A widow's story - A widow's story

A widow's story - A widow's story

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 A widow's story

A widow's story - A widow's story

A widow's story - A widow's story

A widow's story

I am a widow woman now 60 years old. I was a school teacher. 

I have an only son who is now 36 years old. Her name is Ashiq Adnan Deep and she lives in Australia. I was 40 when my husband died. And my son Ashiq Adnan Deep whom I call Deep was 16 years old. 

I raised my son alone. I suffered myself, I never let my son understand the lack of anything. Always wanted to meet all his needs. Never think - if my father had this need would have been fulfilled. I don't get it because I don't have a father. I have taught my son in the best schools, colleges and universities in the country. Then the son got the opportunity of higher education and went to Australia. I have handled all the expenses alone. I didn't pay attention to myself at all. Always wanted to see my child's success! Brightening his future was the goal of my life. Everyone calls me a successful mother. I also have a kind of suppressed pride about this. 

Last week I met an old friend of mine, her name is Lippi. His son studied in the same school as my son Deep. However, Deep did not have a very good friendship with his son. Maybe because of me or my son Deep.

 I always wanted Deep to mix with only good students who always compete with studies. By doing that, he will have more competitive attitude towards studies. 

 Lippi always used to say - look how good friends we are. And our sons also studied in the same school, even after that they did not become friends. 

Lippi's son Arif used to pass in every class. However, school sports always participated in other activities. He used to write in the school wall magazine, draw pictures, Lipi was happy with these. 

About Lipi, - My son does not fail anymore! It is enough to pass. Not everyone's son will be fast. My son is not so good in studies but his other works are so beautiful! 

Lipi's words seemed unbearable to me. It seemed that the boy had dung on his head. More dung than that on the mother's head. If not, the boy who is so behind in studies. No mother lets him waste time with extra school activities! 

Deep went to college and got admission in Notre Dame college and Arif got admission in a very ordinary college. After that there was no contact with them. 

I met them at the shopping mall last week. I have not seen them either. Lipi's son Arif saw me and came to me and said

- Aunty recognize me? I am Arif.

I didn't really know Arif. Arif was about to leave school and go to college when I last saw him. The boy is still in his face. And now a gentleman. After that Arif took me to Lipi. Lipi was sitting in a shop. His son came shopping with Lippi. Also, his son likes to buy all the colorful three-backs for Lippi.

 Lippi and I always wear sarees, so I was a little surprised. Lipi asked me again and again. 

- You tell me which one will suit me?

- Then Arif suddenly said, aunty will buy whatever you like. After that, I like a three-piece, Arif buys two of the same three-piece, I noticed.

 Lippi and I were talking while shopping.

Then they do some more shopping. Looking at their purchases, it looked like they were going somewhere.

 I was noticing Arif and how easy and natural he talked to Lipi. It seems that Arif went shopping with his daughter and not his mother. After that he took us to a restaurant. Arif ordered some food and finally Arif said -

Amma will have coffee or some ice cream. 

Lippi said first I will have coffee and then I will go home to eat some ice cream. 

I said - I'm just coffee. 

Lipi immediately said - then stop eating ice cream. 

I heard that they are going to visit Cox's Bazar from there to St. Martin. Who will take Lipi with him. Although it is Arif's official tour. Arif is in a buying house. I understood that there is good responsibility. How many times he checked the mail while sitting with us. And received some official calls. That means he brought mom shopping even in her busy schedule. It is already known about Arif's wife that Arif's wife is in a multinational company. One of their children is now at her grandmother's house. After shopping, Arif will pick up his daughter from his in-laws house.

I came to buy a bed sheet and some things for me. I didn't buy anything that day. I don't want to buy anything anymore. I was just looking at Arif. How is Arif taking care of his mother so much? He himself put sandals on his mother's feet in the sandal shop. Lippi will not buy sandals at such a price. Arif then said, why do you look at the price? Will you find comfort?  

Arif cares for his mother. Finally bought sunglasses for mother. Lipi won't buy sunglasses. Then Arif said,

- Mom should buy sunglasses because when you walk by the sea you will get sun in your eyes. 

Why do I feel like seeing their mother and son? I am looking at Arif, I am looking at Lippi. And how inferiority is entering into me. Time and time again I feel like I have lost to life. I am a failed mother. Who made his son the most successful and big, so big that I will never reach that boy again! 

Arif asked about Deep a few times. Asked for Deep's contact number, I didn't give it. I said it is at home, written in the note book. And Deep calls me all the time. I don't give so I don't remember. In fact, if you give her number to someone without taking Deep's permission, she will get angry. tell me 

 - Mom I am very busy, will not call when. This disturbs me. Why can't you adjust the time between Australia and Bangladesh yet?

Arif handed me a shopping bag while dropping me at our house and said this is for you. I see that Arif bought a three-piece for me just like Meena. Aunty this is for you. You two girlfriends will go out together wearing similar clothes. 

I had tears in my eyes then.

Arif also said, aunty, I have saved my mobile number, call me whenever you want, I will come and take you home. I then said -

You too stay busy. Then Arif said, 

- Aunty I am always free for you.

Then he added,

 -Aunty, you live alone, you don't even go to Cox's Bazar with us. Amma will have a companion. Mom will like it more. 

How long have I been saying in my mind - Lipi, take me to Cox's Bazar with you? I will not see the sea. I will only see how much a son cares for his mother. 

I said to Arif,

- Arif, you are right. How long has it been since I met Lipi? I would also like to go with you. But I have to tell Deep. I will talk to Deep today and let you know. 

Lippi seems surprised by my words. Lippi could not have imagined that I would agree to go with them so easily. Script. He grabbed my hand and said,

- Shahi please come, I would love it.

After that they left. I walked into my lightless room and found it even darker today. I started thinking about what happened with Deep last night. 

Deep's marriage was done by Deep alone in Australia, he preferred a girl and since the girls have been in Australia for many years. So there is no question of getting married in Bangladesh. I blessed them over the phone. He did not come to the country after that. At that time, Deep's wife's education is not finished, and it is not possible to come in. Deep's son is now a small boy, so the weather of Bangladesh will not tolerate the child, so it is not possible to come. This year I have to prepare all the papers to go to Australia. He called yesterday and said, this time on vacation, they will go to America along with Deep's father-in-law and mother-in-law. Deep called me and said mom we all will try to come home next year don't get upset.

No I'm not upset. Seeing Arif today, I realized that only good students and boys who are fast all the time are not the best children. I only gave my son the best in raising a child. And I taught him to be fast in the exam book and in the job market.

I never taught him to be the best person. I never taught him to help your friends. I taught only competition. 

I taught him what would be good for him. But I could not learn to think about everyone. 

I have always bought Deep good things. I fulfilled his needs. But I never showed him that I had or could have any need. 

I will not call Deep about going to Cox's Bazar. This is to tell Arif. It was good to meet the scribes today. From now on I will think about my likes and dislikes. My thoughts about my son are over.

I have done everything for my son. The son has nothing to get from me. 

Since my son will take me to visit Australia with him, I have saved enough money little by little from my travel allowance since last two years. How much will I buy for them? 

From now on I will fulfill the small wishes of my life. I will live for a few more days. I would like to see the Himalayas and see the pyramids of Egypt! Can they be seen alone? Instead of that, let's visit Cox's Bazar and Saint Martin with Lippi and then think about myself. 

This is a true story

Based on the story

Author - Suraiya Sharmin.

Without any editing 

I gave up exactly 

a lawyer

from your wall

[ I found a strange harmony of the picture with the story. Many of us have the impression that he is probably floating in the void. The reality is the opposite. We all live close to the ground. ]

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