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Death Quotes, Status, Sayings, Captions & Poems - mittu niye status -

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Humayun Ahmed's quote about death

Quotes and status about death with deep meaning Humayun's quotes about death Some lines from Humayun Ahmed's book about death: 1. At the time of death, there will be no one by your side, there is nothing more horrible than that. At least one person should be told when saying goodbye. You can't leave alone from a lonely house, you shouldn't go. It's a heartless thing. (Devi. P p: 48) 2. Death is palpable. His footsteps are faint but very sharp. (To you. p: 63) 3. There is nothing more joyful than being alive. (Fire Mitigation. p:97) 4. Impossibly powerful people often die lonely. (The sky pairs clouds. p:27) 5. We know that one day we will die. This is why the world looks so beautiful. If I knew we don't die, then the world would never look so beautiful. We don't wait for dead people. All our waiting is for the living. (wait.p. 146) 7. On these two special days, marriage and death, vine leaves are seen by relatives. Social gatherings are held. Have a sincere talk. (A Himu few insects. p: 81) 8. The real secret is not in physics or numbers - the real secret is in the human mind. As the sky is infinite, so is the human mind. Most of the mathematicians of the world loved to look at the sky. When you look at the sky, everything in the world seems insignificant. We are so insignificant. Our birth and death are all meaningless. (I am Misir Ali. p. 79) 9. Death is a certainty. There is no denying it. It is a miracle that we are alive. (Poet. p:191) 10. Human life is short. What to see in this short day should be seen. There is nothing to see after death. Who will go to hell - what will he see - his life will go to see the fire. And there is nothing to see in heaven. Everything in heaven is beautiful. The beauty of all that is beautiful cannot be understood. Beautiful looks with the ugly. (The Black Magician. p. 78) 11. All deaths are painful, there is no happy death. (There is no one anywhere. p: 40) 12. Suffering is in the world. You have to live with suffering. Death is written after birth. (There is no one anywhere. p: 36) 13. People's heads become depressed due to grief. After giving the grave, the close relatives always say - "He is not dead". (Shadow companion. p: 14) 14. Sleep is the second death. (Parapar. p: 22) 15. Man is the only animal who knows that one day he will die. Because no other animal prepares for death, man does. (Alone. p:10) 16. Fear of death is a sign of intelligence. It is not only fools who fear death. (N.P.: 25) 17. Death is nothing to be sad about. Every living being must die after a certain period of time. But this death does not mean complete destruction. In the human body there are billions of fundamental particles such as electrons, protons, Neutrons - they have no annihilation. They will remain. will spread all over the world. So there is nothing to suffer much in the death of man. (N.P.:10) 18. Before traveling to another world, everyone wants to see their loved ones. (Amar Apan Aadhaar. p:71) 19. There should be no anger or grudge against the person who is dying.

Quotes about the death of a friend

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Death Quotes By Rabindranath Tagore

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Poems about death

For those of you who are looking for poems about death, here are the poems - 
death call
– Rubina Majumder

Every man is helpless before death,
When death approaches...
Breaking all the world's bonds of illusion,
Come to me.
However, people are on the surface of temporary life
Sowing new dreams,
Defeated but in the battle of life
Building your own world.
New Year comes back,
goes again,
People are still close to time
Why is it so helpless?
Why is life so fleeting?
Can anyone say?
Yet to some it is
There is no answer.
In the momentary miador of this world,
Between light and darkness –
Someone is reading Namaz - Kalam
Someone doing Hajj
Someone is counting black money again
Someone is George.
Someone is flying the plane
Someone or a machine gun,
Someone is taking it away
What a precious life.
Someone becomes a king and rules the kingdom
Why do helpless people die?
Someone falls into the trap of deception
Sitting alone and crying silently.
By showing some magical magic
By tricking people's eyes
Vishwamay is famous.
How many scientists passed through the blue sky
Conquering the moon, the planets, the stars,
Yet all men are once
He became very helpless to death.

Another poem about death

Death…. Just delete the name!

Does the world ever stop?
Alam sahib's funeral has just finished
Has anyone stopped somewhere! What stopped?
Who's wandering? Holding hands in the park?

Is the sitting beggar silent?
Do not get hands! That's two teenage girls spreading
Nut shell, a pair of parrots flying
Dream lantern, has everything stopped?

The rickshaw comes cringing
There is a commotion in the market,
Those who should be listened to
Do you think it will stop a bit?

Will all the work of the world be closed?
Jato Dharibaaz, Magir Dalal, court bee,
Wharf lessee, bus driver
Will he stop all the orgy today!

Nothing stops, neither the sun nor the earth
The wind does not stop, not you - not me
Nothing stops, it just flows
Only one stops, delete the name!

Islamic quotes about death, status

For those of you who are looking for Islamic quotes, status about death, here are 10 Islamic quotes about death, status. I hope you like it. 

1. Every soul will taste death. I test you with good and bad conditions. And to Me you must return.
— Surah Ambiya, verse 35

2. Is death easy, does it come quietly, yet people are forever proud of life.
— Samaresh Majumder

3. When people die, they decay, when they live, they change, they change for reasons and reasons.
— Munir Chowdhury

4. Allah has given you life. He will kill you. He will resurrect you again. Still people are very ungrateful.
— Surah Hajj, verse 66

5. Those who remember death more and prepare better for the afterlife are the most intelligent.
— Sunan Ibn Majah (Hadith No. 4259)

6. The cowards die many times before they die, the brave taste death only once.
— William Shakespeare

7. Just like life, death should be accepted as normal.
— Shahidullah Qaiser

* I love death hoping to meet my Lord.
— Abu Darda (RA)

8. If people could see and hear the cry of a dead person, then people would cry for themselves instead of crying for the dead person.
— Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH)

9. We are born with dissatisfaction, we die with dissatisfaction.
— Cyrus

10. For the person who has known death, the world's troubles and sorrows have been endured.
— Ka'b al-Ahbar (RA)

Islamic quotes and sayings about death

For those of you who are looking for Islamic quotes, status about death, here are 10 Islamic quotes about death, status. I hope you like it. 

1. I am not afraid of death, but I am not in a hurry to die, I have many things to do before that.
— Stephen Hawking

2. Death is our destiny. No one could ever escape it. And it should be, because death is perhaps one of life's greatest discoveries. It is the agent of change in life. It shakes off the old and makes room for the new.
— Steve Jobs

3. I think death is the most wonderful invention of life. It frees life from old and outdated things.
— Steve Jobs

Quotes about death

4. He is the man who fears the death of his heart, not the death of his body.
— Imam Ibnul Qayyim (Rahimahullah)

5. Worse are the family members of the deceased who mourn for the deceased but do not pay the debts he left behind.
— Al Hasan Al-Basri (Rahimahullah)

6. Those who were on earth before you thought that death was near them. Each of them would gather water to attain purity, respond to the call of nature, and then perform ablution for fear of God's order (death) lest it come to a state when he is not in a state of purity.
— Al Hasan Al-Basri (Rahimahullah)

7. It does not matter to me where I am going to die and how the oppressors will execute me. I am satisfied that I am going to drink the cup of martyrdom as a loyal servant of Allah
— Syed Qutb (Rahimahullah)

8. Those who convert should face the death penalty
— Zakir Naik

9. Live as if you'll never die, and die as if you've never lived.
— Sheikh Sadi

10. If you want to live a very good life, never forget that you will die one day.
— Tariq Ramadan

12. May the mercy of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala be upon the person whose death comes before it surprises him, he speaks less, studies the Qur'an, weeps thinking about the past, keeps blinking his eyes Bukhari and Muslim and worships Allah.
— Imam Az-Zahabi (Rahimahullah)

13. If Allah wants to kill someone then does he need to organize something? So what is the fear of dying, you have to die only once.
— Humayun Ahmed

Death Status Bangla, Emotional Status, Sympathy

The world is in the grip of an epidemic today

People are housebound in the crisis
What is the pain?
There is no comfort in this grief. 

Hunger pangs, idle pangs
The pain of someone or loneliness
What is this famine pain?
There is no comfort in this grief. 

Accumulates in the chest, the color of the wound;
Desperate in the grief of suppressed breath, as many dormant desires.
Even today, love is hiding under the cover of latent desire,
The colorful wounds are confined there.

Love is unrequited today
The flames of pride are now intense. 

Karma is the religion that keeps people from being incorruptible.
Your name will be written in gold letters forever.
One day all must perish in samadhi,
This march of death will not stop any day.

The light of life has gone out. 
At the end of death. 
Death consumes the disease,
In the irony of fate's game. 

Accumulates in the chest, the color of the wound;
Desperate in the grief of suppressed breath, as many dormant desires.

Salute to Sajal Nayan
Good luck to all in the land of the stars.

This death march will never stop. 
Muni, Rishi are all part of the same path.
At the end of the day, the sun sets in the blue sky.
The sage is lost in the book of eternal truth.

In the veins of desires, only blue blood flows today,
The wound still accumulates in the chest, like the gray mountain of memory.

Those who leave do not return;
Only a bunch of painful memories remain.
Grief-stricken mind, excuse for going prematurely;
Stumbling wounds are repeated, bordering on bloody dreams. 

My heart is twisting, I don't know what to write
You will forever be in my heart. 
I don't agree with your 'time-end'! 

Maybe no one lives forever, it is a fact that 'one has to die at birth' but the fact that human death can give so much grief is probably understood more after passing away.

Bright star forever,
It is lit up in the sky.
You are also in the heart of the heart, 
On the canvas of the heart. 

A painful reminiscence lives in the sigh of passion,
The neglected mind seeks the exile of loneliness.
Grieving path through emotional anxiety,
The coldness that touches the tears is a sign of chest tightness.

You see, love continues on the list of wounds…
I have learned that every point of faith is grieved by unbelief.

Every time I think I will forget you, 
I will remove the mirror of the mind. 
That thought was wrong, 
You are truly unforgettable. 

Every time I think I will forget all the memories, 
I will erase your feelings.
I know your personality will not be forgotten;
Hidden behind memories is your existence.

Maybe it rained, 
To erase the lover's footprints painted on the surface of the weary girl's wounded heart;
Maybe it rained, 
To shake the spreading kajal in the eyes of the speechless Elokeshi girl.

In that gray field of memory,
Today the life-consuming lining of nicotine;
The mind was really stupid.
So you were dreaming for no reason

Time evasion, trickery
Rakhi brother where are you..?
Search fossils, as memories
Wake up alone in the dark!!

Gone alone, under no hold-
Did you understand the mistake in the bond?
Akanth Kari get this mourning surah today, 
This full moon is like Shaon's Nishi. 

No matter how hard you try, fly with your wings
There is nothing to do because it feels like a failed dream.

go friend
go be well 
In the land of no return

You tell the story of survival 
You didn't deserve it
This result is finally

Let the traveler come to their riverside and have a little cheer,
Those who are surrounded by silence, sorrow and grief throughout the night.

After the loss of a relative, one realizes how much “relative” he was.

The boisterous dance of death! Song at the end of the journey...
Ganchita's crematorium full of joy!
The body floated in the holy Ganges!
Listen to the sigh of humanity!
The vultures are hungry for corpses...
The known world today seems very unfamiliar!

Quotes about death

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Quotes on Death in Bengali (Status & Caption)

Death is one of the most difficult realities of human life which is certain, but very difficult to accept. Death is a fact of life. We try to keep death out of our daily discussions. But, eventually we have to accept.

Sad Death Quotes in Bengali

Nobody wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there. And yet, death is the destiny we all share. No one has avoided it before, and it should be so, because death is perhaps life's single greatest invention. It is a life changing agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.

Facebook status about death

For those who are looking for Facebook status about death to give status on Facebook, we have taken this tag, some Facebook status about death is given - 

  1. Death and life are not opposites but death is part of life.- Haruki Murakami
  2. Death can destroy a life not a relationship.— Mitch Albom
  3. Death is not the greatest loss. The greatest loss is when one dies before living.— Norman Cousins
  4. The death of a few people can make your whole world empty. — Alphonse de Lamartine
  5. When people don't express themselves, think they're dying inside. — Laurie Hasley Anderson
  6. People's pride in life is forever, but how easily death comes and goes quietly. — Samaresh Majumdar
  7. Cowards die a thousand times before they die. And the brave die only once. — William Shakespeare
  8. Every creature will taste death.— Al-Qur'an
  9. When a person dies, he rots and when there is life, every destiny changes.- Munir Chowdhury
  10. He is the true man who fears the death of the soul and not the death of the body. — Ibnul Qayyim
  11. Death penalty becomes mandatory for those who convert.- Zakir Naik
  12. If you hope for a good life, never forget that you have to face death. — Tariq Ramadan
  13. Death is the first step on the journey to eternity. — Al-Hadith
  14. Just as joy comes suddenly into your life, death will one day come suddenly.— Wall Whitman
  15. As natural was thy birth, so natural shall thy death be.— Bacon
  16. Why fear death Death is one of life's greatest adventures. - Charles Frohman
  17. Death is the golden key to open the way to infinity.— John Milton
  18. There is no truth like death and no lie like hope.- Hazrat Ali RA
  19. More harmful than death itself is the fear of it. — Robert Herrick
  20. If not for death, man's desires never end.

Caption about death

Caption about death . Those looking for captions about death on Facebook. For them we have captioned the selected deaths here. Hope you all like it. So collect captions about death from here –

1. Cowards die a thousand times before they die. And the brave die only once.
— William Shakespeare

2. Every creature will taste death.
— Al-Qur'an

3. When man dies he decays and when he lives every destiny changes.
— Munir Chowdhury

4. He is the real man who fears the death of the soul and not the death of the body.
— Ibn al-Qayyim

5. Those who converted became mandatory to be put to death.
— Zakir Naik

6. If you hope for a good life, never forget that you have to face death.
— Tariq Ramadan

7. Death is the first step on the eternal journey.
— Al-Hadith

8. Just as happiness comes suddenly in your life, death will come suddenly one day.
— Wall Whitman

9. Just as your birth was natural, so will your death be natural.
— Bacon

Words about death

  1. A time will come when the heart of man will die but the body will live. - [Sufian Sawri (Rah.)]
  2. How foolish is the man who does not know when his death will strike, but is not yet ready to meet it. - [Ibn Zawi (RA)]
  3. Worse are the family members of the deceased who mourn for the deceased but do not pay the debts he left behind. -Imam al-Hasan al-Basri [Jaz Fihi Kalam 'ala Hadith: Yattabiu al-Mayyita Salasan, p. 24]
  4. To fear death is not to run away from it, but to prepare for it.
  5. The only certainty after birth is death. But we are most ignorant about it.
  6. Wretched is he who dies while his sins remain.
  7. It is better to be in the way of Allah when death is certain.
  8. Wherever you are; But death will catch you. Even if you stay inside a strong fortress, - [Surah An Nisa, Verse: 78]
  9. There is no rest for the believer until he meets Allah. - [Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud (RA)]
  10. When Allah loves a servant, He saves him from worldliness just like that; As one of you keeps his sick person away from water. - [Tirmidhi 2036, Hakem 7764]
  11. O peaceful soul! Return to your Lord pleased and satisfied, then join My servants, and enter My Paradise. - [Surah Fajr 89, verses 27-30]
  12.  What did he get who lost Allah? What did he lose who found God? - [Ibn Ata'Allah Al Iskandari (Rahimahullah)]
  13. If the angel of death comes and urges you to leave at the end of the night on Good Friday; I will accept whatever happens, good or bad, this is my Eid. - [Poet Al Mahmud]

Tagore Quotes on Death in Bengali

There is no room for denial, 'death' is such a real fact that there is no need for belief in death. Although there are many stories about life after death. The state after death cannot be experienced by peeping or by instruments, so it is natural to have various thoughts on the matter. People fear death the most. So he always wants to run away from death. Yet there is no way for humans to embrace death.

Rabindranath thought a lot about death. 'From an early age, the longing for death is a cry of a bitter heart, this sad voice has arisen as a question again and again, but in his mature age, especially from a few years before his departure, Rabindranath wrote many poems about death—they are not only questions, but also answers to some of the eternal questions of people. ' Once he was freed from a serious illness, he wrote in a letter, 'It is not the fate of all to come back through death. If happens, But at least the ego relaxes like then, I can't say how long it lasts. Bereavement comes after the death of a loved one. I should not disrespect him by seeing the pain of death.' The pain of death makes people indifferent to the world even for a moment - this reality is revealed in the words of the poet. He advises that one should not agonize over the pain of death. So this affirmation and consonance of being respectful to people in Rabindramansa can be said to be a noble attempt to observe beauty in the consciousness of death.

Rabindranath Tagore's Poems After Death

Today there is peace,
Mistakes of life
All gone.
Day and night
Waves of sadness
Stopped in the chest.
Everything is good
Any dilemma
nothing else
say peace say peace
All fatigue with the body
Let us become ashes.

Let Gunjari do it
Sing slowly
Sitting down.
If there is a leash
End of life dream
Let it die.
Tulia region
Face - "Put it on"
cover the body
A tragic death
All the pain is covered
All doubts

As the light of the world
Continue to the horizon
Only that ankhi-' later
The name is affectionate
It's getting dark.
Tantiraji of the world
Beets rise high in the day,
Quietly at night
After that word
Read like a kiss
in silence

Friend Death Quotes, Status

Are you looking for quotes about the death of a friend? Then these quotes are for you - 
  1. While we mourn the death of our friend, others rejoice to meet him behind the veil.
  2. The death of a friend is like the loss of a limb."
  3. "Some people come into our lives and leave an impression on our hearts, and we are never the same.
  4. A great friend is something to cherish, whether they stay by my side in this life or wait for me in the next.
  5. "A true friend never dies. His spirit lives on in the memories of those who love him.
  6. "You know, you can't stop loving your dead friend, especially if he was better than someone alive?
  7. "It hurts when you lose a friend to death, but it hurts even more when you lose a friend who is still alive." 
  8. Even best friends cannot attend each other's funerals.

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