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Today is 14th December - Martyred Intellectuals Day. Humble respect to the best children of the country
In the middle of December 1971, when the victory of Bangladesh was just a matter of time, then the local allies of the Pakistani invasion forces, Al Badr, Al Shams, and Razakars, selectively killed teachers, writers, artists, writers, journalists, doctors, and other intellectuals to demoralize the Bengali nation. Even the then teachers of Dhaka University were not spared from the brutality of Narpichash. 
December 14 Martyr Intellectuals Day - Martyr Intellectuals List - When is Martyr Intellectuals Day - buddhijibi dibosh -

December 14 Martyred Intellectuals DayApart from this, many people do a lot of Anush Sandhya on December 14th on Google to know the list of Martyred Intellectuals and Martyred Intellectuals Day. Through today's post, you can know the detailed history. A total of 11 charges of crimes against humanity were brought against Muinuddin and Ashrafuzzaman in connection with the killing of 18 intellectuals in 1971, all of which were proved by the tribunal. The 18 intellectuals are the then Executive Editor of Daily Ittefaq Sirajuddin Hossain, Chief Correspondent of PPI (Pakistan Press International) Syed Nazmul Haque, Chief Correspondent of Daily Purbadesh ANM Golam Mostafa, Journalist of BBC Nizam Uddin Ahmed, Editor of Shalilip Selina Parveen, Daily Joint editor of Sangbad Shahidullah Kaiser, Prof. Ghiyasuddin Ahmed, Prof. Sirajul Haque Khan, Dr. Md. Murtaza, Dr. Abul Khair, Dr. Faizul Mohiuddin, Professor Rashidul Hasan, Professor Anwar Pasha, Professor Santosh Bhattacharya, Professor Mofazzal Haider Chowdhury, Professor Munir Chowdhury, Clinical Medicine and Cardiology Professor Fazle Rabbi and Ophthalmologist Dr. Alim Chowdhury. Those intellectuals were kidnapped and killed from the night of December 10, 1971 to December 15. The bodies of some of them were later found in the slaughterhouses of Rayerbazar and Mirpur. Finally weI won on 16th December 1971. 

December 14 Martyred Intellectuals Day

Many programs are celebrated on December 14 Martyr Intellectual Day in various government and private institutions. On the eve of the final victory of the independence war in Bangladesh on December 14, 1971, the Pakistani army along with the Razakar, Al Badr, Al Shams forces blindfolded many academics, researchers, doctors, engineers, journalists, poets and writers from their homes and tortured them to death. As it was on the eve of final victory, this massacre was organized in a planned way to demoralize independent Bangladesh. Later, their dead bodies were found in different places including Mirpur, Rayerbazar in Dhaka. On December 16, after the victory in the Liberation War, the close relatives found the bodies of their relatives in the Mirpur and Rajarbagh slaughterhouses.

List of martyred intellectuals

Many people want to know the list of martyred intellectuals. According to information obtained from Banglapedia , the number of intellectuals is as follows:

  • Educator 991
  • Journalist 13
  • Doctor 49
  • Lawyer 42
  • Others (cultural personalities, artists and engineers) 16
Although the list of martyred intellectuals is given briefly above, the detailed list of killed intellectuals is given from Wikipedia. 

Dhaka University teacher

  1. Govinda Chandra Dev (Philosophy)
  2. Munir Chowdhury (Bangla Literature)
  3. Mofazzal Haider Chowdhury (Bangla Literature)
  4. Anwar Pasha (Bangla Literature)
  5. Abul Khair (History)
  6. Astrology (English Literature)
  7. Sirajul Haque Khan (Education)
  8. ANM Faizul Mahi (Education)
  9. Humayun Kabir (English Literature)
  10. Rashidul Hasan (English Literature)
  11. Sajidul Hasan (Physics)
  12. Fazlur Rahman Khan (Soil Science)
  13. NM Moniruzzaman (Statistics)
  14. A Muqtadir (Geology)
  15. Sharafat Ali (Mathematics)
  16. ARK Khadem (Physics)
  17. Anudvaipayana Bhattacharya (Applied Physics)
  18. M Sadek (Education)
  19. M Sadat Ali (Education)
  20. Santosh Chandra Bhattacharya (History)
  21. Ghiyasuddin Ahmad (History)
  22. Rashidul Hasan (English)
  23. M Mortuza (Physician)

Rajshahi University teacher

  1. Habibur Rahman (Department of Mathematics)
  2. Sri Sukharanjan Samadar (Sanskrit)
  3. Mir Abdul Qayyum (Psychology)


  1. Mohammad Fazle Rabi (cardiologist)
  2. Abdul Alim Chowdhury (Ophthalmologist)
  3. Shamsuddin Ahmed
  4. Humayun Kabir
  5. Azharul Haque
  6. Solaiman Khan
  7. Ayesha Badera Chowdhury
  8. Kasir Uddin Talukdar
  9. Mansoor Ali
  10. Mohammad Mortaza
  11. Mofizuddin Khan
  12. Jahangir
  13. Nurul Imam
  14. SK Lala
  15. Hemchandra Basak
  16. Obaidul Haque
  17. Asadul Haque
  18. Mosabber Ahmed
  19. Azharul Haque (Assistant Surgeon)
  20. Mohammad Shafi (Dentist)


  1. Shahidullah Qaiser (Journalist)
  2. Nizamuddin Ahmed (Journalist)
  3. Selina Parveen (Journalist)
  4. Sirajuddin Hossain (Journalist)
  5. A N M Ghulam Mustafa (Journalist)
  6. Altaf Mahmood (lyricist and composer)
  7. Dhirendranath Dutta (Politician)
  8. Randaprasad Saha (Social Worker and Demon)
  9. Yogesh Chandra Ghosh (Educator, Ayurvedic Physician)
  10. Zaheer Raihan (writer, filmmaker)
  11. Meherunnessa (poet)
  12. Abul Kalam Azad (Educator, Mathematician)
  13. Najmul Haque Sarkar (Lawyer)
  14. Nutan Chandra Singh (Social Worker, Ayurvedic Physician)

When is Martyred Intellectuals Day?

Martyred Intellectuals Day is 14th December. This day is celebrated every year. Towards the end of the war of independence in December 1971, when the Pakistan Army realized that it was not possible for them to win the war, they started planning to weaken and cripple the newly formed country culturally, socially and educationally. A new curfew was issued in Dhaka from December 4. From December 10, preparations for the killing of intellectuals began. Basically, the main part of the plan was implemented on 14 December. Prominent intellectuals including professors, journalists, artists, engineers, writers were abducted by the Pakistan Army and their henchmen. About 200 intellectuals were taken away from their homes that day. According to that plan, on the night of December 14, Pakistani forces attacked their native friend Razakar, With the help of Al Badr and Al Shams forces, the best children of the country were taken from their homes and killed after brutal torture. This planned genocide is known as intellectual murder in the history of Bangladesh. 14th December Martyred Intellectuals Day is celebrated from Tarap. 

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