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For those who are searching for the status of Martyr Intellectual Day to share on Facebook or post on other social media, I have brought this neoteric IT full article today. Before the victory in December 1971, Pakistani forces started killing teachers, doctors, writers, writers and journalists to destroy Bangladesh's main intellectual force. They killed many intellectuals. Today, this 14th of December, I pay my humble respect to them. 
Martyr Buddhijibi Dibosh Status, Poems, Essays, Paragraphs - buddhijibi dibosh status-

Those who are looking for Martyr Intellectuals Day Status and Status and Posts to pay tribute to them, wait till the end to get some of the best Status, Poems and Essay Paragraphs. We have already published an article  about the intellectuals and   the list of martyred intellectuals .

Martyr Intellectuals Day Status

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O great intellectual martyr. 
We will never forget your sacrifice. 
You will remain forever in everyone's heart.

I wish for the salvation of their souls on Martyred Intellectuals Day. 
And vow to be inspired by intellectuals.

December Martyred Intellectuals Day.
You were, you are, and you will be forever.
May every morning be enlivened by your ideals.

The history of liberation war has changed with the change of power. 
If there were martyred intellectuals, we would have got the true history of the liberation war.

It has become clear how terrible the traitors are by killing martyr intellectuals. 
So they have no excuse.

Even though the ghost razakars of Pakistan killed the martyred intellectuals 
Couldn't stop Bangladesh going forward.

Martyred intellectuals are successful even with their lives. 
Even after all these years, everyone remembers them but the Razakars failed.
Living, dead, they are hated.

The tactics of intellectuals are unique than those of freedom fighters. 
Because in the battlefield they have proceeded according to the formula.

Irrespective of party, creed and caste, everyone has deep respect for the martyred intellectuals 
And love should be expressed.

Intellectuals are immortal today
Pakistan and Razakar's back is broken.

Poems on Martyred Intellectuals Day

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intellectuals day

Sharif Ahmad

Intellectual Martyr's Day
Came again today
How many things happen across the country
The work is closed
Banners add festoons
At the crossroads
The scene of mourning is great
There is no fuss.
Doa Mahfil discussion
Many events
In the story of sacrifice glory
Life wakes up.
To those martyrs
Tributes and condolences
Everyone to build Sonar Bangla
Be aware today.

Intellectual Monument

Sharif Ahmad

Brave Bengalis fight
Betting life
The anti-national circle is surprised
Seeing the scene of victory.
Now they are without thought
can do
If the Bengalis won
Danger will come.
Take an alternative route
They entered the field
Kills with strategy
To eliminate intellectuals
Try hard
Although many lives were lost
Their mission failed.

Victory comes

Sharif Ahmad

When the fight started in 1971-
Bir Bengali wakes up
Children first
Zalim's chest trembled.
Fierce fighting goes on day and night.
How many houses burned?
Crying child woman
Freedom fighters are with everyone.
Pak Khanadar retreated.
In different ways
Trapped rat calls
Razakar also had something with him.
The blood of lakhs of martyrs is flowing in rivers.
At the end of nine months
The sun rises and laughs
Victory comes to the homes of cities and villages.

Martyrs Intellectuals Day Essay - Martyrs Intellectuals Day Essay pdf 

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If education is the backbone of the nation, intellectuals are the brain of the nation. Their talent, labor and patriotism show the way of light to the nation and help in nation building. Martyred intellectuals have a special contribution in the development of our nation and attainment of independence. Various suggestions, theories, data, writings of intellectuals have played a role as helpers in the liberation war.

Rampage of Pakistani invaders: 

Just as we have lost countless brave freedom fighters in the war of independence, we have also lost hundreds of patriotic intellectuals. Pak-invader forces with the help of traitors Razakar, Al Badr and Al Shams have brutally killed our elite people in a very well planned manner. From the night of March 25, 1971 till the very last moment of the liberation war, they carried out this murder.

Background of Martyr Intellectuals Day: 

When the Pakistani forces realized that their defeat was certain, they formulated a despicable blueprint to demoralize the Bengali nation. According to the blueprint, they carried out the final massacre from 7th to 14th December. Selectively killed teachers, doctors, engineers, social workers, politicians, poets, writers, journalists, artists. In remembrance of this incident, every year on 14th of December we have been celebrating as 'Martyr Intellectual Day'.

Stages of killing intellectuals: 

The killing of intellectuals in 1971 can be divided into two phases. The first phase was from 25th March to 30th November 1971 and the second phase was from 1st December to 16th December just before the surrender of the invading forces. Among those who were killed in the first phase, the notable ones are - M. Muniruzzaman, Manasvi teacher of Dhaka University, Dr. Govindchandra Dev, Professor Jyotirmoy Guhathakurta, Professor Sukhranjan Samaddar, Musician Altaf Mahmud, Linguist Dhirendranath Dutta, Danveer Ranada Prasad Saha, founder of Sadhana Pharmacy Dr. Yogeshchandra Ghosh, Kundeshwari Apothecary Founder Principal Navuchandra Singh and others. Journalists Meherunnessa, Selina Parveen, Shaheed Saber and others were also martyred this night.

The most brutal killing of the second phase was done by the Albadar army. Among those who were killed in this episode, the prominent dramatist Professor Munir Chowdhury, Professor Mofazzal Haider Chowdhury, Professor Anwar Pasha, Professor Rashidul Hasan, Professor Sirajul Islam, Professor Santosh Chandra Bhattacharya, Professor Ghiyasuddin Ahmed and others are particularly notable among those who were killed in this episode. All of them were working in different departments of Dhaka University. The names of Shahidullah Qaiser, Sirajuddin Hossain, Nizamuddin Ahmad, ANM Golam Mostafa and others are notable among the journalists. Professionals from various professions were also arrested. After the independence of the country, the dead bodies of many intellectuals were found in Mirpur and Rayerbazar slaughterhouses.


 The intellectuals were the best children of the Bengali nation. They worked for the country till their death. They were steadfast in their position to get the rights of the people of the country. They have established a great ideal of sacrifice for the country. According to that ideal we will develop ourselves as worthy people. Only then will it be possible for us to repay their debt.

Martyrs intellectuals day essay pdf

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Martyrs Intellectual Day Essay pdf -

Paragraph on Martyr Intellectuals Day - Paragraph about Martyr Intellectuals Day

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On the night of December 14, Pakistani Bahini with the help of their natives and friends Razakar, Al Badr and Al Shams Bahini took the best children of the country from their homes and killed them after brutal torture. This planned genocide is known as Genocide in the history of Bangladesh. Intellectuals were killed in various prisons while in captivity. After the independence of the country, their mutilated and mutilated bodies were found in Ray's bazaar and Mirpur wasteland. Many bodies could not be identified. Many bodies were not found. Martyrs Intellectual Day is celebrated every year on December 14th in Bangladesh to commemorate the brutal killings on December 14th, 1971. An intellectual memorial has been set up in Dhaka, Bangladesh in memory of the killing of intellectuals. Besides, the Bangladesh Postal Department has issued a series of commemorative postage stamps dedicated to intellectuals.

Definition of Intellectuals:

According to the conventional idea, those who do mental labor or intellectual labor instead of physical labor are intellectuals. The definition of intellectuals is given in Shaheed Buddhijiji Kosa book published by Bangla Academy: Intellectual means writers, scientists, painters, singers, teachers of all levels, researchers, journalists, politicians, lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, sculptors, public and private employees, films. People associated with drama, philanthropist and cultural worker.

Reasons for killing intellectuals: 

Ever since the creation of the undemocratic and unscientific state of Pakistan, Bengalis or East-Pakistanis have been discriminated against by the state apparatus of West-Pakistan. They attack the language and culture of Bengalis. As a result of this, anger started to build up in the minds of Bengalis and Bengalis started a political and cultural movement against this injustice. All these movements were led by intellectuals from all levels of society. They socially and culturally inspired Bengalis to Bengali nationalism.

As a result of their cultural movements, the people gradually became aware of their demands and rights, which later led to their political movements. That is why the intellectuals became a target of Pakistan's military rulers from the beginning. Therefore, from the beginning of the war, the Pakistani forces started to selectively kill the intellectuals. Besides, in the last stage of the war, when the defeat of Pakistan is only a matter of time, the Bengali nation will become weak in education, culturally and socially, so they make a list and kill the intellectuals with the aim of making the Bengali nation unintelligent. In this context, the argument given in Shaheed Buddhibiji's collection is also relevant


It is certain that the intellectuals awaken the conscience of the nation, awaken it through their writings, through the pen of journalists, through music, teaching in schools, medicine, engineering, politics etc. by coming close to the people. The first way to sterilize a nation is to drain the intellectuals. The process began in haste on the night of March 25, then gradually, and finally accelerated between December 10 and December 15, knowing that defeat was inevitable.

Plan of murder:

Major General Rao Farman Ali, the main planner of the killing of intellectuals on behalf of the Pakistani forces. The killing of intellectuals was planned simultaneously with the planning of Operation Searchlight on the night of 25 March. Pakistani troops continued to hunt down and kill intellectuals during the operation. Many teachers of Dhaka University were killed on the night of 25th March. However, the bulk of the planned killings took place just days before the end of the war. During the war, the Pakistani Army and its trained paramilitary forces, Al-Badr and Al-Shams forces, compiled a list that included the names of these pro-independence intellectuals.

It is believed that Major General Rao Farman Ali was the main planner of this work on behalf of the Pakistani forces. Because after independence, his handwritten diary was found in the destroyed Banga Bhavan, which contains the names of many dead and living intellectuals. Besides, it is known from an interview of Altaf Gowhar, Information Secretary during the Ayub regime, that the name of his friend poet Sanaul Haque was in Farman Ali's list. Rao Farman Ali deleted Sanaul Haque's name from the list of his diary on Altaf Gowhar's request. Besides, there is a note in his diary that he arranged the car for the Albadars.

He also mentions two US citizens in Heit Duspicnam in his diary. USA and DGIS were written next to their names. Among them, Heit had been involved in military intelligence since 1953 and Duspeak was a CIA agent. For this reason, it is suspected that the CIA had a role in planning the whole incident.

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Martyrs intellectual day paragraph image 

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Martyr Intellectual Day Quotes - Status, Poems, Essays - buddhijibi dibosh status-
Martyr Intellectual Day Quotes - Status, Poems, Essays - buddhijibi dibosh status-

Martyr Intellectual Day Quotes - Status, Poems, Essays - buddhijibi dibosh status-

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