Easy Passport Check Rules 2023 | Rules for e-passport without broker

Have you applied for a passport? Now you want to know when you will get your passport! You have to read to know. Know Passport Check Rules 2023

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Have you applied for a passport? Now you definitely want to know what stage your applied passport is in or when you will get it! You have to read to know. Today I will tell you the rules to easily check passport in 2023 . How to check passport online easily at home without broker.

Easy Passport Check Rules 2023 - Passport check online without broker - passport check online

Easy Passport Check Rules 2023 - Passport check online without broker - passport check online 

Passport Check Rules 2023

This year 2023 online passport checking is at your fingertips. However, to know the information or status of your passport online , you must first take care of what kind of passport information you want to check? Because currently passports are generally of two types, e-passport and MRP passport . And there are two separate official websites for these two types of passports. You wait till the end to know the rules of easy passport check. 

Today we will discuss:

  • MRP Passport Check Rules
  • Rules for Checking E-Passport

First, let's learn about these two types of passports. What are they and how do they work!

What is MRP Passport? How does it work?

The full form of MRP is Machine Readable Passport . This passport is currently in use. It works in a fully manual manner i.e. the officials carry out manual checks at the time of immigration.

What is E-Passport? How does it work?

E-Passport is an electronic passport. Since this technology is completely new and unfamiliar, let's talk a little about it:

It works completely digitally. In other words, the information verification process at immigration is done digitally, in this case the officials only provide the seal. Currently e-passport book is same as MRP passport. 

However, only the first two pages of the passport book contain traveler information, e-passport will not contain it. Instead there will be a card and antenna made of plastic. There will be a chip inside the card, where all the information of the passport holder will be stored.

The government database will have three types of passport holder's photograph, 10 fingerprints and eye iris.

As a result, the authorities of any country can easily know all the information about the traveler.

Benefits of E-Passport:

The biggest advantage of e-passport is that travelers can travel very quickly and easily. E-passport holders will travel using a separate e-gate. As a result, they do not have to queue for visa checking at the airport. Through this, their immigration will be completed quickly. When a traveler travels using an e-passport, the relevant authorities can view all the necessary information from the government database.

If you stand with your passport at the designated place at the e-gate, the camera will take a picture, there is also a fingerprint verification system. If everything goes well, the e-passport holder can go through immigration.

But if there is any error, the red light will flash. Then the responsible officers will take necessary measures there. If there is a travel ban against someone, that too will be known immediately. Airport and land port authorities including Interpol can verify this information.

E-passport is not easy to forge as there are 38 security features.

What is the difference between MRP and e-passport?

The difference between Machine Readable Passport (MRP) and E-Passport is much like a checkbook and an ATM card. That is, one is manual and the other is automatic.

After verifying the signature in the check book, the bank officials complete the transaction. But anyone can do all transactions easily with ATM card.

Similarly, in MRP passports, the immigration officials check the information and stamp the passports.

But you can complete the immigration on your own through the E-Passport holder. But in the next step, the immigration officials will stamp the passport with arrival or departure.

Online passport check without broker

All you have to do is to check your passport online without a broker. But this is not a difficult task. You can easily check your MRP passport or e-passport both from your device mobile or computer. It is discussed how to check status online using two methods. 

How to check MRP passport?

To check MRP passport at home, you need to visit http://passport.gov.bd/OnlineStatus.aspx website from any browser.

Easy Passport Check Rules 2023 - Passport check online without broker - passport check online

 Then follow the rules below:

  •  Click on Application Status.
  •  Enter the Enrollment Number on the delivery slip in the first cell
  • Enter the date of birth as per your passport application in the second box 
  • Fill in the captcha
  • Click on the SEARCH button

This will show you your MRP/MRP passport status and what stage it is at.

Now let's talk about checking e-passport. It is good to say that the e-passport has not gained much popularity yet.

How to check E-Passport?

Visit https://www.epassport.gov.bd/authorization/application-status from any browser to easily check E-Passport on mobile or PC at home 

Easy Passport Check Rules 2023 - Passport check online without broker - passport check online

Then follow the following steps:

  • First you will see two boxes, Online Registration ID and Application ID
  • Here, enter the number on the delivery slip in the Application ID field
  • Enter date of birth as per passport application in the box below
  • Select I am Human, fill the captcha actually
  • Finally click on Check button 

This will show you the status of your e-passport and what stage it is at.

Rules for Checking Passport with Passport Number 2023:

We can follow the above mentioned methods to check passport with passport number. But if we want, we can easily know the status of our passport through mobile SMS without going to these websites.

Rules for Checking Passport through Mobile SMS:

Without standing in line or going to the trouble of these websites, we can easily check all the information of our passport with the normal mobile set in hand. It is mentioned step by step below:

  1. First we have to go to SMS option of mobile
  2. Then enter: Enter ERP with a space and then your Application ID (Example: ERP 4726339011)
  3. SMS should be sent to 16445.
  4. All your passport information will be given in the return SMS.

Checking Passport Rules 2023 will not help you if you have not already applied for a passport. You can apply for passport yourself if you want. By following the below points you can easily apply for passport without broker. 

Rules for e-passport without broker:

If you want, you can get a passport very easily by looking at  the e-passport rules without brokers . At present brokers cannot do anything about e-passports. Because here the entire process is done online except taking pictures, fingerprints, eye irises. So the broker has nothing to do here.

There is no fee to check passport status online . So resorting to bribery or any other means in this case is nothing but foolishness.

Those who want to get a new passport or want to know about it, I am trying to answer some of their questions in brief below. These questions will be discussed in detail later if necessary.

What does it take to get a passport?

According to the latest directive issued in 2022, e-passport requires birth certificate, national identity card, citizen certificate and profession proof. However, what will be required depends on the profession, age, marital status, etc. of the e-passport applicant.

How to do E-Passport from MRP passport?

There is no procedure to convert MRP Passport to E-Passport. Even if you have MRP Passport, you have to apply again for E-passport. In this case your MRP passport will not be of any use. Only you can mention your old passport details in the fresh application.

How to apply for passport?

You can apply for passport at home without brokers. You can apply for a passport online if you have a phone or computer.

Visit ( https://www.epassport.gov.bd/onboarding ) directly from any browser to fill the passport application form.

Easy Passport Check Rules 2023 - Passport check online without broker - passport check online

Here select “YES” if you are applying from Bangladesh. Then select your district in the first box. Select your police station in the second box and click on “Continue” button.

Now this page will appear on your screen:

Easy Passport Check Rules 2023 - Passport check online without broker - passport check online

You have to enter your email in the box of this page and fill the “I am Human” captcha and click on the “Continue” button.
You will then be asked to enter a password. Then step by step you have to provide your information according to National Identity Card and click on “Continue” button.
At this point Passport will send a verification link to your email from the website. You need to verify your email by clicking on that link.
Now your account is ready for application.
Now follow the following steps sequentially:

  • Now enter your name, required information and National ID number and click on Save and Continue.
  • After that, if you have any previous passport, give Yes and if not, select “No, I don't have any previous passport” and click on “Save and Continue”.
  • Enter your Present Address and Permanent Address. If the present and permanent address are the same, tick the “Present address is the same as Permanent” box.
  • Then enter your parents name and spouse name respectively as per national identity card. Give the name, address and mobile number of someone in your family for emergency contact.
  • Now select your passport type, page and delivery as normal or urgent.
  • Finally after re-verifying all your details, click on Submit button to complete your application.

Once the application is completed you will get 2 pages to print.

  • Application Summary,
  • Online Registration Form. 

You can print them or save them as PDF files if you want.

The detailed discussion about the rules to easily check MRP passport or e-passport ends here. If you have any more questions comment below. Your questions encourage us to write. 

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