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Dear friends, today I am going to confront you with a different article. Today, December 15th, I will write some information about the history that happened on this day. The information for today's article has been collected from the wiki page  on December 15 .

15th December History - 15th December History - NeotericIT.com

15th December History History - 15th December Today History History 15th December 1971, Bengalis stood on the verge of victory. Many units of the Pakistani army were forced to surrender in the joint attack of the Mukti Bahini and the allied forces. On this day, the freedom fighters attacked the Pakistani base at Kumira in Chittagong. Pakistani soldiers fled towards Faujdarhat. Amit Tej Bir Bengali also attacked there. The Pakistani army was also defeated in Hathazari during the operation of the freedom fighters.

15th of December History Events

15th December, see the historical events on this day from this page of Neoteric IT. 

  • 15 December 1256 - Halaku Khan captures and destroys the cities of Alamut and Hasasun in present-day Iran. Through this, he struck the first blow on the Islamic power of the area.
  • December 15, 1516 - One year after the discovery of the coast of Argentina in South America, the first Spanish emigrants entered the area.
  • 1640 15th December - Inauguration of John IV as King of Portugal.
  • December 15, 1791 - The Union Bill becomes law and is passed into law in the Virginia General Session.
  • 1792 December 15 - The first life insurance policy is issued in the United States.
  • 15th December 1857 - Sylhet sepoys revolted.
  • 15 December 1859 - Publication of Charles Darwin's book on evolution, 'Origin of the Species'.
  • December 15, 1877 - Thomas Edison patents the phonograph.
  • 1906 December 15 - London Underground opened.
  • December 15, 1914 - A gas explosion kills 687 at the Mitsubishi Coal Mine in Japan.
  • December 15, 1914 – World War I: The Serbian army defeats the Austro-Hungarian army and captures Belgrade.
  • 15 December 1928 - First TV drama shown in Britain.
  • 15 December 1929 - Poet Nazrul was given a public reception in Calcutta.
  • December 15, 1939 - The world famous movie Gand of the Wind premiered at the Lewis Gand Theater in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • 15th December 1941 – Azad Hind Fauz was formed.
  • December 15, 1941 - German troops kill 15,000 Jews in Kiev, Ukraine.
  • December 15, 1945 - Following the occupation of Japan, General Douglas MacArthur abolished Shinto as the state religion of Japan.
  • December 15, 1949 - The founding ceremony of the Chinese People's Foreign Institute was held in Peking.
  • December 15, 1961 - The United Nations General Assembly votes to admit China to the United Nations.
  • December 15, 1961 - Famous Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann is executed in Jerusalem, Israel, for fifteen crimes, including the murder of Jews.
  • December 15, 1965 - Cyclone in Bangladesh kills 10,000 people.
  • December 15, 1970 - Soviet spacecraft Vinira-7 successfully lands on Venus.
  • December 15, 1975 - The Spanish announced their decision to withdraw from the Western Sahara region in West Africa.
  • December 15, 1976 - Samoa becomes a member of the United Nations.
  • 15 December 1977 - National Democratic Party (Jag Dal) was formed.
  • December 15, 1988 - The United States lifts a 13-year embargo on direct relations with the PLO.
  • On December 15, 1993 - after seven years of negotiations, 117 countries agreed to the GATT agreement.
  • 15 December 1994 - Palau became a member of the United Nations.
  • 15 December 2004 - Al-Jazeera announces the launch of a 24-hour English-language satellite channel.
  • December 15, 2006 - Chayanaut Culture Building was inaugurated at Shankar, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.
  • December 15, 2007 - The first prime minister in Australia's 78-year history (John Howard) was defeated in a parliamentary election in Australia.
  • 15 December 2021 - Kolkata's Durga Puja gets UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage title.

Those who were born on 15th December today 

Information about some famous people who were born on December 15th today. 

  • 15 December 1626    - Gregory King, English statistician.
  • 15 December 1797 – William Yeats, academician and polyglot, pioneer of Bengali printing industry.
  • December 15, 1832 - Gustave Eiffel, French engineer, architect of the Eiffel Tower.
  • 15 December 1852 – Henri Becquerel, Nobel Prize-winning French physicist.
  • 15 December 1859 – Ludwik Lazarus Zamenhof, Polish physician, writer and linguist.
  • 15 December 1870 - Joseph Hoffman, American architect.
  • 15 December 1900 – Satish Chandra Samant, Indian freedom fighter and former Lok Sabha member. (d. 1983)
  • 15 December 1905 - Irrawaddy Karbe Indian anthropologist, sociologist, educationist and writer.(d.11/08/1970)
  • 15 December 1906 – Bande Ali Mia, Bengali poet. (died 17/06/1979)
  • 15 December 1908 - Swami Ranganathananda, Thirteenth Principal of Ramakrishna Mission. (d. 2005)
  • 15 December 1916 – Maurice Wilkins, Nobel Prize-winning English biophysicist.
  • 15 December 1933 – Emajuddin Ahmad, Bangladeshi political scientist, former Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University. (d. 2020)
  • 15 December 1935 – AKM Abdur Rauf, Bangladeshi painter, draftsman of the first constitution of Bangladesh. (d. 2000)

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