised.
Ma'am treat instead of Shahid? No one could think.
Anyway, the class ended somehow. Samia came to me while leaving the room and said: Mr. Sahid Hasan will come to my office during vacation.
I didn't say anything else because I didn't want to talk to her. After college I gave chocolates to my daughter. My daughter was with her Annie. I came with chocolate and saw that none of my friends were in their previous place. I'm sitting and tapping the phone. Ten minutes later, there's no sign of them coming.
A little later they three came.
Me: Where did you go?
Iqbal: I thought I wanted to give a treat, I went to eat it.
(raise the drum)
I was shocked to hear Iqbal's words. What do you mean? Did they all know or did Samia tell them all? I ask them first.
Me: I mean, who are you talking about?
Riyad: Hey brother, if mam loves you and marries you, then we will think. (Sitting aside)
Me: Oo tai bal,,,,, (I survived, otherwise if they know then they will kill me). Ma'am will love me why? Why do you love me? Don't think about it any other day,,😡😡😡 (angry)
Iqbal: Hey, if you don't like Shala, can she feed someone else for you? Again it was his assistant's treat,, ha ha ha.
I thought to myself, Iqbal is right, so does Samia love me?? No way I'm not going to melt.
Shakib: What are you thinking?
Me: Nothing.
Iqbal: I think you are sorry ma'am told you to go.
Me: Hmmm, you are at home, I went to ma'am's room.
I went despite my reluctance. Without going to the door I said: May I come in.
Samia: Hmmm come on. And you need permission to come to my room, don't you understand.
Me: Ha ha ha characterless boy I have to take permission.
Sahid's words stuck in Samia's chest. Still, he endured silently. Because, he gave more pain than this to Sahid.
Me: By the way mam tell me what to do.
Samia: You don't have to do anything, just sit on the chair.
Me: No no ma'am, I am a characterless boy sitting with you can't be said to harm you.
Samia looked at me with tear wet eyes and said: Please forgive me Sahid.
Me: Chi Chi Ma'am why are you apologizing to me? I have forgiven everyone.
Samia: Then my sa,,,
Suddenly my daughter entered Samia's room and ran to Samia and said: Mamni Mamni thumi ti kaltetho?
Hearing about my daughter, I fell from the sky. What does this baby girl say 😲😲😲.
Mimke didn't notice me till now. Sitting on Samia's lap and looking ahead, she saw me. Seeing me, Samia came down from his lap and came to me.
As I picked up Mim in my lap, Mim said: Dano babai amal mamani amale ata (showing with hand) dulo taklet diete.
I was a bit happy to hear about my daughter and more angry towards my Neha. Why did he send my daughter to a stranger? 
Although Samia is not a stranger yet,,,.
I scolded my daughter and said: Who said this is your mother?
Mm: Anni Bolete.
Me: Annie said so you will say? And why did you take the chocolate?
Hearing my scolding, my daughter started crying. I hugged her.
Samia: Please don't say anything to Mim. He is a small child, tell me what to say.
Without saying anything else, I left Samia's room with Mim and went to Neha.
I went to Neha and asked Neha: Neha, what did you say to Mim? (angry)
Neha: What bro, I didn't say anything,,.(frightened)
Me: I didn't say anything, then why did you call the English mam as Mamni? (very angry)
Neha has never seen my behavior like this. As a result of which tears came to the corner of Neha's eyes today.
Neha: actually brother,
Without saying anything, I wiped my tears and kissed them on the forehead and came to the canteen with them. What should I do now, they are both my world. I can't stand their tears.
However, after eating something in the canteen, I brought them home. I came home and prayed. Three people sat together to have lunch. As soon as he sat down, the MD of the office called. MD Saheb told me to receive.
MD: Assalamualaikum. Sir, you should have come to office today.
Me: Walaikumus Salaam. Why did something happen?
MD: There's a little problem you'd actually like.
Me: ok What time will I go?
MD: Four o'clock in the afternoon.
Me: ok
MD: Ok sir. Assalamualaikum
Me: Walaikumus Salaam.
On hanging the phone, my daughter said: Dad is going to have tea tomorrow, and Amal Mamanil is going to have tea?
Alas, my daughter will drive me crazy. I spoke to the MD of the office. And he is talking about his aunt. God, where did the ghost of my mother enter my daughter's head 😚😚!
Me: No, Ammu is with the MD of the office.
Mm: Oooo,,,(upset)
Neha: Well mom, what do you need mommy?
Mmm: Hmmm Annie,,.
Neha: Then tell your father.
Mim: Babai Amal Ekta Mamni Ane Tibe. (Do Tune)
Me: Ok mamani I will bring you a mamani. Now eat like my good mother.
Mim: Atta. Tintu Babai Amal Mamni that I will bring.
 What does this girl say 😲😲😲. Me: where will you get it. (surprised)
Mim: Adke amale de taklet diete keke adal talete setai amal mamani.
Hearing my daughter's words, rice stuck in my throat. Neha gave me water and said: Ahh brother, eat now. I'll think about it later.
Me: Where did you find your sister?
Neha: Who again, Mimi's mommy 😏😏😏.
Me: You are ripe😡😡😡.
Neha: Look brother, you are getting old, and Mim needs a mommy plus I think I will. then why are you doing that Don't bring it, (do it in tune)
Me: You don't have to think about me, eat quickly.
Neha: Huh, (upset)
After eating and drinking, I came to the room and slept. Mim went to Neha's room.
I went to the office at four o'clock. After solving the problem in the office, I met all the staff and left.
On the other hand, Samia is thinking, today my liver is very angry. I don't know what she said to Neha. Let me call Neha. As soon as Neha called, Neha answered.
Neha: Assalamualaikum. how are you mam
Samia: Walaikum Salam. i am fine how are you
Neha: Alhamdulillah.
Samia: How many times will you call me sister?
Neha: ok sister.
Samia: Well. Did your brother tell you something?
Neha: No, I didn't say anything.
Samia: Ohh. So what is my daughter doing?
Neha: Your daughter is sleeping with me. What to talk about?
Samia: hmm give it,,,
Mim: Attalamualaitum,, Mamni so much?
Samia: Walaikum Salam. Alhamdulillah I am fine. How is my mother?
Mm: Me too balo ati.
Samia: What did your father tell you when mom went home?
Mm: No mommy. Babai te tomale anal tata baleti.
Samia: I did not understand what you said.
Neha: Your mother said what her father said about you.
Samia: I see my mother has grown up.
Mm: hmm mommy,,
Samia: Well mom, we will talk later.
Mim: Atta Mamni.
Samiya: Hmmm Neha tell me if your brother says anything to you.
Neha: Ok.
Samia: hmm bye,,,
Samia breathes a sigh of relief after talking to Neha. Because, Samia knows about Sahid's anger.
I came home from office. I went to the roof in the evening. Rafi called as he went to the roof and sat on the swing.
Me: hmm tell me, how are you?
Rafi: Alhamdulillah, how are you?
Me: Alhamdulillah.
Rafi: Sahid, your father and brother came to my house today.
Me: why? (surprised)
Rafi: I don't know where you are.
Me: suddenly looking for information?
Rafi: Your father, Samia, your brother, in a word, your family, Samia's family and Ripper's family all know the truth. You know that you are innocent.
Me: But how did you know?
Rafi: I didn't tell you yesterday that Samia came to your house. Actually, Samia came to know about you. And soon your father took her to the hospital. Ripa has been admitted to the hospital. And there Ripa calls everyone and tells the truth.
Me: Ohhh. But what happened to the Reaper?
Rafi: Brain tumor.
Me: Ohhh. How is everyone in my house? 
Rafi: Everyone is fine but your mom is sick worrying about you. You go bro.
Me: That is not possible. Well, stay well.
So I hung up the phone. Mother's words are remembered a lot.
I can't express how happy I am when I get this news from Rafi, because I was guilty of a false conspiracy to the family members. Now they know the truth.
But thinking about my mother, I felt bad for a moment. I am not going to them anymore.
I went to college the next day. I wanted to leave Mim. But she will go to college with me that's crying. I couldn't do it anymore.
On reaching the college, he saw Mim Samia and said to me:
Babai mamanil kate dabo.
Me: No, I will not go.
Vyas started crying. I saw her crying and ordered her to stop immediately.
Ha ha ha magic,,,,
When I was about to enter the class, a girl from our class came to me and wanted to explain a question. I took him along and sat in an empty space in the campus and started explaining it. Looking a little far, I saw Samia looking at me with wet eyes. I think I am talking to this girl.
I also started laughing and talking to the girl to make Samia angry.
Samia could not bear it and left.
I also went to class. In Samia's class, Samia kept looking at me. I went to Samia's room before the holiday.
As soon as I sat in the room, Samia came to my feet and hugged my feet and cried: Please Sahid, don't ignore me like this again. I can't anymore. I mean I was wrong but can't I be forgiven, (crying)
Me: What are you doing?
Samia: No, I will not leave. I will not leave unless you accept me.
Me: See if you don't leave my leg. Then I will have to leave here.
Samiya: No no, you don't have to go, you stay.
I sat on the chair and Samia sat on the chair in front of me. I have nothing to do but sit. Sometimes Samia lets me ask some questions and I do them.
A week passed like this. And in this one week, Samia apologized to me many times. But I didn't forgive. Every time I insulted him by what he said. He tolerated them with his mouth closed.
Maybe now he understood the meaning of my love.
In another week, Mim's relationship with Samia deepened. It seems that their relationship is that of mother and daughter.
I went to college today, Neha and Mim together. If you don't take Mim, she won't keep me alive.
At the start of the class announced that the principal sir has asked all the students of the class to come to the hall room.
Everyone went to the hall during the break. Then the principal sir said: Dear students, I will tell you a happy thing. And that is from this college.

Girlfriend When English Mam Episode 20

Principal Sir: Dear students today I have a happy story to tell you. I hope you all agree to it. And that is that on the next 27th, this college will go on a three-day tour to Sylhet and Cox's Bazar.
Everyone: Yes sir. We agree.
Principal Sir: Ok then you prepare from now.
I came out of the hall and went to Neha. Mim was also with Neha. I came home with both of them. After coming home and taking a bath, we all sat down to have lunch together.
Me: Neha, what tour will you go on?
Neha: Actually bro I don't want to go.
Me: why? (surprised)
Neha: Going there means spending unnecessarily. And tell me how much you will spend for me?
After listening to Neha's speech, I put two on the cheek and said: What did you say, how much will I spend for you? I mean, you're not mine.
Listen, if you don't go, I won't go either.
So I got up from the dining table and went to the room and slept. I could not think that Neha would tell me this. Maybe he still thinks of me. Still could not take it. But he doesn't know anymore. How dear he is to me.
I am thinking about this while lying in the room with my eyes closed and tears are falling from my eyes. Suddenly I realized that someone entered the room. I opened my eyes and saw Neha standing. I said: Will you say something? I am none of yours.
Neha came and hugged me and said while crying: Brother, do you love me so much? Forgive me brother, I didn't realize that you would be so hurt by my words😭😭. I thought no one in this world would love me after my mom died. No one will treat me well. But by the grace of Allah I got a brother who cares for me more than himself. Please forgive me bro.😭😭😭😭😭
I also wiped her tears and said: Why don't you understand that there is no one else in this world except you? Everything I have is for you. Tell me what to do with these?
Now tell me whether you go?
Neha smiled and said: Hmmm I will go.
Me: This is my dear sister. What is my daughter doing?
Neha: Your daughter is sleeping in my room.
Me: Ohhh.
Neha: Brother, if I go, I have to take Mim too.
Me: Hmmm, where is the problem?
Neha: No one will think anything?
Me: Who would think? And if there are more problems, I will pay the bill for a seat for Mim.
Neha: Hmmm. Oh, I don't remember that your daughter's mom is a college mom. Shouldn't be a problem. Bro, when are you bringing your daughter's mom home? (😜😜😜)
Me: Neha will beat me. You've matured, haven't you? I will sleep in your room.
Neha: ok sleep i will talk to bhabhi.
Me: What?
Neha: Nothing.
So run from the room. I said to myself, crazy.
fell asleep Mim is calling in the afternoon.
Mim: Dad, I will let Aad sleep.
Me: ok mom you sit I am coming fresh.
After freshening up, I went out for a walk with Mim and Neha after Asr prayer.
I came to a park and stopped the bike. This park is quite organized. The park is quite far from my house. Again close to the college. Because the college is east of my house and the park is west of the college.
And from the sources of friends, I came to know that Samia rents a house a little far west from this park. On pilgrimage, I went to a thrift store with my daughter and sister.
Neha likes to eat fuchka again. My daughter has also learned to eat fuchka after seeing Neha.
They are drinking fuchka and I am drinking coffee. There are four chairs on the table where we are eating. Mim and Neha are sitting on the two chairs in front of me and eating fuchka. And the chair next to me is free. Suddenly Mim started shouting Mamni Mamni. Looking back, Samia is coming.
I once looked at Samia and again lowered my eyes and gave deep attention to the coffee. So that Samia will understand that I did not see her. Mim got down from the chair and went to Samia. And Samia took Mim in her arms.
Samia came to my side and Neha said: Hey, I wonder how you are?
I looked at Neha with bloodshot eyes. Neha swallows in fear.
Samia: Alhamdulillah. Nandi how are you?
Neha: I am also fine, I think sorry, sister. (looking at me with fear)
Samia looked at me with a smile and said: Hey, why are you so afraid. And you can call me thinker.
Me: Neha do you have any other brother or not? (even after knowing)
Neha: why? (surprised)
Me: Is this ma'am asking you to call me? And Nandi is calling you. 
Samia: Neha's brothers are sitting in front of Neha. So Nandi?
Neha: I think so.
I said to myself, Shali, you have also touched my sister. 
Neha: What's the matter Mr. Do not ask me to sit or not?
I slowly said: Characterless like me. Sit next to the boy again?
Sahid's words entered Samia's stomach like an arrow. But Samia is thinking, no matter how much you ignore me and listen to me, I will be by your side. I will make you mine again.
Samia blackened her face and sat next to me. Mim is still in Samia's lap. Samia took the plate from the table and started feeding Mim. I see Mim eating. Seeing me looking at me, Mim said: Dad, will you stay?
Me: no mom you eat.
 Samia picks it up and gives it to Mim's mouth and Mim eats it. It looks like the mother is picking up and feeding her daughter. Suddenly, Mim said: Dad, I will take the batai to Mamni today.
I don't know what to say. Who knew my daughter would put me in such a situation.
Samiya: No mom I won't go now. Later I will definitely go to your father's house. (looking at me)
Me: Sit on that hope. (slowly)
Mim: Atta Mamni.
After eating and drinking, I settled the bill and came out of the Fuchka shop and came to the bike. Samia bought Mim many chocolates and gave Neha a kiss on her forehead and came to me and said: come early to college tomorrow there is work.
That's why he left. I brought them both home.
At night I hugged Mim to my chest and went to sleep. I woke up at dawn and prayed and went to my father's grave and prayed. 
I was leaving to go to college around eight o'clock when the phone rang. I took it out of my pocket and saw that Sifat had given the phone.
I received and said,,,
I: Assalamualaikum. how are you
Sifat: Walaikum Salam. Alhamdulillah. how are you
Me: Alhamdulillah. What to say?
Sifat: Hmmm Sahid, you come to Rajshahi now.
Me: why? (scared)
Sifat: Aunty means your mother is very sick. Admitted to medical school.
How will I survive if something happens to my mother?
Me: Ok I will go. But I will go as a nurse. You arrange it.
Sifat: ok you come.
After hanging up, I left the room and saw Neha and Mim sitting on the couch.
I went to Neha and said: Neha I will not go to college today. Let's get you down.
Neha: why go anywhere?
Me: I have a job. I will go outside.
Neha: Ok.
Mim: Dad will be there?
Me: I will go out a bit mom. You will stay with your Annie and I will bring you chocolates when I come.
Mim: Atta Babai.
I took Neha and Mim to the college by bike and dropped them and said: Call the driver Ankel and ask him to come during your vacation. And don't go home alone.
Neha: ok bro. when will you come
I: In the evening or at night.
Neha: Well be careful.
Me: Hmmm.
After that I met Iqbal, Riyad and came home. Shakib did not come to college today.
When I came home, I left the bike and told uncle Darwan about the purpose of the bus stand. I had booked the ticket online some time ago.
As soon as I got on the bus, I remembered three years ago. I am going to my hometown today after a long time. I fell asleep leaning on the bus seat. This is a bad habit of mine.
Samiya: Neha, your brother did not come today?
Neha: No bhabhi. My brother has some work so he went out a bit.
Samiya: Ohhh,, (upset), [Saitan asked me to come to college a little early today and he has gone to work. I don't see him anymore,, in my mind]
Neha: I think don't worry, it will come. I do not know this situation after marriage.
Samia said with a smile on her shy face: Where is Paji girl from?
Mim: Mamni Amal taklet thet to give.
Samiya: ok mom let me get you more chocolate.
Mm: Hmmm mommy low,,.
After that Neha Samia and Mim went to the canteen.
After a long journey, I came to the city of the unbelievers. I got off the bus and called Sifat.
Me: I came where are you?
Sifat: Wait a minute.
Me: ok
A little later Sifat came. He hugged me as soon as he saw me. I also hugged. Meeting Sifat after about three years. A lot has changed. But Rafir went to Dhaka a few times and met him there a few times.
After asking good and bad Sifat took me to a doctor's cabin in the medical. But when I left, I had a mask on my face, so those who saw me did not recognize me. I went to the doctor's cabin and saw my older brother Mahfuz sitting there. But he was a medical student three years ago. So he is a doctor now. 
But we were more friendly with him.
At Yajna, seeing me, Mahfuz Bhai hugged me. I also hugged. After talking for a while, Sifat gave me a nurse's dress.
And I read them. I changed everything and became a temporary nurse.
After that Mahfuz Bhai, Sifat and I left the cabin and started walking towards Ammu's cabin.
I went in front of my mother's cabin and saw Amjad Chowdhury facing the opposite direction as if he was talking to someone on the phone. However, I did not understand, but after hearing the words, I understood that it was Amjad Chowdhury.
I stepped inside my mother's cabin. There is a rumbling inside the chest. I entered the cabin with great difficulty.
When I entered the cabin, I saw what I saw.

Girlfriend When English Mam Episode 21

I stepped towards my mother's cabin. There is a rumbling inside the chest. I entered the cabin with great difficulty.
What I saw inside the cabin was that my eyes were watering spontaneously and my eyes were getting dark. Who am I looking at? I don't recognize my mother. The appearance is dry, it seems that he does not eat properly. There are black spots under the eyes. Maybe because of crying for me, there are scars under the eyes.
Lying on the bed.
My brother is sitting on one side of my mother and Bhabhi is sitting on the other side. A baby boy in the arms of the sister. It seems to be their son.
Mahfuz Bhai went to mom to check up on mom. He said to Bhaiyya and Bhabhi: Saim Bhai, you and Bhabhi go outside for a while please. It would be better if you went out to check up on the patient.
Saim Ahmed: Well bro, I'm going.
Brother and sister left the cabin. But while leaving, brother looked at me suspiciously a few times.
After brother and bhabhi left, I closed the door properly. The reason I wear it is so everyone knows I'm a nurse. And I revealed the work of the nurse by putting the door.
I sat near my mother's head. Mom was sleeping for so long. Mom woke up when I clapped my hand on mom's forehead. Mom opened her eyes and started saying: Baba Shahid, where are you? Come to me once father. Come and call me mom. Where did you go?😭😭😭
Ammu is saying these things and shedding tears from her eyes. I am also crying silently. Ammu closed her eyes and started saying again: Shahid Baba, I will not live anymore, Baba, where are you, come to my lap, Baba. Where are you, bringing my witness to my arms,
Why did mom suddenly stop talking? Mahfuz Bhai said he has become senseless.
After that, I saw my mother again and came to Mahfuz Bhai's cabin with Mahfuz Bhai and Sifat. I came to the cabin and sat down on the sofa. How can I leave my mother in such a situation? How can I bear the condition of my mother in front of my eyes. I can't do anything else. I don't have that right. From a distance I have to cry and wet the pillow.
I said to Mahfuz brother: Brother, how is my mother's condition now?
Mahfuz brother: Actually Sahid, your mother's condition is very bad now. you come here It is impossible to say what happens when. And your mother only cares about you. So I say, brother, come back to your mother's lap again.
Sifat: Yes Shahid you come back. See how aunty behaved for you today. Not only today but every day after she was admitted to the hospital, I used to visit her. And every day auntie used to cry for you. Please bro forget everything and come back. People can make mistakes. Please go bro.
What else can I say? I want to come back to my mother like when I was a child and lie down with my head on my mother's lap and listen to the story of the shepherd boy's pita tree, listen to the story of Alauddin's amazing lamp, lie on my lap and talk to the moon, take rice from my mother's hand and eat. But an unknown force is blocking it.
After talking with them for a while, I went to my mother's cabin again. When I entered the cabin, I thought I was sitting next to my mother. I came out of the hospital after seeing my mother on the pretext of checking her blood pressure.
After coming out, I called Sifat and came to the bus stand. The phone rang as I sat on the bus. I see that Neha has given the phone.
 I hung up and called. Neha received and said,,,,
Neha: Assalamualaikum. Where are you brother?
Me: Walaikumus Salaam. got on the bus
Neha: Ohhh. When will you get home?
Me: In the evening. Where is Mim?
Neha: I am with you. will you talk
Me: hmm give?
Mim: Attalamualaitum. Dad came to that place?
Me: Walaikumus salaam. I got on the bus mom. what are you doing
Mim: I am mamanil thuye ati.
Me: Whoah,,,. Why is your mother in my house?
Samia: If I don't stay, who will stay?
Me: Why are you at my house? Then again without my permission and what is the meaning of all this?
Samia: Bar I will stay at my future husband's house and who will ask for permission. And you know what this means.
Me: See leave it. Don't expect any more. Maybe it's better for you. 
So I hung up the phone. I don't want to talk anymore. After a while the bus left. The bus is moving at its own speed. And I'm looking outside. Thinking, how will mom be without me? If something happens to my mother, I will not be able to forgive myself. Well will I come back? What will be made of the relationship with them three years ago? Even if they have, I will not have that love and respect for them.
 But my love and respect for my mother will remain the same. Rather, my love for my mother has increased more than that. Because, a mother will always talk about how much she loves her son, will push herself to death with her thoughts. All mothers feel like this. "O Allah, give my mother health."
I came out of the world of thoughts to the sound of the phone ringtone. Rafi took the phone out of his pocket.
I received.
Rafi: Hello Sahid, have you come to Rajshahi?
Me: Hmmm. When will you return?
Rafi: I will go out tonight.
Me: Ohhh.
Rafi: You are not coming to my house today.
Me: Oh no, I boarded the bus. I will go to Dhaka.
Rafi: Well go ahead.
Me: ok
I left the phone and fell asleep on the seat. I slept for quite some time. Woke up to the call of the bus helper. I got off the bus and asked the driver uncle to come over the phone. I looked at the clock and saw that it was seven o'clock in the evening. That means Maghrib call to prayer has been made.
Oh oh God, where did you give me so much sleep? I went to a nearby mosque and came out after praying. I went to a shop and bought a box of chocolates for my daughter and a plate of fuchka for Neha.
A little later the driver uncle came with the car. I sat down in the car. I reached home after about twenty minutes.
Neha got down from the car and went to the door when the calling bell rang and opened the door. I went inside and took fuchka and box of chocolates to my room. I came to the room fresh and saw what my daughter was looking for in my room.
I took her in my arms and said: What happened to my mother?
What are you looking for?
Mim: Amal Taklet Toi?
I gave my daughter the box of chocolates I had brought for her. He started jumping for joy after getting it.
I gave the puffer pack to Neha. Neha was also happy to get a blow and started jumping. Whose smile can keep them happy, I feel like the happiest person in the world.
The night passed with prayers, laughter and happiness. I woke up in the morning and went to college. After college I went to Samia's office. Same thing there as everyday.
I came home with them.
 Two days passed like this. Today the principal sir said that the bus will leave for the tour tomorrow at seven o'clock in the morning.
All have to attend the college campus. And there was no trouble with Mim's departure. Rather, everyone is happy. Such a cute baby plus a friend's daughter is going with them. To say it is their fate. 😏😏😏
As soon as I woke up this afternoon, Neha took me to the shopping mall. I didn't say no. Because, going to one place tomorrow, some shopping is necessary. Besides, I also had some shopping to do.
Earlier in the evening I, Mim and Neha went to the shopping mall with a car. Actually taking the bike while going shopping so I don't like it. Going alone is a different matter. But there is a problem if two or three people go together. It's normal for a few bags to come back on him at night.
I took Neha's hand in the car park and went to the shopping mall with Mim on my lap. First I went to the ladies site. Oma goes there and sees my EX, English, my cutie's mummy standing there. Ohh then Neha told him about us coming.
After that, I entered the shop with Ma'am. Neha and Samia are busy doing their shopping.
My daughter and I helplessly watch them shop. After a while Samia asked the salesman to show some clothes for Mim.
I said to Neha: Apu, give me your phone.
Neha gave me her phone. I see the phone is quite old. I took it to him a year ago today. I will take another one today. I went to Xiaomi's showroom. I bought a low model phone from there and kept it in the car. I will give you a surprise.
I also bought Neha's mobile phone for that, it was not allowed. I go to the call list and see that a number saved as Bhabhi is being talked to a lot. Seeing the number makes me faint. Because this number is my ex's. That means Nehai says everything to Samia. I'm just having fun. I put the beautiful EX's number in the black list 😎😎😎😎
I came to them after work. They are not done shopping yet. I gave Neha her phone. I bought some clothes that I needed. I went to a jewelry store with them. There, a necklace caught my eye. I asked the help boy to pack it. When I asked to pack the necklace. Then Samia looked at me and smiled sweetly.
She thought I bought it for her. 
Now see how fun it is, I said to Neha: Neha, if you keep this necklace well, I will gift it to Mimi.
Hearing Sahid's words, Samia feels like someone is hitting her with a hammer. However, everything was tolerated in silence. Even after doing so much if he has to lose Shahid.
Neha: Oh our class. Don't you know? He proposed to me a few days ago. I asked for a few days. Now I think I will propose again with this necklace.
Neha was surprised by Sahid's words. Neha could not even think that her brother loves someone else. Samia ran out of the shopping mall without delaying another moment.
I was surprised. What is the matter, I could not imagine that Samia would be so heartbroken. What will happen to me? Just the beginning.
I came home with Neha and Mim. When I reached home, I saw that it was nine o'clock at night. I thought I would have dinner at a restaurant but it didn't happen. After coming to the room, I got fresh and went to Neha's room with the mobile phone box. But one thing I think from the time we got in the car till we came home, Neha didn't say a word to me. Mim fell asleep in the car. I took her in my arms and laid her on my bed.
I went to Neha's room and saw Neha sleeping. I called Neha.
Me: sister, what's wrong with your body?
Hearing my words, Neha got up and sat down.
Neha: No brother I am fine.
Me: So?
Neha: I am lying like this.
Me: Oooo, here it is (holds the phone case towards him) for you.
Neha: What is here?
Me: mobile phone.
Neha: Well leave it.
 I was surprised by Neha's behavior. I said to Neha: What happened to you?
Neha: Brother do you really love Mimi?
Ohh I understand this by now. Alas, I think that is crazy.
Me: why? (pretending not to know)
Neha: That's what I'm saying.
I smiled and said: I will understand that later.
Let's have dinner.
Neha: I will not eat. you eat
Me: It will not happen if you say that, you also come with me.
Finally agreed to have dinner on my insistence.
Then the two siblings had dinner together and went to each room.
I came to the room and filled my and my daughter's three day clothes in the luggage.
 Neha came to the room after dinner and called Samia.
 Neha: Hello, what are you doing?
Samia: I am sitting here. you? (shaky voice)
Neha: I came to the room after dinner.
Samia: Good.
Neha: Why does your voice sound like that? are you crying
Samia: Tell me what to do, for which I did so much. She's someone else's today. (Crying)
Neha: I don't think you should break down. Brother may have said this to hurt you. Besides, I know Bhaiyya. Never hid anything from me. If Mimi had really proposed, she would have told me earlier. you understand you stick
Samia: Okay. Will talk later.
Samia got some peace after hearing Neha's words.
I woke up at dawn and took a bath [Free Mind] Namaz called Neha and Mim. Freshened Mim and came to the dining table. Neha has not come to the dining table yet.
A little later Neha came. Yesterday I asked Bua to cook some food and put it in the fridge.
Three of us had breakfast together and came to the room and got dressed and sat in the car. After that the driver uncle took us to the college and dropped us.
Reached the college and saw the clock ticking 6.30 minutes. Neha went to Neha's friends. As I went with my daughter to my friends, the principal sir asked everyone to get into the car. It was decided through the city lottery. After a while Samia came and took Mim away from me.
After taking Mim, the economic sir came and told me,
Sir: Go to all the buses with this list and see if everyone got on properly?
Me: Ok sir.
After that I went to see all the buses. Everyone is sitting properly. Total 11 buses are going from our college. After many years, students are more interested in going on a tour from our college.
In Yajne, I took the bus fixed for our department. Oma got into the car and saw that everyone including my friends were sitting in their respective seats. All seats are full. I took out the ticket card from my pocket and saw that seat number 36 was mine.
I am surprised if I go to seat number 36. Because sitting next to me,

Girlfriend when English mam episode 22

I am surprised if I go to seat number 36. Because Mimi is sitting on the seat next to me. Which I told yesterday at the shopping mall. Samia and ma'am from the ICT department were sitting two seats behind me. But they will hear us from their seats. Mim was sitting on Samia's lap. And Neha was in another bus.
As soon as I sat on the seat, Mim saw me. On seeing me, she said, "Baba, I will put the tomal kate dabo."
Me: Ok mom come.
I brought Mim to me and sat on the seat. I am sitting next to the window and Mimi is sitting next to me.
Mimi is cuddling Mim in her arms. Everyone knows Mim because he took them to class earlier but Mim doesn't know everyone. Same happened with Mimi. Mimi knows Mim but Mim doesn't know Mimi, not so familiar.
Mim came to me from Mimi and said: Babai Eta (addressing Mimi) te?
Me: This is your mommy mom. From now on, will you call me mommy?
Mim: Thik Ate Babai. Mamni Amal danya taklet aneto?
Mimi: here mommy.
I looked at Samia and saw that Samia was looking at us. I started talking to Mimi to make her angry.
Me: Well Mimi, why are you so beautiful? Those black eyes of yours. Those apple cheeks. All those maddened smiles seem like a romance has descended from heaven.
Mimi bowed her head and said with a shy smile: Don't tell me what the truth is. (🙊🙊🙊)
I gave a little more palm and said: really, Mimi, there is no comparison of your appearance. But no matter what you say, there is no beauty like you in our college.
Mimi giggled happily and said: Really, (🙊🙊🙊)
Me: Yes indeed. I want to make you my daughter's mother.
I looked at Samia and saw that she was bubbling with anger. Let's see if the medicine works. His nose and ears are red with anger. It is a habit of Samia
Mimi smiled and said: Who didn't do it, make it.
Oma what this girl says? I want to make my EX angry with her and she is asking her to be my daughter's mother. 
I consoled Mimi and said: I will talk to my family and see how Janu is.
Mimi: Ok Janu kissed me on the cheek.
Oh God, who have I fallen into?
Samia could not bear all this and got up from her seat and came to us and said to Mimi: Did you come here to kiss this girl? 😡😡😡😡 (blushing with anger)
Mimi swallowed in fear and said: No ma'am.
Samia: What do you mean? Go sit in my seat?
Mimi: why ma'am?
Samia: Speak again. What I say will happen. Go tell me?😡😡😡 Never see you with Sahid again.
 Mimi went to Samia's seat feeling upset. 
Samia sat next to me. And I put headphones on my ears and started listening to music. It seems I don't know anything.
Samia is saying bitterly, does the devil boy say that Mimi is not beautiful except for his wife or anyone else in the college. So why have you been with me for so long? When you had a relationship with me for so long, you didn't tell me so nicely that your cheeks are as beautiful as apples, Kajal's black eyes are more beautiful? And today you got a wife and forgot me. He said that he will not propose again. I am proposing you.
 I can hear everything Samia is saying. Because I stopped the song then. 
I said to Samia: Ma'am, are you saying something?
Samia looked at me with sad eyes and said: Well, Shahid, have I really become unworthy of you?
Me: Why are you saying this? Why did you sit here with Mimi?
Samia got angry and grabbed my collar and said: If you ever mention any girl's name other than mine, I will finish you and finish you too.
I calmly removed Samia's hand from my collar and said: Ha ha ha,,,, you killed me on the same day, on the day you gave me the title of characterless for false conspiracy for false charges. What is there to kill again now? Needlessly, don't end your life by involving yourself in the life of a characterless boy like me.
Hearing my words, Samia's eyes began to shed tears.
He held my hands and said: Why can't I be forgiven?
Are you still mad at me?
I took out my hands and crossed my chest with a sigh and said: I have no anger towards anyone. And sorry, I did that long ago. What is there to do again?
Samia: Then why are you doing this to me?
Me: Look, I don't want to say these things now.
Samia said nothing more. Looking down with his hands on his cheeks, his eyes are silently watering. Mim fell asleep. I am patting Mim on the head. My daughter is a sleep freak just like me.
I also put my head on the seat. I suddenly remembered that I did not talk to Mahfuz bhai today. And you were not told that since yesterday afternoon, my mother is recovering well because of the strong medicine. But just thinking about me makes me cry.
I called Mahfuz brother. Did not receive the first time. I gave it again. Received now,,,
I: Assalamualaikum. How are you brother?
Mahfuz Bhai: Walaikumus Salaam. Alhamdulillah. how are you
Me: Alhamdulillah I am fine. How is Rudy now?
Mahfuz Bhai: Alhamdulillah. Fairly healthy. Now put to sleep with sleeping medicine. And only if you are awake. And listen, if there is such a problem this time, it can be a big problem. And if you can, you come.
Me: I will try to go brother. Well bro, be fine.
Mahfuz Bhai: Well, stay well.
I left the phone and fell asleep on the seat. I slept very well. I woke up and saw that I was sleeping with my head on Samia's shoulder and Mim was sleeping with her legs on my lap and her head on Samia's lap. Samia is patting my head with one hand and Mim's head with the other hand.
 I lifted my head from Samia's shoulder and sat straight and said: Sorry, actually I didn't understand in my sleep.
  Samia smiled and said: No problem. How did you sleep?
Me: hmm good.
Both said nothing more. The bus is moving at its own speed. And I'm looking at the scenery outside. of the bus I heard from Helapar and after an hour's journey we will reach our destination.
After a while, Amir's daughter woke up. When he woke up, he said to his mother: "My mother, is that what I am worried about?"
Samia took out the chocolate to Mim and said: Take this mom.
After that, my daughter is sitting on her mother's lap and happily eating chocolate. I said to my daughter: Mom, how did you sleep?
Mm: Dalo Hyete Babai. How is your mood?
Samia: Your father's sleep is also very good maman.
Mim and Samia started talking. After a long journey we reached our destination. The bus stopped in front of a hostel. But it is a little outside of Cox's Bazar city. 
This hostel was booked online by our college teachers. And this is the biggest hostel in Cox's Bazar.
As soon as I got off the bus, Iqbal came and said to Samia: I wonder how it felt to travel with my brother?😜😜😜
Samia blushed and said: Devarji has done very well. 
I looked at Sifat with bloodshot eyes and said: What time do you think of this? And I don't call you because I think I didn't tell you 😡😡😡😡.
Samia: No problem you can call me Bhabi.
 I said to Samia: Look ma'am this time it's getting too much.
That's why I left there angry.
After that sir gave each of us a room key. Me and Iqbal in one room. Shakib and Riyad in the same room.
On the other hand, Samia and Neha are in the same room. I got fresh and went out. It took the evening to wander around a bit. Today the sky is black and cloudy. Standing outside, looking at the scene outside. Suddenly someone said from behind: What are you doing alone?
I looked back and saw Mimi standing.
 Me: Ohhhh nothing. I have a word with you, if you have time, it would be good to visit the site.
Mimi happily said: Hmmm I have something to tell you. Well let's go where?
Me: hmm come on.
After that I went to an empty place with Mim. I went there and said to Mimi: Mimi, what I will tell you, then don't do anything in reverse. And don't get me wrong.
Mimi: What are you talking about?
Me: Tell me what you wanted to tell me earlier. I'll tell you later.
Mimi: Actually Sahid I don't like Bhonita. Suzy says directly. I love you Sahid. don't give me back
What can I say, everything seems to be going over my head. I wanted to do what happened?
Me: It's not possible.
Mimi: Why? (Crying in a crying voice)
Me: See Mimi I have no such feelings for you. I thought of you as a friend. And the reason for talking on the bus is that your Samia ma'am is my girlfriend. We love each other. We are far from each other because of a misunderstanding. But the love is the same. I did that with you to make him angry. You know, you're pretty enough. You will get a better son than me. I have no family and no place to stay. Everyone else's. And if you can,
Before I finished talking, Samia came from nowhere 
Szore slapped Mimi twice on the cheek. Mimi couldn't handle the rhythm and fell down.
Samia picks up Mimi and says how many times I told you not to talk to Sahid. You still didn't listen. Just as he was about to give another slap, I grabbed his hand and slapped him.
Part of Samia's lip was cut off for hitting her hard. Samia looks at me in surprise. Maybe he never thought I would kill him.
Me: How many times will I tell you I don't love you. I don't want to involve myself in the delusion of unbelief like you. Why are you still behind me? Which should not see you in front of the eyes. (angry)
Samia ran into the room crying. My head is bleeding. What do you say? Mimi's fault here. I brought Mimi here. 
I said to Mimi: Sorry Mimi, you have to face this situation for me. forgive me
Mm: Hey takes trouble. Any girl can't bear to see someone else near the man she loves. And you may not be in my destiny. Can we be friends or not? How long is your relationship?
Me: hmm can be friends. And if you want to know about our relationship, then listen,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(Then from college to love with Samia, leaving home said everything)
Hearing my words, Mimi started to cry and said: So much has happened to you?
Me: Hmmm. But promise not to tell anyone about my relationship with Ma'am.
Mimi: Okay. But Sahid Ma'am would have loved you. Don't bother anymore.
Me: Hmm I know. But I will give a little more.
Mimi: Don't do anything to get lost again.
Me: Oh no. Well let's go to the room or not?
Mimi: Hmmm come on.
Then I came to the room and saw Iqbal lying down and pressing the phone. I sat on the sofa and called Neha and got to know about Mim.
A little later called for dinner. We all went to the hostel canteen together and had dinner. I came to everyone's room after dinner. The body is quite tired for the long journey. That's why everyone fell asleep a little earlier without moving around today.
But during dinner I saw Neha alone with her friends. Mim has been sleeping for so long. but Why didn't Samia have dinner?
Hoss thinks so much and works. I came to the room and fell asleep. The night was not long. It's only nine o'clock. Iqbal is asleep. There are two beds in one room. As a result, it will not be difficult to lie down. I fell asleep as soon as I lay down.
Suddenly the phone rang. in hand I see that Neha called. Sleep disappeared somewhere. Nothing happened to them.
I received the phone with a pound of tension.
Me: Hello Neha, has something happened?
Neha: bro, you come to my room soon? (shaking voice)
Me: Why?
Neha: You come quickly,,,. (in a shaky voice)
That's why he hung up.
I left the room and closed the door of my room from outside and went to Neha's room. Neha came and opened the door when she knocked on the door.
As soon as I entered the room and looked at Samia's bed, my stomach trembled. Because Samia is on the bed,,,,,,,,,,,

Girlfriend When English Mam Episode 23

I entered the room and was surprised to see Samia's bed. Because, Samia is lying on the bed and shivering even with the blanket on her body. And Abal Tabal is bending. Samia is allergic to cold. For which now his condition is worse.
Seeing this condition of Samia, my chest twisted. Even though he is my love. No matter how much I say to him, I do not love him. But in my heart my love for him remains the same. But I still hate him. I don't know when this arrogance will end. I went near Samia's bed and put my hand on Samia's forehead and saw her forehead burning due to fever. 
I asked Neha: Neha ma'am how is this condition?
Neha: Actually bro, yesterday afternoon, ma'am ran into the room from somewhere. Came to the room and went to the washroom without saying anything. A little later I see the sound of the shower coming. I thought my body was tired from the journey so took a shower. I didn't say anything else either. Almost half an hour is passing and still it is not coming out. I pushed the door of the washroom and entered to see mam sitting on the floor of the washroom crying and water falling from the shower on her head.
I asked: What happened to you?  
Ma'am said: Nothing happened.
Me: So why are you sitting like this after the shower?
Ma'am: Nothing happened to me. Please leave here. leave me alone
I came out of the washroom without saying anything. A little later called for dinner. I called Ma'am for dinner. But he said he will have dinner later. I couldn't take him to dinner with me despite my insistence. 
I went to dinner with Mim.
I came to the room after dinner and saw mam still taking a shower. I took the dress from the room without hearing anything from her, changed her wet clothes and put the dress on her bed. Then I asked him again, what happened?
Mam hugged me and said while crying: I am lost Neha I am lost to my love. Then I realized something happened between you.
Hearing Neha's words, my eyes started to water. How could I behave like this with the girl? I want to hug my chest and look into my eyes and say, "I love you so much, why don't you understand?" I want to go back to them again.
But some unknown force came and blocked and said, "The martyrs did not punish you less, have you forgotten?" Then I can't go back to them. Those old wounds wake up. I remember those three years ago. When they evicted me for no fault, gave me characterless titles for no fault. How to get back to them.
I came out of the world of thinking about Neha.
Neha: I don't know what happened between you guys. I don't even try to know, but let me tell you one thing, brother, this girl loves you very much. So forget all the past and start anew. 
I did not answer Neha's words and said: Neha, if you have a handkerchief, bring it.
I fetched a jug of water from the washroom after sending Neha to fetch the handkerchief. I brought water and sat near Samia's head. I took the handkerchief from Neha and soaked it in water and started putting a bandage on Samia's head.
Samia's fever is increasing gradually. Shivering is getting more. And in the whirl of fever, the mistake is well bent. I came to my room and took the fever capsule from the bag and fed it to Samia. Samia is still unconscious.
Samia became somewhat normal after applying water for about forty-five minutes. Neha was sitting next to me all this time. I said to Neha: Apu you take Mim and lie on your bed.
Neha: I am sitting here you go to your room and sleep.
Me: I am here you go and sleep. When you wake up, you will be sick.
Neha: ok bro.
After that, Neha took Mim from Samia's bed and slept on her bed.
I lift Samia's head on my lap and pat her head and put water on her head. I didn't realize when the night was over while serving the EX.
At the time of Fajr Azan, Samia got up from the bed, came to her room, performed ablution, prayed and laid her on the bed. Now Samia's fever is gone. But there is a little bit.
I woke up at seven in the morning, brought some fever medicine from the medicine corner and gave it to Neha and said: Neha, feed these medicines to your mam.
Neha: ok bro.
Me: How is the fever now?
Neha: There is no fever, but if these medicines are taken, it can be cured.
Me: ok
Iqbal and I are sitting after getting fresh in the room. A little later Riyad and Shakib came to our room. As soon as Shakib and Riyad sat down, Iqbal started saying: You know our Shahid brother was with my sister tonight.
Hearing Iqbal's words, Shakib and Riyad looked at me with open mouths. I feel like I'm from another planet.
Shakib: Tell me, has uncle gone so far?
Iqbal: Hey, did you hear it first?
Riyad: Hmmm say?
Iqbal: Around ten o'clock at night, I woke up. I looked at the next bed and saw that Sahid was not there. I thought I went to the washroom. But after a long time passed, he was not coming out of the washroom. I entered the washroom and saw no one. I thought it might have gone out. I came out of the room and saw that there was no outside. I peeked into ma'am's room and saw our friend Sahid talking. That means brother went to bhabhi's room.
I came to the room and lay down. I woke up a little before dawn and saw that Shahid had not come yet. A little later came to the room.
I pretended to sleep and looked at my eyes and realized that my friend's body was very bad. Because, the whole night may have played mass.😁😁😁😁
Riyad: After so much happened, you didn't feel the need to tell us anything. It hurts to even think about it.
Me: Hey brother Iqbal, some of what he is saying is true and some is false. I was there that night but...
Without letting me say anything, Shakib said: I understand my friend. We are not little children.
Me: You do not understand,,,. stay you
So I came out of the room. Because, the more I stay with them, the more they will patch up.
As soon as he came out, the phone rang. Look out sir called. I received and said,,,,
I: Assalamualaikum.
Sir: Walaikumus Salaam. where are you
Me: Sir I am outside. Why?
Sir: You go to the hostel and bring everyone to the canteen. After breakfast we will go out for a walk.
Me: Ok sir.
I came back to the hostel and asked everyone to the canteen. In the morning we went for breakfast together. At first I froze. After that, I went to Bangabandhu Safari Park, Radar Station and Light House, Lamar Para Cang, Inani. Seeing such a mesmerizing view of nature makes one feel lost in the midst of nature.
I wandered for a long time. It's two o'clock in the afternoon. After that we went to a restaurant and had lunch together and came to the hostel. Everyone took a shower and left for the beach. We like to spend the afternoon on the beach enjoying the afternoon sun and the evening sunset.
And tonight I will leave for Sylhet.
 Me, Neha, Mim, Samia are walking together on the beach. Iqbal, Shakib, Riyad and some friends are traveling together.
Samia Neha and Mim they three are going in front of me and I am going behind them.
The phone rang. I found out that the MD of the office called. Received and said, tonight I have to back Dhaka. Does the office have an urgent meeting that cannot be done without my signature?
By this time, his three were far away from me, suddenly Mimi came running and said: Shahid, look what has fallen into my eyes. It hurts a lot, please take a look.
  Even though the sun at three o'clock in the afternoon is not very strong, it is not very convenient to stand in the sun. I took Mimi under a tree. I took out a tissue from my pocket and tore some parts. I thought sand might have fallen.
Looking close to Mimi's eyes, I saw a small bug. Whenever I was going to blow the bug in Mimi's eyes after taking out the insect with a tissue, someone grabbed my shoulder from behind. Look at Samia.
Without saying a word, Samia slapped me twice on the cheek and started saying: Luchcha your luchchami will never end. You were characterless and still are. characterless like you
Without saying anything else, I said, "You have said a lot." I thought I would forget everything and hug you again. But no, you didn't let that happen. I don't want to talk to a girl like you.😠😠😠😠(very angry)
By now everyone has seen our story. Everyone is wondering what their relationship is?
I told Neha and came back to the hostel. Blood has risen to the head. I thought maybe Samia realized her mistake and started loving me again. But no it's a passion of his. I came to the room and left the shower and started getting wet.
Mimi: actually ma'am your love is not real. And if he was real, he would not have doubted his loved one like this.
Samiya: What do you mean? (surprised)
Mimi: I mean you are not worthy of Shahid. Shahid loves you as before. But you did not give the dignity of Shahid's love. Last night when you saw me with Sahid, I told Sahid about my love. But Shahid rejects me saying he loves you. But the reason he is doing this to you is because he wants to hurt you, like hurting someone you love for no reason. He wanted to accept you in a few days but you ended it on your own.
Hearing Mimi's words, Samia sat on the beach with her hands on her head.
Mimi began to say again: And what fell into my eyes today. It hurt a lot. When I saw Sahid, I ran to him and told him about something in my eye, Sahid removed the insect from my eye with a tissue. And you came and slapped and listened. There is still time to keep the people you love. You can do it in any way. You may struggle but try. Because if you lose it once, you will shed tears for the rest of your life.
So Mimi left there. Samia sat on the beach and started crying. Neha is comforting Samia in various ways but Samia keeps crying. Seeing Samia's cry, Mimo started crying.
Neha returns to the hostel with Samia and Mim.
I went to Sir and said: Sir, I had something important to say with you.
Sir: Hmmm tell me.
Me: Sir I will back Dhaka today.
Sir: Why? (surprised)
Me: sir tomorrow morning there is an urgent meeting in the office. And it won't happen if I'm not there.
Sir: Okay. Then it can no longer be banned.
Me: Ok sir. And take care of my sister and my daughter.
Sir: Okay. When will you go?
Me: I will go to the flat at eight o'clock.
Sir: Ok.
Sir left the room and came to my room and started packing. By now everyone has left the beach. Seeing me packing, Iqbal said: Shahid, where are you going, why did you pack?
Me: I will go to Dhaka, friend.
Iqbal: Why? (surprised)
Me: I have an urgent meeting at office. And keep a look at Neha.
Iqbal: Okay.
I called Neha and asked her to come out of the room.
Neha came out and was surprised to see today. Because, I came out with the lacage.
Seeing me in this state, he said: Brother, where are you going?
Me: Actually there is an urgent office meeting so I have to go.
Neha: You can't go if you don't. (Do it in tune)
Me: I have to go sister. And bring my mom a little.
Neha went to her room to take Mim.
A little later, the three of them along with Samia came to me. Sameer is surprised to see me like this.
I took my daughter in my lap and said: Mom, will you go with me or stay with your Anni?
Mim: Babai Thumi Tothaay dabe?
Me: I will go to Dhaka mom. will you go
Mim: No father, I will stay with Annie and Mamni.
Me: ok mom stay. Don't do mischief.
Mim: Atta Babai.
Me: And Neha look after Mim.
Neha: ok bro go well.
Me: ok
 As soon as I took a step forward and took the luggage in my hand, Samia came running and hugged my legs and said while crying: Please forgive me now. Give me one more chance.
Without saying anything, I left Iqbal, Riyad and Shakib and walked towards the airport.
It's ten minutes to eight o'clock to reach the airport.
Then I got on the plane.
The plane landed in Dhaka. After getting off the plane and coming out of the airport, I saw the driver uncle standing with the car. I asked Ankel to come while boarding the plane.
I came home with the car. After freshening up I had a light dinner and fell asleep. Because I spent last night serving a cheater.
I woke up in the morning and went to the office after breakfast. After completing the necessary work in the office, I came home and took the car to Rajshahi. The driver did not bring Ankel. I came alone.
Rang likes to drive. I drove for a long time and arrived in front of Rajshahi Medical. Parked the car and got dressed as a nurse and went inside.
I went to my mother's cabin and saw that my father was sitting with his head down and my mother was sleeping. Now I looked and met Mahfuz Bhai. Mahfuz Bhai said: Mom is quite healthy now. It will be released after a few days. After talking to Mahfuz Bhai, I came to the car from the hospital.
I drove again and came to Dhaka.
Nehara will return to Dhaka from Sylhet tomorrow at seven in the morning. It was night to come from Rajshahi to Dhaka. I fell asleep after dinner.
I woke up in the morning and saw that it was half past six. I quickly freshened up and went out to college with my car. Because, the tour bus will come to the college and drop everyone.
A little later the bus came. One by one everyone got down. Mim Neha and Samia got down together. Mim saw me and ran and hugged me. I also took it in my lap.
After that I talked to my friends and got into the car with Neha and Mim.
After coming home, the three of us had breakfast together. College is closed today. After breakfast, Neha went to her room to sleep. And brought Mim to my room and started talking. 
This is how the day passed.
I went to college the next day. Classes in college were not like that. It's just about the tour. I didn't go to Samia's room again after the holiday.
I came home with both of them.
Had a bath, prayed, had lunch and sat down to read. Because there is no more time for the exam.
I am angry after hearing what Neha said while having dinner at night.
[I have no idea about traveling to Cox's Bazar. Because no day has gone. Because of this some place names may be wrong or reversed. So this is the matter
 I beg your pardon]

Girlfriend When English Mam Episode 24

At night Mim, Neha and I have dinner together. Mim sits on my lap and eats from my hand. Hearing what Neha said while having dinner, my blood rose in my head with anger.
Neha: Brother had something to say.
Me: hmm say.
Neha: Actually, there is a problem in the house where Bhai Samia Ma'am used to live. Now looking for another home to stay.
Me: So,,,?
 Neha: I am saying to leave her in our house. My education will be good for him. And Mim will find her mother.
 I calmly said to Neha: Look, Neha, what do you want me to leave you?
Neha: No.
Me: Then don't say these things anymore.
Neha: Please brother, just keep my word.
Me: I don't want to talk about this any more.
 After saying this, I got up from the dining table and came to the room with Mim. I left Mim to sleep and went to the roof. I went to the roof and looked at the stars in the sky, saying to myself, why Samia? Why are you reminding me of those old troubles? I was fine without you. Where did you come from and get wrapped up in that illusion of yours? Who surrendered my hatred for you to Maya. I wanted to forget everything and hug you. But you again doubt me in the same way and call me characterless. I am characterless but why are you doing this to stay at my house to come to me? Maybe you thought I didn't understand anything, ha ha ha,,,. See how far you can run.
Neha got upset from the dining table and came to the room when her phone rang. Taking the phone from the bed, Samia called. Neha received,,,,
Neha: Assalamualaikum. I wonder how you are?
Samia: Walaikum Salam. Alhamdulillah. Neha what did your brother say.(excitedly)
Neha: Actually, I think my brother is not agreeing.
Samia: Ohh. (upset)
Neha: Don't get upset. Everything will be fine.
Samiya: Nothing will be fine Neha nothing will be fine. I made a big mistake. I feel like I've lost my love. (Crying)
Neha: Please I hope you don't break down. i am trying
Samiya: Please Neha do something.
Neha: ok. you don't care
Samia: Well. I will read and speak. (broken voice)
Neha: ok. stay well
Talking to Neha, Samia sat on the bed and started crying. Samia feels that she is going to lose Sahid. She loves Shahid very much. But how did that happen? Maybe there is more doubt because of more love. And doubt contributes the most to breaking a relationship.
Neha hung up the phone and started thinking how to bring Samia to her home. And for this he has to convince his brother. But how? A little later he remembered that his brother could not bear his tears anymore. He fell asleep thinking this.
I came to the room and slept watching the starry game from the roof till many nights. Woke up to the call of dawn. I woke up and prayed. I prayed and studied a little.
At eight o'clock my daughter and I came downstairs and sat at the dining table. Neha will actually have breakfast together and go to college.
Talking with my daughter means what did she see on the tour, what did her mother eat, what did she say and so on. Even after twenty minutes of talking, Neha is not coming. I said to my daughter: Mom, call your Annie and bring her.
Mim: Atta Babai.
My daughter went to call Neha. I took out my phone and logged into Facebook. A little later my daughter came to me alone from Neha's room.
I asked: Mom, where is your Annie? 
Mim: Babai Anni raga kalethe! Thabe na said!
Me: angry means. (surprised)
Let's see what happened mom.
Mim: Talo Babai.
I went to Neha's room with my daughter in my lap. I came to the room and saw Neha lying on the pillow and crying.
I sat next to Neha and put my hand on her head and said: what happened to you sister, why are you crying? (excited)
Neha is crying without saying a word, burying her face in the pillow. This time I couldn't stand still. I took her head in my lap with my hand and said: Neha tell me what happened.
No, Neha is not saying anything. Eyes closed and only tears.
I said: Look sister, if you do this to me, tell me with whom I will live. Who am I without you?
Neha: I am nobody's sister. No one should suffer for me. Nobody listens to me, I am nobody.
Ohhh this thing. I understand now. I smiled and kissed Neha's forehead: Tell me what you want?
Neha: Ma'am should be allowed to stay at our house.
Me: That's ok.
Neha: True.
Me: Hmmm. Now freshen up and come down. Let's go to college for breakfast together.
Neha: ok.
I came out of Neha's room laughing and saying, Samia what more will you do. You instilled pride in my simple sister. To achieve their own interests. You wanted to create unrest among our brothers to achieve your own interests. Ha ha ha
I would never bring you to my house. But I let you stay in my house for my sister's sake. Otherwise my sister will suffer after losing her mother. And if he gets hurt, I can't keep my promise to his mother.
But Samia, when you want to come and stay in my house, then you should be ready to bear my inhuman torture.
Neha came down, three of us had breakfast together and left for college. After reaching college I dropped them and parked the bike and started chatting with my friends.
A little later I went to class and went to class. As soon as the first class ended, Samia came and entered the class. It seems that he was waiting for the class to end.
 Samia started conducting classes. He just looks at me. Which makes me feel uncomfortable.
I came out after finishing the class somehow through discomfort. I will not have class today. I went to take Mim to Neha. But Mim is not with Neha. Neha says Mim is with Samya.
Despite not wanting to do anything else, I went to Samia's room. The door of Samia's office room was slightly blank. Through the gap in the door I saw Samia sitting Mim on her table (dex) and he sitting on the chair in front of her.
What is he saying and Mim is laughing.
I knocked on the door and said: I can come.
Samia bowed her head and allowed. I went to Mim and said: Mom will go home now?
Mm: Yes, father.
Me: Come on mom.
Mim: Bye Mamni. (to climb into my lap)
Samia: Bye mommy.
Coming to the door with Mim, Samia said: Sahid, I have something to say to you, please listen.
I went to open the door without listening to him, then Samia came and held my hand and said: Please Sahid,,,,
I didn't say any more and said: How dare you hold my hand?
After my slap, Samia sat there and started crying. I didn't pay attention to that and came out of her room with Mim. 
Mim said as soon as he came out: Babai mamani tanna taltethe ten?
Me: Your mom will eat chocolate.
Mm: Then bring unity to three.
Nahhh,,,, this girl has no peace. Giving soothing words, I said: Your mummy has many chocolates. They are crying because they will eat alone. This is why I brought you from there. Do you understand?
Mm: hmm daddy.
Then I went to Neha with Mim and said: Neha, do you want to go home now?
 Neha: Why?
Me: I will go home now. do you go or not
Neha: I will go at once with Ma'am.
Me: Ma'am mean?
Neha: Ma'am I will take Mim's mommy.
Me: What is there to take him again 😡😡😡.
Neha: No I mean brother you go I will come later with mam.
Me: ok come well, (seriously)
Neha: Ok bro.
Without further ado, I took Mimi to the parking lot to meet Mimi.
After that I sat under a tree with him to talk to him.
Mimi said to me: Sorry, Sahid did that day with you, Samia ma'am for me.
Me: Oh no, drop it. Tell me how the tour was.
Mimi: Hmmm that was good. But I feel bad for you.
Me: Why do you feel bad for me?
Mimi patted Mimi's head and said, "For me, you will leave there that day." Again, your relationship with mam is ruined for me.
I smiled and said: Oh no, what is destined will happen. And the reason for coming from there that day was because there was a meeting in the office the next day. 
While talking, he suddenly noticed the canteen. Where Samia, Neha and Neha had some friends. They are all eating but Samia is looking at me sadly. The face is black. And it seems that a shower is flowing through the eyes at any time.
 We mean Mimi and I are quite far from the canteen but Samia's face is clearly visible.
I started laughing and talking to Mimi more and more to annoy Samia. Mimi understood the matter and said: I know Sahid, you still love Ma'am. But you don't say because you want to cause more trouble. But don't overdo it so that again,,,
Without letting it end, I said: Oh, nothing. It's a little something. Well be good. I will go home.
Mimi: Well go.
After that I and my daughter came home with the bike. After coming home and giving my daughter a bath, I also took a bath, prayed and had lunch, father and daughter fell asleep together.
In the afternoon Nehar woke up.
Neha: brother and brother get up.
Me: tell me what happened? (sleepy)
Neha: Brother bring Samia mam's luggage and bag from below.
I jumped up and saw Samia standing next to the door and smiling.
The mood went bad. I said angrily: I feel like a human being. And I can't do these things because I'm allowed to stay here. Can leave here if necessary. I can't do these things.😠😠😡
Hearing Sahid's words, Samia's smiling face turned black in an instant.
Neha: please go brother.
Me: Horror,, from where these troubles come. ok let's go
After that I came out of the house and came home with Samia's luggage and some bags from the car. I came inside the house and saw Samia Mim. Sitting on lap.
I got angry and said: I have come to stay in the house as a tenant. What's up with us??
Samia heard me and ran to her room. Nehar is sitting upset.
I also came to the room. While having dinner, I went to the dining table and saw Samia sitting at the table and feeding Mim.
And Neha is sitting next to them and waiting for me. I sat on the chair and said to Neha: Neha, is he a member of our family or a tenant?
Neha: Why brother?
Me: That 😡😡😡 is having dinner with us.
Neha: Please bro leave it.
I got angry and said: I will not eat you.
Then I came to the room and sat on the bed. After a while I realized who entered the room. I looked at Samia.
look at me Seeing this, he said: Please don't be angry with me and don't eat. The body will deteriorate.
Me: Look, just because I let you stay here doesn't mean you can come to my room whenever you want. And I will know whether my body is bad or not. No one should show loose spirit. And now I'd be glad to get out of my room. (Looking down)
Samia left my room without saying anything.
I studied for a while and went to the roof. I was sitting on the roof watching the cloud play and suddenly I heard the sound of someone coming from behind. I looked and saw that Samia was coming. When I saw Samia and wanted to come down, Samia stood in front of me and said: Shahid, can't you forgive me? i can't I admit that the mistake of that day was also made by me. But what if you were in my place? Please forgive me (crying)
Me: Ma'am you have made various attempts to stay at my house or come near me. They have been successful. But again what do you want? Will you also force me to leave the family? I am going to go out. Still, don't let me fall under the spell of your false love. Besides, I am characterless, how can you deal with a characterless person. So what can I say, you leave these things and start a new life.
After saying this I came down from the roof and came to my room.
Samia came down from the roof and came to the room and said, Sahid, no matter how much anger and resentment you have towards me, I will end all your anger and resentment with my love. I know you still love me. But you want to hurt me. Give it no problem. I will endure all your pains, but I will not leave you again.
Now it's just a matter of time.
I came to the room and fell asleep. Mim is with Neha. Woke up in the morning to a strange voice. The voice that was not heard in the morning.
I opened my eyes and saw Samia standing with coffee in her hand. 
I said angrily: Is this your problem? Want to come to my room? And don't you have common sense that you have to ask permission to enter someone's room😡😡😡😡😡.
Samia: No I mean your coffee.
I took a sip of the coffee and knew it was made by Samia. Very tested. I said: Who made it? (After knowing).
Samia was happy and said: I made it.
I poured a meter of coffee on Samia and said: Shit, do these people eat? What did you make? Can't even make coffee. Get out of sight.
Samia said taking the coffee mug in her hand and left the room crying. While going, I noticed that the place where the hot coffee fell has turned red.
I feel bad. How did I do this?
I also came down fresh. I came downstairs and saw Mim and Neha sitting on the sofa watching TV. I also sat near them.
After a little breakfast I got ready and left for college.
I noticed one thing, I have not seen Samia since morning. Even at breakfast time.
I came outside and waited for Samia to go together. Seeing me standing, Neha said: Brother, why are you late?
Me: Did your mom leave?
Neha: Hmmm it's been a long time. He will go to college at once with medicine because he has hot water on his hand.
Hearing Neha's words, I felt very inferior. what did i do
Neha: What are you thinking bro?
Me: No, nothing.
Neha: Hmmmmm.
Then I went to college. It was time for class to hang out with friends. When I went to the class for the first class, the peon came and told me to go to the principal sir's room after this class.
I finished the first class and knocked on the door of the principal's room and said: May I come in sir?
Principal Sir: Hmmm come on.
I entered the principal sir's room and saw Samia,,,,,,,,

Girlfriend When English Ma'am Episode 25

I entered the principal's room and saw Samia sitting on the chair in front of him. I went to Sir and said: Sir, did you call me?
Principal Sir: Yes.
Me: Sir tell me what to do.
Principal sir: Sahid I appointed you as Miss Samia's assistant but you are not giving her proper time.
Me: Sir what do you want I am forced to leave this college with TC.
Principal Sir: No. But what is there to get out of college with TC for this? (surprised)
Me: I don't want to say this anymore. And yes, how can a characterless luchcha like me become a teacher's assistant? Still she is ma'am again. I told you that day I can't be a teacher's assistant. But you forced me to become an assistant. And now if you involve me in this then I will be forced to leave this college.
Saying this I came out of Sir's room. The mood went bad. The Shala I want to stay away from pulls me towards her. After coming to the class to chat with her friends, Samia entered the class to take the class.
I also started doing it in class. Even today he was looking at me with half eyes. I feel very bad about it. Because almost all the students in the class are criticizing us.
After finishing all the classes, I sat down to chat with my friends. Riyad said to me while chatting: Dos Ma'am seems to have really fallen in love with you.
Me: Look it's not love, it's emotion. Which will end after a few days.
Shakib: But Sahid, think about one thing, Ma'am did not make anyone else but you as an assistant. When you went on a tour, did you see Mimi next to you on the bus?
And always looking at you in class. Now if you call it emotion then it will be wrong.
Me: I don't want to hear this. So drop this topic.
Iqbal: Okay. But one Will you tell me the truth?
Me: Say yes.
Iqbal: What is the relationship with you ma'am?
Me: What do you mean?
Iqbal: The meaning is simple, that day when mam saw you with Mimi at Cox's Bazar beach, she said to you, "You were characterless before and still are. She also called you Luchcha." Again, while receiving Ma'am, you were surprised to see Ma'am and Ma'am was looking at you with one look. Which I did without anyone noticing. There are many other proofs which show that you and Ma'am knew each other before. Please tell me the truth.
I don't know what to say. I am sitting with my head down.
Riyad said seeing me remain silent: Please brother if you think of us as friends.
I couldn't say no. I said: What do you know about me?
Riyad: What do you mean? You were an orphan in this world and your father (who died) brought you from the streets and raised you as his own child. And when he dies, all his property is written in your name.
This is what we know.
Me: I am not an orphan.
All of them: mean? (surprised)
Me: Hmmm I'm not an orphan. I lied to you. I have parents, brothers and sisters like you in this world.
Iqbal: But where are they? And why are you here alone leaving them? (excited)
Me: Then listen, (After that I told them everything from college life to leaving home and coming to Dhaka).
Tears came to the eyes of all three of them after hearing all my words. Iqbal could not hold back his emotions and hugged me and said: Friend, you have gone through so much trouble and you have endured everything with a closed mouth. You didn't feel the need to tell us. (crying)
I sat quietly without saying anything. After some time, when the atmosphere became cold, I said to Iqbal: Dos, now you tell me how I will accept Samia. I would forget everything and accept it. But his behavior that day made me understand again that the love he had for me was his passion. And even if it's love, I'll make him suffer a lot. Which is thousand times more than the trouble given to me. So that he can understand how it feels to hurt a loved one.
Iqbal: Hmmm. But I don't think it's his passion. You understand well brother. Go to more trouble so that you don't lose it again.
Shakib: Yes, Shahid Iqbal is right.
Me: Hey, where will you get lost? Now lives in my house.
Iqbal: Who lives in your house?
Me: Hmmmmm. Well you are fine. i will go home 
Friends: All right.
After saying goodbye to them, I went to Neha. Means where Neha hangs out with her friends. But Neha is not there, some of her girlfriends are sitting there.
I went to them and said: Can you tell me where Neha went?
Neha's girlfriend: Neha went to the canteen with her sister.
Me: Do you mean? (somewhat surprised)
 Neela (Neha's girlfriend): Bro you seem to not understand anything. Bhai is staying with you in your house and you are pretending not to know about us.
Now I understand the real story. I told them: Hey, it's not what you think.
Nila: I understand brother. Apart from these, tell me when to give the treat.
What a problem I fell into, brother. Today we have to give a wedding treat without getting married. That's my ex's again. I want to slap them and break their ears today. Why are you thinking so much?
Me: ok let's go to canteen.
Then I went to the canteen with them. I went to the canteen and saw Samia, Mim and Neha sitting and eating puffs.
Neha and Samia were a bit surprised to see me with Neha's girlfriends.
Mim saw me and came to me. Neha asked her friends: Are you here?
Nehar's girlfriend: Hey brother, I will give you a treat today, so I came.
Neha: Brother will treat you mean?
Nila: Hmmm brother got married.
At that time, Samia was drinking water. Hearing the marriage, the glass of water fell from Samia's hand. Looking at Nisha with a sad face, she said in a trembling voice: B.
 I can't explain how happy I am to see Samia's condition.
Nila: Yes, I think, why are you so emotional? Brother Bhabhi have a glass of water.
Hearing Neela's words, water came to Samia's liver.
Samia smiled and said: No, I am fine.
Someone started eating puffs without saying anything. They will all eat phuchka, so I have ordered phuchka. Neha's girlfriend and I are sitting at the same table. Neha and Samiya are sitting at the table in front of us. Samia and I are sitting facing each other. As a result, Samia will see what I will do. And in the chair next to me Neela means Neha's girlfriend.
I am sitting on the chair and watching them eat. Of course, Neela insisted me to eat fuchka but I did not play. And my daughter is sitting on my lap. If you tell my daughter to eat fuchka, she won't eat it. He ate with his aunt.
Nila chewed a puff in her mouth and said: Brother, you eat a puff. I am feeding.
What kind of girl is the father,,,,I couldn't help but be surprised. 
I said: No, I will not eat, you eat.
Neela: If you don't eat, I won't eat either.
After hearing Neela's words, I looked at Samia and saw that she was looking at me like an enchanted deer. Maybe he is thinking, Shahid, I will feed you in my hands. You don't eat from their hands. But he does not have that right. 
Ohhh,,, here's a good idea to heart her mentally. I said to Nila: When you say so much. then give
Then Neela gave me a puff on my face. I see Samia looking at me. I gave him a chew on the puff to give him a little more heart and said: Ahh, it is very tasty to eat the puff on your hand.
Nila: Bhabhi doesn't feed you like this.
What will I say this time?
Me: hey don't say that again you think,,,,,
Before the conversation ended, the phone vibrated (was in vibration mode).
I took it out of my pocket and saw that the MD of the office called. Received and said,,,,
I: Assalamualaikum.
Mr. MD: Walaikumus Salam. Sir, can you come to the office today?
Me: Uncle how many times I will tell you don't call me sir. Call by name. (angry)
Mr. MD: Ok father. Can you come to the office today?
Me: ok see. What time?
MD Sahib: Come between 2 pm and 3 pm.
Me: ok uncle.
MD Sahib: Ok father.
I hung up the phone after talking to Mr. MD. After that I paid the bill of Fuchka and said goodbye to them (Neha's girlfriends) and asked Neha to go to the gate. After that I went to the parking lot and came in front of the gate with the bike.
An accident happened while riding the bike. Neha, Mim and Samia are standing near the gate. I asked Mimi and Neha to get on the bike. But my daughter won't ride a bike without her mommy. I don't understand why this little child is so attracted to his mother? How many days will the introduction be?
I said: Look Mim, this time it is getting excessive.
Hearing my scolding, my daughter started crying. I read so many other problems. Seeing Mim crying, Samia said: Don't tell her anything. i am I am taking him in a rickshaw. Neha you get on the bike.
Neha: No you take Mim to bike bike. I am going in a rickshaw. And Mim cries when she gets in the rickshaw.
Hearing Neha's words, Samia looked at me. Maybe I'll give him permission to get up.
I said to Samia: After paying the house rent, should I take the bike again? Listen I'm taking you on a bike for my daughter. Nothing more than that. get up
Samia was happy and got on the bike. And my daughter sat in front of me on the tal tanki. He will be sitting on his mother's lap, so why now? 
I sent Neha home in a rickshaw. As soon as I started the bike, Samia put her hand on my shoulder and wanted to hug me. I stopped the bike and said to Samia: Why did you put your hand on the shoulder of a characterless boy like me? You too will be ruined. So I say keep your distance.
After listening to me, Samia took her hand off my neck and sat back. I started the bike with a smile and left for home. 
In the whole road, Samia did not come towards me and did not even touch my body. But the bike leaned slightly towards me while braking the speed limit. But soon it was fixed again.
After reaching home, I dropped them and parked the bike and entered the house. I went straight to my room and took a bath and sat in the room after praying Zuhr. After a while Samia came in front of the door of my room and said: Can I come? (head down)
Me: What is needed in a characterless room like me? come on
Samia: I will tell you something, please listen.
Looking at Samia, she is saying to me with folded hands.
Me: Hmmm say.
Samia: Shahid, whatever trouble you give me, I will bear it. But please don't laugh and talk to any other girl. I cannot accept this. When you talk to a girl it feels like someone takes out my liver. 
Please keep this word.
I looked at the ground and said: Look, this is my personal life. It's up to me who I laugh and talk with. I'm not responsible if anything happens to anyone. Now you can go.
Samia left the room without saying anything. Because he knows Shahid only says one thing once.
I am sitting in the room and the phone is pressing. After a while my daughter came and called me for lunch.
I also went down to have lunch. I went to the dining table and saw Neha sitting alone. I said to Neha: Neha, where is your mam?
Neha: In the room.
Me: Do not have lunch?
Neha: She will go to the restaurant in the afternoon and have lunch and will bring food for the night as well.
Me: Why go to the restaurant?
Neha: So where will you eat?
Me: Where will you eat and drink? Will eat with us.
Neha: You have forbidden it.
I felt bad for myself. Where will the girl eat alone? If you don't eat, your body will get worse.
Me: Ask to eat with us from today.
Neha: Really?
Me: Hmmm. Nothing to be so happy about.
Neha: Yes,,,,.
Neha and Mim went to Samiya's room. And I came to the room after having lunch alone.
At three o'clock I went to the office with the bike. After going to the office and talking to the staff, I went to the MD's room.
He stood up seeing me.
Asking him to sit, I sat on the chair in front of him. I said: Uncle, what is the problem for which you are so urgent?
MD: Actually, father, there is some problem in our company's branch in London. And they tell you to go there.
Me: Ooo,, you don't go?
Mr. MD: No father, I will not go there. There you have to go.
Me: ok but I need an assistant with me.
Mr. MD: You don't have to think about that. My PA Barsha will be your assistant. Let me introduce you to monsoon.
Me: ok uncle.
He then called his PA and asked him to come. After some time a girl came. I was not surprised to see the girl. Because the girl is my classmate Tisha. Very polite and beautiful girl. Reading is also good. Class didn't do that much. I heard that he works in an office and sometimes takes classes. Due to financial problems, he worked and paid for his studies himself. But I did not know that this girl works in my office.
And how will I know? I don't come to office that much. In fact, after speaking with the MD and the staff, I came away. But never met Tisha. Another name of Tisha is Varsha.
I said to Tisha: Hey Tisha, do you work here?
Tisha: Yes I work in your office.
Me: Hey I don't have to tell you. you will say
Tisha: Well.
Then MD explained everything to us. Actually, I don't understand so much because I don't understand the business some day. I did it as an ordinary worker. But not as a boss like this. Our flight is tomorrow morning at seven o'clock.
Stay there for about two days.
I came home from office. When I came home, I saw Mim Neha and Samia sitting on the sofa and talking. Seeing me, Mim hugged me and said, "Father, why did you die?"
I kissed her and said: I went to the office mom.
Here's your chocolate. Eat sitting down.
Mim: Atta Babai.
At night Mim, Neha, Samia and I are having dinner together. Mim is sitting on Samia's lap and eating. And Samia keeps looking at me. I finished dinner without paying attention to that and said to Neha: Neha tomorrow morning I will go to London.
Hearing Sahid's words, Samia felt like rice stuck in her throat. She thinks Shahid is leaving this country for her. In a moment Samia's world went dark. When I got this close, I lost it.
Neha: Why brother?
Me: In office work.
Neha: Oo,., for how many days?
Me: I will come after two days.
Samia got some peace after hearing Sahid's words.
Neha: ok bro.
I came to the room and started packing the dress. I finished packing and fell asleep. After praying Fajr, I talked to them for a while and had breakfast. After that, I kissed my daughter for a while and left the house. After that I left for the airport with the driver uncle.
Reached the airport and saw Tisha sitting in the waiting room. I went and sat next to him. A little later we boarded the flight. Shortly after that our flight left.
After a long time in the sky, our flight landed. After finishing the work at the airport, we went to a hostel in the car sent from our office. After that we had a fresh breakfast and went to the office after a little rest. It took a long time to solve the office problem. But it was solved in one day. 
The next day I wandered around the city of London well and captured some moments on camera. This way. Two days passed. Our flight is tonight. I shopped for Neha, Mim and Mim's mummy. And I bought Tisha something she likes.
I left the hostel and came to the airport. Have some time so look around London Air Porta. A little later our flight will leave so we ask to board the flight.
We boarded the flight without delay.
After the plane landed in Bangladesh, Tisha and I got out of the plane. After checking everything at the check post we left the airport. I came out and saw the driver uncle standing with the car. I and Tisha got into the car. After that I dropped Tisha at her house and came to my house.
In these few days, Tisha and I have become quite free. As soon as I came home, my daughter hugged me and started crying. I gave her a box of chocolates.
I came to the drawing room and called Neha and gave everything I had brought for Samia and her.
I came to the room and took out the phone from my pocket and entered the washroom.
I came to the room fresh and saw Samia looking at me angrily. The eyes seem to bleed.
I said: What happened?
Without saying a word, Samia held my shirt collar and said: I told you not to talk to any girl, then who is this Tisha? (shouting)
I gave two slaps on his cheek and said: I did not forbid you to pry into my personal life. But you didn't listen. Get out of the room now so I don't see you again.
I closed the door and came to the bed and started thinking, well, am I doing all this with Samia? If he didn't live well, he wouldn't have endured so much torture. 
Immediately I thought, no, Shahid, what were you thinking?
Samia did not come in front of me all day and night today.
The next morning I had breakfast and went to college. Samia has already arrived. When I went to college, I saw my friends sitting and chatting, I went and sat next to them. Talking about London. A little later, Mimi sat next to him and said: Shahid, did you go to London? How do you move around?
Me: hmm very good. There is so much to see.
Mimi: Yes. Did not capture the camera?
Me: Hmmm I did. Will you see?
Mimi: Someday I can't go. Let's see.
Then I ring my phone and show Mimi the pictures. And Mimi is asking what is it? I also explain well. As a result, Mimi and I became very close.
And my friends are playing pubg.
Suddenly I realized that someone was standing in front of me. I looked up and saw Samia looking at me with tears in her eyes. He stood for a while and ran to his room.
Seeing this, Iqbal said: Shahid has become a lot, now don't you own it? I didn't see how he was looking at you.
Mimi: Yes Sahid, don't hurt her anymore.
Me: Hey it's emotion.
Shakib: You call it emotion?
Me: If he really loves me then he should give a test?
Riyadh: What test?
Me: You say you love Samia means you love her. And if he agrees then he doesn't love me.
Riyad: I love you 100%. What is there to tell me?
Me: He doesn't love me. And if you love then I will feed you what you want to eat.
Riyad: Really? (Happily)
Me: Hmmm.
Riyad: Well, let's go?
Me: Where?
Riyad: You come with me.
We went with her to Samia's room. Riyad asked us to stay on site for a while.
Then Riyad asked Samia to come outside her room. Samia also came. He came and said: What happened?
Riyad: Actually ma'am, what do you think I should say,,,(scratches and itches)
I was afraid of what to say. We can hear Riyad and Samia.
Samia: There is no problem.
Riyad: I love you ma'am.
Samiya: What,,,(angry)
Riyad: I really love you mam.
As soon as he said this, Samia slapped Riyad's cheek and said: Say what you said again?
Riyad: Sorry, ma'am, I don't love you. Is this for Shahid?
Samia: What do you mean?
Then Riyad called us. I was scared.
Riyad said: Actually Ma'am Sahid asked me to say these things. She bet me that if. you
Without hearing anything from Riyad, Samia grabbed my shirt collar and took me inside her room and locked the door. Then he came in front of me again and held my collar and looked into my eyes and said: Do you love me or not? People don't make mistakes. What if you were in my place? I believed you at first, you will not do this. But an anger towards you remains. I cannot explain how happy I was the day I saw you in this college. I thought you would hug me and say I still love you
greedy But no, I made you my assistant to get closer to you again, but it didn't happen there either. I told the principal of the college to go on a tour. which was closed in this college for several years. But even when I went there, you pushed me away. After that, I pretended to stay at your house after enduring your insults and went to your house. Even there I endured slaps and insults every day but as a result I got neglect. And today you have made me a bet.
Saying the words, Samia looked down and tears were falling from her eyes.
I began to think, what would I have done if I had been in Samia's place. Instead he is enduring humiliation and torture to get me. 
I heard from Neha's mouth that when Samia is alone at night, she will look at my picture on her mobile phone and cry. And I am him
Samia let go of my collar and looked at the ground and said: Well Sahid, I have committed such a big sin to you that there is no forgiveness. Can't you forgive me and hug me and say "Samiya I love you."
You don't have to tell me. Since I have committed so many sins that there is no forgiveness, I will leave you. I will never come again with the demand of love.
 That's why Samia will walk away from me. Omni I grabbed her hand and hugged her to my chest and said: Where are you going to leave me? I will also go with you to the unknown path of Achinpur. Hatbo both holding hands together.
Hearing my words, Samia hugged me and said while crying: Then why did you give me so much trouble?
I wiped her tears and gave her a kiss on the forehead and said: I will never give you a bird again. Now I will give only happiness. That's why I pressed my lips on his lips.
I gave up after about ten minutes. Samia gasped and said: Yah, someone does this mischievous thing for so long.
I smiled and said: then teach me a little.
Samia: Not now, after marriage.
Me: Ore father or not? (advancing towards him)
Samia: This will not be good but? Well, where is our daughter?
"Mom, I'm Ethan" someone said from behind.
Looking back, he saw me playing a sock. because

Girlfriend When English Mam Episode 26

Looking back, I was surprised. Because Mim and Neha are standing near the door. And the person I was most surprised to see was the Principal Sir.
I think, sir, why here? I felt some shame seeing sir here. Because it's a shame to have sex with a ma'am in front of a college principal.
Mim came and climbed on my lap. I also picked him up and kissed him on the forehead.
Principal sir came towards us and said with a smile: So Samia, you found your loved one with a lot of difficulty.
Samiya answered with a smile and said: yes uncle got it. But here your contribution is more.
Neha and I were very surprised when the principal called Samiya mama. I said to Samia: Mama mean? (surprised)
Without letting the principal sir say anything to Samia, he said: No wonder, I am Samia's uncle and Samia is the only daughter of my only sister.
Me: but
Without letting me say more, the principal sir said: Yes, you may be thinking that if my home is in Sylhet, why am I here? And why didn't Samiai tell you about me? That's why?
Me: Yes.
Principal Sir: Actually we have a company in Dhaka. There are also a few houses that are currently rented out. I came to Dhaka from Sylhet to take care of them and started studying here. And today I am the principal of this college. And I don't go to Sylhet that much at home. For which Samias do not go there. And that's why I don't know you. Do you understand?
Me: Yes sir. But Samia said that your contribution is more. What does it do?
Principal Sir: Then listen. If Samia wants to work after finishing her studies, her parents forbid her. But Samia will do the job. One thing will work. His parents did not stop him. Because, after losing you, Samia was broken all over again. Was recovering a bit months before joining here. As a result, Samia's parents no longer allowed her to work. How will they survive if their only child falls ill like before? For this he is allowed to work so that he remains healthy. without breaking Then she was sent to me here in Dhaka and we needed an English teacher in our college. Since Samia's results were good, she had no problem getting a job here.
The next day you go to receive Samia. That day, Samia was worried since she saw you. But in his thoughts I could see the joy of finding a precious treasure after it had been lost.
That day, Samia came down from the stage and came directly to my room. I asked her: What happened, mother? Do you feel worried since then?
Samia then said to me: Mama who is the boy who came on the stage to welcome me today?
I (Principal Sir): Why did you talk about Sahid Hasan?
Samia: Yes.
Me: He is a final year student of our college very polite and intelligent. His other identity is that he is the son of prominent businessman Akhtaruzzaman here. And Akhtaruzzaman is my best friend.
Samia: Akhtaruzzaman is his real father or something else?
Me: No not real. About three years ago today, Mr. Akhtaruzzaman was walking along the road. And a truck was coming from the opposite side honking its horn. But he doesn't care about that. Suddenly someone pushes him away thereby saving him from the accident. And the one who pushed him was Sahid Hasan Sahi. From then on, Akhtaruzzaman introduced Sahid Hasan Sahi to everyone as his son. And a few moments before his death, all his property was transferred to the name of Shahid Hasan.
Samia: But does Akhtaruzzaman have no family?
Me: I was but died in a road accident eight years ago.
Samia: Oh.
I: But why do you know so much?
After that, Samia hugged me and said, "Mama, this witness is my witness who tried to rape a girl."
Me: Whoah. I will never believe it. Something is wrong with you. The boy who picks up a girl from the street and gives her the status of his sister, the boy who hangs out with hundreds of girls, never looks back at them. How can that boy do such a horrible thing? Something must have gone wrong between you or this girl (Ripa) has made a false drama.
Samia: I also think that my witness cannot do such a thing. (to cry)
Principal sir told me: After that he became senseless crying. After a while, when he regained consciousness, he went to his rented house, but it was also my house.
After a few days, he took leave from me and went to Rajshahi. After that, he came straight to me and said, "Mama, I have to help you."
Me(, Principal Sir): Tell me what to do.
Samia: --------------------. But no one can know our identity.
Me: ok whatever you say will happen.
Principal Sir: After this Samya and my mission starts how to attract you to Samya. I got the idea and made you Samia's assistant. But it didn't work there. After that I arranged a tour with Samia's wisdom. which had previously been closed for several years from the college. This was done only for Samya and was intended to attract you to Samya. But it didn't work here either. After that I sent Samya to your house with the advice of Neha and Samya. But Neha knew nothing about me and Samia. But in your house, Samia endured a lot of torture. Which Samia didn't tell me but I got to know. Today my niece got the man she loves after enduring many tortures and insults. How much a man loves his beloved is the insult given by him, Tolerating the torture given by him, just waiting to get him? I could not have understood that without seeing my niece. In love, there may be misunderstandings, doubts, just because one person may misunderstand another person does not mean that he will also misunderstand him, torture him. But this is not correct.
Finally let me tell you one thing my daughter loves you very much which I could not understand without seeing. So Sahid, you never hurt him again.
Me: No sir, I will never hurt you again. I will keep it happily from now on.
Principal Sir: Good. Then I come. And you can come around today if you want. Today is your holiday.
 Samia was happy and said to her uncle: Thanks uncle.
Principal sir smiled and patted Samia's head and said: Hmmm my crazy girl.
Principal sir left the room. After leaving sir, Neha said: Well, I think I did not understand one thing?
Samia: Do you not understand Nandi?
Me: Before getting married, I think so much, Nand Daka Daka, I don't know what will happen if I get married.
Samiya: Oh hello,, this is about the nuns we think. No one asked you to blow your nose. And what about marriage? right? Wait, today I will call my father and ask him to arrange the marriage.
Me: No no, now I can't bear to get married.
Samia: What am I Para?
Neha is grinning after listening to us.
Me: No, why do you go to Para? You are my daughter's kind mother. Isn't it mom (addressing Mim)?
Mm: yes dad. Tintu Amal mom?
Me: This (Samia) is your mother.
Mim: Etato Amal Mamni is.
Samia said taking Mim from my lap to her lap: I am your mommy I am your mommy.
Do you understand mom?
Mim hugged Samia's neck and said: Yes Ammu Budeti.
Samiya: ok honey.(kisses her forehead)
Neha: I think I have not received my answer yet! (makes a face)
Samia: I will go home and tell you in free time, you understand?
Neha: Hmmm.
Samia: Let's go for a walk today.
Me: Ok let's go.
An unknown feeling is rising in my mind as I think about how long we will go for a walk today. Three years ago today, how much have you wandered together? How many days later today I am going out again. But the difference between those days and today is that in those days I had a roof over my head called Father. And today I have become the roof of one's father. Ha ha ha I feel a different feeling just thinking about it. Today I have an innocent daughter and a sister with a simple heart and no pride. If I tell him, do you need some clothes? He will say no bro I am fine with that. If it was someone else, I would have been modern by bragging about my wealth. But my sister is just the opposite.
Anyway, Samia, Mim, Neha and I left Samia's room and started walking towards the campus. As soon as we reached the campus, my friends came in front of us.
Riyad said before I was going to say something: Where are you going, uncle? We don't remember the bet.
Hey, I had no idea. What did that bet go for?
Me: Hey, what are you talking about? (pretends not to know)
Iqbal: Oh brother, did you forget about our bet when you got my wife? For us you got your ex girlfriend back today and forgot about us. (trying to make me emotional)
I: Well, what do you want?
Riyad: If you pay the three of us a total of five thousand taka, it will be fine.
Me: What, five thousand taka 😲😲😲. Means three three zero after five. Brother I don't have that much money. You are my best friend, aren't you? Don't slow down, friend. (let Riyad pat his head)
Riyad: I am your best friend, good friend everything. Now the money is out. These emotional words will not work.
What do you do? Five thousand rupees? If you play pranks, friends will eat them. As soon as Samia took out the wallet from her pocket, Samia took out five thousand rupees from her bag. They did not want to take it from Samia, but agreed to take it under Samia's insistence.
I said goodbye to my friends and went to the canteen with Samia, Neha and Mim. After going to the canteen and eating something, I took them to the parking lot. After that, all four of us hurriedly got on the bike and came home.
After coming home, I took a bath and went out for a walk. After having lunch, I took them to the orphanage after walking around again. I chatted with the kids there for a while and returned home.
But I took food for the children of the orphanage.
After coming home, I freshened up and had a light dinner and sat down to chat with everyone. After chatting for a while I went to my room. And Samia, Mim and Neha went to Neha's room.
I came to the room and called Rafi. Received once inside.
Me: How are you?
Rafi: Alhamdulillah. how are you
Me: Alhamdulillah. How is everyone in my house?
Rafi: He is healthy, Aunty is also quite healthy now. But Aunty sometimes gets sick thinking about you. And your father and brother come to me every day and ask if I know where you are.
Me: Oooo,,, Well, listen to why he called you.
Rafi: Hmmm say.
After that I told everything that happened with Samya today.
Rafi: Alhamdulillah very good. And you come home soon.
Me: hmm I will try.
I hung up the phone after talking to Rafi for a while. After a while, I passed into the state of sleep.
Neha went to the room after chatting and said to Samia: I thought you didn't say it!
Samiya: I am saying my dear Nandi listen now,,,,,,,,,
After that, Samia told Neha everything from Sahid and Samia's first meeting, love with Sahid, hanging out with Sahid, Sahid's family and Samia's family, Ripa's fake drama with Sahid, after that Sahid was thrown out of the house i.e. everything happened with Sahid. .
Hearing Samya's words, Neha's eyes got teary.
Samia said to Neha: Neha tell me what to do if you are in my place.
Neha: I think that's right. But a misunderstanding destroys a relationship in no time. But I think you should also consider it. Yajna, forget all that has happened and start anew. There is another girl, please don't deprive her of her mother's love. This is my request.
Samia hugged Mim and said: Nare Pagli, this is my daughter, I will never deny her from my love. 
So Samia gave a kiss on Mim's forehead.
 After that Samia and Neha fell asleep.
I woke up at the Fajr call. I got up from the bed and went to Neha's room after performing ablution. I went to Neha's room and woke up Neha and Samia to pray.
Samia prayed and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.
I forbid. But he will make breakfast. I didn't stop either.
After breakfast, I went to college by car. 
After going to college, I finished the class and returned home.
 A year passed by studying, hanging out, hanging out with my sister, daughter and daughter's mother. In this one year, I still haven't met my family. Mom is completely healthy now. Sometimes I talk to my mother through Rafi's phone. Mom asked me to go home many times but I didn't go. I do not know whether to go.
And the biggest change in this one year is that Samia and I have become best lovers. Yes, you may have guessed right. Samia and I are not married yet. Samia's parents used to visit me sometimes. And Samia used to visit her parents in Rajshahi very rarely.
After completing my education, I started the business. I am thinking that I will start arranging my life by marrying Samia. Neha is in medical first year. And my daughter now always burns me and her mommy. It's a little bigger.
And my friends are working now.
There is a meeting at the office today at four in the afternoon. I don't know much about the meeting. I mean I don't know who to be with. Everything was prepared by my PA Tisha (aka Varsha). And yes MD uncle no longer works here. Because his son lives with him in Khulna.
Clients are sitting in the hall for me. A little later I entered the hall with my PA Tisha. As soon as I entered the room and spoke to them, my attention was caught at one place. Because my elder brother Saim Ahmed was there. He is looking at me with a smile on his face. After seeing him I immediately left the hall and came to my cabin. Seeing my behavior, Tisha came to me and said: Shahid, what happened to you?
Me: I am fine. If you can then complete the meeting and if you can't cancel it.
Tisha: ok i can.
Me: Good I went home. And you handle the office.
Tisha: Okay.
I left the office and came home with the car. I came home and went to the room without talking to anyone.
I came to the room and threw away the office bag and sat on one side of the bed and started thinking, brother, why did you come in front of me again. You said I am a sinner. Why are you coming in front of me today and reminding me of that dark past.
A little later, Samia came to the room and sat in front of me, putting her hand on my shoulder and said: What happened to you? Why are you doing this? tell me what happened
Unable to contain my emotions, I hugged Samiya and cried about my brother.
Samia patted my head and said: Sahid forget everything, let's not go back to that life. Where all the family members will be. We will have lunch and dinner together. Where our boys and girls will have their grandparents as playmates.
Me: That is not possible Samia.
Samia: Why is it not possible? They made mistakes like me. If you can forgive me then why can't they. Monekar, if your son is alone in a room with a girl and the girl screams falsely and accuses your son, tell me what you will do.
I really didn't think like that. There is logic in Samia's words.
Me: Well, let's think about it.
Samia: There is no thought. How long will I stay like this? I want to go to the father-in-law's house, right?
Me: Oooo then this is the matter. Tell me then. Come here, let me give you something for today. (smiles)
Samia: I don't want this now. Just after marriage.
Me: You can't say that, Jan Pakhi. (Pulling Samia close)
Samia: No,
Without letting him say anything else, I put his lips together. After a while, Sameer started giving response.
Suddenly my daughter came and said: Ti byapal tomla etane lomant kaltetho al amla tomadel daktethi.
I immediately released Samia. My daughter giggled and ran to her mother's lap.
[ {Don't mind that Mim is calling Ammu Ammu even after we are not married. I will get married in a few days. You are all invited. But if someone comes to the wedding without a gift, his invitation will be considered void.]
Samia looked down and said: I will eat my honor in front of my daughter. Come fresh, let's have dinner together.
I went to freshen up without saying anything. I freshened up and went down to have dinner. After dinner, I came to the room and slept.
In the morning I woke up to my daughter's call. My daughter came and said to me: Dad has given you ink.
Me: Ok mom you go I am coming fresh.
Mim: Atta Babai.
After freshening up and going down the stairs, I noticed the sofa in the drawing room. Seeing the people sitting, I stood on the stairs. Because they are

Girlfriend When English Mam Episode 27 - Last Episode 

After freshening up and going down the stairs, I noticed the sofa in the drawing room. Seeing the people sitting, I stood on the stairs. Because they are my mother, father, brother, sister and a small child. My eyes started to water after seeing them. After a long time I see those familiar faces today. I have seen them sneakily though. But there are many differences between the view of those days and the view of today. 
After seeing me, my mother ran and hugged me and said, "How are you, father?" Did you not remember us for once? What did the body condition? (kissing mouth to eye)
I also hugged my mother and said while crying: How can I live without you, mother.
After crying for a long time, mom calmed down a bit. But today's cry is the cry of getting back a lost gem. What is not a cry of pain is a cry of happiness.
I was with my mother in front of my father and those who were there, when my father came and hugged me and said: forgive me father. I threw you out of the house for no fault.(Crying)
I also hugged my father and said: Shih, what is your father saying? Does father ever apologize to these boys? And I forgave you long ago.
 Sahid's father started crying more and more after hearing Sahid's words. Thinking in my mind, my son loves us so much and we cast a false accusation on him and threw him out of the house.
I left my father and hugged my brother and started crying. After how long today our two brothers meet together. Bhiya kept crying and said: Please forgive us Sahid. We threw you out of the house without understanding.
Me: Brother I have forgiven you all. I have no anger towards anyone. If I were anyone, he would have to accept this situation. So leave it.
They may not understand what to do and kicked me out of the house. They misunderstood and hurt me. But the love they give to me will give way to their pain in an instant.
When I was in school when I was little, my father used to carry me to school on his neck. Although there was a car. And when there was a school holiday, he would take me to the children's park on his neck. He used to play with me to please me.
What else can I say about my mother? Mother loved me more than my brother. Although they misunderstood me for a false reason, any parent would have done the same if they were in my parents' place. I also had a grudge against them. I couldn't go back to them because of the shame. But yesterday Samia's words put that shame away from my mind. What if my son had faced such a false drama (Ripper) and what I would have done at that moment. Surely I would have done the same as my parents did to me. Thinking about this, I realized that there is no fault of parents here. Moreover, they also suffered a lot. It is the duty of every child to keep a smile on their face at the end of their life.
After that I came to Bhabhi and said: Bhabhi how are you?
Bhabhi smiled and said: I was not good before. But now I am happy to have my brother. What is the condition of the body (kissing the forehead)? My Ja (addressing Samia) doesn't take good care of you? (looking at Samia)
Hearing my sister's words, my house burst into laughter. Samia and I are keeping our heads down.
I said with a shy face: Hey, I don't think so.
I think: I understand, God, I understand everything.
Me: Well bhabhi, who is this child (pointing to brother's lap)?
Bhabhi: This is your only beloved nephew Abdullah Al Rafi Chowdhury.
Me: Wow very beautiful.
I think: Whose nephew should I see?
I smiled and said: Hmmm.
Father: Leaving these things aside, now tell me when did you get married?
I was not surprised to hear my father's words. Because anyone who sees me and Samia will think that we are husband and wife.
I said to father: father we are not married yet.
Abbu: What? So why is Samia here? (surprised)
Samiya: Actually uncle
Mom: Let's go very well. Then we can get married with fanfare.
Bhabhi: Mom is right. So why is my Devarji's body like that?
Everyone started laughing again after hearing Bhabi's words. I looked at Samia and saw her smiling with her head down.
I shyly got up from the sofa and left Abdullah to come towards the room when my daughter came (she was in the room with Neha) and hugged me. I took her in my arms and kissed her on the forehead and said: What happened mom?
Mim: Dad is in these tears?
I showed Mim to my mother and said: This is your grandmother. I showed it to my brother and said: This is your elder father. I showed it to my sister and said: This is your great aunt. And I pointed to the little child and said: This is your elder brother Abdullah Al Rafi.
Then I showed it to my father and said: This is your grandfather.
Mim got off my lap happily and went up to father's lap and said: Ti madale amal dadu ate le, amale ghulte ni dabe le. Amale chocolate (chocolate can say a little clearly) will give three,,,. (wave to wave)
My father: But I don't know you sister (Mimke)?
 Mim: My name is Mim Hatan. Amal Babayel Name Tahid Hatan (Sahid Hasan) Al Amal Mamnil Name Tamiya Attar (Samiya Akhtar). Budeto?
My father patted Mim's head and said: Yes, my old lady, I understand.
Hearing his father's words, Mim laughed. No one ever spoke so lovingly.
I said to my father: I am telling you about Mim. Mim, you call your aunt and come, mom.
Mim got down from her grandfather's lap and said: Atta Babai.
After Mim went to call Neha I told everything about Mim to father and mother along with brother and sister.
Then I said: As long as I live I will keep Mim as my daughter. I will never deprive him of his father's rights. And my only request to you is that you never say these things to my daughter.
Dad: Okay. And I like it very much as a granddaughter.
Mom: Mine.
Brother: Do you know what I thought about Mim?
Dad: What?
Brother: I will make Mim my Rafi's wife. What do you say Rafi's mother?
Everyone laughed at the brother. Bhabhi said with a smile: You are right. I will have biai bian at home.
Hearing my sister's words, I started laughing again. After a long time, the family members are smiling. It's nice to think.
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Mom said to me: Dad, you sent Mim to call her aunt, who is her aunt?
Me: Ammu Mim's aunty is Neha which means my sister. About three years ago today, in a hospital,
Then I said everything.
At the end of the conversation, I saw Neha going down with Mim in her arms. Neha came and sat next to me. 
I said to Neha: Neha this is my father. Then I introduced everyone one by one.
Neha said to my father: Assalamualaikum how are you uncle?
My father: I will give you a slap, naughty girl, uncle, yes, from now on, I will call you father, do you understand?
Neha hugged her father and cried and said: Yes father, I understand.
Father: This crazy girl will never cry again.
After that, Ammu pulled Neha close and Ammu removed a necklace from her neck and said: Wow, my daughter suits her very well.
After a long time, Neha could not hold back her emotions after receiving the caress of such a mother and started crying.
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Ammu put her hand on Neha's head and said: Never see my daughter cry again.
Neha wiped her tears and said: It's okay mom.
Mom: Good girl.
After that, brother called Neha and sat next to Neha and said to Neha: In which class do you study sister? But I will tell you.
Neha: no problem bro. I am in the second year of medical.
Brother kissed Neha's forehead and said: Then doctor and master came in our family.
 Bhabhi: You are right. (grinning)
Brother said: I could not imagine that my brother would give us so many gifts. First, a sweet niece. Now a sister again.
Ammu: I am also very happy to meet these two.
After talking for some time I called Mim and Abdullah Al Rafi to me.
After both of them came to me I said to Mim: Ammu this is your brother. And father, this is your sister. Let's play together.
Mim: Atta Babai.
Mimke Rafi who said: brother tomal naam ti?
Rafi said to Mim: Amal's name is Abdullah Al Lafi Taudhli. do you have
One of my nephews also speaks vaguely like my daughter. Wow, I see that their husband and wife already have something in common 😎😎😎😎
Mim: Amal's name is Mim Hatan.
After that they both started talking about different things. Mim says Amal baba gives chocolate to me like Adal. Rafi also tells his father what he gives him.
After a while Samia came and called us for breakfast. We all sat down to have breakfast. Samia and Bhabhi are standing and serving the food on the plate. Mim and Rafi are sitting near their grandmother. After feeding them, Ammu started feeding Neha.
After eating and drinking, I sat on the sofa again. 
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Father said to me: Sahid, pack everything. Be with us from today. Get ready.
Me: Dad I can't go now I have office.
Mom: I don't want to hear anything. After how many days I found you and I don't want to leave. You will be with us now.
Me: but
Without letting me say any more, my brother said: But not at all. You are going with us today, this is the final. And yes Neha phone you also come out. You will be with us from today.
I looked at Samia and saw that she was looking at me. Means he has an opinion to go. Also, it has been a long time since Samia went home. And Nehar also needs a parent. After considering various aspects I said: ok let's go.
I came to the room and packed the necessary clothes and some necessary documents. After that I called Tisha and said that I am going to Rajshahi for a month to manage the office. If there is any problem let me know.
Tisha said yes.
And I have enough faith in Tisha that she will handle everything well. After talking to the manager of the orphanage, I came down with the luggage.
After a while my daughter came down together with her mother and her aunt.
After leaving the house, I told uncle Darwan and took the car to Rajshahi. Samiya, Neha and Bhabhi are in my car.
And brother's car has mother, father, Mim, Abdullah and brother.
After a long drive, I reached my beloved Varendra Bhoomi Rajshahi. After reaching home I went to Amir's room. Bhabi showed Neha to Neha's room. And Samia and Mim also went there.
After having fresh breakfast, Mim and Samia went out to Samia's house. Neha did not come, her body was tired. So taking a rest.
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After arriving at the house of the future in-laws, they are happy to find their daughter and a cute granddaughter with them.
After receiving my father-in-law's house, I took Mim to my house. Sameer wanted to come but I didn't. Because Samia's parents got their daughter today after a long time. They also did not bring him to talk to him and have a chat.
After coming home Mim saw Rafi and went to play with him in the garden. I took some rest and went out to meet my friends. I gave them the address of a place. 
As soon as I reached there they two means Rafi and Sifat came. I chatted with them for quite some time. It was almost eight o'clock in the night to chat. I bid them farewell and came home with some puffs and some chocolates.
When I got home, I heard the bell ring and opened the door. I entered the house and saw Samia's father, Samia's mother, my father, my mother and brother sitting on the sofa and discussing what was going on.
Abbu asked me to stand up as I greeted Samia's parents and climbed the stairs to go to my room.
I also stood up.
Abbu said to me: Shahid, your and Samia's marriage is on the fifth of this month. Do you have any objection to this?
Me: no father no objection.
Samia's father: Alhamdulillah. Then there is no problem.
I came to my room without hearing what they said. I entered the room and saw Samia, Neha, Mim and Rafi sitting on the bed looking at my laptop.
Samia saw me and said to me: Where did you go?
Me: To meet friends.
Samia: Well freshen up.
I went to freshen up without talking. I came to the room fresh and gave Samia and Neha some puffs and kept some and asked Neha to give it to Bhabhi.
And I gave the chocolates to Mim and Rafi. After chatting with them for a while, we all went to dinner.
Both families had a very happy dinner. After dinner, Samia, Samia's parents went to their home.
I also said goodbye to them and came to the room. The body is quite tired due to the journey. And Mim is sleeping near her grandparents. I fell asleep too.
I woke up in the morning and went to the shopping mall. Because the marriage and mother are two days away. After four long hours, the two families finished shopping.
I came home, took a bath, had lunch and went out to invite my friends. After inviting them, I left again for Dhaka. I went directly to the office after wearing the cover. I went to the office and gave two days off to all the staff. And I came with my wedding invitation.
After that I went to the orphanage and saw the children and left for Rajshahi again. It was night when I got home. I got fresh after dinner and came to the room after talking with the family members. After coming to the room, I called Samia and fell asleep after talking for a while.
A busy day passed in this way. Yellow skin today. The ceremony of the yellow color was very happy. Samia and I were arranged for yellow evening at one place. At the end of the yellow evening, Samia went to their home. And I came to the room and fell asleep.
 Today is my wedding. When I think about how I know myself, I feel like a groom.
We left home for Samia's house. Neha, Mim, Bhabhi, Rafi, Sifat, Iqbal, Shakib and Riyad are in my car. Yes they came too.
Stop the car in front of Samiyad's house gate. After getting down from the car, Samia's cousins ​​tied a ribbon to the gate and said, they will not let us in without money.
Rafi said to them: How much money do you want?
One of them: fifty thousand rupees.
Sifat: What, it won't be that much money. reduce
Another one of them: No, I have to pay fifty thousand rupees.
My friends argued with them for some time and finally brought them to twenty thousand. I took out twenty thousand rupees from my pocket and cut the ribbon and entered. As soon as we entered, flowers started falling on us from above. And Mim was with Neha for so long.
After completing all the wedding activities, I said goodbye to Samia's parents and got into the car. Samia cries profusely while saying goodbye to her parents. I have never seen him cry like that before. And yes Principal Sir Mane Samia's uncle also came to the wedding.
All the way in the car, Samia was holding her head on my shoulder. I didn't forbid him either. Because he left his parents. It's normal to cry over someone else.
On reaching home, getting out of the car, Ammu came to the door and welcomed Samia. Neha and Bhabhi took Samia to my room.
And I went to the roof with my friends. After chatting for a while on the roof, mom called me to go to the room. I said goodbye to my friends and came down from the roof.
As I came near the door of my room, I saw Bhabhi and Neha standing there. I have no idea why they are standing. They both gave me some tips as soon as they got settled. I opened the door and went inside. Seeing me, Samia got down from the bed and went to greet my feet. I stopped her and stood in front of me and said: Oh crazy, your place is not on my feet but on my chest. Do you have ablution?
Samia: Yes there is.
I took out a saree from the cupboard and said: Go to the washroom and change.
Samia: Well.
After Samia went to the washroom I changed my dress. A little later, Samia came out. After that, I prayed two durakat prayers and prayed to Allah for our earthly life. After that I took Samia in my lap and sat on one side of the bed, I sat at her feet and took out the necklace from my pocket and said to Samia: Do you remember this necklace?
Samiya: Yes, you bought it for Mimi.
Me: Nare Pagli I bought it for you but lied to anger you that day.
Samia got angry and said: Do you know how much I suffered that day? Wait, I'm having fun today.
Then Samia pulled me close to her and locked my four lips together. Then we were lost in the abyss of love through a sacred bond.
Samia woke up at dawn. I woke up, took a bath, prayed and fell asleep again. Woke up again to my daughter's call.
Mim: Babai Babai Oto Dadu Tomale Dake.
Me: I am going mom. Well, mom, where is your mother?
Mim: Mamni balammul tathe lanna kalteche.
Me: Ohhh ok. Mom, you go, I'm coming.
Mim: Atta Babai.
I took the mobile phone and saw that it was half past nine. Oh God, what will people say if you sleep for so long?
After getting fresh, I went downstairs and had breakfast. At noon people came from father-in-law's house to pick us up. Me, Mim and Samia went out to go with them.
After that, I said goodbye to my father and left for my in-laws house.
On reaching there I went to Samia and Mim Samia's room. A little later mother-in-law came and called for breakfast.
A few days passed well at the father-in-law's house. I will go home today. So we left to go home.
It was night when we reached home. After coming home, freshened up, had dinner, chatted with everyone for a while, came to the room and slept. I am in the middle on one side and Mim on the other side.
Seeing us like this, Mim grabbed my throat and said: Babai Mamanio Ti Amadel will stay there?
He is saying that he has never seen me and Samia in the same bed.
I looked at Samia and said with a smile: Yes Ammu your Mamni will stay with us. Otherwise, what will happen to your brother?
Samia: Yah does not hold anything in the mouth of the mischievous. (Shamefully)
Mm: Tatti Amal Biya will be?
Me: yes mom.
Mim hugged her mummy's neck and said: Ti Madale Amal Bhaiya Hoble. (Happily)
Samia hugged Mim with a kiss on her forehead and said: sleep mom, it's a long night.
Mim: Atta Mamni.
Then we fell asleep. I woke up in the morning and went out to hang out with my friends. After chatting, I came home and took bath and went out for a walk with Samia, Mim, Neha and Rafi. I asked my wife to come but she didn't come.
I came home after wandering for a long time.
And thus a month passed happily.
Today we are having dinner together. I said: Father, we will go to Dhaka.
Father: Why? (surprised)
Me: Actually I have an office, a hospital and an orphanage and I have to be there to see and hear them.
Mom: No, I won't go.
Me: Mom try to understand and I will come and stay one or two days a week.
Mom does not agree at all. Besides, everyone agrees. After persuading Ammu, he said: Neha should be left with me.
Me: but
Mom: None.
Me: ok
After that I admitted Neha to Rajshahi Medical with TC.
And we will leave for Dhaka this morning.
I said goodbye to my father and mother and left for Dhaka. But when I came, Neha hugged me and cried profusely. I think he will be better with my parents.
I reached Dhaka after a long journey. After parking the car, I entered the house and went to the room to freshen up. After that, the three of us ate the food I had brought and went to bed.
In the evening I woke up with Samia's call. After that I called Tisha and told her to go to the office tomorrow.
I woke up in the morning, had breakfast and went to the office. Samia and Mim are at home. And yes Samia does not work now. Now manages the family.
I came home after finishing office. 
Then theirs. I went for a walk with mother and daughter. And four years passed by moving around, working in the office, spending some time with parents.
We came to Rajshahi this morning. Now everyone is sitting and chatting after dinner. 
Suddenly, Tawhid came to me while crying and said: Babai Apu to take away my troubles.
I said to Mim: What's the matter, mother, why did you take chocolate from my father?
Mim sat on her mother's lap and said: No, father, I did not take Tawheed's chocolate. Tawheed gave me, I ate it. Now coming again, where can I get it now?
Everyone laughed after hearing Mim's words. And Tawheed wept bitterly. Neha came and took Tawhid in her lap and said: What happened to my son-in-law?
Tawhid said while crying: Deto to Thathuli Ma would not have taken my trouble Apu.
Ohhhh, if you don't understand something, I'm telling you, Tawhid is the son of me and Samia, age three years. Born a year after our marriage. And my daughter is about eight years old. A little while ago, the third world war started between them over chocolate. However, the love of their two siblings is very deep.
Neha is now a doctor. And Neha is also married to a doctor. They have a two-year-old daughter. whose name is Maisha.
And my brother has one child Abdullah Al Rafi. No more children were taken.
After chatting for a while, Mim and Tawhid went to their grandparents' room to stay. Samia and I came to our room. I came to the room and closed the door and lay on the bed. After a while Samia came and laid down with her head on my chest. I patted her head and asked: Samia, what can you say?
What is the main saying in this world of our happiness?
Samia: Yes I can.
Me: Tell me?
Samiya: The main quote of our happy world  
       Hello------- "#EX Girlfriend When English Mom"

Thanks for reading the post. You can also read the article in bangla - romantic-love-story

Thanks for reading the post. You can also read the article in bangla - romantic-love-story

Thanks for read the post. You can also read the article in bangla - romantic-love-story

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