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Welcome to Neoteric IT's new article on the history of 16 December 1971 and the speech of 16 December Victory Day. Through this article you will know a lot about this great day of Victory Day. 

Bengali Victory Festival History - 16 December Victory Day Speech - Victory Day Greeting Speech - bijoy dibosh utshob -

Victory Day Introduction:

Victory means winning over something. The day when a country gets its freedom from external forces is called Victory Day of that country. Victory Day is a unique and glorious day in the life of Patti nation. Bangladesh is no exception. Last year on December 16, Victory Day brought a message of immense joy in the national life of Bengalis. This day of Victory Day is a symbol of Bengali nationality, self-sacrifice, valor and sovereignty.

Speech on December 16 Victory Day

December 16 is the Victory Day of Bangladesh. After nine months of bloodthirsty struggle in 1971, the Bengali nation achieved complete victory on this day. On this day in 1971, the Bengalis defeated the Pakistani invaders and forced them to surrender. The sacrifice of 30 lakh martyrs, the honor of countless mothers and sisters, and through heroic struggle, Bangladesh was born as an independent sovereign state on this day of 71. Therefore, this day of victory is the most memorable, joyful and glorious day in our national life. 

History of 16 December 1971

After two hundred years of exploitation, the British were forced to leave the subcontinent in 1947 in the face of intense protests. After gaining independence from the British Empire, the two independent states of Pakistan and India were born on August 14 and 15, 1947, based on the majority of these two religions, Hindus and Muslims. The Muslim dominated state of Pakistan was originally divided into two separate territories. One part is West Pakistan and the other part is our Bangladesh at that time which was called East Pakistan. Despite being a country of majority people, from the beginning, the ruling group of West Pakistan was in possession of all the power of the entire state of Pakistan. All the activities of the state, offices and courts were controlled by West Pakistan. In general, the ruling group of West Pakistan did not give freedom to the common people of East Pakistan in any economic, political and cultural field. Consequently, among the Bengalis of East Pakistan for good reason West Pakistan wanted to be liberated from exploitation. In 1952, when Urdu was wanted as the state language, the secret desire of independence in the minds of Bengalis took the form of intensity. It was through this language movement in 1952 that Bengali freedom struggle started. The foundation of the freedom struggle was strengthened through the education movement of 1962 and the six-point movement of 1966 and the mass upheaval of 1969. In the 1970 elections, the East Bengal political party, Awami League, won with a large number of votes, although the Bengalis saw the fulfillment of their dreams, but it remained unrealized due to Pakistani exploitation. The West Pakistani government chose the path of repression instead of handing over the power of the state to the elected government. In response to this, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the Bengali nation, on March 7, 1971, called for the freedom of the Bengali masses at the Race Course Maidan in Dhaka. On the night of March 25, under the orders of Major General Tikka Khan, the Pakistani invasion forces attacked the sleepless civilians of the capital. attacked. Especially in Rajarbagh, the residential area of ​​Dhaka University, the Pakistani army carried out a brutal massacre. Then on March 26, Major Ziaur Rahman declared independence from Chittagong's Kalurghat radio center. The people of this country participated in the liberation war, regardless of whether they were farmers, teachers, artists, writers, women or men. Finally, 16 out of 71 In December came the Mahendra moment for which the people of Apam had been waiting for more than two decades. The Pak army surrendered to the Mukti Bahini at Udin Race Course. And the great victory of Bangladesh began. An independent country called Bangladesh was born. 

December 16, 2022 is the Victory Day

16 December 2022 marks the 51st anniversary of Vijay's victory. This day is the day of Bengali nation's glory. It is a day to hold your head high. The Bengalis who were martyred in the war of liberation pay tribute to them for the rest of their lives.

16 December 1971 Bangla What is the date?

December 16, 1971 was Thursday. March 26, 1971 was 12 Chaitra. And Victory Day on December 16, 1971 was the 1st Paush of the Bengali calendar.

Greetings on Victory Day

December 16, 1971 was the result of many sacrifices and efforts of Bengalis. It was the day of great festival of 7 crore Bengalis. Forgetting the pain of losing the memory of nine months of bloodthirsty struggle, people came down in droves to the promising future of Bangladesh. There is no happier day than this in the national life. . 

Bengali victory festival

Bengali Victory Festival starts from 12.01 pm on 15th December. In the early hours of December 16, the fathers of the lakhs of martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the war of independence gathered at the National Memorial in the presence of the people of all over the world to offer their condolences. On this day, a public holiday is celebrated. On this day, a parade was organized with the participation of all the military and paramilitary forces of Bangladesh on the national parade day. Many people, including the honorable president and honorable prime minister, enjoyed this event. On this day of Victory Day, red and green flags are seen on all the schools, colleges, houses, shops and vehicles across the country. Special programs are aired on television throughout the day. In all mosques, temples, churches and pagodas across the country, prayers and prayers are offered for the souls of the martyrs of the liberation war. In general, this day of victory is celebrated in a joyful and festive atmosphere in the Pati district of the country. 

Significance of Victory Day The Bengali nation gained recognition in the 20th century by achieving glorious victory in the war of independence. The significance of Victory Day in Bengali national life is undeniable. Through the celebration of Victory Day last year, Tarun Pajanam became aware of the history of freedom struggle and the glory of Bengali self-sacrifice.


Victory Day is a day of joy and pain in the life of a Bengali. Every year this day comes back to us and reminds us of the memory of lakhs of martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for freedom. Victory Day has been celebrated in a very grand and joyful atmosphere since 71 to commemorate the great history of the Piya Matrubhumi.

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