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Well, Alaikum! Today we will discuss in detail about the ways of mobile banking. Mobile Financial Service or MFS is becoming popular in the country day by day. According to Bangladesh Bank, in February 2017, the number of customers of MLSS was 4 crore 98 lakh. In the year 2021, which has exceeded 10 crore 23 lakh, that is, the number of customers of this service has almost doubled in the last four years. However, about 70 percent of users still transact money through feature phones. A new mobile financial service method has come into the market to make their services easier. 

Upay Mobile Banking Benefits - Upay Mobile Banking Code - upay mobile banking - NeotericIT.com

The world's most technologically advanced security system is used to protect customer information and prevent fraud. They claim that even if a customer's secret PIN number is exposed, no one else can withdraw money from his account. Ways have created a blockchain structure for their security. 

Although 19 banks have introduced mobile financial services in the country, 15 banks are currently operating such services. Among them BRAC Bank's Bikas Dutch Bangla Bank has occupied the market with 8 TMSS with cash from Rocket division. 

The problem is that sometimes our mobile banking accounts get hacked and all the money is taken from the account by hackers. We often hear that it happened to me. But the way is giving us maximum security. Ways You can know details about mobile banking codes in this episode of Neoteric IT. 

The way is mobile banking

United Commercial Bank launched the way. They claim that their mobile banking security is safer than other mobile banking. Because in other mobile banking there are problems like money hack, pin number hack etc. But even if you know the pin number in mobile banking, no one can withdraw money.

Besides, they have their own website. You can get more details from that website. Now there is a way

Ways Mobile Banking Opening Rules

Opening an account like any other mobile banking method is very easy. You download the way app from play store. Then click send with your mobile number. After clicking send, an OTP code will be sent to your mobile number through SMS, you have to type that code on your mobile and click submit button to verify it. Now you have to verify with your N ID card - for this you have to upload both sides of your ID card. After verifying the N ID card you have to take your photograph. Then you have to confirm with your email address. When all is said and done, to agree to their conditions, You have to click on agree with you. Then you will be asked to enter your pin number. You will confirm with a four digit pin number as you wish. This pin can never be shared with anyone. If you have ever shared then you should change the pin number immediately. So that your account is completely safe. 

Way Mobile Banking Code

We know other mobile banking and control can be done by dialing. Right you can do everything by going to the mobile banking and dial option on your mobile. The dial code for this method is  *268#  . You can control your account by dialing this code. You can change your pin number, mobile recharge, cash out, cash in everything. 

Way Mobile Banking Dial Code *268# | Upay mobile banking code is *268#

Way mobile banking app

How can a mobile banking not have a mobile app? Yes! There is a nice mobile app to use the way. With which you can do everything from account opening. With the way app, any user can create a way account by himself, now he doesn't have to take the help of an agent. 

Nowadays we all have android mobiles. There are way apps to use on that android mobile. Ways uses a blockchain structure in the backend for their account security. As a result, banking can be done safely. 

Ways Mobile Banking 50 Tk Bonus

If you create a mobile banking allowance with the app, you will get 25 taka if you log in the app in a new way. And if you recharge 50 taka or more on your mobile within 7 days, you will get another 25 taka bonus. Total you will get 50 taka bonus if you use new way account. 

Way Mobile Banking Agent

Ways to do agent banking in mobile banking for your business establishment. If you want to do agent banking for your institution then all you need is your institution's trade license. You will need Ekta SIM and ID card registered in your name. A passport size photograph and a photograph of your shop where you are sitting will be required. 

Ways mobile banking benefits

You can do everything in the same way as other mobile banking. 

  1. send money
  2. Mobile Recharge
  3. Cash in
  4. Ed Money
  5. Accept the request
  6. Cash out
  7. Make payment
  8. Bill payment
  9. Indian Visa
  10. traffic

Ways Mobile Banking Helpline

You may face many problems while using mobile banking. Maybe you forgot the pin number, maybe the OTP code is not going to your mobile number, maybe the app can't be used on your mobile. For such various problems you can directly talk to get service. You call 16268 to avail direct talking service from them. You can take 7/24 service. Means you can talk to them anytime and take service. 

You can also take service from their Facebook page if you want. If you talk about your problem on their Facebook page, they will solve your problem. Their messenger link is http://m.me/upaybangladesh

You can also take service through their email. Their email address is info@upaybd.com 

Ways to refer mobile banking

If you refer your friends or those who haven't used the way to use the way then you will get a bonus in your way account. 50 taka bonus per referral. If you message your referral link to your friends and open that link, if your friends create a way mobile banking account, then you will get a bonus of 50 rupees per referral. So how do you refer? 

Way Mobile Banking Transaction Limit

Ways Mobile banking has some limitations. You can make ad money or cash in from as low as 50 taka to 30000 taka in a day, in this way you can make ad money up to 2 lakh taka a month. In case of cash out, you can cash out from 50 taka to 25000 taka in one day. You can cash out up to 150000 rupees in a month. Minimum cash out on ATM card is 500 taka. The charge of this M card is 8 taka. In terms of send money, you can send money starting from 50 taka to 25000 taka in a day and you can send money up to 200000 taka in a month. There is no limit for payment but one payment can be made per day. Mobile recharge can be done 10 times a day. Starting from 10 taka to 1000 taka in a day. You can recharge your mobile up to a maximum of 100,000 taka in a month. In the case of remittance, up to 125,000 Tk per day and 450,000 Tk 50 times per month can be transacted. For more details, visit the website of the way. 

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