The story of a pious girl - The story of a pious girl

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The story of a pious girl -

The story of a pious girl -

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The story of the pious wife

I love Ahmadullah Sumaiya dearly but he is a lazy person.

If he doesn't do the work properly, then the poverty does not leave behind him.

Sumaiya married without any pre-planning without any preparation.

Money is not in hand, but Sumaiya got married without delay.

Because Ahmadullah knew that Sumaiya's guardians are in a dilemma, so this is a golden opportunity to marry Samya. If I can't marry Sumaiya today, I will never be able to.

Because when their mind is free from worries, they will scrutinize the selection of the husband, so the marriage should be completed today anyway.

Mr. Shamsur Rahman must have given him a day to think but finally agreed to give an instant marriage at your house.

It is not known whether Asadul was greedy for dowry.

But since Ahmadullah did not get Sumaiya, he did not demand anything. Ahmadullah has no money. He apologizes to Sumaiya first because he cannot pay the mahr money.

Since Ahmadullah did not attend Madrasa, he was not aware of the importance of Mohr and the obligation to pay Mohr.

If on the first night of marriage dowry money is supposed to be handed over to the wife, then the dowry money is asked for forgiveness from the wife like a shameless person.

Not only Ahmadullah, but most of the men in our country, when they meet their wives for the first time after marriage, ask their wives for the dowry money.

And as soon as the wife forgives it, it has become a bad custom in our country.

The husband explains the matter to his wife in such a beautiful way that it is our duty as a wife to forgive the dowry money.

In many cases, while sending the wife to the husband's house, other girls also tell him that if your husband asks for forgiveness of dowry, then forgive it.

For this dog 99 percent of girls think that dowry is not about getting dowry but about forgiving because there are rules of marriage.

Because all the girls have seen their previous girls forgiving the dowry. So when the husband asked for forgiveness, I said sorry as a wife.

What a big shamelessness!! The first time in the bride's life she met the man called husband, how many thoughts, how many wishes, how many wishes, how many speculations, how many imaginations.

Will the husband like her, can she be the husband's wife? Can you win the heart of the husband? In this situation, when the husband asks for forgiveness from the wife, then the wife should keep the husband satisfied at any cost.

If the dowry does not forgive, then the husband may be upset.

Thinking that the woman knows that the right of dowry is forced to come and forgive the woman and the environment.

So Srinagar Mauza is shameful as well as oppressive to the wife.

Because it is obligatory on the husband to give dowry to the wife. Allah the Exalted said, Except those whom it is forbidden to marry, other women have been made lawful for you. Not for adultery. After marriage give them their due dowry as you benefit from them.

(Surah Nisa, verse 24,

score 5,

Page No. 1)

He also said that you give the wives at my pleasure and if they give up their portion of the dowry with pleasure, then you enjoy it comfortably.

(Surah Nisa, verse number 4,

4 para, page 16)

It is narrated in the Hadith Sharif that Hazrat Sahl Ibn Sa'd Radiyallahu Tayala Anhu said that a Jainka woman came to the service of the Messenger of Islam and said, O Messenger of God, I have given myself to you (for the purpose of marriage). He stood for a long time. At that time, a person stood and said, O Messenger of Allah! If you don't want her (marriage), marry her to me. He asked do you have anything to give him as dowry he said I have nothing but this tahband. He said bring some pairs. Whether it is an iron ring. He didn't find anything. The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, asked if you have memorized any Quran. He said yes, so-and-so surah and so-and-so surah. In this he said, I gave you body with him in exchange for the amount of Quran you have memorized. In another narration, I married you. You teach him the Qur'an.

(Mishkat Sharif, 3064)

(Bukhari, 5135, (Muslim, 76-1425)

(Abu Dawud, 2111) Tirmidhi, 1114)

(Nachsayi, 3339).

If a person intends not to pay the dowry, this hadith is mentioned.

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said: "Whoever marries a woman who sets a dowry in exchange for faith and intends not to pay it, then he is a fool, and whoever borrows a house and intends not to pay it, he is a thief."

If she willingly waives the dowry, there is no problem and no shame for her husband, but it is always shameful for the husband to waive the dowry from his wife.

So masala is makruh tahrimi to marry if unable to afford wife and other expenses. Because it is the slave's right even if there is a risk of adultery (marriage is not permissible).

(Fatwae Shami, Vol. 2, Page: 267)

Most of the people make mistakes due to not knowing the right issue. For this reason, Abdullah Sahib wanted Sumaiya to be married to a learned and pious son. Because those who have the fear of Allah in their hearts, they demand the rights of their wives and always try to keep their wives comfortable.

And he who has no fear of Allah in his heart and no piety, considers his wife only as an object of enjoyment, he does not understand that his wife has any rights.

So how to get the right?

Ahmad Ullah hoped that like other girls, Sumaiya would also forgive the dowry money as soon as he said it.

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